Best Mattress for Couples – Top 5 Reviewed

Having trouble while sleeping with your partner? Not getting much comfort with the regular mattress? Try something from our list of the best mattress for couples. It might help you.

You can enjoy the starfish style with tossing and turnings while sleeping alone. But what if now you’re sharing a mattress with a partner. Finding a mattress that caters individual preferences for couples is a real challenge.

Sleep is a highly essential yet overrated ritual that human beings need to perform to remain healthy and even extend a few days in their life. It is healthy because our body gets into recovery mode when we fall asleep and works to recharge it and it is overrated because people do not tend to give it much thought these days.

Even if we sleep, we do not think about the surface that we fall asleep on; the mattress. Many people suffer from backaches and other problems because of the wrong kind of mattress; it gets much harder to find the right one when you are sharing it with your partner.

You will find out how to pick the right mattress through our buying guide and reviews that are written in detail for you to pick the best mattress for couples.

Let’s kick things off with a quick comparison!

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Compare the TOP 5 Mattress for Couples

ProductsFoam TypeHighlight FeatureBest ForLink
The Winkbed Luxury Hybrid MattressHypersoft FoamCoolControl™Heavyweight couples
Helix MattressHelix Dynamic Foam, High-Grade PolyfoamCustomized mattressCustomized sleeping preferences
Amore Hybrid MattressHigh-density open cell FoamFusionFlex™ GelPersonalize your sleep side
Nectar MattressHi-core memory FoamTencel cooling coverSleep without pressure or pain
Amanda mattressResilin FoamResilin TechnologyBoth back and side sleeper


What is the difference between regular and couple’s mattresses

There is not much difference between a regular mattress and a couples’ mattress, but there are a few features that are a little different. The first and foremost being that couples’ mattresses have a unique system of resisting motion transfer so that if your partner is moving a lot, you do not wake up feeling that you are on a rollercoaster.

The temperature is more managed in the couples’ mattress systems too because it is now the responsibility of the mattress to fight two body temperatures rather than one. Another difference you will find is the features that can either be split or they can be worked for both of the partners that are sleeping.

A single person using an ordinary mattress will not have these problems; however, since a couple includes two different people, it needs to be bought according to what suits both of them. Only a few companies offer to customize the mattress according to the requirements of the couples others do not take this to notice much which can be a problem.

How to Make Sure You Both Get What You Want?

Before purchasing a mattress it is essential to discuss the sleeping positions and priorities to find out a mattress which caters to the need of both. It is not only about what you want or needs, but the way to ensure that you both get what suits your body type.

You can also get mattresses that have a custom system of adjusting the temperature to make it suitable for the side that you are sleeping on. Some companies have a split option which allows you to customize each side according to the need of the sleeper. With these options, you both can get what you want easily.

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Our Top Picks – Best Mattress for Couples

1. The WinkBed – Best for heavyweight couples

The WinkBed Best for heavyweight couples

  • CoolControl™
  • Tencel cover
  • Hypersoft foam
  • Stabilizing gel foam
  • Micro air-springs™
  • Enhanced lumbar support
  • Quiet Mattress
  • Energy efficiency

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The Winkbed luxury hybrid mattress is a smart choice mattress for couples sleeping together. The mattress allows heavyweight couples to sleep together with their preference that makes it a great and valuable purchase.

The mattress is made quiet so that while you toss and turn at night or while you adjust the temperature, it does not get very loud in any way and your partner is constantly comfortable sleeping along with you.

The mattress may have many different features to make it great but one of the most important features is energy efficiency. The mattress is made of material and technology that does not take a lot of energy.

The Winkbed offers the couples to choose from three firmness levels. If you’re a side sleeper and prefer sleeping on a soft mattress then choose soft. Choose a luxury firm option if both of you have different sleeping postures. You can also choose this option if both of you are heavy sleepers. Alternatively, choose the firm option if you are looking to maximize support your lumbar or midsection area.

  • The mattress contours the shape according to the body type on each side of the bed
  • The temperature control system allows users to control the temperature on each side according to their own choice
  • The mattress is not very noisy even when you are tossing and turning on it
  • The energy efficiency of the mattress makes it a smart choice for people who like to go green
  • The innerspring of the mattress support the customers according to their weight and body type
  • The mattress cover does not have a stitch so it can bunch up.
  • Difficult to determine average life.

CoolControl™:The luxury hybrid mattress uses cool control technology which is made to ensure that no matter what weather or temperature you sleep in, you remain cool and do not feel stuffy while sleeping. The smart feature allows you to control the temperature of the mattress on separate sides and make it more convenient for couples as individuals. You can easily customize your settings from the temperature ends. Each mattress is made by hand and very carefully so that each piece of technology used is perfectly a part of the company.

2. Helix Mattress– Best for Customized preferences

Helix Mattress Best for Customized preferences

Helix mattress offers you the option to customize your mattress to make it easier and healthier for you both of you to sleep at night. Personalized mattress shows in research that people tend to have a more comfortable sleep.

The company also asks you to fill in the section of the number of sleepers that you want on the bed. The customization is made according to each sleeper so that if you are sharing a bed, you do not have to worry about compromising your partner’s needs.

