What is the Best Mattress of 2023? – Top 10 Reviewed

Purchasing a mattress can be one heck of a job especially if you don’t know where to start. There are so many things that you have to consider before buying the best mattress. It has to be well aligned with all your needs and preferences otherwise you will end up making a wrong investment.

Brands Best for Trial Warranty Materials Certification
Puffy pressure relief  101-nights  Lifetime Memory foam CertiPUR-US
Nectar Best overall 365-nights Lifetime Memory foam CertiPUR-US & OEK-TEX
Casper Money 100 nights 10-year Memory foam CertiPUR-US
DreamCloud Affordable luxury 365-days Lifetime Hybrid CertiPUR-US
Brooklyn Aurora Sleeping cooling 120-nights 10-year Hybrid CertiPUR-US
Zenhaven Latex lovers 120-days 20-year Natural Latex OEK-TEX
Layla Memory foam lovers 120-nights Lifetime Memory foam CertiPUR-US
Nolah Eco-friendly people 120-nights 15-year Foam CertiPUR-US
WinkBeds Plus Heavyweight people 101-nights 10-year Hybrid CertiPUR-US
Helix Couples 100-nights 10-year Hybrid CertiPUR-US

If you have developed some allergies or wake up with a stuffy nose or may have non-existing sex-drive then your mattress is to blame. According to research conducted by German scholars, 43% of people dropped allergic symptoms by using toppers that are resistant to mites and dust.

A non-existent sex drive is also caused by lack of sleep as per study conduct in 2007. It can also be caused by sleeping too hot. In addition to that, your skin also loses its elasticity and looks dull because of the increase in stress-related hormone (cortisol) development.

How does a bad mattress contribute to poor sleep quality

Most of the time people uselessly emphasize other issues (light conditions and noise) because they are easy to handle. Let’s keep the light and noise conditions aside and focus on the sleeping surface and various issues that might occur to your mattress over time

  • Age factor – An old mattress can be a significant confronting cause that you are not able to get sound sleep at night. On average a mattress has a 10-year life even if you take plenty of care.
  • Hygienic concerns – Old mattresses are prone to various hygienic issues. The sweat initiates molds in the pores of the mattress. The mattress covers tend to wear out with the passage of time and it makes them more prone to hygienic problems.
  • Deformation – A good quality mattress has the tendency to retain its shape no matter how much weight you put on it (under certain limits). If you see that the center of your bed has started to dip then it’s time to replace it.
  • Dust mites – Our dead skin cells and body oils are the food source for dust mites. These dust mites can cause different types of allergies such as asthma or various other skin conditions like eczema.

All these attributes contribute to the issue of low sleep quality and all of them can be eliminated by using a top-quality mattress.

Material and type suitable for your preferences

There are different varieties of mattresses available on the market when it comes to materials and types.

  • Memory foam – These mattresses are the most common ones and they provide you with that hugging feel as it contours around the shape of your body. It is an ideal solution for pressure point and pain relief purposes but it also sleeps hot.
  • Innerspring – These mattresses have coils in them and provide the perfect cooling solution which memory foams don’t offer. The mattresses also offer excellent edge support and good bounce as well. Nevertheless, they do have noise and don’t offer much conformance.
  • Latex – Latex mattresses also come with cooling features and are highly durable as well. In addition to that these mattresses provide an excellent The natural latex foam is eco-friendly as well as compared to the synthetic version. However, these models are very expensive.
  • Hybrid – Hybrid models combine two or more of the above material types. These mattresses combine all the positives of each material and eliminate the drawbacks. Hybrids offer excellent conformance and a premium feel but are very expensive as well.
  • Other types – There are other types of mattresses also available including custom versions, organic models, airbeds, water beds, bunk beds, futon, bed-in-a-box, RV models, sofa-cum-beds and last but not least smart mattresses. Each of these models offers convenience either due to their performance or usability.

We have developed a list of 10 best mattress reviews for your convenience so that purchasing a mattress becomes a less daunting task. So let’s get into it.

