What is the Best Latex Mattress on the Market?

Are you a side sleeper? Thinking about the best options of a latex mattress?

The debate between Dunlop Latex mattress and Talalay latex mattress is never-ending. If one gives you natural contouring then other offers firmness to relieve the pressure of your body. Undoubtedly, most of the times we don’t invest much of the time in selecting a mattress rather picks one randomly.

Paying less attention to the mattress can be hazardous for your health. It has already proven that 53 million short sleepers including both males and females have a high chance of obesity. It depicts that you need to get a mattress that can promote your health and peaceful sleep. According to the research among different firmness level of mattresses, the one with medium firmness is suitable for sleep.

Another research reveals how a latex mattress is beneficial when it comes to relieving pressure points as compared to other forms. So, we are here with the best latex mattress reviews from different brands. This post will enable you to choose the one that not only gives longevity but claim to correct spine alignment and alleviate pain as well.

Let’s kick off with a comparison!

Learn more about Best Latex Mattress if you want to see the details before purchasing.

Products Best For Firmness Thickness Material Used
Avocado hypoallergenic
  • 6.5 (Medium Firm) (no pillow Top)
  • 5.5 (Medium) (with pillow top)
11-inch (& 13-inch (with pillow top) Dunlop Latex
Zenhaven Sleeping cool
  • 4 (Medium Soft) (Side 1)
  • 7 (Firm) (Side 2)
10-inch Natural Talalay
Spindle Ideal for couples
  • 4 (Medium Soft)
  • 8 (Extra Firm)
10-inch Dunlop Latex
Idle Latex Hybrid Filppable firmness
  • 6 (Medium-firm)
  • 8 (Firm)
14-inch Natural Talalay
Lucid Back Sleepers
  • 8 medium firm
10-inch Natural Talalay
PlushBeds Durability with 25 years of warranty
  • 3.5 (Soft)
  • 7.5 (Firm) )
9-inch Dunlop latex & Talalay
Roma Natural Alleviating joint pressure
  • 5.5 (firm)
  • 6.5 (Medium Firm)
9-inch Dunlop latex
Ultimate Dreams Better blood circulation
  • firm (36 ILD)
  • medium (28 ILD)
  • soft (19 ILD)
12-inch Natural Talalay
Eco-Terra Budget
  • 5.5 (firm)
11-inch Natural Talalay
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Natural Latex

Latex is basically a white liquid extracted from rubber trees. Natural latex is an organic latex mattress which is a pure form of natural rubber because there are no fillers in it. The two common methods used to manufacture latex are Dunlop and Talalay.

Blended Latex

Blended foam is a mixture of natural and synthetic latex. The normal ratio of natural latex in the blended form is 30%.

Synthetic Latex

Synthetic is the blend of fillers. These fillers can be petroleum by-products. They are not organic like natural latex mattresses and less springy. Also, they are less durable than natural latex. But, they may be less expensive.

Types of Latex Other names % of Natural Latex Composition
 Natural Organic, pure, All-latex Almost 95% All-natural latex with cure package
Blended Hybrid latex At least 30% Synthetic + natural latex
Synthetic Man-made latex, Inorganic latex, Latex polyfoam 0% (contains fillers) All-synthetic


Properties Talalay Dunlop
Firmness level Soft Firm
Conformance Good Fair
Motion Transferability High Moderate
Responsiveness Moderate-High Low – Moderate
Firmness consistency Very good Moderate
Sinkage Moderate Low – Moderate
Support Fair Good
Price Expensive Affordable
Formation of body impressions Good Fair-Good
Seam gluing Yes No
For lightweight sleeper Good Fair
For heavyweight sleeper Fair Good

Latex Mattress Benefits


Contouring of the body is the main difference between memory foam and the latex material. For those, who are looking for a lighter feel and more bounce, latex may be a good choice. Latex aligns your spine and the rest of the body. But, it generally has more compression as compared to the memory foams.


Latex is a good choice for side and back sleepers. It is because it adjusts itself to the sleepers’ body curve and shape. So, its adjustability is good. However, synthetic latex has less bounce as compared to natural latex.

Motion isolation

Latex foams isolate motion to a greater extent. That is why they are a good choice for couples and those who share a bed. It is because the latex has elastic properties that make it capable of eliminating motion and disturbance. So, the transfer is less and the other sleeper sleeps peacefully.

No noise

Latex foams are silent. As a sleeper toss and turn, there is no noise coming out of the latex mattress.

