Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

Shop for the best motorcycle helmet camera on Amazon. Helmet or chin cameras may offer mounting options, Bluetooth, WiFi, 4K, and more.

Looking for the right motorcycle helmet camera does not have to be so difficult. When you are buying a helmet camera you need to consider WiFi options, Bluetooth accessibility, the best mounts, or the easiest setup.

If you are looking on Amazon through reviews and see what you want for your future motorcycle helmet camera. Then make sure whether you need an exclusive camera for a motorcycle helmet, a camera with a chin mount, or more built-in features.

Today, when you shop for the best helmet camera you need to know what is important for you. There may be a helmet camera that best suits your needs below after we tested 20+ cameras, so consider all the options from 4K to stabilization to mounting and more.

Our Top Picks: Motorcycle Helmet Cameras Highlights

  • Best Overall Motorcycle Helmet Camera: GoPro Hero 7 Action Camera “Highly rated and versatile camera with numerous mounting possibilities, voice command, 4K recording, and excellent stabilization potential.”
  • Best Value Motorcycle Helmet Camera: Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera “Incredible value for the money because you get a 4K camera that offers excellent video quality; built-in WiFi and free mounting as well.”
  • Best for Image Quality Motorcycle Helmet Camera: GoPro Hero5 Black Digital Action Camera “Excellent image quality and stabilization for best footage; durable waterproof design and wildly popular.”
  • Best for Compatibility Motorcycle Helmet Camera: Campark ACT74 Action Helmet Camera “Top selling helmet camera that is accessible for Android and iOS; waterproof camera with various mounts and features.”
  • Best for Beginners Motorcycle Helmet Camera : Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Camera “Super easy to use camera that is voice activated; easily accessible with touchscreen interface and great image quality.”
  • Best for Riding Motorcycle Helmet Camera: Sena PT10-10 Multi Prism Tube Action Helmet Camera “Specifically only made for motorcycles, easy mounting along with wonderful video recording capability and easy functionality.”
  • Best Durable Motorcycle Helmet Camera: Crosstour Action Camera Underwater “Sturdy for extreme adventures and one of the most affordable cameras on the market; excellent image and video quality.”
  • Best Value Motorcycle Helmet Camera: AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP Wi-Fi Action Camera “The best all-around helmet camera for great photo and video quality, long battery life, and remote wristband control!”
  • Best for Vloggers Motorcycle Helmet Camera: Sena 10C Pro Bluetooth Headset & Camera “Vlogger ready with advanced WiFi connectivity for maximum ease of communication, ride time, and excellent video and audio quality.”
  • Best for Action Motorcycle Helmet Camera: TomTom Bandit 4k Action Video Camera “Versatile camera with extensive mounts for riding, interactive editing control, and GPS/heart monitoring for action sports.”

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras Reviews

Best Overall Motorcycle Helmet Camera

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GoPro has a great reputation for a reason because it delivers the best for everything from WiFi, Bluetooth options, mounts, versatility, accessibility, and much more. GoPro is the best helmet camera simply because it has been making innovative and popular dashcams, helmet cameras, and varied action cameras for a long time. Expect 4k videos with versatile options for recording and vlogging capability.

If you are looking for a motorcycle with plenty of features and durability then look no further. Why? The main appeal for this camera is that you have a camera that is ideal for recording crisp and excellent footage. You get 720p Live Streaming Stabilization that guarantees that your footage is not shaky, but crisp, full of clarity, and vibrant. What makes this helmet camera so popular and well rated is the in-built motion detector that predicts movement and thus makes your footage look so professional, smooth, and ultimately inspiring. Also, this GoPro offers HDR to your footage that offers plenty of effects. You even get voice command control to change settings with this camera that is more than convenient and fun.

All in all, the GoPro is simply the best in every category from photo and video quality, innovative versatility, Wifi/Bluetooth options, and more. Photo and video vlogging for livestreaming and of course incredible image clarity and stabilization for recording on your motorcycle.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Incredible stabilization with 720P Livestreaming capacity
  • Excellent 4K Image quality and video crispness
  • Numerous Mounting options for riding
  • Durable and waterproof for adventurers
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Expensive price point for budget minded consumers
  • Battery power is average considering all the positive and numerous features

Best Value Motorcycle Helmet Camera

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Dragon Touch offers perhaps the best value compared to any other action camera that can be used for a motorcycle. All in all, this is an incredible value for the money because you get a 4K camera that offers excellent video quality, built-in WiFi, tough durability and waterproof ready and even free mounting accessories as well.