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Compare & Review – Top 10 Best mattresses

Top 10 Best Mattress of 2023 Review

1. Puffy – Best for Pressure Relief


  • Bed’s cradling support
  • Certified by CertiPUR-US
  • Thicker comfort layering
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Medium firmness level and outstanding pressure relief
  • Low-density memory foam
  • 101 night free trial

The Puffy mattress is 10” thick and comprised of three separate foam layers. For its foundation, the mattress uses a 6″ layer of firm support foam. In the middle is a 2″ layer of what the company calls its “Climate Comfort Foam”. This is a proprietary foam that effectively serves as a transition layer between the dense base layer and the top comfort layer.

The top of the Puffy features a standard polyester blend cover with a little bit of lycra mixed in to help the fabric stretch. The cover is pretty thin, so air should flow easily through the mattress to help keep you cool.

Right underneath the cover is 2” of what Puffy calls its “Cooling Cloud Foam,” which is essentially a gel memory foam. This type of foam has gel microbeads mixed into it and tends to do a better job of regulating sleep temperature than other types of memory foam. This top foam layer is super soft and will allow the sleeper to sink into the mattress for some nice pressure relief.

Two inches of poly foam, marketed as “Climate Comfort,” comes next. This foam has a firmer feel to prevent the sleeper from feeling stuck after sinking into the comfort layer. The transition layer also provides cradling support to the body as it moves through the mattress down to the firm base below.

The bottom base is 6” of HD polyfoam, a super common support material found in most bed-in-a-box beds. This will provide overall strong and sturdy support for the mattress.

Our sleep testers were highly impressed by the Puffy’s outstanding pressure relief. Few experienced any pressure points, and they appreciated that the memory foam comfort layer allowed for deep, body-hugging support. This was particularly true for our side sleepers, who found that the mattress conformed to their curves for good spinal alignment and minimal next-day stiffness.

However, it’s important to note, the statements above are in reference to petite and medium sized individuals. People who weigh over 250 pounds are a different story.

Why we like it :

  • People who want a soft foam feel
  • Side, back, stomach and combo sleepers
  • Petite and medium sized individuals
  • Consumers seeking purchase protection (lifetime warranty)
  • Clean freaks (stain resistant and washable cover)

Why we hate it :

  • Heavier individuals (250+ pounds)
  • Folks who prefer innerspring/coil beds
  • People with a budget of $850 or less (queen size)

Visit here for more info

If you are suffering from lower back pain and finding the best mattress for comfortable sleep then the Saatva mattress is best for you. Because it is made of high-quality memory foam, it helps to align your lower back properly along with added comfort.

2. Nectar – Best rated overall

Nectar – Best rated overall


  • Certified by CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX ®
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 365-Nights trial duration
  • Temperature regulation
  • Tencel fabric

Nectar mattress is prepared with different layers of foam and each layer is equipped with a specific technique that helps to give you a good sleep. Its deep layers give excellent support for all type of sleepers including side, back or stomach sleepers.

The construction of this mattress involves gel-infused memory form that regulates temperature and keeps your body cool during sleep. In addition to that, it also prevents the development of dust mites and offers excellent support.

The top layer of this mattress is quilted memory foam that circulates the airflow and the Tencel fabric provides moisture and controls the unwanted heat of your body. The supportive firm mattresses also contour your body perfectly.

Why We like It:

  • It works with all bed frames including the traditional frames, adjustable base and/or floor, etc.
  • The TENCEL cooling cover circulate air and keep the heat away
  • Quilted Gel memory foam perfectly contours your body and regulates temperature

Why we hate it :

  • Some of you might consider it to be firmer than others
  • it has a slight issue of off-gassing

Visit here for more info

The 11-inch thick Nectar mattress considered the best option for you because it enables you to sleep cool and comfortable. As its construction includes gel memory foam, edge support system, breathable base layer, and TENCEL cooling cover, Nectar mattress is the best temperature regulating options at your disposal.

Learn more about Nectar if you want to see the details before purchasing.

