31 Modern Window Trim Ideas: Interior Window Trim Styles

Do you consider windows as trivial parts of your house? Do you feel your window casings were given enough attention by the contractor? This post discusses 31 modern interior window trim ideas that will make your house look exquisite.

As they say, first impressions last the longest. Windows are the first thing you notice when you look at a house. Right?  Then why do most people treat windows as if they are a trivial part of their houses? Most interior design contractors do not give window casing the attention it deserves because it is often the last finished aspect.

If you want to give your house an unforgettable welcoming feel, modern window trim ideas are a good starting point. If properly chosen and installed, window trims will add nuance to your house.

Interior Window Trim Styles

For the best window trim ideas, you need to think outside the box, forget the conventional way and break all the rules. Before anything else, you have to challenge the age-old belief that white is the only interior trim color.

This blog presents the 31 most stylish window trim ideas:

1. Touch ups

Occasional refreshing window trim

Occasional refreshing of your interior and exterior window trim is the easiest way to give your house an exquisite look. Make it a habit of occasionally apply a new coat to both your exterior and interior window trims. Black and white are widely preferred because of their radical and strong effects. Be careful not to apply any paint on the glass.

2. Glossy Finish window trim

Glossy Finish window trim

A window trim doesn’t need to have sophisticated decorations. A window trim just needs to be unique and easy to install. As long as the window trim has highlighted the window well, adding a glossy finish gives it that eye-catching look.

3. Simple Victorian Window trim

sophisticated decorations interior Window trim

Victorian styles are known for using sophisticated decorations to amplify interior design. These decorations include baseboard crowns, moldings, and window trims.  Simple window trims have the ability to make the house marinated in luxury.

4. Go Christmas

Christmas Window trim

Across the globe, Christmas is the time to be happy and merry. To capture the festive mood, most people paint their houses with Bavarian colors. You will see most windows painted Red, Green and White. Flowers in vases and small pots are also placed on windows. To give your house that inviting Christmas look, try this all year round.

5. A little to the Side

side Window Trim Styles

Most houses have windows placed at the center of the wall. A slightly outlandish approach can be a good trick to make your house stand out. How about you place your windows a little to the side? More to the left? More to the right? This approach can be complemented with acutely-angled walls with varied exterior textures.

6. Triple Threat

French front doors with arched window

A threat… oh really? Not really a threat, it more of gives your house that welcome message that it desperately needs. Consider having three French front doors each with an arched window above it.  The trim looks beautiful from the outside even though the windows may not brighten your house.

7. Breathtaking Windows

kitchen like curved

Ever came across a kitchen where everything looks like a window except for the windows themselves? Sounds crazy, right? A kitchen where the drawers and cabinets have carved detail on their doors that look like door frames. To crown it all, the windows themselves are wide and clear- no munchins.

8. Simple Beige Window Trim

Simple Beige Window trim

Beige is a soft and pleasing color. Simple beige combined with a simple window frame design will definitely refurbish your house. If the window trim is painted to match the shelves, it will be less conspicuous and complement the furniture.

9. Pyramids

flat-topped windows

You are used to seeing flat-topped windows. How will a curved arch above a window casing look?  Or a symmetric pyramid-like triangle on top of the window casing? This window trim can solve the puzzle to give your house that exquisite look.

10. Bright on Snow

Bright on Snow window trim

It's winter, snow is all over the neighborhood. Bright colors for the exterior are a welcome idea. The mood is gloomy and you want something to cheer you up? The answer is simple: bright colors. Roaring red and cheery yellow are colors you may want to consider when winter finally comes.

11. Beautiful Garage Window

Garage Window

Our garages are always dark and dimly lit. But why? It is time to invest in wooden doors with a sliding mechanism for our ever-dark garages. On top of the doors, have narrow glass window-lets. They will light up the room and give it that wooden window frame effect.

12. Classic Brown Window Trim

Classic Brown Window Trim

This is your best option if you are a classic look enthusiast. A rustic look trim will give your house that classic touch. Classic brown is recommended because it is conspicuously beautiful. You can a step further to add a pot of flowers on the window sill. This enhances the look of your window.

