How Long Does GOAT Verification Take? [2023’s Guide]

Do you want to use GOAT for your sneakers and fashion items trading and wish to know how long it takes GOAT to verify? This article will show you the extent of the GOAT verification procedure to up your knowledge about the platform.

The GOAT clothing brand has been expanding rapidly since its inception in 2009. GOAT was established at a time when purchasing sneakers was limited to brick-and-mortar stores and boutiques; the company’s mission was to provide its customers with an improved online shopping experience by providing direct access to top-tier offerings from sneaker retailers like Nike, Adidas, and others.

You may be curious about how long it takes to be verified while using the GOAT app to purchase or sell shoes. In this piece, I will explain how GOAT verification works and how long it usually takes.

GOAT Verification: Does GOAT Verify?

GOAT Verification

Lots of people question whether or not GOAT really checks each and every transaction. In a word, yeah! GOAT is pleased to provide its consumers with the confidence that their purchases are genuine. Orders are checked for authenticity to avoid sending customers fake goods. As an added bonus, GOAT will refund your purchase if you discover any signs of a counterfeit.

A number of safeguards are in place at GOAT to ensure the authenticity of the products advertised there. To begin, they use machine learning tools to identify phony advertisements. Second, they have an on-site staff of authenticators that do in-depth visual examinations of the objects to guarantee their legitimacy. A digital verification system is then used to ensure the authenticity of the footwear.

The whole GOAT team is educated on how to identify counterfeit goods. The process involves looking for typos and faulty logos, two telltale markers of fakes. In addition, GOAT has a stringent policy of only accepting items from trusted vendors.

GOAT has a few safeguards in place to verify the legitimacy of the products sold on its website. GOAT uses machine learning technology, in-person identification, and digital verification to guarantee that only genuine things are offered for sale.

GOAT Verification: How Long does GOAT take to Verify?

GOAT’s popularity can be attributed, in part, to the fact that the site provides a check to ensure the legitimacy of the shoes for sale. GOAT’s shoe authentication process typically takes between one and two days. However, if the seller chooses to cash out after verification is complete, there may be a lag in completing the money.

It’s possible that GOAT would get in touch with the vendor if they realized that the sneakers they ordered were not what was described. Authenticated and GOAT are the only vendors that will ship the buyer original sneakers.

Customers who buy sneakers from GOAT and discover they are counterfeit will be notified and given a complete refund. When you buy shoes from GOAT, you know you’re getting the real deal. GOAT’s verification procedure is rather fast and effective. If you acquire shoes online, they should arrive at your door within a week.

GOAT Processing: How Long does it Take?

GOAT Processing How Long does it Take

Your purchase will arrive at GOAT within three to four business days. You should expect GOAT to begin checking the legitimacy of your purchase as soon as they get it. As a rule of thumb, count on two working days. Once your purchase has been checked out, GOAT will send it on its way. It usually takes three to four business days to process.

Once a shoe has been submitted to GOAT for review, the procedure typically takes between one and two business days. Verification of your shoe is followed by sending the funds to your designated account. In sum, you can expect your purchase from GOAT to arrive at your doorstep in around 10 business days.

GOAT Verification: Why does GOAT Verification Take Long?

Verification Take Long

Many factors contribute to the lengthy time it takes for GOAT to confirm your footwear. They have to check the shoes’ authenticity first. The serial number is checked and verified against a database. Timeframe often takes between one to two business days.

Furthermore, the quality control team must have the GOAT verify that the shoes are in good shape. They have to check the cleanliness and quality of the footwear. It can take a few days for this to occur.

GOAT will let you know if there’s a problem with the shoes, and you can choose to get a refund or have them thrown away. You are responsible for paying any applicable local taxes if you pick the return option. Shoes on GOAT might take up to a week to be verified. Before they allow the shoes to be sold on their site, they will need to verify that they are genuine and in excellent condition.

“Verification Needed:” Why does GOAT Show Verification Needed?

Why does GOAT Show Verification Needed

If a GOAT listing says “Verification required,” it signifies the buyer needs the seller to supply additional details about the item being sold. Photos, a written description, and other information can be included. After the seller has submitted this data, GOAT will evaluate it using their verification technologies, which are electronic authentication, machine learning, and hand verification, and make a decision about whether or not to authenticate the ad.

The length of time needed to verify shoes on GOAT varies with the number of sneakers and the level of sophistication of their verification processes. However, GOAT makes every effort to examine footwear so that shoppers can locate the products they need speedily.


Q: What days does GOAT Verification Occur?

From Monday through Friday, GOAT conducts daily verifications. From a few hours to up to forty-eight hours, based on the circumstances, is the average time for the procedure.

Q: How do I track my order on GOAT?

You can track your order using the GOAT application. Follow these steps to access your tracking number on the GOAT app: Open the app, go to the Profile area, then tap the orders tab. The given tracking number allows you to see where your purchase currently is.

Q: Is GOAT legit?

GOAT is a legit platform for your sneakers deal. Every sneaker on the platform goes through a verification process to ensure that they are selling the original to you. So, you can trust GOAT for original and legit sneakers.


In the world of sneakers and other types of footwear, GOAT is a must-shop online destination. Experts check all goods for sale on GOAT to ensure they are authentic before they are offered for sale. It gives customers assurance that the goods they are purchasing are genuine.

According to the item, the verification procedure can take some time. Many items listed on GOAT require the seller to provide multiple images and supporting documents. A group of specialists checks the footwear as it arrives at GOAT. Timeframes range between some days to weeks for the complete process.

GOAT is, in general, a fantastic retailer of sneakers and other types of footwear. It can take some time to verify your purchase, but you can rest certain that you are receiving a genuine item.

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