3. Casper – Best for Money

Casper Zoned support different layers memory foam mattress Features

  • Zoned support
  • Certified by CertiPUR-US
  • 10-year warranty
  • 100-Nights trial available
  • Four different layers
  • Provides better alignment and comfort

Casper mattress is the most versatile option that you can find on the market because it is suitable for all types of a sleeper either preferring to sleep on their sides, stomach, back, or in combination positions. It assists in aligning your shoulder and hips for maximum comfort.

This mattress has four different layers to provide you with comfort, support, breathability, and spinal alignment. Its thickness is approximately ten inches and the first layer is 1.5 inches thick that enables you to sleep cool. The second layer is made of memory foam and relieves pressure. The transition layer is the third layer that is five inches thick. The fourth layer which is the base layer adds durability in this mattress.

Casper mattress is supremely comfortable and provides you a zoned support that helps in aligning your shoulder and hips. It provides a softer feel in your shoulders for pressure relief and firmer foam under core works on hips for perfect spinal alignment. Available in six different sizes including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King

Why we like it :

  • It is suitable for side and combination sleepers
  • Excellent customer service and after sale services
  • It provides excellent edge support

Why we hate it :

  • It is one of the expensive options available
  • It is extremely soft and not ideal for back or stomach sleepers

Visit here for more info

If you love to sleep in different positions then this mattress is best for you. It is designed for side and combination sleepers and has soft firmness. It provides a deep comfort to your shoulder and hip as well to relieve pressure.

Learn more about Casper and its overall pros and cons here.

4. DreamCloud – Best affordable option

Casper Zoned support different layers memory foam mattress Features

  • Excellent edge support
  • Certified by CertiPUR-US
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 365-night trial period
  • Excellent durable
  • For combination sleepers

The DreamCloud mattress is luxurious and gives your bedroom an appearance of a luxury resort. The fifteen-inch mattress has eight unique layers and every layer is scientifically tested for your deeper comfort sleep.

By using this mattress, you are able to change your sleeping position comfortably. Because it has an excellent property of pressure relief as well as provides the best support to your backbone, neck, and shoulders in every kind of sleeping position like side, back and stomach.

The DreamCloud mattress equips your bedroom with luxury and it also provides you with excellent edge support. The fifteen-inch height of this mattress has eight different layers. You also get the option of choosing between an innerspring or a foam option with five different comfort zone features.

Why we like it :

  • You can enjoy comfort with elegance
  • It is available in different sizes including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King
  • The top layer is coved with Cashmere Blend Fabric for a soothing comfort
  • It has a combination of eight-layers for excellent edge support
  • It is ideal for all types of sleepers

Why we hate it :

  • It is more costly as compared to other options
  • It is not suitable for those who prefer firm mattresses

Visit here for more info

If you are planning to give your bedroom a luxurious look like a resort then DreamCloud mattress is an excellent option for you. By using this, you can also enjoy a deep sleep and add looks to your bedroom.

5. Brooklyn Aurora – Best for Sleeping Cool

Brooklyn bedding edge support Aurora mattress Features

  • Best cooling mattress
  • 120-nights trial period
  • Certified by CertiPUR-US
  • 10-year warranty
  • Cool to touch
  • Superb edge support

Brooklyn Aurora mattress has a combination of Gel memory foam, Plush/Ultra TitanFlex Foam, and Pocket Coils, which provides excellent pressure relief. The hybrid’s combinations make it popular because every type of sleeper can enjoy a comfortable sleep on it.

The Aurora mattress cover is a mixture of Polyester and Rayon. It is also equipped with temperature regulation capabilities that help to regulate the temperature of the bed while you are on it. This thin cover is actually cool to feel when touched

If you have planned to share your bed with anyone, then edge support is the best trait of this mattress. Even lying on the edge of the Aurora mattress will provide your body with support and your back remains aligned.