Support core

This part of the latex helps in bounce and pressure relieving. In natural latex, this layer is entire of foam. While the blended or synthetic ones use polyfoam or pocketed coils. Latex foams provide a good amount of support. Especially, all-natural latex is better than polyfoam in this regard.

Cooling elements

Latex has less heat retention and gives better cooling. This is because the latex is breathable and allows the flow of air through it. This makes them comparatively cooler than the other foams.


The lifespan depends on the type. Natural latex lasts up to 8-10 years while the other two types last for up to 6-7 years. Therefore, natural latex is more durable than the blended or synthetic ones.

Average Lifespan of Mattresses
Mattress type Years
Natural latex 8 – 10
Airbed 6 – 8
Synthetic and blended latex 6 – 7
Memory foam 5 – 7
Hybrid 4 – 6
Innerspring 3 – 5

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Top 9 Latex Mattress Reviews

1. Avocado Green – Best Hypoallergenic Mattress

Avocado Green Vegan foam Hypoallergenic Mattress

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  • Certified by OEKO-TEX®
  • Warranty of 25 years
  • 100 Night trials
  • The USA made
  • Certification by eco-INSTITUT
  • Vegan foam
  • Ergonomically tuned coils
  • GOT certified

The Avocado mattress shows up with a support unit of 8 inches that are put in 3 different zones. It ensures the provision of proper alignment of the spine while float separately to reduce motion.

You can see two sturdy padded handles on both sides of this green mattress which are hand-made. These handles will not come off will instead you can easily change the mattress position without any hassle.

It guarantees you of not using any inorganic product in its manufacturing as possessing certification from GOTS and VOCs.

Avocado features a hybrid version by putting the latest technology in use and making sure to fulfill the upcoming demand for latex lovers. Above all, the green tag means you can live a healthy life free of all toxic materials.

Why We Recommend It:

  • The Avocado mattress lets you experience the edge to edge support which automatically supports your weight when sitting on corners.
  • As this mattress contains latex foam and an inner layer of springs therefore when you set it gives off exceptional response.
  • You do not have to worry anymore since it adjusts various types of sleepers including side, back, and stomach sleepers.

You need to pay attention to It:

  • The mattress by Avocado might cost you more unlike another latex mattress since it uses organic material.
  • Being slightly heavier so it might not easy to move if you wish to shift it to another room.
For those who give preference to longevity, durability, and sturdiness of the mattress then this green mattress is for them. If you’re an allergen to dust mites then Avodaco is the right option for you. If you want extra plush feel then it gives you the choice to include pillow-top.

Learn more about Avocado Green Mattress and its overall pros and cons here.

2. Zenhaven Latex Mattress – Best Mattress for Sleeping Cool

Zenhaven Sleeping Cool hypoallergic mattress

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  • Conforms well with your body
  • Dual-level of firmness
  • Sleep trial of 120 nights
  • High motion isolation
  • Hypoallergic mattress
  • Retain body heat

Inside this Zenhaven mattress features an exclusive 5 zone latex comfort layer and 100% organic wool layer. Because of such construction of the bed, you will be able to feel a dual level of firmness with enough breathability.

Yes, you can get high motion isolation on both corners of this latex mattress which makes it slightly bouncier. The main purpose is to you give you extra pleasure and joy by feeling your partner’s movement.

The brand works well on the design of its mattress to make it distinctive by making it eco-friendly. If you are the one who looks for an allergic free mattress and wants a luxurious feel then buys it.

Zenhaven has been made in a way that it adjust itself according to the sleeping position without any sort of discomfort. In particular, it entertains two types of sleeping position which includes side and back postures.

Why We Recommend It:

  • The ability of the Zenhaven mattress to trap heat while you sleep helps in regulating the body temperature.
  • After unboxing the mattress smell is quite which goes away completely after a couple of weeks, unlike another mattress.
  • The sleep trial period is of 120 nights that are comparatively longer. Moreover, you can buy it will full confidence as it proffers 20 years of warranty.

You need to pay attention to It:

  • The edge support is below average and you might face difficulty when sitting on the sides of this bed.
Who does not like to have a plush option their mattress? But an extra layer of plush means sweat but in this latex mattress, you’ll enjoy the plush feel without sleeping hot.

You can learn more about materials and comfort levels in our in-depth overview here.

