Is GOAT Legit? A Complete Guide + GOAT Alternatives for Buying Sneakers

Do you want to find out the credibility of GOAT, whether it is legit or a scam? This article is here to help. This article provides you with a detailed review of GOAT and its best alternatives.

GOAT is a marketplace for reselling shoes, where users can buy and sell sneakers via a fully controlled system that safeguards against fakes and lost shipments. People who missed out on a pair of shoes the first time around might have a second opportunity to purchase them on the resale market since the site accepts both deadstock (brand-new) and worn footwear. The GOAT is one of the most sought-after marketplaces for buying and selling sneakers of all kinds, from the newest releases to vintage rarities.

There are a lot of different sites to buy sneakers, which might be confusing if you’re just starting started. To make matters more daunting, many of these places also claim to be the greatest choice, so choosing one to purchase or sell kicks from might seem like a real gamble. For this piece, I researched some of the most popular online marketplaces extensively so that I could provide you with a comprehensive overview of the many available choices.

The target of our attention today is GOAT, one of the biggest online marketplaces. With the ability to purchase and sell both brand-new and previously used sneakers, GOAT is sure to have what you’re searching for. You’ll find all you need to know about buying and selling right here, so read on!

The History of GOAT


In July 2015, Eddy Lu and Daishin Sugano established GOAT. Lu is the CEO and co-founder, while Sugano is the CPO and co-founder. In 2017, Yunah Lee was promoted to CFO; in 2019, Sen Sugano to CBO; and in 2021, Matt Cohen to CRO.

The shoes on GOAT’s platform are authenticated using a “ship-to-verify” process that employs machine learning. It was not until 2019 that the portal branched out into new markets and categories, adding high-end and streetwear fashion and accessories to its already extensive selection of pre-owned goods. Several high-end companies, such as Versace, Chloe, and Bergdorf Goodman, have teamed up with GOAT.

Since announcing their merger in February 2018, GOAT and Flight Club have adopted a fully integrated omnichannel strategy. GOAT is devoted to mobile and online listings, whereas Flight Club is a worldwide retail and e-commerce consignment powerhouse. To better serve customers on both their online and offline channels, Foot Locker invested 100 million USD in GOAT Group in February 2019. As of this writing (July 19), GOAT has only been released in China.

After a successful fundraising round with D1 Capital Partners in September 2020, GOAT saw its market value increase from 1.0 billion USD to over 2 billion USD. Over the following nine months, GOAT raised 195 million USD, headed by Park West Asset Management, increasing its market worth to 3.75 billion USD.

How to Make Purchases on GOAT

How to Make Purchases on GOAT

As a customer, purchasing from GOAT is a breeze. You’ll need to first narrow down your options for shoes and then determine whether you want to purchase new or pre-owned footwear. Brand new pairs will be packaged the same as you’d find them in a shop, but worn pairs will be described as accurately as possible and always accompanied by photos.

The next step is to choose a size, at which point you’ll see the associated cost. Sneakers can be “pre-verified,” meaning they are already authenticated and in stock in GOAT’s warehouse, or they can be “verified,” meaning the seller must send the shoes to GOAT first.

You won’t have to worry about any hidden fees or additional taxes when you check out since all of it is already included in the total price you see. Finally, pick your preferred mode of payment and finish the purchase; your new shoes will soon be on their way to you!

How to Easily Sell on GOAT

How to Easily Sell on GOAT

To prevent fraud of any kind, GOAT has a stringent policy in place for its vendors. To begin selling on GOAT, you must first apply to become an authorized seller, which entails verifying your identity and completing a series of questions designed to weed out potential fraudsters. It’s hard to prevent this in its entirety, but GOAT does a fantastic job of identifying suspicious accounts right from the get. Once your identity has been confirmed, selling will be a breeze.

While selling old shoes, you must take images that clearly show any issues; when selling new sneakers, you need just mention any flaws with the pair or the packaging. The next step to take is to decide whether to send your shoes to GOAT’s warehouse to be “pre-verified” (which can increase their chances of selling more quickly) or to keep them in stock and only send them out after they are purchased. After the shoes have been authenticated, you will be paid!

How GOAT Verifies Product Legitimacy

With GOAT’s stringent verification method, counterfeit shoes have almost no chance of making it to consumers. To guarantee only the highest quality shoes make it into the site, a team of professionals manually authenticates each pair and uses digital authentication tools. To prevent fakes from sneaking through the cracks, the team follows a meticulous procedure to record every aspect of each new release.