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The temperature can also be set according to the needs of each person using the bed. With selecting each option separately you will get a bed that will make it perfect for you and your partner.


  • Customized sleeping for each partner
  • The option between blend and dual side
  • Temperature control option
  • Contouring body type

Customization process: The helix mattress will customize the mattress to ensure you and your partner meet their customized sleeping requirements. The helix mattress system requires you to select the size of the mattress first of all to determine the foundation of the mattress. If you are not comfortable with the standard sizes, you can simply tell your height to ensure that the size fits you perfect and your legs are not hanging out.

After you select the physical specifications to make it customized, the next step is to select whether you want a blended type mattress that will make it a mixture of you and your partner’s preferences together to make something that fixes you both.

Choose the dual type that makes it two separate sides customized for each person sharing the bed. You can also select the different pressure points and softness of the foam.

  • Users can make their own preference of the softness of the bed
  • The mattress can be designed according to the weight and dimensions of the people sleeping on it
  • You can make your mattress different on both sides or blend all the features together to match your preferences
  • The temperature of the mattress can be set according to the preference of the sleeper on each side
  • There is no option to select the foam type, only features of the foam can be selected .

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3. Amore Hybrid Mattress– Best for Sleeping Cool

Amore Hybrid Mattress Best for Sleeping Cool

The Amore hybrid mattress made offers personalization according for couples to sleep without any problems individually. There are many different sizes available that you can choose according to the preference or requirements of the sleeper.

The foam allows the contouring of the mattress which ensures that the pressure points are set according to the body shape and the size. The weight is eventually distributing with both features together and the life of the mattress increases.

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The mattress strength is Fusion Flex technology which is a gel foam layer. The layer is responsible to contour your body shape further along with Graphite Infused foam. Both these layers ensure maximum circulation of air which keeps the mattress cooler.


  • Hyper cooling gel foam
  • Organic cotton cover
  • Bambo Rayon threads
  • Blend between boil and foam
  • Even weight distribution
  • Gel foam layer for cooling and contouring
  • Graphite infused foam for air circulation

Cover option: The company offers two different options in fabrics either cotton fabric which is soft and more ventilated, or copper ion infused fabric which is another form of soft and comfortable fabric enriched with microbial properties for people who are sensitive and get many different allergy reactions.

You will not have to choose between coil and foam because the company offers you coil and foam both together. This unique technology allows support with the coils and the target of pressure points to provide you support on every pressure points.

All of the mattresses are made CertiPur approved which ensures the durability of the mattress, product content satisfaction, and performance guarantee. To top it off, these mattresses have a 20-year warranty and a trial period of 100 nights for satisfaction.

  • There is a fusion of different foams which allows users to enjoy two in one and enhanced features of the foam
  • The coil and foam together provide pressure relief once the pressure points are set with the foam technology
  • The mattress is cool and circulated to help you sleep healthy and happy
  • There is a 100 days trial period along with 20 years of warranty which is perfect for customer satisfaction
  • You’ll not get a traditional innerspring feel from this mattress.

4. The Nectar Mattress– Best for sleeping without pressure

The Nectar Mattress Best for sleeping without pressure

The Nectar brand has a variety of different products to make sleep a great experience for you as for how it was supposed to be naturally. This mattress works with all kinds of bed frames which make it versatile and one of the best mattresses for couples.

A unique feature in this mattress is the Hi-core memory foam helps in further supporting your body and then helping the mattress reach its natural shape so that it remains durable and fresh for a long time.

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Another layer of the mattress is the quilted memory foam which is made to ensure that the mattress holds your natural shape on a personalized level. This feature helps make it a great option for couples as each individual can get their form of support according to their body type.


  • Air circulation and ventilation
  • Gel memory foam for cooling and contouring
  • Memory foam for a personalized contouring
  • Hi core memory foam for putting the mattress into the natural position

Cooling technology: The top Tencel cooling cover keeps the mattress cool and less stuffy in the summers and the hot temperatures. This technology works with the circulation of air around the mattress; not only does the mattress circulate, but it also pushes the heat out of the mattress. The air circulation also helps in keeping the mattress resistant to bed bugs. The quilted feature on the foam help makes it further circulating. Another layer of foam is gel memory foam which keeps cool and increases the support as well.

The base is unlike any other mattress, it is made breathable so there is less chance of heat, stink, and allergens to make a room for them in the mattress.

You can choose between the firmness of the mattress according to their weight and preference.

The mattress is also CertiPur approved which guarantees performance, durability, and content of the mattress. Hence, overall, it becomes a great purchase for couples.

  • There is a memory foam gel layer which allows the mattress to remain cool and provides support according to the body type
  • The hi core memory foam layer allows the mattress to bounce back in its original shape when no pressure is exerted on the mattress
  • The mattress gives a guarantee and a satisfied purchase in the face of a CertiPur approved product
  • The firmness of the mattress can be chosen as per the requirement of the sleepers
  • The mattress is not dual but they are one set of features for both sides and for both sleepers
  • This mattress is not hypoallergenic for sensitive people

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5. Amanda mattress– Best for couples with different sleeping positions

Amanda mattress Best for couples with different sleeping positions

Resilin mattresses by Amanda sleep is the latest type of mattress with features combined with technology to provide a unique style of mattresses and a better option of sleep at night. This mattress is made to be used by people who like to sleep on their back as well as on their sides.

