Friday, May 25, 2018

Facebook AI Can Turn One Style of Music into Another

⯀ Facebook's AI team is first AI research team to create an unsupervised learning method for recreating high-fidelity music with a neural network. The system is capable of translating input tracks from one music style to another.
Drug Discovery Accelerated By Using Deep Neural Networks

⯀ Recent Intel collaboration with Novartis on the use of deep neural networks to accelerate high content screening – a key element of early drug discovery has cut time to train image analysis models from 11 hours to 31 minutes – an improvement of greater than 20 times.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Research Team Builds a Brain Model Neuron By Neuron

⯀ Researchers have developed a new technique that uses microscopic plates to guide where and how individual neurons grow, and showed that they can make functional connections between specific neurons. The work may help in the development of more precise models of our brains.
6 Ways The Internet Has Impacted Our Lives

⯀ As technology and science are evolving, the experiences of our lifestyle are changing too. From the first telephone set to television, each invention has the significant influence on the lifestyle of people all across the globe. The similar is the case with digital services especially internet connection. Since the very first month of the internet, the world has gone through a lot of changes all thanks to the power of World Wide Web.

Widespread Use Will Reveal the Secrets of AI

⯀ Let's face facts. People are nervous about AI and how the technology will disrupt their lives. The idea of "bad robots" and evil artificial intelligence are favorite topics in science fiction. 

The age of AI is upon us, and most of the issues remain unsolved. Driverless cars pose a danger to everyone in the event of malfunctions. Military drone technology may destroy the wrong targets. Everyday people deal with technology failures across a broad spectrum of devices. Why would these new areas be any different?

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

How Programming is Evolving

⯀ Technology has transformed the world into a synchronized global village. The ever-changing world of technology has increased the pace in which software development is evolving. In fact, software and app development is the most advancing and dynamic fields of information technology. Most people think of things such as HTML when they hear about app development. Only a few have an idea of what web development vs software development is and its impact on the survival of software developers in today's digital era. In fact, the speed in which technology is accelerating has made some programming technologies obsolete.
From Here to Human-Level AGI in Four Simple Steps According to Ben Goertzel

⯀ Artificial general intelligence researcher and entrepreneur Ben Goertzel recently gave a talk at the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics, and Cybernetics on how to get to human-level machine intelligence. The presentation, while high-level contains a lot of interesting ideas on the topic.
Technology Makes Prosthetic Hands Easier to Use

⯀ Researchers have developed a new method for decoding neuromuscular signals to control powered, prosthetic wrists and hands. The work relies on computer models that closely mimic the behavior of the natural structures in the forearm, wrist and hand. The technology may one day be used to develop new computer interface devices for applications such as gaming and computer-aided design.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

4 Ways AI Is Improving the E-Commerce Experience

⯀ Machine learning and artificial intelligence are disrupting every industry imaginable. Between 2013 and 2017, machine learning patents grew at a 34 percent compound annual growth rate, the third highest among patent categories. It’s no surprise then that global AI spending is estimated to reach $2 billion this year, and by 2022, expected to jump to $7.3 billion, nearly a fourfold increase.
69-Year-Old Double Amputee Scales Mount Everest

⯀ China's Xia Boyu, 69, reached the summit of Mount Everest after his feet were amputated in his first attempt 43 years ago and losing his legs to cancer recently.
This 3D Printer Can Create Complex Biological Tissues

⯀ Researchers have created a new 3D biopriting technique that is capable of producing complex tissues. The proposed system provides a robust platform for bioprinting applications in tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and biosensing, which are otherwise not readily achievable at high speed with conventional stereolithographic biofabrication platforms.
How To Write An Article For Review

⯀ An article review is a basic, helpful diagnosis of writing in a specific field through land, order, analysis, and contact.

Monday, May 21, 2018

China Launches Satellite Bound for the Far Side of the Moon

⯀ The Chinese space agency has launched the Queqiao 'Magpie Bridge' satellite into space from the southwestern Xichang launch center, with a destination of the far side of the moon.
Want to Know More About How to Recover Data on iPhone?

⯀ Do not fret if you lose your data on an iPhone, since there continue to be ways to recoup it. You merely won't need to be worried because you will recover your computer data out of iTunes. Now, the data is stored within the shape of a SQLITE database and should you learn to see an SQLITE D B document, proceed on and start it.