So, you can rest easy knowing that your GOAT shoe order will be delivered in pristine condition. After making a purchase, you no longer need to manually inspect the seller’s photos since a specialized authentication team will do it for you.

Shipping Policy of GOAT

Shipping Policy of GOAT

Several variables affect how much it will cost to ship an item, such as the size and value of the package, the shipping method used, the destination country, any applicable taxes or tariffs, and the shipping company’s base rate. And GOAT, headquartered in Culver City, California, charges 14.50 USD for delivery inside the contiguous United States and 15 USD for shipping to Hawaii and Alaska.

Buyers are responsible for the 25 USD shipping price for any Next Day Insta Ship branded purchases. Shipping to the People’s Republic of China is 25 USD, shipping to Canada is 30 USD, and shipping to most other countries is 40 USD. Multiple or heavy goods can incur an additional fee. When an order is placed for a taxable item that will be sent to a client in a state or country that requires sales tax, GOAT will collect and remit the appropriate sales tax.

The rate of sales tax that must be included in the order depends on the location to which the order is being shipped. Not all states include shipping costs in their Sales Tax, whereas some do. If the seller is located in the Asia-Pacific area, the item will be authenticated and verified before being dispatched to the buyer from GOAT’s Hong Kong hub.

Does GOAT Have Genuine Vendors?

As I’ve already indicated, GOAT has a stringent authentication procedure for every seller who wants to list stuff for sale; thus, fraudulent accounts are quickly discovered and removed. One can reasonably believe that the vast majority of merchants participating in the marketplace can be trusted. Despite the team’s best efforts, some illegal action might take place. You can be certain that the existing vendors on the marketplace are trustworthy if you want to acquire a pair of sneakers without any problem.

Is GOAT Legit?

Of course, it is. You can buy and sell sneakers with confidence on GOAT because of the rigorous moderation it undergoes. They’re a seasoned company that’s stood the test of time in the market and has a firm grasp on how things work. Consider it if you’ve had your eye on a pair on GOAT or if you have a large collection you’d want to unload.

GOAT Alternatives: 15 Sneaker Stores like GOAT

1. Mercari — Your favorite brands are available for exchange on Mercari


Mercari Inc. has created a fantastic tool with Mercari. Using your mobile devices is the quickest and simplest method to purchase and sell anything. You can buy and sell everything from sports equipment to consumer electronics, from clothing to playthings, and from jewelry to footwear here.

2. eBay — Gives you access to deep discounts on thousands of top-selling products across dozens of categories


eBay is a global e-commerce platform that connects buyers and sellers directly via mobile apps. It’s one of the most reliable applications for those who want to buy and sell things as well as get great bargains on a wide variety of products. The eBay mobile application is entirely free to download, and it gives you access to hundreds of sales on popular products across a wide range of categories, from cosmetics and apparel to electronics and more.

3. 5miles — Best places to buy and sell used items


The 5miles app, developed by the company of the same name, is remarkable. In terms of improving the quality of your local shopping experience, this app is unrivaled. With this app, you can search for and see ads anywhere in the world. From the convenience of your mobile device, you can buy and sell almost anything, locate a suitable location to reside, use any local services, and research available employment opportunities.

4. ASOS — You can quickly locate and save any desired item with the aid of this platform


ASOS is a popular English smartphone app that caters to young people in the areas of fashion and beauty. More than 850 different brands of clothing and accessories are available for purchase via the app. You can quickly locate and save any desired data with the aid of this system. Everything you need, from research to purchases, can be done on ASOS.

5. Wallapop — Best platform for buying and selling products near you


Wallapop is a free app that allows you to browse and make purchases from a virtual flea market wherever you go. The process of purchasing and selling locally is quick and simple. It’s the best garage sale app around. The Walla Pop app can be used with both Android and iOS devices and is accessible for download at any time from any location in the globe.

6. Kixify — The best place to buy and sell sneakers


Kixify is the company behind the world’s biggest shoe marketplace. Those who are interested in making money out of their unused clothing will find this software to be invaluable. It’s a simple and quick smartphone app that helps individuals from all over the globe find one another and trade or buy and sell rare footwear, in this case, sneakers.