3. The Spindle Latex Mattress – Best mattress for couples

Spindle Two layer firmness mattress

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  • Follow green guard standards
  • Two-layer firmness
  • 100% Organic Cotton cover
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Quite an easy assembling
  • 10 years of warranty

The cover made of 100% cotton that manufactures in South Carolina. Due to this reason, you can enjoy absolute comfort with the right blend of bounce. Two latex layers of firmness level allow you to sleep on a comfortable mattress. The use of natural wool works as a flame retardant.

Zero motion reduction feature is important to determine the quality of the mattress and this Spindle natural latex mattress contains it. In this way, you do not have to wake up in the middle of sleep upon the rolling of your partner.

The 10 inches natural latex mattress from Spindle is the evidence of comfortable sleep for couples. To maintain and support your spine, you require a certain level of firmness. You can get this attribute in this mattress because it includes soft, medium, firm, or extra-firm.

Why We Recommend It:

  • This latex foam bed can never be problematic during any weather as it contains a special feature which regulates the temperature.
  • There is no use of any kind of hazardous material especially the absence of chemical retardants for promoting a healthy environment.
  • A mattress like this can easily render longevity as it lasts for 8 to 12 years.
  • The natural mattress offers you a money-back guarantee in case you are not comfortable in it.

You need to pay attention to It:

  • The heat capturing capability is not up to the mark which might increase your body temperature.
If you aren’t happy with your existing mattress then we’re sure the spindle 10 inches natural mattress will work for you. As you will not have any complaint of waking up during the night due to your partner’s movement.

See our in-depth Best Mattress for Couples overview here.

4. IDLE Sleep Latex Hybrid – Best flippable mattress

Idle Sleep hybrid construction flippable mattress

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  • Not sensitive temperature
  • Quantum edge support
  • Reduction of motion
  • 2 sided foam
  • Cool buoyancy mattress
  • Warranty up to 20 years

The quantum edge to edge coil technology is present to maximize the comfort that you expect from the hybrid mattress. Moreover, due to this coil system, the mattress has a better structure. Its hybrid construction shows the use of organic material including the latex foam for making your night peaceful

To prove its hybrid quality the idle mattress surprises you with the two types of firmness in one foam. In this way, you can wake up fresh without complaining about lower back pain.

Another exceptional mattress in our list of the best latex mattress is idle sleep mattress. The superior approach of this mattress shows up with 8 layers of comfort layers that no other brand is yet offering.

Why We Recommend It:

  • In this, you will get benefit out of its thermocouple fabric that can keep your body temperature maintained. No matter whether the weather is cool or hot.
  • The material of the cover is extremely soft as its organic. In addition to this, it will come back to its position upon rolling or tossing.
  • Unlike conventional mattresses, there is proper aeration to provide absolute airflow while delivering breathability during usage.
  • It is the right mattress for a combination of a sleeper because it caters both stomach, back, and side sleepers.

You need to pay attention to It:

  • If you require a full foam design then buying an idle sleep hybrid mattress is useless.
  • For a heavier body, it does not provide firmness which might not be convenient for you.
The superior approach pocketed springs allow the air to pass freely that keeps the mattress cool. Organic cotton cover fights against allergen particles and two side filppable features make your mattress durable and life lasting.

5. Lucid Latex Mattress –Best for back sleepers

Lucid back sleepers Mattress

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  • Moisture absorbing properties
  • 10 inches high-density foam
  • Extractable bamboo cover
  • The USA manufactured
  • Certification from CertiPUR

The 3-inch responsive and springy layer adjusts according to your body weight and isolates motion transfers. The use of latex in this mattress is a plus which helps in the contouring of the body. Because of this layer, it absorbs the humidity and stores it for maintaining the temperature in humid weather.

The 10 inches density mattress distinct it from those of tradition foam and also provides more support. However, the softer feel comes to you in return. The 25 years of warranty provided by this brand makes sure that their customers have an only good experience. In case you find any problem with wear and tear claim your exchange.

This mattress from Lucid shows up with the two layers with a latex layer on the outside and memory foam on the inside. Furthermore to this, it is the eco-friendly and budget-friendly mattress that you must not miss.

Why We Recommend It:

  • On a firmness scale, it shows somewhat above-average performance which is good news for couples.
  • The Lucid sleep mattress is available in 7 sizes which include twin, twin XL, king, California king, and
  • In order to conform to your body the Lucid mattress triple gel layer. On the other hand, the solid base helps in keeping the spine

You need to pay attention to It:

  • Although it is most suitable for a small to average-sized person, however, does not go well with heavyweight.
The 7-inch base layer support is great for back sleepers. It is the ideal selection if you do not like to feel excessively warm and more sinking in the bed.