If you want a helmet camera for great video quality, ease of use, durability, and accessibility then Dragon Touch is ideal. Why? Simply put, you can record videos that have great fidelity at 1080p and 4k videos as well. Moreover, you get high quality photos at 16 Megapixels as well as high performing video features. You will have the capacity to film at various angles and depth because of the extensive zoom ranges on this Dragon Touch camera. Furthermore, you have a very convenient and user friendly screen that offers you an easy way to view what you are recording in real time. The ease of use and recording functionality is really amazing considering the price. This camera is built to last with durability and waterproofing as well as good battery power.

All in all, this Dragon Touch camera is a must buy for anyone trying to save money on a high performing camera. Because you get a lot of similar features and quality to more expensive cameras, but at half the price or more. The savings is real and what makes this action camera so special.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Incredible price and savings compared to other helmet cameras
  • 4k Recording and 1080p great image quality
  • Voice activated control
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Audio quality has been poorly rated and is not crisp
  • No SD micro card storage or accessibility included

Best for Image Quality Motorcycle Helmet Camera

GoPro Hero5 Black Digital Action Camera

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The GoPro Hero5 has released a camera with perhaps the best image quality and options on the market. For sure, expect excellent image quality along with graphic options; durable waterproof design and popular for a reason. 4K recording modes and the best electronic stabilization for stable footage.

The biggest reason to buy this helmet camera is for any serious rider looking for top quality images and videos. Gopro offers 4K and HD action camera action that will satisfy anyone looking for the best shot. All in all, what makes this stand is the available 4K and high speed recording because you get very effective and high performing electronic image stabilization.
For motorcycle riders, this GoPro has a great range of mounts that can be customized to be attached. Also, you have included hand grips, tripods, clamp mounts, and much more that are ideal for motorcyclists. Moreover, expect built-in touch screen accessibility as well wonderful microphones and durability.

In essence, this helmet camera is high tech and built for riders looking for image and video excellence. This is a helmet camera that is best for someone looking for various video recording modes and top notch audio output.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • The most vivid and intense image quality for video among helmet cameras
  • 4K Recording modes and high fidelity
  • Great electronic image stabilization for strong and stable video footage
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Quite expensive compared to many other helmet cameras
  • Battery drains quickly and some incompatibility with some models
  • There is touchscreen response issues

Best for Compatibility Motorcycle Helmet Camera

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Campark has released a very popular and budget priced camera that is easy for most smartphones and easy to attach to your motorcycle. This is a top selling helmet camera that is accessible for Android and iOS;. Moreover, this is a durable waterproof camera with various mounts and features.

This is a camera that is well known for its solid build, design, and overall great performance. Expect nothing but the best even with the battery, which lasts longer than most other cameras as well as overall recording time. If you are into recording your adventures on your motorcycle then the image quality will certainly impress. Why? You get numerous wonderful options like 4k video recording with pixel options. Moreover, you get a variable and versatile 170 degree angle lens; which opens up the possibilities for creative and especially adventurous riders. As well, you have a Sony sensor that aids in recording high definition video with crisp image and much more. Lastly, you get valuable mounting kits for maximum riding satisfaction.

The best aspect of this camera is the easy accessibility to your mobile devices and phones; along with built in WiFi and even HDMI supports and options. You can’t go wrong with this budget minded camera option because it offers a lot at a small price tag.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Easy accessibility for smartphone connectivity
  • Sony Sensor for sharper and more professional video recording
  • Longer than usual battery recharge time and power
  • Unique 170 degree angle Lens feature
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Does not include a carrying case if you want to travel
  • No SD card capability as well as limits on storage capacity

Best for Beginners Motorcycle Helmet Camera

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Garmin has released a camera well suited for a motorcycle that is easy to use and extremely great for graphics and video. This is a super easy to use camera that is voice activated; easily accessible with touchscreen interface and great image quality.

