GOAT vs. StockX – Which Is Best For Buying Sneakers?! (Comparison 2024)

 Do you often use GOAT and StockX for trading shoes and wish to know which is better? This article provides you with a detailed comparison of both platforms to let you know which has the edge over the other.

This article is going to look at a comprehensive comparison of both GOAT and StockX, two heavyweight online reselling platforms where you can buy and sell sneakers and other clothing and valuable items.

While there are many online reselling platforms like GOAT and StockX, I can tell you that not so many have authenticity and originality like these two. So, if you want to learn which one of these two has the edge over the other, keep reading.

What is GOAT?

What is GOAT

GOAT is an online marketplace for secondhand sneakers where buyers and sellers are protected against fraud and missing packages.

Because the site accepts both deadstock (brand-new) and used footwear, those who missed out on a pair the first time around can have a second chance to buy them on the resale market.

The GOAT is a highly sought-after marketplace for buying and selling shoes of all varieties, from the most recent arrivals to collectible vintage items.

What is StockX?

What is StockX

Just like GOAT, StockX is a platform where you can buy and sell sneakers, clothing, handbags, and other fashion items. In today’s modern world, authentic shoes, watches, streetwear, and other products can be bought and sold in a safe and hassle-free way.

All products are authenticated by StockX trained team. With this advanced system, you can be certain that everything is on board. Check out StockX – Buy and Sell Products if you want user-friendly stock market software. It’s the safest of its type, and it helps both business owners and customers.

Authentication Service Provision: GOAT vs. StockX

Every pair of shoes listed for sale on either marketplace is guaranteed to be genuine. Sneakerheads who are hesitant about purchasing fake or unofficial shoes might gain confidence by using this service. The buyers benefit more from this verification service than the vendors.

Do remember that none of these two systems is foolproof. In several videos uploaded to YouTube, users criticize these services for their shortcomings. Because of this, establishing a presence where clients can make direct purchases from you is crucial.

Advantages of Selling on GOAT

1. GOAT Permits the Selling of Used Sneakers

Used Sneakers

If you want to get into shoe resale, I think the easiest way to do it is by selling secondhand sneakers. It’s a lot less difficult to begin going than it is to attempt to get your hands on the latest and greatest buzz releases.

Please don’t misunderstand me; I’m not saying that you can’t make money off of selling trendy footwear. When selling worn shoes, though, you won’t have to worry as much about the resale value or the competition.

2. GOAT Allows Merchants Extra Shipping Time

If you’re a reseller, you know how hectic things can become. And if you’re in the business of flipping shoes for extra cash, this is particularly true. As a full-time worker, I resale shoes, and weekends around hype drop periods are particularly busy.

Time must be made for finding things to resale, cleaning worn footwear, and locating customers. After a transaction is made on GOAT, you have three business days to send out the items. Contrast this with StockX, which only affords you two days to make a decision (not business days).

You have till the following Sunday to get your footwear to StockX if you make a sale on Friday. Moreover, UPS is the only carrier authorized to transport the footwear. Unfortunately, UPS has restricted weekend hours, so this is not ideal. Therefore, you are only afforded a certain amount of time.

3. With GOAT, you can Have Your Sneakers Consigned

Sneakers Consigned

As an added bonus, you can have GOAT consign your shoes once they have been stored there. FlightClub and GOAT are, if you didn’t already know, two different names but the same firm. This implies that one of the most well-known sneaker shops in the world, GOAT, would gladly take your shoes on consignment.

4. You can get Faster Shipping on GOAT

A sneakerhead’s main concern is getting their hands on a pair of shoes as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get hype shoes anywhere around me. So they have to hold off until sneaker marketplaces such as StockX and GOAT ship their orders.

Each service now advertises a delivery window of 6-10 days. Nonetheless, GOAT offers an “Instant Ship” service. Once a consumer places an order, GOAT will ship the shoes from their warehouse straight to their door. Typically, shipping takes between three and five business days. Many sneaker fans would rather pay a little more to have their footwear sent to them more quickly.

5. With GOAT, you can Have Your Inventory Stored

Inventory Stored

The “GOAT Storage” service is provided by GOAT. Distributors can ship their stock to this facility, where GOAT will store it until it is purchased. There will be more room for other items in your store, and consumers will get their shoes quicker.

One should wait to adopt this strategy until they have sufficient stock and sales to justify it. You don’t want GOAT to be the only place where your shoes are sold. The objective is to establish your own identity and brand so that you can engage in direct commerce using your site.

6. GOAT Provides Cheap Sales Fee

One of your goals as a reseller should be to minimize expenses whenever feasible. Sustainably raising your profit margin requires this. GOAT’s selling fees are lower than those of StockX. Even while it’s lower than StockX’s twelve percent, at roughly nine percent, it’s still rather high.

7. GOAT is a Seller’s Market

You can make a killing on the resale of worn sneakers. Several factors contribute to this result. The fact that sellers can determine the market price is a contributing factor. In contrast, sites like StockX allow individual buyers and sellers to choose the secondary market price.

Another factor is the scarcity of near-mint condition footwear options. The reason for this is that the average person will wear a pair of sneakers until they are completely worn out. Then there are the collectors who only sell their grails after spending a fortune on them. Lastly, some people love sneakers and want to save money by purchasing a previously used one rather than a brand-new pair. This opens up a lot of doors for you.

8. Used-Shoes Vendors Face Less Rivalry on The Market

Used-Shoes Vendors

Additionally, the market for pre-owned shoes is far less saturated. Many sneaker wholesalers have other sources of revenue to supplement their shoe sales. The majority of people who resale hype sneakers are teens and young adults. However, reselling worn shoes is the way to go if you want to make a living from sneaker reselling.