6. Plushbeds Botanical Bliss – Best durable mattress

Plushbeds Botanical Bliss durable mattress

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  • All-natural latex mattress.
  • Organic cotton cover.
  • No chemical retardants used.
  • Hypo-allergenic.
  • GreenGuard Gold certificate.
  • Sleeps cool.
  • Pressure absorbing support.
  • Mold proof.
  • Available in three firmness levels.
  • 100 nights’ free trial and 25 years warranty.

Botanical Bliss ensures that you sleep naturally and healthily with its 100% natural Talalay latex comfort layer beneath its plush cover. This comfort layer gives a buoyant sensation that keeps you in a comfortable position. The latex layer also reduces pressure on your joints. It helps in the even distribution of your weight and lets you sleep better.

Another great feature of this mattress, unlike many others, is the non-woven organic cotton cover. This cover is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. It has moisture-absorbing quality with zero heat retention. The breathable material allows the flow of air to make the mattress cooler. The moisture-wicking ability keeps you dry and sweats free.

Botanical bliss 9’’ mattress is an organic latex mattress. It ensures a healthy and comfortable sleep. Orthopedic specialists and chiropractors recommend this mattress due to its firm support. The organic cotton cover and use 100% natural Talalay latex adds to its plushness.

Why We Recommend It:

  • Botanical Bliss is available in three firmness levels. They are soft, medium and medium firm. This makes it suitable for a variety of sleepers.
  • Botanical Bliss is made in the USA with 10 pounds of pure New Zealand wool. This is breathable and more natural.
  • This mattress is good for people with sensitivity issues. It has certification of the GreenGuard
  • This mattress helps in relieving pain due to the use of ARPICO latex’s dense cell structure.

You need to pay attention to It:

  • It may not have excellent motion isolation.
  • It will not give you a lot of contours which is a common thing in latex foams.
Botanical Bliss mattress is a pure latex mattress which makes it hypoallergenic. So, this makes it a good choice for children as well. Moreover, the availability of three firmness options at a good price makes it suitable for all.

7. Sleep EZ Roma – Best for alleviating joint pressure

SLEEP EZ USA Roma All Latex Mattress

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  • 100% Natural Latex.
  • It has a 2-in-1 design.
  • It has a softer and firmer side.
  • Premium quality organic cotton.
  • Certi-Pur certified foams.
  • Better durability.
  • Made in the USA.
  • 20 years warranty.
  • Free shipping and returns.

Roma latex mattress is the finest quality latex mattress using 100% natural latex. The 6 inches layer of pure Dunlop material offers soft firmness that helps alleviate joint pains. What’s more, it has a lush stretch-knit cover made from 100% organic cotton. It is breathable and lets you sleep cool.

Another great benefit of Sleep EZ Roma mattress is that it has two firmness option on its two sides. This innovative 2-in-1 technology provides two levels of comfort.

A masterpiece of 9’’ 100% natural Dunlop latex. There are no harmful chemicals used and the mattress is pure hypo-allergenic. There is a plush side and a firmer side. The plus side is good for side sleepers whereas the firmer side is good for stomach and back sleepers

Why We Recommend It:

  • This mattress will not sag after a long period of usage.
  • Sleep EZ mattress gives a good amount of support and exceptional pressure relief.
  • The company is giving free shipping and returns facility. Also, there is a 20 years warranty.
  • There is no off-gassing in the initial days after purchase.

You need to pay attention to It:

  • The firmer side goes soft sooner.
  • It is not that durable.
This is a good purchase for those looking for 2-in-1 firmness options. With a good price and 100% natural latex, this is a nice organic option for you.

8. Dreamfoam Mattress – Best for better blood circulation

Dreamfoam Bedding Elements Latex Mattress

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  • The height is 12’’.
  • This is a Talalay latex foam.
  • It has 1.5’’ of super reflex foam.
  • Customized firmness.
  • Hypo-allergenic.
  • Bamboo cover.
  • Made in the USA.

Dreamfoam uses Talalay latex of 3 inches layer which adapts to your body. It helps in relieving pressure from joints thus giving good orthopedic support. Moreover, it has a zipper to make latex interchangeable and breathable. The support layer alleviates high pressure that results in oxygenation and better blood circulation associated with tossing and.

