Is 200 Mbps Good for Gaming? Speed Up!

Video game players need fast internet speeds to ensure seamless gaming, livestreaming and VoIP. That's why if you're looking for a suitable internet connection, you'll consider how much broadband your network provider is giving you.

Is it 100, 200 or more? And is 200 Mbps good for gaming? Or the game will stall? In this guide, we'll answer all your questions and help you understand whether you need 200Mbps or more for gaming.

When it comes to online gaming, internet speeds play a crucial role in beating latency and lags. Slow internet connections can turn a fun game into something frustrating. You'll have to deal with frustrating stuttering, glitches and freezes that will make you lose a game.

Therefore, you'll need the fastest possible stable internet connection when gaming. This will ensure good quality online gaming and optimal game performance.

Given how an internet connection can make a difference while gaming, is 200 Mbps good for gaming? In this article, we will look at whether 200Mbps is good for gaming or not.

What is Mbps?

Mbps stands for megabits per second which can be translated into a million bits per second. This is the measure of internet bandwidth which is basically the download rate of your internet connection. Technically, 1Mbps=128kbps.

Introduction Mbps

Therefore Mbps measures how fast you can connect to the internet and load the game. Internet providers measure your internet speed on a scale of 1 to 1000 Mbps for most residential connections. You'll have to find the right internet speed based on your internet activities.

The impact of Mbps on the game

The impact of Mbps on the game

When it comes to network connectivity, the game mainly looks at two numbers, FPS and Ping. FPS refers to the number of frames in the game, which is basically determined by the computer's hardware. It determines how smooth the game runs on your computer or console.

On the other hand, Ping Rate is the delay of the game. You'll have a great gaming experience when the ping So, what’s the impact of Mbps on gaming? When you have more Mbps, you have a faster internet connection which makes it easier for games to download their files and upload user data.

A 200 Mbps network speed is theoretically not too low for pings, but if the network fluctuates when more people are using it, it can cause ping to rise. When ping rises, you'll have a hard time competing against players with lower ping rates.

Is 200 Mbps good for gaming?

200 Mbps good for gaming

A 200 Mbps is definitely good for online gaming. Games need both high download and upload speeds. Therefore, high Mbps ensures that this is achieved, improving your gaming experience. Some online games, such as LOL, generate very little traffic during the game, perhaps 40MB to 60MB per round.

Using an internet connection of 200Mbps will be fine but you'll need a stable connection. However, webpage games need to load a larger number of maps and might need to use the network speed to download resources. Therefore, a 200Mbps connection is not ideal for high-end AAA gaming.

Internet speed test

Internet speed test

You can check your internet speeds on to ensure that it matches what your provider offers. By visiting the website, you'll get a full analysis of your internet connection. This website also has different apps and software compatible with the most popular operating systems.

This makes it easy to check your internet speeds and network stability on any device. You can use it when gaming to determine whether your internet connection is good for gaming.

How do I get faster internet speed?

Get faster internet speed

Various factors influence how fast and slow your internet is. After checking your internet speed, you can improve your internet connection. Slow internet will make your gameplay laggy and slow.

Therefore, if you feel that you do not have enough internet speed, there are ways you can speed it up. Here are a few ways you can get faster internet speeds to improve your gaming experience:

1. Use Ethernet connectivity

Use Ethernet connectivity

If you are playing games on your computer using a Wi-Fi network, it is recommended that you use an ethernet cable to connect directly to your computer. This is because when using a Wi-Fi connection, you could still experience lagging gameplay even when you have the right internet speeds from your router.

Therefore, using a hardwired ethernet connection helps eliminate the problems of walls and other obstacles, ensuring a stable and stronger signal. Using ethernet also helps disconnect other devices that could bring connection issues.

Connecting your computer or console to the internet using an ethernet cable not only increases the download and upload speeds but also ensures smooth gaming by removing connectivity obstacles.

2. Switch to a faster router

Switch to a faster router

A router that is years old cannot handle fast data transfers. Therefore, as technology changes, you should ensure that you adopt it. If you've upgraded your network, you should also ensure that you replace your router to get high-speed gaming.

200 Mbps theoretically requires a gigabit router for you to realize a boost in the gaming network speeds. Therefore, you should replace your old router with a faster and more modern type router to support higher internet speeds.

3. Reduce Latency by modifying DNS

Reduce Latency by modifying DNS

Location is a key factor in reducing latency. Therefore, if you know that the game server you are playing is in a certain region, then modifying your computer's DNS to that region will give you slightly faster speeds.

DNS is the Domain network service that allows you to connect to the internet using domain names rather than IP addresses. You'll experience lags if you're in a location far from the game's server.

Therefore, adjust your DNS settings to match the gaming server location to increase your connection speed.

4. Buy a game accelerator

You can also use game accelerators to stabilize your ping rate. Game accelerators work by connecting you to a server that is nearest to you. This helps bypass blocked and jammed networks and ensures that you have fast and stable internet connections.


So, is 200Mps good for gaming? 200Mbps is a good internet speed that definitely fits gaming. You'll experience a smooth gaming experience, especially with a low ping rate or latency. If you have more people and devices in your household, the more bandwidth you get, the better.

If you still find your internet connection slow, you can test it out and contact your provider. Alternatively, you can get a new router to utilize your fast internet speed fully.

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