13. Reveal

Vinyl trim pieces

Under this option, a thin reveal piece is used around the window frame. The thin reveal piece creates a thin shadow line that separates the window frame from the wall. Reveals are made from either metal or Vinyl trim pieces placed between the drywall and window. Reveals are available in different widths.

14. No Trim

window walls stretch from floor to ceiling

You don’t need a window trim or reveal if the window walls stretch from floor to ceiling.  Homes with this design are definitely not the cheapest but are worth the investment.

15. Drywall Returns

Drywall Returns

This is the simplest way to trim your window. You just have to return the drywall back into the window opening. It is that simple and hassle-free.  This eliminates the need for trim therefore offering an opportunity to make a saving on finish carpentry expenses.

16. Jamb Extensions

Jamb extensions

A jamb extension adds width to the jamb so that the window covers the entire opening depth of the wall. In most cases, the jamb extension is of the same material of the window frame. It is for this reason that it is considered as an extension of the window frame. This option is a bit pricey because more material and complexity is required.

17. A simple flat stock trim

simple flat stock trim

This is an affordable option without the demands of the usual trim. With lightly contrasting walls, this trim detail creates a beautiful contemporary look.

18. Kitchen Couture

Kitchen Couture

Kitchens have multiple windows to let in plenty of natural light and to allow for proper ventilation. A good modern window trim idea is to have the windows framed in the same color as the trim that covers the cabinets and crown moldings.

19. Internal windows

internal glass windows

Traditional homes only had openings with wooden doors to keep them shut. This is not the case with modern houses. Introducing internal glass windows to separate rooms sounds like adding a modern touch to ancient architecture. Then apply a cool and pleasing color to the frames of the internal windows.

20. Extrusion therapy

flat window

We are used to windows being flat. A window trim idea that adds depth to a window is an interesting idea.

21. Arching Beauty

Curved window trim

Curved windows also need an additional trim. An added trim increases the value of your home both financially and psychologically.

22. Rubber It Up

rubber trim

Window trims are meant to serve decorative purposes only. They also have functional uses.  Installing a rubber trim reduces water damage. The rubber trim can be of a contrasting color so that the window frame is well highlighted.

23. Showcase Your Landscaping

front window trim

Your front window normally tells a lot about you and the other occupants of your house.  The features in front of your window usually frame the window. A well-manicured lawn and a picket-fenced porch create a warm and welcoming feel for your home.

24. Gray on Gray

gray on the window frames

Gray is a neutral color that creates a monochromatic theme. You can apply different shades of gray on the window frames and the background and still achieve a great result.

25. Inexpensive Rustic Window Trim idea

Rustic Window Trim

A rustic look never goes out of fashion. It is also inexpensive and can be easily repurposed from your old furniture. With this trim idea, painting is not mandatory so that the trims maintain a natural obsolete look.

26. Multifunctional Window Trim

Multifunctional Window Trim

Effective time management begins with decluttering your house and work station. A multifunctional window trim gives you the space to arrange your things properly. It has a few moldings that give accent to the window without overwhelming it.

27. Victorian Curved Window Trim

Victorian Curved Window Trim

The Victorian style is defined by brick walls and curved windows.  With the Victorian style, you do not need more decorations for the window trim. A flat stock trim is all that is needed.

28. White Modern Window Trim

White Modern Window Trim

When applied correctly, black and white are not dull colors. They can be astonishingly beautiful. Even though most people paint their window trims with contrasting colors, it is not a crime to paint the window trim the same color as the wall.

29. Basement Window Trim

Basement Window Trim

Basements need a window or two because they can serve any other purpose that other rooms in the house serve. If you want your basement window not to be just an ordinary window, install a window trim. White window trims for basement windows are simple yet stylish.

30. Arresting White

Decorate Window Trim

A good window trim idea is usually inspired by the surrounding décor. Homes with a ‘busy’ color and texture need a white casing so as to tone things down.

31. Add an Extra Wooden Casing

wooden casing trim

Adding unstained wooden casings can amplify the visual appeal of your house. Window frames are usually sufficient to hold the window place, but wood acts as an extra aesthetic. The wooden casing is painted to make it waterproof.

All the modern window trim ideas discussed in this blog are wonderful. It may be a bit difficult for you to choose from among the many exciting and fascinating ideas. The hack here is for you to first know what you want and which idea from the available options works well for you.

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