Why we like it :

  • 3 different firmness levels are available including Soft, Medium and Firm
  • It is suitable for back and front sleepers
  • It features a combination of Gel memory foam, Plush/Ultra TitanFlex Foam, and Pocket Coils
  • You can control the pressure according to your sleeping position
  • Available in different sizes including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King

Why we hate it :

  • For some of you, the top layer might be too soft
  • Its medium firmness is not comfortable for side sleepers

Visit here for more info

If you prefer to sleep on your back or stomach and want to release stress on your hips and shoulder then Brooklyn Aurora mattress is the best choice for you because it supports your hip and shoulder even on the edges.

6. Zenhaven – Best for Latex lovers

Zenhaven breathability eco friendly mattress Features

  • Eco-friendly
  • Two-sided mattress
  • Certified by OEKO-TEX
  • 120-Days trial period
  • 20-year warranty
  • Cool and highly breathable

Zenhaven has natural latex that improves breathability and is eco-friendly. It provides you incomparable comfort and offers exceptional durability. It is also hypoallergenic and resists microbes and mold along with dust mites.

Zenhaven provides you with cool and comfortable sleep because the latex used in its construction has an open-cell structure. It allows air to circulate which counters body heat. This mattress is seven times better than another type of latex mattress offered by different brands.

Advanced 2-in-1 innovation enables you to use this mattress from both sides just by flipping. You can enjoy two different comfort levels in one mattress because it has two different firmness levels on each side as well.

Why we like it :

  • The mattress offers you pure comfort
  • It comes with outstanding durability
  • The mattress is made using top quality innovation
  • It has a combination of 5 different organic wool layers
  • It enables you to turn and flip whenever you need it

Why we hate it :

  • It is difficult to move the mattress
  • It is more expensive than other options

Visit here for more info

Zenhaven’s Talalay latex mattress is best for you because it is equipped with 5-zone comfort level feature and it offers excellent health benefits as well. It is made of organic compounds and is free of any harmful substances.

Want to know more before purchasing? See our review of Zen haven where we mention everything that you need to know about this model.

7. Layla – Best for Memory foam lovers

Layla flipped firmness memory foam mattress Features

  • Feel like memory foam
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Certified by CertiPUR-US
  • 120-Nights trial period
  • Flipped firmness
  • Cleaner, cooler and supportive copper

Layla is the latest memory foam mattress with copper-infused foam that is prepared with Therma Gel. Copper is very helpful while catering inflammatory diseases like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and it improves the blood flow.

The Layla mattress is infused with copper and has flip-able firmness. It has dual-sides, one side is soft, and the other one is firm. The cover of this mattress is a layer with Thermo- Gel that gives a cooling sensation.

The copper cells in the Layla mattress sucks body heat and keep you cool during your sleep. It also provides you with variable support for all type of sleeping positions. However, it is more suitable for a side sleeper and has a powerful antimicrobial ability too.

Why we like it :

  • It comes with antimicrobial properties
  • It offers a combination of soft and firm feeling at both sides
  • It is made of reliable and durable quality materials
  • It is available in numerous sizes including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King
  • The mattress is equipped with copper that is more cooler and supportive
  • It has Thermo-gel that provides a cooling sensation

Why we hate it :

  • The firm side is not really firm
  • Its body pressure control is quite low

Visit here for more info

If you are confused between the soft and firm mattress, then Layla mattress is an excellent option for you. It has dual sides: one is soft and the other is firm. You can flip the mattress according to your need and enjoy a comfortable sleep without feeling hot.

Interested in this Layla Mattress? Check out the full review that we made here.

8. Nolah

Nolah therapeutic capabilities back support mattress Features

  • 15-year warranty
  • Eco-friendly
  • 120-Nights trial period
  • Certified by CertiPUR-US
  • Medium-firm for all sleepers
  • Therapeutic capabilities

The 10-inch Nolah mattress provides a mix of pressure relief, cooling comfort and back support. This mattress provides excellent support to your hip, shoulder, and back area as compared to other latex and memory foam.

If you are a combination sleeper then Nolah mattress improves the pressure relief on your shoulders and hips. You feel a comfortable sleeping experience on a medium-firm supportive foundation with soft top cushioning.

