Red Door Meaning: 7 Symbolism You Need To Know

It's all around us. Definitely, you might have come across one, but have you ever stopped to think why some doors are painted red? What does it symbolize, and where can you find them. This article will give you an insight into the red door meaning.

A red door symbolized, inviting! It is filled with a heavy, soft energy. If you were a tired passenger who met a red entrance in your house, they would be here, and they would undoubtedly be greeted with a good meal and sleep during the night. A red door is perfect for people who visit their homes with many visitors and are not afraid to comment.

A red door may have noticed in the past few years that more and more homeowners choose to add color to their doors. Many people have selected shades that will cover all the colors of the rainbow to differentiate the house. Red is one of the most popular colors.

A red door had meaning in the early US culture; it was a welcome place to come and relax. The red door suggested you come in, eat and stay for a while. I like the idea that if you look at a house with a colorful door or want to paint your own, you would feel comfortable and happy.

Hosue with Red door

There's still a lot of red door lore out there, I found. The red door will mean that you live debt-free, depending on where you are in the world. A red door may also symbolize achievement or welcome neighbors. But how much of this is accurate, and to what degree will web hearsay be treated? Behind the red doors is a description of the history and the meaning.

7 Symbolism of Red Door, You Need to Know

What Does It Mean to Them with a Red Door?

Based on various traditions, the red-colored door will decorate the building and, at the same time, have different meanings. This particular nuance is connected to strong emotions for most people, including unconditional love, loyalty, and pure rage.

red-colored door

It is important to remember that the red door has no particular origin. The frequency essentially depends on the time of the house's construction, on the culture you live in, and on local values and customs.

The Red Door Symbolizes

The Red Door Symbolizes

  • Welcome to everyone, particularly those who want to stay overnight.
  • Positive energy is drawn to the house
  • A safe place for fleeting slaves
  • Heart & Heat
  • Equal wealth and prosperity

Throughout history, a red door has defined an invitation. Each individual shows that visitors welcome the owner and his family and are happy to provide them with a warm meal and refuge from bad weather and other problems.

On the other hand, many people love red and paint their doors because they're pretty, in this warm color. Be assured that your house will boost the overall look.

Red Door Symbolizes Security

It is a biblical interpretation. Hebrew children were told in the Old Testament to rub blood at their doorposts so that the death angel could pass over their homes. A red house concealed it at the entrance.

Scottish tradition for red door

If you pay attention, today in churches, you can still see it. Some of the doors are painted red. It is a sign of Heaven's well-being.

The biblical sense was security for the red door. The Hebrew slaves were told in the Old Testament to rub the lamb's blood on the doors to ensure that they were safe from the Angel of Death. To portray the blood of Christ, and to signify your entry into the holy land, Catholics will also paint the doors of their churches in red. Many Catholic Churches are still following the Red Door tradition to this day.

The only portrayal of the red door is a Scottish tradition. The red entrance represents a house without a mortgage. They'll paint their doors red before anyone pays for their home! What a beautiful way to celebrate. You make your final deposit to buy a red paint bucket and claim ownership free and equal!

The Red Shadow is Significant

When you follow the principles of feng shui, a Chinese architectural philosophy, the northwest or western door should not be painted red because they are the metal component sectors, explains Tee, a feng shui practitioner who blogs at FengShuied. Red represents fire, and metal and firefight can be developed, explains Tee.

Red Shadow

Amato-Scotto, a licensed feng shui practitioner and fashion psychologist, says that red reflects our caring, expansive, and inspired soul's good luck, power, and vitality.

By painting our door red, we want to bring positive light, abundance, passion, and promise into our home and life.

Although red can trigger enthusiasm and encouragement in others, it can disrupt or annoy others. Therefore, it is essential to carefully select the correct shade of red. Jarring to the eye, for example, can be a saturated red and make people feel nervous.

The color we see first should raise our souls, without triggering fear or anger that would bring draining energy into the house.

Welcome (The Us Door Tradition)

The red door welcomed weary travelers and those who wanted refuge and relaxation in an old American tradition. You knew that a house like this was a perfect place to have food, a bed, and horse shelter.

The red door welcomed weary travelers

The symbolism of welcome in all American homes is not true today. In most cases, people paint red at their doors to demonstrate that they are nearby and want to be part of the party.

Symbolizes Protection

During the Civil War, another interpretation of the red door began in the Underground Railway days. Any red entry symbolized protection for fleeting African-American slaves and refugees searching for a safe house.

Symbolizes Protection

These homeowners offered food and beds to people who found shelter in Canada and the free North American countries. These northerners fled and saved them from the persecution.

No one knows how many slaves were liberated by the Underground Railway, though inofficial figures suggest that more than 200,000 people followed it by 1945.

Mortgage Free Home

Red door Mortgage Free Home

Its widely believed and common practice in some cultures to paint the door red as a sign of house ownership. This means you have no mortgage or loan commitment for the house, and it's solely your own.

Custom Chinese Red Door

Red is one of the key colors of Chinese culture, and red in Chinese culture symbolizes pleasure, fitness, and well-being. The door is regarded in China as the mouth of the house, which generates positive energy.

Custom Chinese Red Door

Most Chinese citizens can notice the fading color of their doors painted in red to mark the Chinese New Year. They defend their homes from bad luck and evil by painting their entry doors red.

Red is an overall symbol of good luck in most far East cultures. Brides from countries like China, Pakistan, Vietnam, and India wear red wedding dresses. It's a culture that symbolizes prosperity. It ensures the young couple's happiness in combination with the red entrance.

Tradition of Red Door Feng Shui

Feng shui simply means “wind-water” in Mandarin Chinese. There is something about feng shui as the concept goes on behind the furniture. Feng Shui is all about the flow of light, and that flow is the key to the door. Red would encourage welcoming strength, historically the right color in Chinese culture.

Tradition of Red Door Feng Shui

If you want to comply with Feng Shui laws, you can position your door to the south from inside. Yang's ideal energy would embrace you in this way. If your door faces the other direction, you can paint your door in a different color.


Do you want to remain at the more traditional neutral-colored entrance, or play with a color pop? Keep in mind that the red color of your door will also complement your life facets. First of all, you should paint red if you are a doctor and your entrance is to the east since this symbolizes wellness.

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