Does StockX Sell Used Shoes? (Guide to Selling Your Used Shoes on StockX)

Can You Sell Used Shoes On StockX? Exploring the World of Used Shoes on StockX: Buying and Selling

Do you have used shoes and wish to sell them on StockX, but you don’t know if the company permits the sale of used shoes? This article will help you find out whether you can sell used shoes on StockX.

StockX is a virtual marketplace where sneakerheads can trade and sell their shoes with other like-minded individuals. Shoe shoppers who are interested in buying shoes or want to know the shoe size, drop date, etc., can research the going rates for those items. Also, similar pairs can be compared on the StockX site. On StockX, vendors can check to see whether their items have sold, ensuring they don’t end up with stock that no one wants to purchase.

Are there Used Shoes on StockX?

Used Shoes on StockX

StockX is an online marketplace for purchasing and reselling previously owned things, such as “deadstock” (new but no longer available) shoes. Every single pair of shoes offered for sale on StockX is guaranteed to be authentic and unworn. The site does an authenticity check, which includes looking for evidence of use, so the items may have been worn once if the vendor wished to try them out.

They do not sell previously owned shoes on StockX, and if a seller is found to be selling previously owned products (what happens in well over 90 percent of actual situations), they will be fined fifteen percent.

Whether you were wondering if StockX personally offers used footwear, I will have to tell you that they do not. Of course, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of eventually coming across some.

Can You Sell Used Shoes on StockX?

Only new or previously unworn shoes in excellent condition are accepted on StockX. Even shoes that have only been worn a few times can be purchased and resold on StockX. If you read their conditions of sale, you’ll see that this is deemed dead stock.

Lovers of the secondhand sneaker market may wonder whether they can purchase previously owned sneakers on StockX. Don’t even think of trying to sell very dirty sneakers on StockX’s marketplace. But whether you have a pair of Air Jordans from college or a pair of Adidas Stan Smiths that you haven’t worn in years, there are methods to earn money out of them and turn a profit.

StockX Deadstock Sneaker: What is it?

StockX Deadstock Sneaker What is it

The precise meaning of the term “deadstock” is up for debate. StockX calls new, original shoes that have never been worn “deadstock.” There will be original packaging like a label (containing details like shoe size), the lid, and the box that come with the deadstock shoe. Extras, like shoelaces, might also be included in the package. Although there is a section on the StockX website dedicated to B-grades, StockX prohibits the acceptance of factory seconds there.

Some sneakers can pass the inspection without laces, without having been tested on for size, and with a few minor manufacturing flaws, just like with any other shoe examination. There are certain flaws that can’t be avoided, but it doesn’t take away from how cool these sneakers are. Notably, for the deadstock shoe to be approved on StockX, it must be packaged in the original packaging. Structural integrity, yellowing, and discoloration issues are often raised as concerns with older pairs of deadstock.

How to Find Used Shoes on StockX

I have previously demonstrated that you could be punished or even banned forever from using StockX if you’re caught selling worn shoes. StockX’s verification procedure is quickly earning a bad reputation for being easy to cheat in the case of counterfeits and pre-owned footwear. It’s a remote possibility, to be sure, but the statistics don’t lie.

There are a number of telltale signals that a shoe has been worn before, like a yellowed-out appearance if it is intended to be a complete white hue. Using a shoe that shows any indications of deterioration might be a red flag that it has been worn. Another warning indication is a break in the shoe’s midsole; this happens more often with worn-in shoes than with brand-new ones bought using Nike’s SNKRS application.

The next thing to do is to test for heel drag. That’s never a good omen, so if you happen to come across those shoes again, you should send them back. Furthermore, you can see whether the laces have been pulled too tight or if your shoes have been worn out. If you currently possess a pair of Air Jordan 11s and find that the Jordan 11 Retro Cherry you ordered from StockX runs a touch large, I recommend exchanging them for a size down. Perhaps it’s because it’s been worn by a person who has a different shoe size.

Finally, look for noticeable scratches on leather or rubber. Regrettably, you won’t only need to be wary of worn-out footwear.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to find used shoes on StockX:

  • Go to the StockX website ( or open the StockX app on your mobile device.
    Click on the “Search” bar at the top of the page.
  • Type in the name of the used shoes you are looking for, including the brand and model name or number.
  • Once the search results appear, click on the filter icon located on the right side of the search bar.
  • In the filter options, select “Condition” and choose “Used” from the dropdown menu.
    You can also use other filters such as size, price range, location, and more to further refine your search results.
  • Once you have applied the filters, the search results will display only used shoes that match your criteria.
  • Click on the shoe you are interested in to see its product details and view more photos. If you decide to buy the shoe, click on the “Buy” button and follow the prompts to complete your purchase.

That's it! With these simple steps, you can easily find and buy used shoes on StockX.

Is StockX Only Filled with Real and Original Sneakers?

Unfortunately, fakes are a common occurrence on StockX. Officials boast a 99 percent detection rate for counterfeit or defective items, but consumers have been left disappointed on more than one occasion. As a matter of fact, Nike has only lately filed a lawsuit against the resale site for minting NFTs and trademark infringement. Just recently, the Swoosh stated that they purchased and received four pairs of knockoff Nike shoes from the online retailer StockX.

Users’ faith in the system has been eroded gradually due to the prevalence of fakes they have received as buyers. Some StockX customers have paid exorbitant resale rates on sites like eBay and Reddit, only to get counterfeit versions of the sneakers they ordered.