Garmin has released the perfect helmet camera for beginners. However, just because it is for starters to helmet cameras the Garmin model offers a lot. Expect Ultra high definition video with up to 4K and various modes. Moreover, you get built in GPS and sensors that work externally, which are able to connect to other Garmin related devices. In terms of video recording, you get 3-axis image stabilization that gives you great quality video captures. The nicest feature for this Garmin camera is the voice control. Why? It is simply fabulous because it lets you control the camera hands-free by only the use of voice commands like start or stop during recording.

Overall, this Garmin helmet camera is especially geared to users seeking high quality videos and convenient ease of use. The Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Camera is advanced but not overwhelming for users not used to technology and high tech cameras. Overall, this is a camera that is comparable to the GoPro in options and reputation.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Ease of use and convenience for operation make this camera popular
  • Excellent video and image quality; high performing overall
  • Reliable image stabilization for great videos and functionality
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Battery life is shorter and less powerful than otherwise claimed by Garmin
  • Expensive price compared to some of the more basic helmet style cameras

Best for Riding Motorcycle Helmet Camera

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Sena makes one of the rare specifically made action cameras that easily attaches and is quick to use within moments of purchase. What makes this model stand out is that it is specifically only made for motorcycles, expect easy mounting along with wonderful video recording capability and easy functionality.

A wonderful camera that will more than fill any motorcycle rider who wants to ride and film right away. You get a full and high definition image and video that is 2K Quad HD quality. Expect a definition quality of 1440p for anyone curious to what you can get graphically. Moreover, you get audio quality that is pretty advanced with options; wind noise reduction as well as dual external and internal microphones. In terms of design, you have a camera that offers a sleek and handy fit for your motorcycle. Moreover, you can get the prism WiFi QHD camera to be accessible and ready for downloading and transferring. The best benefit that makes this camera so unbeatable is that the camera can be attached to any motorcycle helmet.

Overall, this is the best riding helmet camera because of the ease of use along with specially made design and customization. In essence, this is certainly a camera that can shoot and record at various angles as well as attach and set up quickly.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Easy and convenient set up because of customized helmet attachment
  • Camera can fit and be attached to all motorcycle helmets
  • Sleek Design and convenient mounting
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Accessibility issues with some Android users on Sena App
  • Audio and video limitations for customizations
  • No much additional instructions for set up

Best Durable Motorcycle Helmet Camera

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One of the most durable and sturdy helmet cameras, the Crosstour model can sustain up to 98 feet underwater. Another remarkable feature, this helmet camera offers a 170 degree angle lens, which covers during video and photo captures.

The Crosstour action camera is known to be a very sturdy camera because it can take any environment or up to 98 feet underwater. Moreover, this camera showcases a lens that will give you more of an eye for videos and images. You will be able to record or get more of your natural surroundings; even capturing a panoramic view. As well, the Crosstour camera is great for its wireless control features; accessibility to various smartphones enable control for this camera. In terms of image quality, you get 1080p resolution for videos and 12MP for photos, so you will get high quality footage with the Crosstour action camera. With usability, you are able to easily access your footage to download, transfer, and view your recordings

All in all, this camera will provide excellent clarity and high quality video and photos. Also, this is one of the sturdier and more durable cameras on the market with incredible waterproof durability.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Budget choice monitor that is easy to use
  • Long lasting battery that can last up to 400 hours
  • Affordable and very high performing considering what you pay for overall
  • Stunning video and photo resolution and clarity that is unmatched for the price
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Some negative feedback on charging the camera battery initially
  • Camera battery drains quickly while connected to WiFi

Best Value Motorcycle Helmet Camera

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Akaso has made a helmet camera that more than delivers the goods. This is the best all-around helmet camera for great photo and video quality, long battery life, and remote wristband control!