The circulation finally helps in reducing the chances of having stink accumulate in the mattress as well. There are different sizes available for couple’s beds as well to choose from and ensure that you have a safe and comfortable sleeping system with your partner.

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  • Resilin Technology
  • Targets pressure points with the high-density foam
  • Circulation helps in cooling
  • CertiPur certification
  • Added lumbar support

Lumbar Support: The mattress provides support to both of the sleepers entirely without compromising the lumbar support. The mattress foam is made to target the pressure points of each person individually by acquiring the shape through the contouring foam. The high-density construction of the foam ensures durability for a long period without any compromise on the support.

The mattress is also made to be breathable to make it safe from many allergens that make their home in a stuffy mattress; it also helps in keeping the mattress cool from stuffy nights and warm temperatures in the room.

The mattress is a satisfactory purchase since it is approved by the CertiPur certification which ensures durability, content, and performance of the mattress. However, for further satisfaction, the company offers a trial period of about a year along with a warranty period of 25 years.

  • The mattress is approved by the CertiPur which assures durability, performance, and content of the product
  • The mattress remains circulated and cool with its layers of foam that ensures that it does not allow bugs, stink, and heat to make it their home
  • The mattress contours the shape of the user on each side of the sleep
  • The mattress has a year of trial periods and a 25-year warranty
  • The mattress does not have two different options for couples that prefer or have the requirement of sleeping at different comfort levels
  • There is a weight limit which makes it not very ideal for heavy couples to enjoy in which one of the partners has a problem in sleeping
  • The mattress does not offer the option of motion transfer resistance

Buying guide – Factors to consider before you buy the couple's mattress

The quest for finding the right mattress for couples is a daunting task which needs to be given a lot of attention; our buying guide will help you with this process. We have compiled this to help you find the important feature that your mattress needs to have to ensure that you are comfortable and healthily sleeping at night.

You can take a look at the following features to ensure that you get the one that has the base foundation perfect and you can get the other additional features if you want.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is one of the critical factors that you need to look into while buying your mattress to share with your partner. Motion transfer is when one person moves and the whole mattress dominantly moves to provide comfort to the former person which causes interruption of sleep to the other person. The resistance in motion transfer does not affect the support of the sleepers at all; it makes the sleep more comfortable and somewhat individual as well.


Another one of the most important factors is support. The support the mattress provides will determine the health of your back and sides whichever side you sleep on. The support will be provided by the foam which can be memory foam that provides support through the contouring of the body; it can be inner springs and coils which provide support through separate springs. Overall, this support allows users to have a better and more comfortable sleep.


The surface of the mattress does make a huge difference; couples like the plush feeling while sharing their love moments. A bouncy and responsive mattress adds to the pleasure but some couples don’t like the excessively soft models. Look for the mattress which allows you to choose the firmness level which works best for you.

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Firmness and Feel

The Firmness of the mattress is highly important as it is determining how plush your mattress will be and how much you sink it in it. There are many different levels of firmness that you should get according to your lumbar requirements and according to the weight of the sleeper. If a heavy sleeper gets a hard mattress, they will hardly be comfortable. Similarly, a too light mattress will make the user sink in the mattress and ruin the feel. Hence, the firmness needs to be very precise according to both of the sleepers.

The feel is also important as you can get the woolen one if you are in a place where it is always too cold; the feel is also determined by the sensitivity of the sleeper as it holds the allergens and their system. The reason firm and feel are different are because firmness is the softness of the mattress while the feel includes the softness and the upper feel of the mattress.

Different Sleeping Positions of Partners

Some people sleep on their backs while others sleep on their sides. This may not seem like a huge aspect to judge your mattress by; however, it is great since you will need support according to that. Before you go to purchase your mattress, confirm how you and your partner both sleep. If you both sleep on the sides then get a mattress that is made for the specific purpose. However, if you both sleep on your backs you will not have to worry a lot. If you find that you both sleep in different positions, get the one that is versatile to support both of your needs.

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CertiPur is a certification of mattresses which covers three things; durability, content, and performance. If the company you are going for covers these this will mean that your mattress is durable and is a valuable purchase; its performance is guaranteed and it will not be a fraud, and the content of the mattress is good quality and reliable. This certification allows people to be more satisfied with their purchase without having to make a lot of effort of looking into it. However, make sure that the certificate is not fake and has an official stamp on it for the further guarantee.


You must know the important aspects of buying a mattress before you go to purchase a mattress for your couple needs. Having a healthy sleep is very important and it gets more important to look into the aspects once you are sharing a bed with another individual.

Our guide will help you through the process and make it easy for you to select one which helps you sleep in the right intensity. You can choose your budget accordingly and make it easy for yourself. Remember you do not have to spend a fortune on the right mattress.