10 Best Flight Tracking Apps for iphone & Android in 2024

When next are you traveling? You can use a flight tracking app to know the available flights, plane accessibility, arrival time, departure time, weather focus, and other details at the comfort of your phone. Well, here are some of the best flight tracking apps.

Are you looking for the best flight-tracking apps? Well, these fantastic ten apps will suit your preference. Most of them are accessible to iOS and Android users. You won’t suffer again when booking and checking for flights.

You will always be up-to-date with the arrival and departure times. Be assured of comfort while using the apps. Try them out!

1. Flightradar24


This is one of the best flight-tracking apps. It provides detailed flight data, flight status of certain aircraft, destinations, origin, and plane details.

Additionally, it allows you to see real-time airplane information in 150 countries. The major sources of information are primarily the satellite-based ADS-B receivers.

Download Flightradar24:


2. FlightAware Flight Tracker

FlightAware Flight Tracker android

You can use the FlightAware Flight Tracker app to check the various status of flights, see the flight map track, and aviation mostly in Canada and the U.S.A. Furthermore, the app helps you track the aircraft registration, airline, number of flights, places, or airport code.

You get the full flight details without compromise! Once you get the app, you will get flight alerts to see delays and nearby flights. Your phone contacts will only be accessed when you share your flight details with someone else.

Download FlightAware Flight Tracker:


3. App in the Air

App in the Air android

This is a great personal travel assistant. You can use it to book flights, import your existing ones to organize your flight information and track your itineraries, board passes, and other information. Additionally, the App in the Air application will give you flight notifications and alerts.

Planning for trips has never been easier! It is a great travel planner, and tracks live flights. You also get some travel restriction information to know the requirements needed in that country, baggage allowance details, book hotels, and other information.

Click to Download App in the Air :


4. Plane Finder

Plane Finder android

Plane Finder is a unique app that shows planes moving on a map. The map view shows the full view of air traffic. Additionally, you can search by flight, location, specific airport, various airlines, and aircraft.

The app also allows augmented reality that you can use to identify planes while using your phone’s camera. You can also bookmark and save locations according to your preference.

Download Plane Finder:


5. FlightStats

FlightStats android

This is a tremendous real-time flight status and airport tracking app. You will be able to take control of your day of travel activities effortlessly. Like most reputable apps, you can easily access flight status using the flight number, airport, or route.

It has a special feature that lets you scan essential information like departure/arrival times, delay indexes, weather, and much more. You can even share your flight or weather conditions right from the flight overview screen.

Download FlightStats:


6. Flight Board

Flight Board android

Do you want an app that you can easily read from? Why not try the flight board app? It is a great flight status tracker for departure and arrivals. The app has a way of searching for the largest airports against your position. In the departure mode, you will see the upcoming departures at a glance.

If you want to pick someone up, check the arrivals' mode to check their actual time and terminal. The app will make getting arrival info easier. In this way, you can also check the baggage claim area.

Moreover, you ain’t limited to just one airport, you can switch to any airport of your choice. Travelling has never been easier.

Download Flight Board:


7. FlightView

FlightView android

This is an excellent flight-tracking app that you can use to get real-time flight details. It allows you to track upcoming and in-air flights globally. This will allow you to receive status alerts through push notifications.

Additionally, you can see delays, cancellations, the flight’s progress, and the airport's current status on the homepage.  Getting airport and traveling information has become easier with the FlightView app, don’t miss out on it!

Download FlightView:


8. ADSB Flight Tracker

ADSB Flight Tracker android

This outstanding app allows aviation enthusiasts to track and view planes in their local area. It allows you to filter place data to see planes that fit certain filter criteria using the flight parameters.

In addition, it allows a real-time GPS feature that allows users to leverage their GPS receiver on their devices. The proximity alert feature also provides a visual and audible warning to traffic, 3D view mode, and 3D with VR.

Download ADSB Flight Tracker:


9. Planes Live

Planes Live android

The Planes Live app is great for checking flight information. Whenever you use it, you will always be updated on your flight status through the plane's radar.

You won't face any issues when going for someone at the airport. The detailed flight status information will always keep you up to date.

Download Planes Live:


10. Flighty

Flighty ios

This is a great app that easily tracks your flight status with power and clarity. You will know all the airport and airplane information to ensure you spend less time at the airport.

Additionally, no trial activation or credit card is needed while using the flighty pro. All the flight and travel information you require is readily accessible on this app.

Download Flighty:


Book your next flight effortlessly

You can use these amazing ten apps to get flight details. They are accessible and easy to download and install. No more worries about whether the weather will favor your flight during a particular day.

Always be updated to prevent any kind of inconvenience. All the best as you plan your next travel.

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