Can you Order Alcohol on Amazon (2024)

Amazon is a great place for ecommerce as the whole world knows and loves. If you want clothes, electronics, flowers, or handmade products then Amazon is the place. However, what about buying alcohol?

If you want to eat or drink then look no further! Amazon, believe it or not, offers food. If you need supermarket delivery through its Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods outlets then order directly from the site.

You can drink and get what you want with Amazon. As well, everyone knows Amazon offers an array  of services from Amazon Prime Video to Prime shipping.

Learn more about buying alcohol and various related things from Amazon. If you are unsure  whether you can get alcohol delivered then read further.

Is it possible to get Alcohol on Amazon?

Yes, in a short sentence for sure. Overall,if you are interested in getting alcohol then look no further than ordering on this ecommerce institution.. Amazon will deliver the goods when you need it. Alcohol has been mostly out of grasp for Amazon  until recently. Despite having an infrastructure and influence Amazon still faces challenges.

Amazon does indeed have a network that is big. But, the logistics of shipping alcohol is not so easy overall. Why? Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is the one to push for changes in this industry.

Even if you order through services like Fedex or anything you will face restrictions. Lastly, there are states with individual laws and law regulations making buying and selling even harder.

Buying Alcohol on Amazon Today

Buying Alcohol on Amazon Today

Only recently in 2022 things have changed in regards to selling and buying alcohol on Amazon. As of August, Amazon was able to increase its capacity and operations to sell alcohol to various cities around the USA.

Today, Amazon has a greater capacity than ever to sell alcohol. You are able to order from more and more places around the USA. You are able to include in your alcohol orders through a delivery service using Prime Now. This service provides many services, you can use it as a way to mainly get groceries delivered.

Getting Alcohol Deliveries on Amazon

Getting Alcohol Deliveries on Amazon

People are able to order from locations in various places. You can initiate Amazon Prime Now when ordering alcohol. By signing up for grocery pickups as an Amazon customer you can opt for  home delivery. This service means coverage for  liquor delivery in states that allow it.

When you want to order on Amazon all you need to do is take a few quick steps. Initiating an order and getting Amazon delivered to you is fast and easy.

Steps to Ordering Alcohol on Amazon

1. Simply start by typing “Amazon Prime Now” into the search bar to begin. When starting to order alcohol from Amazon, this will start the whole process.

2. You will be brought to an Amazon site hyperlink to order alcohol for the second step. But first,  you need to pick between Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh for their food delivery.

3. Thirdly, then you pick Beverages then toggle to Alcohol after selecting the shop from the menu. At the top of this menu, you will scroll to the top of the window.

4. From there, when you order on Amazon you then have to pick from a variety of beer, wine, cocktails, and other spirits to add to your cart. Order and pick away what you want to order!

Amazon utilized a great variety of features like the voice-activated assistant Alexa. You can use Alexa to  order alcohol in some areas with Amazon. As well,  MillerCoors created an Amazon Dash button this year to create more ease of ordering on the site.

How Long Does Amazon Take To Deliver Alcohol typically?

How Long Does Amazon Take To Deliver Alcohol typically

Amazon has given many statements on the exact time delivery expectation, but the time is that the delivery of alcohol should take 1 to 2 hours.  However, this all depends on the type of delivery service selected by the consumer on Amazon.

If you have Amazon prime then expect some benefits and advantages. For example, Customers that do not have an Amazon Prime membership would have to wait for a delivery time of two hours along with a charge of $7.99.

What Can You Get with Amazon for Alcohol?

What Can You Get with Amazon for Alcohol

 You can get whisky, beer, wine, and other liquor delivered by Amazon to specified regions. Customers can purchase alcoholic drinks through Amazon Prime Now and choose whether to pick them up or have them delivered directly.

When you look away from the food on Amazon you will be amazed at all of the alcohol. The beer and wine selection is bigger than you can imagine and similar to what your local Whole Foods grocery store stocks.