7. StockX — The best place to buy and sell handbags, watches, sneakers, and other items


Stock X, Inc. is the exclusive developer and distributor of StockX. It’s one of the quickest and most secure methods to buy and sell genuine footwear, timepieces, streetwear, and other accessories. The professional staff ensures the legitimacy of all items via rigorous testing.

8. Plndr — Best GOAT alternative to buying and selling fashion and streetwear


Karmaloop, a flash sale website that offers cutting-edge streetwear and fashion labels at steep discounts (up to 80 percent off), has released a free smartphone application called Plndr. It’s Android and iOS software that’s straightforward to use.

9. MarketPlace — Best for buying affordable shoes, clothes, and goods


The marketplace is an application for getting your hands on discounted apparel and accessories in a flash. It provides the finest bargains and discounts for the products listed. You can use this amazing application to get the most out of your mobile device’s ability to save you money.

10. Move — Best platform for sneakers lovers


If you’re in the market for a place to purchase or sell premium brand shoes, accessories, or anything else, Move is an excellent resource for you. It’s free software that connects buyers and sellers of pre-owned goods. The app stocks millions of items from the most popular streetwear labels, including New Era, Nike, Vans, Stussy, and many more.

11. Tradesy — The best place to buy designer clothes and fashion


This free smartphone application is designed for people who are interested in purchasing designer clothing and accessories at discounted prices. In addition, it’s ideal for users who can sell anything literally whenever they want to.

12. Poshmark — Buy and sell fashion in the comfort of your home with your mobile phone



The company Poshmark, Inc., behind the Poshmark platform, is known for creating a sophisticated shopping venue. This software is highly recommended if you’re looking to purchase or sell clothing via your mobile device. Use this app to save up to 70 percent off retail on over 5,000 of the greatest brands, including small and junior sizes.

13. Listia— The best place to sell your old stuff and get new stuff you love


Listia is a delightful marketplace where you can buy and sell millions of items in a streamlined and user-friendly environment. It's a cross between a yard sale, a virtual garage sale, and a mobile marketplace, and it's completely free to use. It's different from other shopping apps out there and has tons of cool features that will improve your buying experience. You may trade in your unused goods for other products like gadgets, jewelry, apparel, and literature.

14. Letgo —Provides not just first-rate products but also luxury brands and designer labels to buy and resell


When it comes to buying and selling on the Move, Letgo is one of the most popular options. It’s Android and iOS software that costs nothing to download and use. LetGo is the quickest and easiest way to sell items and discover amazing bargains in your area. Use the app to find what you need from a wide variety of categories, including apparel, home decor, automobiles, gaming, and gadgets.

15. ThredUp — The best place to buy and resell fashion


ThredUp is a free mobile app that allows users to buy and sell gently used items online. It’s a major trend in the world of collaborative consumerism, which encourages people to live in a more equitable and equitable economy by pooling their resources. With over 25,000 brands for women and children at up to 90 percent discount, it is the easiest and biggest secondhand shopping app in the world. Find everything you need to get through the next seasons, including clothing, shoes, and accessories.


Q. Does GOAT sell counterfeit footwear?

Every pair of shoes, new or old, is checked for authenticity by GOAT. You can be certain that any shoes you buy on the site have been checked for authenticity.

Q. Does GOAT accept the return of purchased products?

As long as they are in the same condition as you received them, GOAT will accept returns on “New In Box, New No Box, GOAT Clean, garment purchases, and accessory purchases.” Before making a purchase, investigate GOAT’s return policy.

Q. What is the logic behind GOAT?

The GOAT market is a location where vendors (who may be individuals or small businesses) can advertise their wares for sale, and customers can examine them before making a purchase. Even though sellers are free to advertise any pair of shoes on the site, they are required to send their resale items to GOAT for verification before they can be listed.


GOAT, created and released by 1661, Inc., is an outstanding tool. It’s a risk-free and convenient method to trade shoes with folks in other parts of the globe. So that you know your shoes are real and exactly as stated, the app provides verification services for all transactions.

When it comes to getting what you want online, GOAT is your best bet. Users can shop with complete peace of mind knowing that every vendor has been screened and every picture has been checked for accuracy. Each pair of shoes is checked by the app’s professionals before it is sent to you for delivery.

You can sell your shoes in a matter of minutes using the GOAT app. The app’s addicting and finest feature is its ability to help you select a price by providing market data and showing you what buyers are prepared to pay.

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