Best 90-100-Inch TVs Review – New Year Special, Order Now !

The most current reviews on the Top 10 Best 90-100 Inch TVs. 4K and HD and options reviewed for your 2024 ultimate guide reviewing Sharp, Sony, Samsung, LG, and more TVs.

Top Ten 90 Inch TVs

Looking for such a large and wide screen TV is challenging. The humongous size of the TV means being aware of the most up to date large screen technology as well as current trends.

Planning to buy a 90 inch TV is a wonderful idea because you need to consider HD, 4K, and smart TV sets. What makes buying a TV challenging or less easy than just any TV is deciding what is more important —- the price or the features.

When you shop for such a big and potentially costly item you realize that research is not recommended but required. Why? Knowing the latest information about various graphics processors or even image formats will make your decision.

All in all, you will not find a more complete guide for buying a large TV. Keep reading and check out the best buying guide for 90 inch TVs around. Check out the ultimate guide to the best current 90 – 100 inch TVs from Sharp to Sony to LG and more.

If you want a new 90 inch television, the options are endless. You can pick from options with HD, 4K, and smart TV sets. No matter your budget, here's what to look for when shopping for the Ultimate 90 Inch TV. These are the best 90 Inch TVs that you can buy in 2024.

Top 10 Best 90 Inch TVs

1. Sharp PN-LE PN-LE901 90″ 1080p LED-LCD TV 16:9 HDTV

Sharp PN-LE PN-LE901 90" 1080p LED-LCD TV 16:9 HDTV

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Sharp makes the best 90 inch category or large screen TVs. Why? Simply because of the variety of positives that range from the economical value, picture quality, 1080 LED display, and color dynamics.

This particular Sharp model excels with incorporating an LED display with vivid resolution within a 90 inch large screen. Moreover, this Sharp model is a great deal overall compared to other models.

You will get active LED zones and LED backlighting that provides great lighting and color graduation for your watching pleasure. Also, the coolest mode involves the wallpaper mode that is able to switch and conceal your TV when not in use.

Features the powerful RS232C command set that offers remote control capacity as well easier connectivity to various devices. You will be able to manage and personalize your viewing content with ease on this Sharp TV.

In summary, this Sharp model delivers everything you need from stunning picture quality, HDTV, and high resolution of 1920 x 1080. The backlight technology is wonderful for design and mounting so you get the best angles as well for viewing any movies.

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  • High definition screen resolution and richness of detail
  • Ease of design with backlight technology and angling
  • Powerful technology from the RS232C gives ultimate personalization and accessibility to various extra devices
  • Good economic value considering the quality and options of this model


  • No big complaints or drawbacks from customers

2. Hisense 100L5G-CINE100A 100″ 4K Ultra-Short-Throw Laser TV

LG 98UB9800 98-Inch Class 4K Ultra Best 100 Inch TV


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The most impressive picture quality with crisp colors; a 100-inch 4k ultra-short-throw laser Display that delivers amazing contrast and dynamic video. You won't find a big screen TV with such high definition and clarity.

Made by Hisense, this 100-inch TV is made by an industry leader and is equally loved. In addition, this TV has a color palette that many TVs cannot replicate. The resolution of this TV is 4 k ultra-short-throw laser technology, providing smooth action and scenes. Their built-in speaker and Dolby atmos sound bring you an immersive home theater experience.

In summary, this is an innovative and advanced TV for large TV displays, and at 100 inches it makes it very special. The colors and graphics are what make this TV even more special because of its stunning 4K quality and depth.

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  • Stunning color display with 4K quality and depth
  • Immersive home theater experience
  •  Ultra short throw technology


  • Many accessories and different options can be confusing for some looking for simply a large-screen TV.

3. SAMSUNG 86-Inch Class Crystal 4K UHD LED TU9010 Series

Sharp LC-90LE657U 90-Inch Aquos TV

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This TV earned high marks for usability and picture quality overall, The thing that really impresses many reviewers is the high usability factor and the size of course.

With a motion rate of 240, which minimizes motion blur on the screen; REAL GAME ENHANCER enhances the collaboration between the TV and console to achieve reduced stutters, lag and tears in the picture. Combined with the above two functions, you will have a smooth viewing experience. So, it's good for action-packed movies.

In addition, its display has crystal clear colors, which can present the most natural and vivid picture. The main attraction is the affordable price, and it's well worth it to get such a large TV for such a low price.

In summary, the SAMSUNG 86-Inch Class Crystal Series is suitable for those looking for a high performance-to-price ratio.

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  • This is a highly rated and popular large-screen TV.
  • Industry-respected screen display color
  • Stable screen output function


  • Smart TV features are not provided

4. Samsung Electronics QN88Q9FAMFXZA 88-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV: 

Samsung Electronics QN88Q9FAMFXZA 88-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV: 

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This Samsung nearly 90 inch TV has striking design for this TV category and size. Also, it comes outfitted with Smart TV access and connectivity, good high quality graphics, and it is easily wall mountable.