No mattress is better than Nolah when it comes to therapeutic capabilities because most of the medical professionals recommend it to their patients.  Also, It provides precise spinal alignment and supports to your hips and shoulders.

Why we like it :

  • It comes with therapeutic traits and is recommended by medical professionals
  • It is more durable than latex due to its high-resilience foam
  • You can also go for an adjustable base
  • It is equipped with pressure relief and optimal cooling features

Why we hate it :

  • With the passage of time its cooling trait deteriorates
  • It is not supportive for side sleepers

Visit here for more info

The Nolah mattress is best for you because with its three layers it keeps you cool, offers you support and offers high durability. You won’t sleep hot and will also get appropriate spinal alignment with this mattress.

9. WinkBeds Plus – Best for heavyweight sleepers

WinkBeds Plus – Best for heavyweight sleepers Features

  • Certified by CertiPUR-US
  • 101-Nights trial period
  • 10-years warranty
  • Customized firmness option
  • Customized base foam
  • Luxury Hybrid

WinkBeds Plus is one of the most popular mattresses that are specially designed for heavyweight people. They offer plenty of other customized options for your sleep requirements as well. You can choose the firmness level as well as select the base option according to your needs.

This specific mattress is available in different firmness options with which you can customize your mattress to get a bespoke comfort. Most popular firmness options are Soft (for side-sleeper), Luxury Firm (Back/Stomach sleeper) and Firm (support lumbar area).

WinkBeds is a luxury hybrid mattress because is made using premium sleep TENCEL Technology which helps to cool your body temperature and enables you to enjoy sweaty-free sleep.

Why we like it :

  • You can customize the firmness level according to your needs
  • Multiple base options are available
  • The top layer is covered with botanical-based fabric
  • The mattress is comfortable and breathable
  • It offers high durability and longevity
  • It is excellent for bulky people

Why we hate it :

  • It doesn’t support lower back properly after a short while
  • It might be too firm for some sleepers

Visit here for more info

If you are heavyweight and want a comfortable sleep then the 14.5-inch thick WinkBeds mattress is best for you. It is specifically designed for heavier peoples whether they love to sleep on their sides, stomach, or back.


10. Helix – Best for Couples

Helix Dynamic foam customizable mattress Features

  • Certified by CertiPUR-US
  • 100-Nights trial period
  • 10-year warranty
  • Customizable mattress
  • More strong and sturdy
  • Excellent for couples

Helix mattress is a personalized or custom-built mattress that gives you a remarkable comfort. This mattress is ideal because it is varying in its density and layers according to your preferences and specific sleep needs. It is equipped with temperature regulation, point elasticity, and best support to your body.

Helix mattress is a hybrid mattress that you can customize according to your needs. It is made of three types of materials including Helix Dynamic foam gives you comfortable sleep, Pocketed Micro-coils optimize pressure relief or improve airflow and High-Grade Polyfoam that vary in density and give high-quality mattress.

Helix mattress offers two distinct options like blended along with dual comfort mattress on each side, which makes it an ideal option for couples. The specific layers work like airflow that keeps the bed cool and controls your body temperature.

Why we like it :

  • You can customized mattress as you want
  • It features a combination of Helix Dynamic foam, Pocketed Micro-coils and High-Grade Polyfoam
  • It is a perfect solution for couples
  • It is very easy to setup

Why we hate it :

  • It is not an ideal option for side sleepers

Visit here for more info

If you are going to share, your mattress with your partner then Helix mattress is an excellent choice. You are able to customize its layer and density according to your needs and preferences.

Our System of rating mattresses

We have considered various factors that have a significant role to play when it comes to purchasing a mattress. And these are:

Customer Reviews

To produce this informative article we have gone through over 2000+ reviews so that we can provide you with the exact information on how the users feel about the brand they have bought. These reviews have helped us to develop the most relevant information about each brand and rate them accordingly.

Value for Money

Most of the people wrongly assume that high value means high price. You can purchase a $500 mattress and get the comfort and support similar to a mattress that costs over $1000. It is just about the fact that how you perceive value.