An advantage of buying this mattress is that you can choose your firmness level. This customization will help in having the perfect mattress for your body and sleep.

Better sleep starts here with DreanFoam Talalay latex mattress. This is a 12’’ Queen latex mattress with high-density base foam that is tailored to meet your desired level of firmness. It is dust-mite resistant and anti-microbial which makes it a good choice for sensitive people.

Why We Recommend It:

  • This mattress has 1.5 inches of super soft reflex foam.
  • The 8 inches of high-density base foam allows more airflow and conformability.
  • The quality and construction of the mattress are
  • This mattress is made in the USA.

You need to pay attention to It:

  • You may not know which firmness level suits you before ordering.
  • The mattress sags sooner.
Dreamfoam latex mattress is an awesome choice for those wanting to wake up fresh and full of energy. The latex layers improve oxygenation and blood circulation to renew body energy.

9. Eco Terra – Best for the budget

Eco Terra Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress

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  • This is a hybrid mattress.
  • It has 3’’ layer of 100% natural Talalay latex.
  • It contours the body.
  • Has an organic cotton cover.
  • Has fabric-encased coils.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • It has a medium firmness level.
  • Its height is 11’’
  • Made in the USA.

Eco Terra hybrid mattress gives you buoyant support and cradles your body. Thus, it helps in having a restful sleep every night. With the firmness scale of 5.5 out of 10, it gives support in every sleep position.

This hybrid mattress has fabric encased individually wrapped coils that help in reducing the motion and sleeping soundly. The quantum coils reinforce the mattress and give a comfortable surface to sleep on. It also helps in eliminating painful pressure on your body.

What’s more, this mattress comes with GOTS certified organic cotton cover. This cover is free from any harsh chemicals and flame retardants. Thus, it is a healthy choice for every member of your family.

Eco Terra is an amazing hybrid mattress that has a layer of 100% natural Talalay latex with a combination of coils and wool fire. This is a plant-derived natural latex covered in 100% organic cotton cover.

Why We Recommend It:

  • There is no assembly needed to place this mattress.
  • The use of coils minimizes the motion and increases the durability of the mattress.
  • This is a great supportive mattress. It aligns your spine perfectly and reduces strain.
  • It does not sleep hot.

You need to pay attention to It:

  • This is a firmer mattress and may not be suitable for side sleepers.
  • The base may be a problem.
The use of natural latex in Eco Terra molds to the natural body curves for better comfort and support. This is a great mattress for supporting your body at an affordable price.

Want to learn more about the Eco-Terra Mattress? Read our complete review here.

Wrap up

After considering all of the above you must have known the possible benefits of buying a latex foam mattress. Scientific research also encourages to sleep on a latex mattress because traditional mattress might be the cause behind your backache. If you also want to feel happy after investing in your new mattress then consider brands we suggested.

Among all the mattresses our top pick is Avocado green mattress. As getting your hands on this comfortable mattress never let you compromise on your sleep.

And if you still want to learn more, go to our full review here.

Products Support Core Comfort Layer Cover Materials
Avocado 1-inch Dunlop Latex (26 – 31 ILD) and 8-inch Pocketed Coils (756 – 1,414 coil count) 2-inch Dunlop Latex (14 – 19 ILD), 2-inch Dunlop Latex (20 – 25 ILD) and Joma Wool (with pillow top) Cotton (Organic)
Zenhaven 6-inch of Talalay Latex 1.5-inch of Talalay Latex Cotton (Organic)
Spindle 3-inch Top Layer 4.6 PCF, 3-inch Middle Layer 4.6 PCF and 3-inch Bottom Layer 4.6 PCF N/A Cotton Knit (Organic) and 1-inch Batting (Natural Wool)
Idle Latex Hybrid 3-inch latex on both each side and 6-inch pocketed springs 1-inch quilting foam on both each side Cotton (Organic)
Lucid 7-inch foam base layer 3-inch latex Layer Premium Tencel Cover
PlushBeds Two 3-inch Dunlop Latex Layers 1-inch New Zealand Wool, 2-inch Talalay latex Cotton (Organic and Stretch) and 4-Way Stretch Blend Fabric
Roma Natural Two 3-inch Dunlop Latex layers 1.5″ Quilted foam Cotton Cover
Ultimate Dreams 3” of Talalay and 8” of high-density foam 1-inch quilted reflex foam Euro-top zipper
Eco-Terra 8-inch pocketed springs 3″ plush layer of latex Organic Cotton

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