Layla Mattress Reviews : Dual-Firmness Option in One Mattress

Want to learn about the Layla mattress? Read Our in-depth Layla mattress reviews on how a company that places a high value on using copper for its conductivity and supportive features.

There are many mattresses out there with having the same level of firmness. But, Layla mattress has two sides of different firmness. One is soft and the other one is firmer. This is the only copper infused mattress among its rivals. The 5 layers construction of this mattress makes this one of the most desirable products in the market. Together, these layers give you the best support and airflow within the mattress. The advantage of using copper in the mattress is that it is very supportive. So, it will help in the pressure-relieving your body and reducing any pain in the joints. Its variable support is an excellent thing for all sleeping positions. Further, copper sucks the heat and keeps your mattress cool all the time.

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Category Criteria Rating Editor Score 8.7 out of 10 Editor Comments
Durability This mattress maintains its shape and quality for a long time. It is manufactured in the USA which speaks of its quality. Good 8.5 Durability for the Layla mattress is good. It is not going to sag any soon.
Motion isolation It is better on the firmer side of the mattress. However, there is less motion isolation on the softer side. Very good 9.5 It is great, especially on the more firm side. There is no disruption during the night.
Pressure reliever 5 layer construction makes it a good mattress for pressure relieving quality. It reduces joint pain greatly. Very good 9.5 Pressure-relieving is commonly needed by customers. So, Layla is giving a good amount of support in this regard.
Edge support Edge support is a quality of Layla mattress. It gives fine support at the edges. But, it is not that good. Good 8.5 There are some complaints regarding the edge support of Layla mattress.
Off-gassing There is not complete but less amount of off-gassing when Layla mattress is opened. Fair 7.5 It emits a smell of gas smell after opening.
Breathability Layla mattress sleeps cool. This is because of cover and memory foams layers. Good 8.5 The copper-infused memory foams allow the circulation of air in the foams.
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Specifications Details
1.      Material Copper-infused memory foam and thermo-gel
2.      Country of origin USA
3.      Layers numbers 5
4.      Breathable Yes
5.      Warranty Lifetime warranty
6.      Availability in sizes All
7.      Firmness level Dual (soft and firm) flip-able
8.      Degassing period None
9.      Free shipping and returns Yes
10.   Trial period 120 nights trial
11.   Pressure-relieving Yes


The construction of Layla mattress speaks of its innovation. It is the first-ever mattress that uses copper in its construction. The copper is a cleaner and better supportive choice for your mattress. The 5 layers of the Layla mattress together do the magic of providing you with the quality sleep every night.

layers of the Layla mattress

The five layers of ultimate comfort are;

The most top layer

The top layer is of cover. This layer is made of a material which is smooth and airy. So, this allows the flow of air in the foams beneath.

The second layer

The second layer is a 3’’ copper infused memory foam. Copper helps to suck the heat out of your body and carries it away due to its conductivity. This helps in the rapid heat transfer and you sleep cool. This is an anti-microbial layer which is hypoallergenic to your skin. With a 3.5lb density, this layer makes a medium soft side.

The third layer

2’’ of convoluted support foam. This is a great addition to the deep convulsion and maximum airflow. Having a density of 1.8lb, this layer maintains the softer firmness for the top layer.

The third layer Image
The fourth one

The fourth layer is a 4.5’’ of base support. This is the core support which acts as a strong base for the other layers. It has a density of 2lb which gives the support that other layers may want.

The last one

Making the other side of the mattress a firmer one, this is a 1’’ copper infused memory foam. This also helps in deep compression support with a density of 3.5lb as the first layer. This layer gives firmer support and helps in body contouring.


A quality of a good mattress is that it is comfortable. So, Lyla mattress is manufactured by taking this point into consideration. Layla mattress has two sides of firmness. One is soft while the other one is a bit firm. So, this makes it a good choice for all sleeping positions. The firmer side of the mattress is great for the stomach or back sleepers. While, for side sleepers, both sides are good. It gives a good amount of comfort on both sides.

Comfort of two firmness Image


Another amazing quality of Layla mattress is its motion isolation. But, it is different for the two sides of firmness. Motion isolation feature is more on the firmer side of the mattress. There is a great amount of reduction in motion at this side. But, when we talk about the softer side of the mattress, there is less motion isolation. You feel a little bit of motion every time someone moves at the other side of the mattress.


Edge support is also very important. You really need good support and contouring from your mattress if you are suffering from back pain. For that purpose, Layla has a firmer side of the mattress. Its copper infused memory foam give the best support possible. This helps in relieving pressure on your shoulders, hips, joints, and spine. The softer side is recommended for side sleepers mostly.

Both sides instantly give you the edge support that you need throughout the night. You will not roll off of the edge of the mattress. Although it is not the best support surely it will save you from falling off your bed.

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The usage of copper has many advantages. It is a conductive metal and helps in eliminating heat from the mattress. When the copper cells are compressed, they help in sucking the body heat and carry it away. This helps to maintain your body temperature at a cooler level. Moreover, copper cells are so supportive. They interact with each other and respond to your body. This response is the variable support that helps to sleep in all sleeping positions and makes it a pressure-relieving mattress.

It carries anti-microbial properties naturally. Its ability to resist bacteria, virus, and fungi makes it a hypoallergenic choice for you. So, the usage of copper in the foams of Layla mattress is good for your health and life.


Another amazing quality of Layla mattress is its compatibility with all types of bases. Whether it is a solid base, box spring, Bunkie board or slatted base, it goes great with all. So, you don’t need to purchase any special base with it.

compatibility of layla mattress

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Layla mattress offers great versatility when it comes to different sleeping postures. The table below will help you to get an idea of suitability for all sleepers of both the firmness levels.

Side Sleeping style Lightweight (<130lbs) Medium weight (130-230 lbs.) Heavyweight (>230 lbs.)
Firm Side Fair Very good Good
Back Good Very good Good
Stomach Poor Good Good
Softer Side Very Good Good Fair
Back Very Good Very good Good
Stomach Good Fair Poor


TWIN 39″ X 75″ X 10″ $399
TWIN XL 39″ X 80″ X 10″ $499
FULL 54″ X 75″ X 10″ $699
QUEEN 60″ X 80″ X 10″ $799
KING 76″ X 80″ X 10″ $899
CALIFORNIA KING 72″ X 84″ X 10″ $899


Layla offers free shipping returns services to all of its customers. It takes about 3-6 business days to deliver the mattress to your home. Also, in rare circumstances, they offer free return services as well. There is no return and shipping fee. And, you are going to get your 100% money-back in case of an issue.

How is it delivered? Layla mattress is delivered carefully in a box.

Deciding is your right and Layla mattress respects this. That is why they are giving an offer of 120 night’s trial. So, you can decide whether you love it or not. And, if don’t, you are going to get your 100% paid back right away.

Layla Mattress starts at $499!


  • Want a changing mattress with new technology.
  • Like to sleep cool.
  • Have a limited budget.
  • Don’t want to spend extra money on buying bases.
  • Have chronic pain and want some remedy for that.
  • Like hypo-allergenic mattresses.


We would suggest Layla mattress because it is an innovative mattress that uses copper for your comfort. It is made using special care and technological methods. Overall, mattress performance is good. It is a nice option for your chronic back pain and shoulders pressure. The five layers together give you the best support, comfort and cooling surface that you want. Dual side usage will make it last longer you are going to love it.


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