10 Best Place to Buy Liquidation Pallets

The place to buy Liquidation Pallets can be a little more confusing than you realize. For example, a pallet of wholesale goods needs to sell stuff either online or in a store.

All in all, a liquidation pallet is a grouping of products, which a store or retailer would sell at a reduced price or discount because they can’t sell the product anymore.

Finding the best seller and business source is half the battle. Look and read about more about the best places to buy liquidation pallets. In terms of usage, wholesale pallets are what would best be described as surplus closet merchandise.

Lastly,  closet liquidation products in certain categories such as anything from homeware to electronics are doable. Read more and discover the ideal places to get your liquidation pallets.

Basics of Liquidation Pallets

Liquidation reselling is a wonderful way to make money and grow a business. Buying pallets of wholesale goods requires preparation. The function of each pallet for sellers to get quality items for stores, markets, or private sellers.

1. Quicklotz


Quick Lotz has a niche of selling liquidation merchandise in bigger amounts. In fact, you can get shipments in by truckloads even. With Quicklotz, expect container loads as well pallets and even smaller lots.

Products like kitchen stuff, housewares, electronics of course, home decor, and even appliances. But, the variety of products is a key for Quicklotz overall. But, you can also take advantage of brand name items as well superstore items within a pallet. The quality is high and varied and more than usually worthy.

Quicklotz rates well because you will more than likely receive quality products, which would be carefully and dutifully picked to be part of your pallet. Moreover, auctions start at lower prices and shipping costs are more affordable than first realized. You can also pick up products without having to deal with shipping as well.

2. American Merchandise Liquidators (AMLINC)


American Merchandise Liquidators focuses on ready-to-ship products. So, that means the AMLINC deals with closeouts, overstocks and customer returns.  This company specializes in merchandise, homeware, tools, furniture, sporting goods, and a whole lot of other products in general.

In terms of shipping, you can get  direct shipping directly to you. Online customization and functionality is ranked well with AMLINC.  It is possible to register easily on the AMLINC website and customize exactly what you want to purchase to increase your business flow.

American Merchandise Liquidators was established in 1992 and ranks well overall. All in all, this is a reputable worldwide company that  generates millions of dollars in discounted merchandise.

3. Genco Marketplace

Genco Marketplace

GENCO Marketplace is a reliable and established option for liquidation pallets. In terms of its funding, Genco is a subsidiary of the FedEx Supply Chain. Overall, it is a wholesaler of retail returns, so it is able to handle sales and customer service issues for a variety of needs.

Genco deals mainly with closeouts, refurbished products, and a variety of liquidated merchandise. You can also liquidate products from bigger retailers. So, you can use this as an eBay seller or as a general seller or store.

Historically, Genco has more than 15,000 wholesale pallets available. They were established in 1992 and have a solid reputation for reliability and functionality.

4. Via Trading

Via Trading

Via Trading is another great option. Via is able to do sales for their pallets to customers anywhere in the United States as well internationally. The amount of variable products they have is impressive. Overall, Via Trading carries liquidation products for various types of businesses.

The main website claims to access deep discounts easily on their site. Now, whether this is always the case is always dependent on customer feedback. All in all, expect to only spend about a fraction of what the original cost would amount with other services and shippers.

Their categories include clothes, accessories, homeware, and more. Via Trading will give you competitive prices and quality products overall.

5. Continental Wholesale

Continental Wholesale

This is a wholesale that achieves more than the average overall. As Continental Wholesale is able to sell merchandise to retail stores and more. What does this mean? There is a workable way to sell to flea markets, smaller independent shops, and even dollar stores.

As well, this wholesale is utilized by auctioneers, thrift stores, pawnshops, and more. You have the flexibility and to do very much what you can in terms of selling to anyone quickly.

Continental Wholesale is able to work within various industries so you are able to do more in a variety of categories. For example, you can work within areas like cookware, clothing, appliances, furniture and house items, electronics, garden, and as well sporting goods. Overall, expect a good deal with reasonable price expectations. You will be able to enjoy liquidation pallets affordably for most all kinds of different merchandise in one truckload.

6. 888Lots


Another great option for shipping and quality products at a premium. 888 Lots is a different liquidation platform, which offers B2B liquidation. All in all, there is an extensive array of various clients that come from smaller stores or businesses and more.

Whether you are working with a large retail outlet or a private seller then 888Lots is a good option. In general, 888Lots has been active in the wholesale business for more than around several years.

888Lots has great functionality and is wonderful about doing updates to variable platforms to keep up with trends. 888Lots is able to buy products easily from the one of the bigger and most powerful online retailers, which is titled the FBA Centers in America.

In conclusion, the company  focuses on clothes, electronics, auto parts, books, baby products, home and office improvements products, and more. In regards to shipping, all domestic and as well international shipping is customizable to your needs.

7. Merchandize Liquidators

Merchandize Liquidators

Merchandize Liquidators is a well rated and reputable company for buying liquidation pallets. This company manages to sell both well known and brand and as well non-brand items. Moreover, Merchandize does offer a lot of different products.

All in all, expect Merchandize to offer cosmetics, clothing, toys, electronics, and furniture to be sent. You will surely have a lot of options. Many variable products included the pallets in general.

Reduced and affordable pricing of some pallets are possible. So, you can expect more if previous sellers had stock or merchandise issues. There will be no shortage of goods overall.

Lastly, you can get truckloads at a very inexpensive price and rate. Expect mixed lots as well. In general, great customer service and feedback overall.

8. BlueLots Liquidation

BlueLots Liquidation

BlueLots is a B2B platform. This type of liquidation pallet source is able to  offer liquidated goods at quite an affordable and economical price. Small business owners and individual sellers are welcome clients for BlueLots.

BlueLots is able to provide direct and easy sourcing for variable items. This would include things like overstocked and recycled products. All in all, this stuff would be from some of the bigger retailer giants and suppliers for wholesale.

In general, shipping does not include Hawaii and Alaska, which is restrictive for any American seller. This is a very limited functionality for even domestic shippers. The variety of items features consumer electronics, apparel, home decorations, health, and beauty, homecare, and much more.

There are claims that the products are high quality and authentic. Moreover, the products are listed with variable conditions and features for customer customizations.

9. Direct Liquidation

Direct Liquidation

These types of liquidators will sell products that are ready to use and of course much more available in certain markets. The wholesale marketplace features products that have an incredible variety overall.

The only thing to look for is that some products may be considered lower quality. Also, you need to make sure you know what items you would buy in a pallet.

You have a great chance to buy smaller loads of products ready to sell.  Expect, however, a premium or more expensive charge for the benefit of buying their lower priced and discounted inventory. An incredible range of products your customers are looking for available with Direct Liquidation.

In summary, there are brands and links with top national retailers and manufacturers. There are various locations in the United States and Canada for getting shipments of pallets quickly.

10. Bulq


Bulq is another functional option for buying liquidation pallets. This option offers a great service for returning excess goods. All in all, Bulq is a wonderful choice for building your business and sales needs as a shipper.

You will save money with Bulq but beware as there have been some customer complaints about these companies. Basically, with anything cheaper you will get a quality of service drop. In general, Bulq is able to source more pallets for more inventory at a very cheap price. But, be aware of some negative reviews in regards to the quality of the items or accuracy of products.

Starting in 2004, this is a newer company for reselling items and products, so they are newer to the game compared to other companies on this list. Bulq will ship only in the United States, so international shippers need to be aware of limitations.

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