Overall, this large screen TV is known for its high end and unique design. This is a truly spectacular TV because it displays a brilliant picture resolution along with color detail. The color volume is a range of quantum dots that has been given a range of high definition and more, so this Samsung has fantastic brilliance and detail in video clarity.

The realism of the graphics for this large screen TV give a wonderful black level for graphics. Furthermore, the detail is able to provide an HD and 4K like quality for Samsung and other LG products.

Moreover, this 88 inch Samsung offers Smart TV functionality and connectivity with the power of one remote. There is one remote that can be detected as well because it offers compatibility that is connectable to many devices in a variety of modes.

In terms of style and presentation,  there is 360° Design for high fidelity display.

This type of design is great for any home decor that is easily mounted on a wall or sitting on a stand in any place.

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  • Incredible Design that is stylish because it has a 360 degree design
  • Smart TV Functionality
  •  One Remote access to connect and access all devices


  • Very expensive compared to most other name brand 90 inch TVs on the market

5. Hisense 100-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV: 

Hisense 100-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV:

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Hissense makes an incredible 100 inch option. So, if you are looking for a large screen TV that works with Amazon Alexa and is known for its high dynamic resolution then the Hissense is your option. This is the speaker that will transform your home or office into a movie theater if wanted.

The latest model 100 inch TV comes with incredible sound and high fidelity video and picture quality. Expect around 110W of Harman Kardon audio brilliance along with incredible options and features.

Some of the cooler features include dual band Wi-Fi as well as Amazon Alexa voice control programming for convenience. This is a very integrative and spectacular experience for anyone looking for dynamic graphics.

In general, the Hissense reproduces vivid colors that appear bright and incredible in various types of rooms. Overall, the amount of options and neat features make this a cool option for anyone looking for a large screen movie experience.

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  • Amazon Alexa control  mode is possible for various programming
  • Vivid color display that works in various rooms
  • Large and brilliant 100 inch movie simulation


  • The lack of wall mode means that there is no way to make this TV seem more appealing once it is turned off.

6. Sony X800H 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility:

Sony X800H 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility

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The Sony will give you the optimal 4K experience with High Definition quality and more.  This model comesequipped with game mode, Google Assistant, and super rich detailed picture quality.

This TV features a K HDR processor that delivers 4K pictures that will more than satisfy. The picture quality is key for this nearly 90 inch Sony TV, the exact size is about 85 inches.

Lifelike features on the big screen appear better than usual because of the motionflow XR that is available. The televised content appears much realistic and vivid like a movie experience.

Moreover, there is HDR and Dolby Vision that gives any televised content much more power, vibrancy, and detail. As well, there is advanced color graduation.

In conclusion, this Sony is the ultimate 4K high definition experience because of the advanced detail provided by the motionflow XR and the  K HDR processor. Also, expect a lot of options from game mode, Apple ready accessibility, and Amazon Alexa friendly as well.

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  • 4K ultimate experience with rich detailed picture quality
  • HDR and Dolby Vision experience 
  • Features include Game mode, Google Assistant, and Apple ready.


  • Hard to navigate the various applications and not user friendly
  • Expensive overall price

7. SANSUI 75-Inch 4K Smart TV Ultra HD Android LED TV HDR:

SANSUI 75-Inch 4K Smart TV Ultra HD Android LED TV HDR

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Sansui has made a TV that is nearly almost as large as 90 inches at a very economical and budget price. There are not many TVs of this size that are this affordable anywhere in the market.

Expect an LED Smart TV with 4K display with fairly good HD picture quality. Also, you will not have to pay anywhere near as much as other brand names, but instead be able to enjoy a TV chock full of extras and options for multiple devices.

For example, you can easily connect and enjoy everything from Google Play, Netflix, Facebook, and more. There is an easy accessibility to stream the latest downloads from your phone directly to your large screen TV.

All in all, the Sansui for a large screen TV at almost 90 inches does deliver quite a few advantages at a great budget price.  Dual function connectivity mixed with 4K quality will make many customers happy. You even get Dolby sound quality and remote control personalization.

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  • Incredible budget value large screen TV
  • Real 4K at a fraction of a price with Smart TV capacity
  • Easy accessibility to stream from your phone and connect to Google Play, Netflix, and more
  • Chromecast is a built-in feature


  • Lack of design and durability has been an issue among customers
  • Poor Support and customer service

8. NEC Display E905, 90” Full HD LED-Backlit LCD Flat Panel Display TV: 

NEC Display E905, 90'' Full HD LED-Backlit LCD Flat Panel Display TV


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A Large and heavyweight TV providing a bright and crisp image with full HD LED display. This TV provides the crisp color and immediate dynamic graphics edge.

You will get a very immersive and interactive experience that will blow a lot of the competition out of the water. Why? Because the interface and functionality are great for professional displays and thus business overall.

The manufacture and high grade quality of this NEC 90 inch can’t be overlooked because of the lack of name brand recognition. The 90 inch can replicate a perfect and wonderfully crisp 90 inch Tv with 1080p that colorfully radiates an HD LED display.