In most cases, mattress manufacturers spent plenty of money on advertising and marketing their products. This tends to raise the overall cost of the mattress despite its low manufacturing cost. We have only rated each of the above mattresses according to what features does it come with, how it will cater your needs and preferences, and how it will justify the value.

Layers & Material Quality

Most of the high-end mattresses come with premium quality materials and more number of layers as compared to low-end mattresses. Furthermore, the high-end mattresses are also equipped with cooling or transitional layers for improved motion isolation and heat distribution. The traditional methods of producing memory foams, latex, and innerspring are entirely different from new methodologies. Innovative methods have enabled manufacturers to produce high-quality products that are different from traditional items. We have included various types of mattresses made of different materials and the decision of choosing how much to invest to get a good night’s sleep is entirely up to you.

Feel & Comfort Level

Another subjective factor that plays an important role in the comfort level because it varies from person to person. Some people prefer to sleep on memory foam while others may prefer innerspring to latex. It truly relies on what are your preferences. If you prefer sleeping cool but want that nice hugging to feel as well then you should go for latex foam. When you prioritize motion isolation then memory foam is better than the rest. If you want, proper alignment then innerspring is the best option.

Hours spent and brands scrutinized in this research

We have spent over 40 hours and have scrutinized more than 50+ brands and the customer reviews associated with them. It has helped to develop authentic information about each brand and what value do their products have to offer to the users.

Guide to Choosing the Best Mattress for You

Can't Get a Good Night's Sleep?

If you are not getting enough sleep means that you have some kind of sleep disorder. If you have trouble falling asleep and getting up on time in the day then you might have a sleep disorder. It can cause plenty of distress and problems with proper functioning during the daytime. Sleep disorders can not only cause mental issues but can also influence your current emotional health.

  • Memory – According to a study, not getting enough sleep can adversely affect your memory because your ability to retain information in your brain lowers with the passage of time.
  • Creativity – As you are not able t retain information if you don’t get enough sleep, your brain’s tendency to think outside the box also gets disturbed. According to research, your brain stops processing information at different levels and hence it loses it's problem-solving
  • Awareness – if you are feeling that with the passage of time you are becoming less aware of your surroundings then you can blame your mattresses for this because you are not getting good enough sleep. You won’t be able to multitask due to this cloudy feeling. Studies have provided that an individual’s cognitive abilities rely heavily on a night of quality sleep.
  • Depression – poor sleep can influence your mental and emotional state. As discussed above, insomnia can increase depression which further contributes towards lack of sleep. A link between depression and sleep cannot be diagnosed but it certainly exists.
  • Overweight – If you are not getting enough sleep it will increase your body weight and can lead you to obesity. During your sleep, you burn some calories but you don’t lose your weight that much. What happens is that your metabolism increases with good quality sleep and if you don’t sleep well then your metabolism also slows down.
  • Blood pressure – Interrupting different sleep cycles can have a negative impact on blood pressure which can lead to potential heart conditions. The human body also releases different hormones during sleep which reduces stress level. If you are not getting enough sleep, your stress level will increase which might lead to high blood pressure and various heart conditions.

Many of you think that why I should give serious thought to a mere mattress; you can sleep on anything. But this is where you have to think straight. Many people have sleep disorders and they even don’t know about it. 10% to 20% Americans complaint about various sleeping problems and approximately one-third of the adults have issues such as insomnia.

In most cases, many people just don’t get enough sleep. About 30% of American adults get less than six hours of sleep. Similarly, less than 30% of teenagers get eight hours of sleep on their school days.

Approximately 35% of the Americans state that their sleep quality is ‘fair’ or ‘poor’. Most alarming of all is that over 50 million American people are suffering from chronic sleep disorders.

Now, your bedroom environment has plenty to do when it comes to sleep quality. You need to have a dark room with absolutely no noise and your bed needs to be extremely comfortable. According to the below info-graphic only 47% people reported that their sleeping environment is very quiet and only 36% people said that their sleeping room is very dark while only 57% said that they sleep on a comfortable surface.