You can even find alcohol Under $10 section! This is simply shocking for sure. Moreover, you can order alcohol on Amazon that includes many varieties from beer to liquor to wine and more. Don’t hesitate to order your favorite mixers like Spindrift Sparkling Water and the very popular Bloody Mary Seasoning on Amazon for lots of fun and occasions.

What Brands can you order on Amazon?

You can order a variety of brands from Coors to great and fancy Italian wines. Now, the selection and range of goods being offered is growing widely.  It’s one of many new perks that make it easier to imbibe if you subscribe to the e-commerce membership.

Amazon has a big and growing alcohol department that will impress. For example, expect to get elegant bitters and other bar alcohol accessories. Some examples of what is sold are the Angostura Orange Bitters for making the perfect mixed drink or cocktail.

And Amazon’s acquisition of natural grocer Whole Foods gives it physical locations that could help it realize its “strong interest in home delivery of beer,” MillerCoors wrote in a blog post about the merger. It could, for instance, allow consumers to “click and collect” their beer at a local Whole Foods.

Specific  Locations that can use Amazon for  Home Delivery Of Alcohol

Specific Locations that can use Amazon for Home Delivery Of Alcohol

Not every state does alcohol delivery from Amazon, so be careful to check. It As of now, it  is now offered in select places in the USA.

As well, specific states in the USA prohibit Amazon from delivering alcohol. Here are the following cities in the USA that you can order alcohol online on Amazon :

  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Baltimore
  • Boston
  • Charlotte
  • Chicago
  • Cincinnati
  • Columbus
  • Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Denver
  • Houston
  • Indianapolis
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Miami
  • Milwaukee
  • Minneapolis
  • Nashville
  • Orlando
  • Philadelphia
  • Phoenix
  • Portland
  • Raleigh
  • Richmond
  • Sacramento
  • San Antonio
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Seattle
  • Tampa
  • Virginia
  • Washington, D.C

Do you need Amazon Prime to order alcohol on Amazon?

Do you need Amazon Prime to order alcohol on Amazon

No, this is not the case. Overall, customers who have Amazon Prime Now do benefit but it does not mean they need this for ordering alcohol. Why? Because you don’t need Amazon Prime for groceries or liquor delivery.

The thing to note is the ease of use with ordering alcohol when you have Amazon Prime. The benefits of this service are numerous for Amazon customers.  Amazon Prime members pay to have perks. For example, you will receive free shipping, while if you don’t pay the fee then non-Prime members have to pay a $7.99 delivery cost.

In the end, any customers wanting to use Amazon Prime Now on a regular basis for liquor deliveries has a big advantage. But, we stress Amazon Prime is not needed for ordering and buying alcohol online.

Future Developments for Ordering Alcohol on Amazon

As Amazon Prime grows and starts to develop and expand its alcohol inventory is changing. The developments and room for investment are changing as we speak.  The site for selling for Amazon is going through growing pains, so change is happening quickly.

Other sites that sell alcohol like Blue Apron or POstmates, which ship wines, have started alcohol courier services only in the past year. The change in the industry is happening so quickly but if there is anyone company to make a difference it would be Amazon.

In the end, as time goes on Amazon is becoming a stronger contender for ordering and selling alcohol. Many wine, beer, and liquor brands will jump at the opportunity to get the exposure of an Amazon listing. In this day and age, many alcohol brands are looking to get a bigger market and better way to get customers to order their products.

Challenges for Getting Alcohol on Amazon

As has been said in the past and over and over again, ordering alcohol online has not been easy. The alcohol distribution system is confusing for a variety of reasons. Throughout the USA, the laws create challenges and barriers to online delivery in the nation. However, if there is a way to change the future of selling alcohol online it is Amazon.

Many industry insiders for online alcohol sales have noted that it will be only Amazon that can change the industry. Many claim that it will be the creativity and influence of Amazon to make ordering alcohol online easier and more readily available.

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