There are not many 90 inch TV screens that will display such crisp color and detail. Also, the Smart TV options make this a must have for anyone doing online projects for presentation. Also, outfitted with great 10 watt speakers and comes along with a temperature sensor for heavy usage.

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  • Ultimate color crispness with 1080 P clarity
  • Smart TV option that is good for business and online presentations
  • Ideal for business presentations and professional use
  • Clamp mounting is included for this TV 5) Three year Warranty for anyone seeking the ultimate protection


  • Heavy TV to install and requires perhaps more than 2 people to carry
  • Expensive price point may need considering for some budgets

9. Samsung UN85JU7100 JU7 100 Series 85-Inch TV

Samsung UN85JU7100 JU7 100 Series 85-Inch TV

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The Samsung 85 inch TV displays and offers attractively designed models featuring contrast enhancing technology. Overall, the main draw is the Smartview mobile streaming for various outside programs and ultimate connectivity .

This is the ultimate TV for anyone looking for smart connectivity. Why? Because expect fluid processing commands that are able to take you to different programs far and wide. For example, with this nearly 90 inch TV, you are able to appreciate your phone on the TV.

The Smartview mobile streaming makes this very attractive overall along with contrast enhancing technology. The color vibrancy pops in a nice and detailed way for a more enjoyable movie experience.

In summary, this Samsung dazzles because it has smart functionality and as well built-in Wi-Fi. Another great thing about this TV is the color display shows brightness in detail and as well striking crispness in video. Precise color and contrast mixed with smart technology makes this a complete and versatile option especially because of the easy program and app access from your phone to TV.

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  • Smart functionality because of in-built Wi-Fi and streaming ease of use
  • Contrast Enhancing Technology for brighter and more precise video 
  • Video color vibrancy and detail


  • The keys of the remote are not backlit
  • No 3D glasses despite Active 3D

Hisense 100-Inch Smart Laser TV: Best Laser-Based TV

Hisense 100L10E Smart Ultra Short Throw 4K UHD HDR Home Theater TV Projector

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The Hissense TV mixes a movie theater experience with a projector capable of precise and dynamic graphics of 100 inches. A great thing about this TV and projector option is that it is featuring top quality Harman Kardon speakers for anyone looking for great audio quality.

This model offers a movie or cinema-like experience just by utilizing a computer or laptop setup. How? Therefore, you can bring this setup to smaller and tighter spaces and even see and viewable from just 8 inches away.

What’s fascinating about this is that the projector is small but the projection can be as large as 100 inches. Therefore, you can take this projector anywhere for your massive screen experience.

In general, this projector TV delivers 4K UHD resolution along with 180 degree angle viewing capacity. DLP technology guarantees smooth, precise, and high fidelity images on your screen.

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  • Projector TV that has the capacity for high quality of up to 100-120 inch displays
  • Incredible audio through Harman Kardon speakers
  • DLP technology for smooth and precise image quality


  • Lack of name brand recognition compared to other competitors

Best 90-Inch TV Buyers Guide To Know

  • The Size of a 90-Inch TV:

A 90-inch TV is a TV that has a 90-inch diagonal, its width is 199.24 cm (6.54 feet), height is 112.07 cm (3.68 feet)

  • The Viewing Distance:

The area of a 90-inch TV is 2.233 m², which is best viewed at 12.9 feet (3.93m) with a 30° viewing angle. If you want to experience the visual effects of cinema, the best viewing distance is 9 feet (2.74 m) with a 40° viewing angle. So, a 30-square-meter room is suited for your 90-inch TV.

  • Picture Quality:

A very important feature for especially large screen TVs. In this category of TVs, you need to be able to display in any type of room with whatever light you may have at your disposal. For example, a TV displaying a 120HZ panel would be ideal for smooth scenes of action and fighting. Check black levels for getting the right angles and of course inquire about 4K or more if you demand so much.

  • Smart TV Accessible:

Inquiring about Smart TV options or Wi-Fi is crucial nowadays because of all the innovative apps and streaming available. Moreover, Wi-Fi would be perfect for connecting to Smart TV internet options or functioning a variety of programs and apps.

  • Resolution:

A certain amount of pixels will display a certain way so expect to know what to expect for your large screen TV. In essence, the formula is the higher or more the pixels than the higher or better the resolution. Basically, be aware of these major types of resolution: HD (High Definition), Full HD,  UHD, and 4K, which is one of the most advanced and commonly sold on the market. 4K is the most vivid and best for clarity.

  • Sound Quality:

Every brand does have a special audio feature so make sure what you want for your setup. For example, you can find excellent speakers with great powerful sounds like Harman Kardon speakers. Basically, when you have more wattage then you will get better sound with your 90 inch TV. Some select sound systems include Dolby Digital and DTS premium options.

  • Price Level:

Budget and price need to be considered depending on how much you want to spend on a TV. A large 90 inch TV will not usually be affordable. Make sure to know what you can get with your budget.

  • Inputs and Outputs:

This is important because any type of TV needs to have an input or port. Why? An input will allow you to connect with your TV, so any type of outside or external connections need to be known especially if you want to try and display outside devices, so consider how many ports you need.


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