Now the issue is when you don’t sleep well due light or noise that can cause issues with your mental or emotional health but not sleeping on a comfortable surface causes physical pain as well such as back or neck aches. Therefore, you need to seriously consider your buying decision regarding a mattress that meets all your needs.

Options based on your sleeping positions

There are various choices available at your disposal when we talk about mattresses designed to cater to different sleeping positions.

  • Stomach sleepers – Many people like to sleep on their stomach but it is not a healthy sleeping position as well. If you sleep on your stomach then you need proper support and require a firm mattress because the plushier options will make your spine curve, which can initiate pain.
  • Back sleepers – Approximately 15% of the Americans sleep on their backs and is considered to be one of the healthiest sleeping positions. Medium level firmness is the best options here because a softer feel will result in more hugging which can cause pain.
  • Side sleepers – Side sleeping is probably the most common and it is considered to be the healthiest position. You won’t have snoring or heating problem but will experience hip or shoulder pain due to increased pressure. Therefore, a softer feel is recommended for this position.
  • Combination sleepers – If you don’t have a preferred sleeping position and can twist or turn around during your sleep then a medium-firm is the best option because it will offer you a combination of support accommodation and pressure-relieving comfort.

Your particular needs and requirements

Your particular needs and requirements

  • Cooling features – If we are spending a long time in our beds like in the case of sleeping then it must provide that cooling feel. You don’t want to get up all sticky and sweaty in the morning.
  • Sex – In the case of enjoying those intimate moments we prefer more bounce.
  • Heavy or light people – Heavy or light people have different requirements due to their body weight.
  • Couples – Couples have varying needs. Here motion isolation becomes a top
  • Adjustability – Adjustability is a good feature if you enjoy your time in bed while relaxing apart from sleeping. People use their beds for reading books or watching TV as well. Your body needs to maintain proper posture while sleeping as well as during sitting.

Recommendations for specific medical conditions

There are various medical conditions that can lead you to choose different mattress models.

  • Back painIf you have back pain then you will need a mattress that offers excellent support.
  • Hip pain If you are experiencing hip pain then you need a softer mattress that offers conformance and contouring. Here, hybrids are more preferable than any other model.
  • Neck pain – Saggy mattress or pillow is the culprit here. In this situation your body needs a proper spinal alignment, therefore; you must look for mattresses that offer excellent support.
  • Snoring – Snoring can lead to serious conditions therefore, you can avoid it by slightly elevating your pillow but it will also disturb your neck and spinal alignment. Therefore, an adjustable mattress is a good option to consider here.
  • Arthritis – In the case of arthritis you need coiled or high-end mattresses to provide you with that medium-firm feel.
  • Fibromyalgia This disease can cause extreme pain, tiredness, and Some other symptoms also include restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea. In this situation, you will need proper support that a foam mattress provides.
  • Sleep apnea It is caused because your body is not experiencing proper airflow. It can lead to high blood pressures and heart attack as well. You will need appropriate support through the adjustable mattress in case of this situation.
  • Insomnia – Insomnia is caused by uncomfortable pressure points due to improper blood circulation. In addition to that, sleeping on a hot mattress can also lead to insomnia. Therefore, you need temperature regulation along with pressure points release features in your mattress.
  • Asthma and allergies – Old mattresses have a significant role in triggering allergies because they have dust mites that feed on your dead skin and body oils. These dust mites also cause asthma and stuffy nose. The foams that are made of hypoallergenic and environment-friendly materials should be preferred in this scenario.

And if you still want to learn more, go to our full review here.


We underestimate the importance of sleep in our daily routine and get carried away with our busy work schedule. However, our body does need rest and it needs to feel comfortable during the resting time as well.

When you need to feel rejuvenated, healthy and active in your daily routine then investing in a good quality mattress that caters all your needs can be very productive. If you go out to buy a mattress, you might get bombarded by different models available.

We are more than happy to hear from you for any queries or suggestions for us. Just leave your comment in the section given below and we will get back to you in a jiffy.

Enjoy the sleep that you deserve!

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