GOAT Shipping 101: How Long Does GOAT Take To Ship?

Do you want to use GOAT for your sneakers and fashion items trading and wish to know how long it takes GOAT to ship? This article will show you the maximum time it takes for GOAT to ship ordered items.

GOAT is a globally renowned online supplier of trendy clothing and sporting goods. Its high-quality offerings have made it a go-to for a sizable consumer base. Yet, GOAT is supplied by a number of different entities.

For local deliveries of items ordered from GOAT, you won’t have to wait too much longer than usual. You may be curious about the shipping and delivery times associated with the GOAT online marketplace. Everything you need to know is laid out in detail in this article.

GOAT Order Confirmation: How Long Does It Take GOAT To Confirm an Order?

How Long Does It Take GOAT To Confirm an Order

Your order will arrive at GOAT in two to four business days. Your order will be confirmed as soon as GOAT receives it. Confirmation of your order will be placed within two business days of receiving them. Exceptions to this rule include very rare or low-stock items that need to be confirmed and processed more slowly.

GOAT Shipping: How Long does it take for GOAT to Ship an Order?

As of 2022, shipping times for GOAT are typically 7-10 business days. Orders placed by consumers for particular goods are processed and sent within three to four business days. It usually takes 3–4 business days to get to you when they send the things after finishing the procedure. When feasible, GOAT rushes product shipments to ensure happy customers.

GOAT Shipping: How GOAT Shipping Works

How GOAT Shipping Works

Thorough familiarity with GOAT’s shipping method is helpful for comprehending the disparity in delivery times between different products. There are primarily two kinds of goods on GOAT. There are both immediate and delayed things. Most products do not ship instantly.

The shipping procedure for non-urgent commodities often involves many stages. The procedure is quite similar to that of placing an order with StockX. Individual merchants advertise their wares for sale on GOAT’s platform. A seller has up to 3 business days from the close of a transaction to send an item for authentication to GOAT.

Once a product reaches GOAT, a team of experts examines it to make sure it is genuine and in good enough condition to sell. Then they’ll handle the product’s delivery to you personally. This additional step assures that you are only acquiring genuine goods, but it is slower than having the merchant ship to you immediately.

Nevertheless, if you purchase ‘Instant’ products, your shipment will be processed and sent instantly. GOAT gets instant access to anything they stock. They don’t have to double-check the legitimacy of your shoes or clothing anymore since they’ve already done that.

Moreover, businesses save time waiting for delivery since they already have the merchandise on hand. They can send it on its way as soon as they receive your order, shortening the overall delivery time. Since these products are sent directly from the manufacturer, customers can expect their Instant purchases to arrive as soon as one business day.

GOAT International Shipping: How Long does it take GOAT to Process International Shipping?

International Shipping

It takes around 10–25 days to complete the activities associated with overseas shipments. When you buy a pair of shoes from GOAT, the company records your purchase and schedules a delivery time. It usually takes a GOAT around 5 days to do this. As soon as they have finished the procedure, they will be sent.

There is some flexibility in the estimated delivery time for foreign orders. However, prompt delivery is what they aim towards. Chinese orders will have import fees added automatically. Then, please input your Social Security number. Your packages will arrive at their destination with all applicable duties already paid.

Please note that import fees can be added to your purchase if shipping to the United States from the United Kingdom. Items with their duties already paid for are subject to a surcharge. Orders from clients outside of such countries do not need a NIN and so do not incur any import charges. When customers arrive, they will be liable for them.

GOAT Shipping Service: What Shipping Service does GOAT Use?

USPS, FedEx, and UPS

For domestic shipments (within the United States), GOAT partners with USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Separate international orders sent from different fulfillment centers can be delivered by several carriers.

The specific shipping carrier utilized to deliver your item will be communicated to you at the time of shipment. GOAT will include a tracking number in the shipment confirmation email they send you, which can be used in addition to the tracking page on their site.

GOAT Fast Shipping: Does GOAT Have Fast Shipping?

Orders placed on GOAT have the same guaranteed delivery time of 2 business days as those placed on Shein. All of the goods in the immediate collection have been double-checked and are ready to go as quickly as possible. Once they’re ready, they’ll be sent out immediately from GOAT.

Remember that if you need your purchase even sooner, you must choose “Next Day Shipping” at checkout. GOAT gives its instantaneous consumers first priority, so they always get what they want.

How to Track GOAT Order

How to Track GOAT Order

There are two methods for monitoring GOAT orders. One option is to log into your GOAT account directly from their website. Then, look at the ‘Orders’ tab to see a list of your recent purchases. Your shipment status can be checked using the tracking number that is included with every purchase. Then, copy the tracking number and enter it into Google, where you can monitor your package by following the on-screen prompts.

The alternative is to check any emails given to you by GOAT since they can include information regarding the delivery. It will have a tracking number on it, and all you have to do is paste it into Google to see where your shipment is.

Remember that items coming from various distribution centers will have their own unique tracking numbers and might arrive at different times. Multiple things in your order increase the possibility of this happening.

NOTE: You can also use the GOAT application to track GOAT orders. View your order’s status and get a tracking number in the GOAT application by going to the Profile > Orders section. If you have a tracking number for your package, you can check its whereabouts at any time.

GOAT Shipped Items: How to Change GOAT Shipped Items

The GOAT Application makes it simple to contact the GOAT team if your product arrives damaged or otherwise not as described. Access the profile section of the GOAT App after submitting a ticket. Finally, choose the desired order by tapping the orders tab. GOAT Support can be accessed at the bottom of the screen after the relevant order has been tapped.

You brief the GOAT team about the situation. If you have any questions about your online purchase from GOAT, you can reach out to their friendly customer service staff. As soon as they hear about your shipment issue, they get right on it and fix it.

GOAT Shipping Cost

Shipping costs are 13.50 USD inside the contiguous 48 states of the United States. However, this cost only applies to non-instant items that can be delivered the next business day. For instance, shipping to both Alaska and Hawaii costs only 15 USD. However, there is a 25 USD surcharge for the next-day delivery of an immediate item.

How to Cancel GOAT Order

How Long Does It Take GOAT To Confirm an Order

GOAT gives you three hours from the time you place your purchase to change your mind about buying footwear. A further precaution you must take is to cancel the order before the merchant confirms it. In the event the seller has already accepted the order after 3 hours, cancellation is not possible. In the case of clothing and accessories, your purchase is finalized the moment you click the “Place Order” button.


Q: Is a refund allowed on GOAT?

If you request a refund within three days of receiving your order, GOAT will give you a full refund. However, in place of a monetary refund, you will be given GOAT credits to use in the GOAT store.

Q: Who is the owner of GOAT?

The Executive Chairman of GOAT Group is co-founder Eddy Lu. An estimated 3.7 billion USD is the value of the Group. The corporation trades in and resells high-end footwear, sneakers, and clothing.

Q: Does GOAT ship on weekends?

Orders are typically sent out within three business days. No exceptions are made for weekends or holidays. When you use our app, you can check on the status of your purchase at any time. The GOAT app makes it simple to monitor the delivery of your purchase. In your Profile, go to ‘Orders’ by clicking ‘Profile.’

Q: Are there fake sneakers on GOAT?

The simple answer to this question is a NO. All sneakers and footwear sold on GOAT are authentic, original and verified.


Given the diversity of products in stores at GOAT, a specific delivery date cannot be given. Orders for in-stock goods typically arrive within one business day.

For most other products, however, the total shipping time for U.S. customers is between seven and ten days, and foreign purchases take more time.

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