StockX Shoe Condition: What Condition Do Shoes Have to be to Sell on StockX?

Shoes in deadstock condition are the only ones accepted for sale on StockX. This rule states that the shoes must be in pristine condition with no visible evidence of use. In addition to having the laces, the shoes must be laced up for StockX to accept them. Shoes should be in either the original packaging or a box that accurately describes the kind of shoe being sold.

For whatever reason, StockX will only take specific styles of footwear. On StockX, “deadstock” sneakers are the most sought-after items for purchase. Converse shoes that have never been worn are known as “Deadstock.” Most of the time, they are still in their original packaging and seem to be brand new. This implies that the footwear is spotless and in good condition. Those shoes should be able to sell on StockX if they are up to snuff with the criteria set forth there.

StockX Used Shoes: What Happens if You Sell Used Shoes on StockX?

What Happens if You Sell Used Shoes on StockX

Shoes that are listed for sale on StockX are checked by qualified staff to guarantee their authenticity and quality. Original shoes are then sold on StockX. StockX will assess a 15 percent service fee for delivering the pre-owned footwear if it determines that the shoe in question is a fake. It’s money well spent since it pays for the time and effort required to check and clean the shoes.

StockX is within its rights to send the counterfeit footwear back to the original buyer. Because StockX will only ever offer genuine footwear. Not only are late deliveries and poor packing punished, but also delivery delays.

Because of this, it is crucial that you only sell genuine shoes on StockX and that you wrap them securely. So, before you decide to sell your old footwear on StockX, it’s important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks. It is possible that you will lose money instead of generating a profit if you don’t.

StockX Rules for Shoe Conditions

StockX Rules for Shoe Conditions

Only “DS” shoes, an acronym for “deadstock,” are acceptable at StockX. But it’s a phrase that means different things to different people. Because of this, StockX offers its own take on the matter. Deadstock shoes, under StockX’s definition, have never been worn. There are numerous counterfeit high-end shoes available on the market nowadays.

Extras are often supplied with deadstock shoes. Items like shoelaces spring to mind. All contents of the factory-sealed box must be present. If the laces are still in good condition, StockX will take your lacing-up shoes. Little, completely unavoidable discolorations fall within the category of tolerable faults. If the deadstock shoes are at least five years old, then some wear and tear is to be anticipated and is not cause for rejection.

Shoes sold as “deadstock” must be in their original packaging. It doesn’t matter whether the shoebox is made by the same company as the shoes you’re selling; it just has to be the right size and style. StockX will accept the shoes even if the box is slightly dented but will not accept them if there are rips or other major evidence of damage.

StockX Rules for Shoe Conditions: What Happens if You Break the Rules

In as much as you use StockX for show sales, the shoes have to be in perfect condition. Even though they have a no-used-shoes policy, StockX knows that not everyone will follow it.

Returning an item results in enormous shipping costs, yet it is very uncommon for customers to do so anyhow. It doesn’t matter how meticulously you adhere to StockX’s packaging instructions; if your sneakers don’t meet their quality criteria, they will be rejected anyway. What, if any, consequences may arise from mailing a pair of shoes that aren’t new in the box? Used footwear sent to StockX may incur a 15 percent service fee, the company says.

Importantly, StockX is under no obligation to accept the return of any item that does not meet its requirements. They may notify law enforcement if they are sent fake shoes through their webpage.

Sellers who do not send their shoes out on time or do not package them securely might be punished by StockX. All of these actions are taken to expedite shipment to the customer as soon as possible.

Top Alternatives to StockX for Shoe Sales

Top Alternatives to StockX for Shoe Sales

Shoes that have been used can be resold at a number of different establishments. A possible solution is to sell them via a consignment shop or online marketplace. This means you will send the shoes to the shop, and the shop will place them on the shelves for you. You’ll be paid a sum based on a certain proportion of the shoes’ final selling price.

You might also try listing them for sale on one of the many online sales and shopping sites (like Amazon, GOAT, or eBay). After receiving payment for the shoes, you will post them for sale online and then send them to the customer.

As a last resort, you can try selling them at a garage sale or a flea market. Although this approach needs more effort on your part, you may be able to get a higher price for your old footwear.


Q: Are used shoes verified on StockX before being sold?

StockX verifies every shoe sold on the platform. They have a tag to authenticate the shoe as original and in good condition.

Q: What should I do if I order the wrong size of a shoe on StockX?

Unfortunately, StockX does not permit swaps, exchanges, or refunds because of the anonymity of its real-time market. If you bought the incorrect size, this also applies to you. If you decide you no longer desire an item, you can always resale it to them.

Q: What do I do if my shoes are rejected?

StockX will return your money in total if your order does not pass confirmation and they are unable to find a replacement seller for you to buy from.

Q: Is selling on StockX difficult?

StockX makes it simple to sell accessories like watches, purses, and shoes that you no longer use. To begin offering items for sale, you must create a seller account. A wholesaler has the option of listing items at a defined price or making them available for bidding.


Basically, you can only sell deadstock or brand-new shoes on StockX, although there are a few caveats. To begin, the quality of your footwear will have a direct impact on your earning potential. Also, you have to sign up and start selling the shoes. Note that before making any sales on StockX, make sure to read the terms and conditions. You should have no trouble selling your old shoes if you keep these suggestions in mind.

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