How Long does StockX Take to Ship [2023 Guide]

Do you want to use StockX for your sneakers and fashion items trading and wish to know how long it takes StockX to ship? This article will show you the maximum time it takes for StockX to ship ordered items.

When looking to buy genuine, name-brand products online, StockX is an excellent option. StockX is one of a kind since it offers facilities where products can be checked for authenticity before being sent out to buyers. Following these steps will let you know for sure that the goods you get are authentic.

Shipping times on StockX may be lengthier than on sites like Amazon due to the number of vendors and the complexity of the marketplace’s logistics. In this article, I’ll walk you through StockX’s shipping policies and timeline so you know exactly when to anticipate your packages.

StockX Shipment: How Long does it take for StockX to Ship an Order?

StockX aims to fulfill all orders placed with the firm within two days. Typically, they take anything from six to 10 days of business time. Please keep in mind that weekends and holidays are not included in this calculation. Nevertheless, the vast majority of StockX orders are fulfilled without delay. The seller’s shipping speed is a major factor in the estimated delivery time; therefore, shipping dates might vary widely.

The firm must verify the item’s legitimacy before it will send it. After your item has been checked and verified as legitimate, you will get tracking information through email. You will get a confirmation email with your delivery deadline when you sell anything on StockX.

After the verification process and the completion of the transaction, the message will be sent to you. There will also be a time limit for you to print the label before it expires. When finished, use appropriate packaging and send it through UPS. A minimum of three business days is allotted for the shipment of brand-new shoes and streetwear drops.

At the very least, a week of business hours is allotted for supreme designs. Since Supreme items are so large and heavy, delivering them might be costly. Shoes and other items sold over the weekend or beyond the day of their first release will be sent out the next business day.

StockX Shipping: How StockX Shipping Works

How StockX Shipping Works

Since it is a marketplace, StockX does not sell the products itself. Instead, they’ve established a vast trading community of individuals selling their wares separately but via the same medium. While StockX has certain similarities with online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, it functions somewhat differently.

Products purchased via StockX are not delivered immediately to the customer. Instead, the seller sends the item to a local verification center operated by StockX, where the condition and legitimacy of the goods are checked. When a product reaches a StockX verification hub, the status will change to “Received at StockX for Authentication” in the tracking system. Two business days from now, the item should be validated.

After confirmation, StockX will send it directly to buyers. Including this additional step naturally increases the duration of the procedure. The goods have to be transported twice and then validated, which takes time and money. This procedure, however time-consuming, is essential to preserving the trustworthiness of the StockX marketplace and guaranteeing that buyers are only purchasing genuine goods from vendors. It’s important to keep in mind that StockX’s marketplace is unlike any other; thus, cancellations and refunds are not always permitted.

StockX Shipping Service: What Shipping Service does StockX Use?

DHL, ECMS, T-Force

For shipping, StockX now employs the services of DHL, ECMS, T-Force, SF Express, FedEx, USPS, and UPS. On their site, they state that UPS is their go-to shipping company. StockX can sometimes choose to use another shipping carrier. There are also claims online that if you are located outside of the United States, StockX will most likely ship through DHL. Since DHL operates hubs in almost every major international shipping market, this makes perfect sense. It’s important to remember that you can customize your delivery preferences inside your StockX account.

StockX Shipping Options: How to Manage them

Note that after an order has been placed and processed, the shipping address cannot be altered. StockX allows you to modify some characteristics of your shipment through the courier, improving the shipping experience depending on the carrier. The following delivery choices can be available depending on the chosen carrier.


DHL offers an “On-Demand Delivery” (ODD) service for its customers. Using ODD, packages can be kept for a certain period at any predefined service point. DHL customers can call the company to have their packages held for a certain amount of time before delivery. DHL’s clearance is required for the maximum time frame.



Buyers of StockX from FedEx are given a few options for tailoring their orders. You can choose from ‘Time of Delivery,’ ‘Delivery Date Scheduling,’ ‘Appointment Delivery,’ and other delivery choices.


StockX often utilizes the United States Postal Service for its shipping needs. Users can choose preferred delivery dates and times for USPS packages by clicking the “USPS my choice” button. The app has choices like “Deliver my shipment on another day” and “Estimated delivery time tracking.” Remember that not all Buyers have access to the same choices. Additionally, StockX can’t alter the settings for you.



Expect within two days delivery for deliveries made within the United States. The ECMS Express delivery time for overseas shipments, however, might be anything from five to ten business days.

StockX Authentication: How Long does it take?

StockX Authentication

After an order has been submitted to one of StockX’s verification centers, it typically only takes one to two business days to be authenticated. If your item has not yet been authenticated, you can check its status by looking for the words “Received at StockX for Authentication” in the tracking information. When the authenticity of the item has been confirmed, the tracking information will be updated.

StockX Shipping Cost

The final shipping cost is calculated based on the Buyer’s location, the item’s price, size, and type, as well as the delivery costs established by our carrier partners. The full shipping price will always be shown before a bid is placed or an item is purchased.

How to Ship Items Using StockX

Products sold via StockX must be delivered to StockX’s authenticating center through UPS within two days of the sale’s close. It might look simple to just mail in things for verification after they have been sold. Though, there are several crucial steps to take to make sure nothing goes wrong:

Step 1: The invoice should be placed inside an envelope before you can insert it into the package

Step 2: Shipping requires a sturdy container, so make sure you choose one that is roomy enough.

Step 3: Bubble wrap should be used to protect the merchandise before it is placed in the shipping box.

Step 4: Ensure the shipment box is sealed with tape.

Step 5: The UPS label should be affixed to the box for transport.

Step 6: Verify that the shipping container does not include any of your possessions.

StockX Fast Shipping: Does StockX Have Fast Shipping?

Every effort is made by StockX to get orders sent out between 7 and 12 business days and delivered by the promised date. This is accomplished by selecting the Fast-Shipping option. This is the equivalent of the next-day service; however, it is available only in cases of extreme urgency for the client.


Q: Can someone get scammed using StockX?

StockX ensures the legitimacy of every product listed for sale, so customers seldom fall victim to fraud. If a seller doesn’t deliver within three days, StockX will look for a comparable alternative and mail it out. They promise a complete refund if they are unable to resolve the issue.

Q: Is the 2 days delivery applicable to StockX?

It takes two business days to ship any item, including shoes, that is purchased after their release date or over the weekend. The time it takes to receive a StockX order may vary based on the kind of goods you ordered.

Q: Is a refund allowed on StockX?

Yes. Firstly, StockX will make another attempt at shipping the merchandise at no additional cost if the first shipping attempt fails. A complete refund will be issued at the time of closure if they fail to fulfill their obligations on the second occasion. Within three to five business days, the funds will be available in the original form of payment.


StockX’s somewhat longer shipping times than other online marketplaces are well worth the extra time for the assurance they give. StockX has built its reputation on providing customers with 100 percent original goods. They would be simply another online retailer of shoes, sweatshirts, and other clothing items if not for the additional stages in their delivery procedure. So, I think it’s fair to say that the delay in shipment is worthwhile.

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