Disadvantages of Selling on GOAT

1. GOAT’s Seller Account Creation Process Is More Time-Consuming

The process of creating a seller account on StockX is quick and painless. You can sign up in no time at all by providing your contact and payment information by email or, even quicker, via Facebook. From there, you won’t need anything else.

In contrast, all that’s needed to join GOAT is an application. After that, your application will be examined. There is a three-day minimum and a three-week maximum for this evaluation procedure.

2. GOAT Demands Perfect Product Photos

GOAT Demands Perfect Product Photos

One of the best features of StockX is the ease with which one can list shoes for sale on the website. Adding images or detailed descriptions to your listings is optional. It just takes a few clicks to publish your work.

It’s not like that with GOAT, however. Both pre-owned and new-with-tags shoes have stringent requirements for the quality of the accompanying product photos. Yes, I see your point of view. A more thorough examination of the goods is provided, allowing the customer to make a well-informed purchase choice.

The strictness of this criterion, though, is the most vexing aspect of it. I can’t even count how many times I’ve had to redo a photo shoot. Even though I was using a professional camera and lighting setup, my photographs were getting rejected.

GOAT vs. StockX: When to Sell

In comparison to StockX, I find that GOAT offers much more customization choices. When the market for brand-new shoes is already oversaturated on StockX, for instance, I would advise listing them for sale on GOAT. With fewer costs to worry about, you can usually list for less.

But as a new reseller, your main source of income will come from selling secondhand shoes on GOAT. If you’re looking for pre-owned, guaranteed-to-be genuine shoes, here is the only place to look.

Advantages of Selling on StockX

1. StockX Offers Valuable Information Regarding Sales Patterns and Analytics

StockX Offers Valuable Information Regarding Sales Patterns and Analytics

StockX’s success stems from its novel concept of providing a trading platform that is analogous to the Stock Exchange. StockX is not only a superb reselling platform but also a useful tool, thanks to the company’s provision of sales analytics.

Those resources can be used for offline or online sales as well. Many sneaker dealers and collectors consult StockX before making in-person sales or conducting online negotiations. Whether you agree or disagree with StockX, it serves as a standard by which other exchanges are measured.

2. StockX Provides Increased Transaction Value (More Sales)

StockX’s internet sales have increased by more than GOAT’s have during the last year. Consequently, StockX provides access to a considerably larger pool of possible purchasers. You can swiftly and easily dispose of stock using this method.

3. There is Bulk Shipping on StockX

Bulk Shipping on StockX

As I said before, both marketplaces provide free delivery to vendors. StockX surpasses this by a mile because of its bulk shipping options. If you need some room to sell a lot of merchandise, this is a fantastic option. You won’t have to make as many trips back and forth daily to the post office to drop off packages.

Disadvantages of Selling on StockX

1. With StockX, Expect to Face Many Competitions

With StockX, Expect to Face Many Competitions

One advantage of using StockX to market your wares is the increased accessibility to potential buyers. Nonetheless, more sales mean greater competition from other retailers. That’s why when competition is intense, everyone’s bottom line takes a hit.

On average, resale prices will begin to drop gradually or suddenly after two days have passed after the debut of a hyped-up product. While this is irritating, the market is free to do whatever it wants. That’s what to expect in an open market.

2. StockX Has a History of Multiple Hackings on the Platform

StockX hackers

A possible drawback of selling on StockX is the danger that your personal and financial details might be stolen by hackers. According to TechCrunch’s 2019 research, in a recent breach, StockX users' personal information was made public. Many customers have reported being billed for shoes they did not purchase. Because your account already has your payment details, this is the case.

According to reports, StockX has already begun working on a solution. At the time of this writing, though, I am still hearing tales of hacking incidents. Two-factor authentication was just implemented, which is a huge step toward making their system hack-proof. Only time will tell whether they were able to find a solution.

I suggest opening a separate checking or credit card account for StockX. You should replenish it on a regular basis, but avoid putting money from your paycheck into it. In case of a hack, the amount stolen will be substantial.

StockX vs. GOAT: When to Sell

I have talked about what you stand to gain as well as the drawback of selling on StockX, so you should be able to make an informed decision on whether to sell on the platform. If you want to make some fast cash on StockX, now is a good moment to sell, but if you’re ready to wait for the price to rise more, later is a better time to buy. Once in a while, you could get your hands on a hot pair of sneakers that will fly off the shelves and earn you a decent income.

GOAT vs. StockX: Which is Better?

If you’re in the market for selling shoes online, you can see that GOAT offers a lot more than the competition. When compared to StockX, GOAT offers better overall terms for sellers, including fewer buyers, shorter shipment times, and fewer fees for sellers.


Q: Which is trustworthy, GOAT or StockX?

Both GOAT and StockX are legit platforms to get quality sneakers. They are trustworthy and verified.

Q: Can I get authentic shoes from GOAT?

Yes, you can. GOAT only offers high-quality and genuine items, which it sources from the finest boutiques and stores throughout the globe and passes on to our carefully curated network of resellers. It uses many methods, including digital identification, an in-person inspection, and machine learning technologies, to ensure the quality of its resold goods.

Q: Is StockX cheap?

Twenty-five percent of StockX listings are discounted from their MSRP. This often occurs during periods of oversupply in retail, when shoppers can find what they need on StockX without having to wait for the price to drop.


Finally, we have been able to look at the detailed comparison of both GOAT and StockX in terms of the advantages and disadvantages of both platforms. From this comparison, I will say that GOAT has the edge over StockX because of the multiple benefits it offers sellers.

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