In general, this is an all around great camera for value because you can get high performing WiFi accessibility, excellent photos, great price value, and an angle lens that ranges from 70 to 170 degrees. Better yet, in terms of electronic stabilization, you will even have guaranteed sharp and clear photos instead of blurry photos because of the shaky camera. The Akaso camera makes it easy for motorcyclists because of the anti-shaking and stabilization feature. You get accessibility features through WiFi where you can install programs like iSmart DV to share photos, download, and transfer files and footage. Lastly, the easy and convenient mounting accessories from Akaso are wonderful features like the remote control wristband that gives you ultimate accessibility and versatility.
Overall, there is no camera that gives you the same value and general benefits for capturing video and pictures. As a helmet camera, the Akaso is quite versatile and able to give you everything from great photos to easy attachment and mounting possibilities.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Incredible price value considering the overall quality and features
  • Wristband remote control accessibility is unique for most helmet cameras
  • Mounting accessories are convenient and highly regarded
  • Good and long lasting battery recharge power
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Not durable and sturdy compared to many other helmet cameras
  • Plastic body of camera is fragile especially if it falls
  • Limited advanced features and options

Best for Vloggers Motorcycle Helmet Camera

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Sena makes a great helmet camera that is preferred for a highly connected and tech savvy motorcycle rider. Why? This is the premiere vlogger choice for riding and staying connected.
This is the helmet camera that has great user friendly controls, connectivity to your phone, and enhanced riding features.

The Sena 10C is best suited for the bluetooth enabled and tech savvy vlogger because you have the ability for 17 hour talk time, 2 hours of nonstop recording, and seamless video and audio functionality. This helmet camera is equipped with some of the best features that will really impress anyone looking for a camera that interacts with your phone and more. In terms of graphics, you can expect excellent photo and video and ease of communication and potential. The Sena offers a great communication system, with WiFi accessibility, allows riders to download and view footage on their smartphones. Moreover, the camera has large data storage capability for anyone looking to record and store many hours of video footage.

All in all, this is a highly rated camera because of the incredible talk time for hours, communication and WiFi system made for vloggers, and tech savvy riders. Bluetooth forward and enabled and very much a camera loaded with special features.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Highly interactive communication WiFi system for vloggers
  • Smartphone accessible and great for app interactivity
  • Excellent high resolution camera and graphics
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Price point may be too much for some budget minded consumers
  • Rubber lens cap is easy to lose

Best for Action Motorcycle Helmet Camera

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Tom Tom has made a sturdy camera that is easy to configure on the road for motorcyclists.
Overall, this is an attractive and durable action camera that is able to be a high performing recording camera and high quality graphics option. Best option for anyone into sporty motorcycle action because of GPS and heart rate monitor.

This camera is built for action, you can download, store, and transfer all through a USB and highly functionally designed camera. If you want an interactive camera that can give you touchscreen changes for tagging, recording, and downloading then the Tom Tom is perfect for you. Another great feature is the interactive LCD menu that is easy and great to navigate for any helmet camera user.

You have time lapse and slow motion modes and features that can give your videos and images an enhanced aspect. Moreover, you have high resolution and excellent graphics. Expect nothing but high quality and crisp audio as well. Ease of use for editing is also a great benefit to anyone looking for a ready to use and versatile camera.

In essence, this is a highly versatile camera that will make it easy to interact, edit, and film excellent quality video footage on the go. Also, the built-in media server gives this camera a technological edge for anyone wanting to download, transfer, edit, and film anywhere at will. Overall, this is a camera for anyone looking for maximum editing versatility and like GPS sensors and tag features for recording and production.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Many options for mounting and accessories for making it easy to attach to your motorcycle
  • Highly interactive smartphone app for easy editing and downloading
  • Excellent Image quality and graphics for optimal recording
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Bulky and heavy camera may turn off some riders and users
  • Video formats are not extensive as other similarly priced action cameras

How to Choose A Motorcycle Helmet Camera 

Buying a motorcycle helmet camera is not as easy as you think. Here are some tips and suggested things you need to look for in your motorcycle helmet camera.

  • Mounts Available for Helmet
  • Video Settings and Modes
  • Image and Video Quality like 4K
  • Image and Video Stabilization for smooth recording
  • Price and Cost Risk

After we tested more than twenty camera (motorcycle helmet camera) Then give your this listing! Enjoy!

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