Platform Beds vs. Box Spring Beds: What’s the difference?

Platform and spring boxes both are better to the mattress in their own ways. Keep in mind weight, sleeping position and space before making a decision.

You’ll find several kinds of mattresses to help you with the right posture and the right target to the pressure points to make sure that your sleeping experience is not only mentally comforting but also physically relaxing. However, your mattress also needs to have a good foundation that will ensure that it can perform exceptionally well.platform beds and spring box

Two of the most popular foundations are platform beds and spring box. Both of them have been around for a long time and they have been providing customers great experiences. The mentioned comparison between the two will you understand which one is best for your mattress type and which is one is best overall.

Platform beds Spring Box beds
Provides ventilation to the mattress Allows the mattress to be more durable
Has storage options Is raised above the ground
Cheaper in price Easy to move around my dismantling
Not ideal for people that cannot get out of a low bed Not ideal for warm places
Allows the mattress to perform freely Absorbs weight

Platform Beds Vs. Box Spring : Basic Difference

Platform beds are a solid frame that usually consists of slates that help in providing support to the mattress. The platform is a strong foundation in itself which is usually made of wood or a lesser popular option is metal. This platform provides support, ventilation, and flexibility to the mattress which reduces the need for a bed base. They are generally cheaper than other options and are stylish and easy to move around.

A spring box foundation is responsible to lift the mattress up a little bit. Through time, engineers have preferred to put actual springs inside so that the mattress can rise up and any weight exerted on this can easily be absorbed and the best results can be obtained.

Spring box foundations provide resistance to the mattress and make them more durable. They help the mattress in coming back to the ideal shape when the exerted pressure is removed. This type of foundation allows the mattress to be on a flat and stable surface to lie upon and hence provide the sleeper with comfort.

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Storage Options Comparison

  • Platform Bed

One of the most common ways to keep your room neat and less space-consuming is having storage underneath your bed. Platform beds tend to have storage drawers or small cabinet or even flat surfaces that slide out. These spaces can easily accommodate clothes, shoes, socks, or any other of your personal belongings. It saves a lot of space and is highly convenient especially when you have a small room or you are renting out at somebody else’s for some time.

Additional to the storage cabins beneath the bed, there is also room for books and small items on the bed of the head. This option is perfect for book lovers that like to have space to keep their books next to them. It is also ideal for people that do not want to spend extra money on bedside tables.

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  • Spring Box

Spring box mattresses do not have storage options most of the time. They are packed with springs inside them and do not have room for drawers or any other storage cabinet. The head of the beds are also made with a soft and cushioned back usually which are also incapable of having storage options. The only way to have space is if the bed is raised a little above the floor. Spring boxes are also seemingly huge. They seem to take up a lot of space in the room.

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Mattress Protection And Comfort Comparison:

  • Platform Bed

One of the most important things that you need to keep in your mind when you get a bed is whether your mattress is safe and is able to perform under those conditions or not. The wrong kind of foundation can entirely ruin your mattress and cause mold and other damages.

However, if you are planning on going for a platform bed then you do not have to worry. Platform beds are made to accommodate almost every kind of mattress. It ensures that your mattress is breathable and can adjust itself on the bed without having to give up on its features. They are considered best for memory as they can easily be adjusted according to the mattress. The only thing that needs to be looked into carefully is the size and the distance of slats on the bed. The distance is measured according to the size, thickness, and the weight of the mattress.

  • Spring Box

In terms of comfort, spring boxes tend to provide a lot of comfort to the sleepers. The springs inside the box base help in ensuring that any weight that is exerted is easily absorbed and there is no pain. They also help the mattress in pushing the targeted pressure points better and distribute the bodyweight evenly.

They help the mattress remain somewhat durable. The springs inside the box help in bouncing the mattress back to its original form. This process helps in keeping the mattress from sagging and helps in making the mattress more durable. However, this still does not provide enough protection to the mattress as it stops airflow. Any moisture can easily be trapped inside the mattress and mold can grow which can be damaging, no matter how ventilated your mattress is, it will not work.

Aesthetic Appeal Comparison

  • Platform bed

A bed is more than just for sleeping. It is the center of any room and needs to be in a stylish condition to match the theme of your room. Platform beds come in many different sizes, colors, and styles. All of them have the same basic foundation, yet they have different styles too.

They are also made low to the ground to give the room a nice and cozy look which keeps them attractive as well. No matter how big they are, they never seem to be spread and feel like they are taking up space.

  • Spring Box

The spring box foundations are much more aesthetically pleasing than platform beds. However, they are warm and very big. They bring about a more traditional look and may not always suit the theme of your room. They are high off the ground which makes them perfect for people who are old and cannot sit on the lower ground.

A Comparison Of The Things We Liked And Didn’t Like

  • Platform

Things we liked
  • Platform beds come in many styles and colors for the aesthetic design
  • Fit for almost every kind of mattress especially memory foam
  • A lot of storage options under and below the bed
  • Keep the mattresses cool and well ventilated
  • Allow the mattress to freely perform its features
Things we didn’t like
  • A little low to the ground which is not suitable for people that have a problem with sitting low
  • They are not dismantled when moving around
  • Can be a little heavier than usual
  • Box Spring

Things we liked
  • A more stable surface for mattresses to lie on
  • Spring boxes can absorb weight easily
  • Allow the mattress to be more durable
  • Allows the bed to be raised above the ground
Things we didn’t like
  • Do not provide mattresses circulation
  • No storage anywhere
  • Less durable than platforms
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Platform and spring boxes both are better to the mattress in their own ways and both contain disadvantages as well. Your choice should keep in mind every factor including the weight of the mattress and the sleeper, the space in the room, and the other requirements that you might have.

Keeping in mind this comparison, for us, the winner is the platform bed. It may not have the ability to keep the mattress more durable, but it helps in keeping it well ventilated and allows users to select it according to the theme of their room. The storage option ensures more convenience and allows users to enjoy the bed for more than what it is.

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