Leesa vs Tuft & Needle – Which Mattress Fit for You?

We have compared Leesa and Tuft & Needle mattresses to find out the specific differences in their properties and services.

The desire to acquire the best thing never ends. It is the reason we keep looking for new and latest products. Same is the case with the mattress industry. With the passage of time, few latest brands came into existences that believe in fair and transparent direct trading with their customers.

Leesa and Tuft & Needle are one of them. This idea has brought a perfect change in the industry. The outcome of this Bed-In-a-box service shows a great success. Only 2.2% of customers have been reported returning their products to the firm. Both of them founded some years back and succeeded in making an excellent reputation in the market. These two brands deliver product straight to their customers' home with many other benefits too.

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Despite a few similarities in their services, there are many differences in their products too. In Leesa vs. Tuft & Needle comparison roundup, we are going to highlight the features of both along with their comparison. This will help you in deciding the frontrunner among both.

Leesa vs. T&N: A Comparison

To make things further clear and more accessible to compare, we are going to evaluate Leesa and T&N mattress in a parallel manner in the following table.

Mattress Leesa Tuft and Needle
Layers of foam 2″ thick Avena Foam layer (3.65 PCF), 2″ thick Memory Foam (3 PCF). 6″ thick, dense Poly Foam (18 PCF) 3 inches thick T&N Adaptive Foam (2.8 PCF), 7 inches thick Poly Foam (1.8 PCF)
Mattress Height 10-inch 10-inch
Cover Four-striped, soft, thin, and breathable Simple, soft, cozy, thin, and breathable
Firmness 6.5 7
Support Excellent Excellent
Motion Transfer Negligible Negligible
Cost $525 to $1,195 $350 to $750
Warranty 10-year limited 10-year
Trial 100-night 100-night
Shipping Free home delivery within 2-3 business days Free home delivery within 2-5 business days
Returns Yes, the company will pick it up and dispose Yes, the company will pick it up and dispose
Where to Buy Buy here Buy here


On applying pressure, you can feel memory foam providing proper contouring to your body in case of Leesa. Here, it is going to offer excellent pressure relieving with adequate support. The over-heating issue of memory foam is resolved by top Avena layer and a breathable cover of the Leesa.

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While applying pressure on the Tuft & Needle would firstly give soft and plush feel with quick response. The top cover and upper adaptive layer both add a soft feel to the mattress. The three inches adaptive layer gives super bounce and pressure relieving features. Here, it is noteworthy that T&N doesn't contour body like memory foam. Its feel is somewhere between latex and polyfoam.

Layers of Foam


Leesa Layers of Foam

Leesa is a 10” thick mattress with three different layers. All these contain different foam types to serve their specific purpose.

Top-layer- it is 2” thick Avena Foam. The foam density is 3.65 PCF (pounds per cubic foot), and IFD (Indentation Force Deflection) is 20. It is the comfort layer and serves the purpose of providing cooling effect, comfort, bounce, and regulating the temperature.

Middle-layer- it is 2” thick Memory Foam. Its density is 3PCF, and IFD is 9. It is a recovery layer that contours the sleeper's body and provides pressure-relieving benefits.

Bottom layer- it is 6″ thick, dense Poly Foam. Its density is the highest is 18 PCF and IFD 32. It is the support layer of Leesa. It gives shape to the mattress’s upper layers and sound support to all types of sleepers.


Tuft and Needle Mattress Layer Construction

The layering of Tuft & Needle is a bit different and more straightforward than other competitors. It involves only two layers.

Upper Layer-it is 3 inches thick T&N Adaptive Foam. Its density is almost 2.8 PCF, and it is a comfort layer, and it provides the combined features of Latex and Memory Foams. The upper layer delivers the feel of pressure-relieving effects along with good bounce.

Bottom Layer-it is 7 inches thick Poly Foam. Its density is 1.8 PCF. It provides support to the sleeper with the stability and proper structure of the mattress.

What unique about Tuft and Needle is that they have kept only two layers, but they are destined to deliver benefits of multiple layers. All these attributes together provide pressure-relieving and responsive behavior along with cooling effects.

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The top cover of Leesa and Tuft & Needle are the same in the regard that both offer breathability.

The Leesa cover is constructed using a polyester blend. The overall feel it gives is cozy and soft. It is seamless with iconic four-stripe design on it that enhances its aesthetic appeal.

The Tuft & Needle’s cover is manufactured using micro polyamide and polyester material. As this material dries quickly, it assists in sleeping cool for a more extended period. Moreover, it offers a soft and plush feel as well.

There is one difference here. The Leesa cover is comparatively thicker than Tuft & Needle. This attribute makes it more resistant.

Here, it is important to mention that sleeping in the room with 65-75 degrees F temperature can help you in improving your sleep.

Firmness, comfort, and Support

The firmness offer by both Leesa and Tuft & Needle is somehow similar. However, in Leesa, there is an additional memory foam layer that plays its role.


firmness offer by Leesa

In Leesa mattress, when you rest on it, the first thing to interact with your body is Avena Foam. It gives a great response to the pressure applied. In the result, all you get is the excellent bounce. This feature makes it comfortable for you to toss and turn while sleeping.

As the layer at the bottom provides support, with all these foams, it will offer you a medium level of firmness. Though all sleepers are going to experience it differently, for most of them, Leesa gives medium firmness. On the scale of 1-10, we can give it the marks of 6.5-7 for its firm behavior.

All in all, Leesa is an excellent choice for the majority of sleepers. It provides good bounce and support with pressure-relieving features. It gives the feel of sleeping at the top of the mattress instead of sinking inside.

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T&N soft comfort layer

On the other side, we have a Tuft and Needle mattress. It gives a bit different feel because of having only two layers. One of them is a soft comfort layer, and the other one is the support layer. Both these layers are entirely different in their properties.

After the comfort layer, the bottom base layer comes immediately in this mattress. It provides support to the sleeper while providing firmness. Like Leesa, its firmness is also medium. We can rate it at 7 on the scale of 1-10. (10 is the maximum firmness.)

However, due to the presence of only two layers with discrete characteristics, its firmness reacts differently to different sleepers. On the whole, it feels responsive, bouncy, medium-firm, with astounding pressure-relieving effects.

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Size Leesa Tuft & Needle
CAL KING $1,195 $750
KING $1,195 $750
QUEEN $995 $595
FULL $885 $495
TWIN XL $695 $395
TWIN $525 $350

Should you buy a Leesa or a T&N?

We have clearly described all the features for both mattresses here. Now which option you should go for? It is something based on individual preferences.

Either you go for Leesa or Tuft & Needle, in both cases, you will get the following benefits:

  • Free shipping
  • Soft and breathable cover
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • 100 nights trial period
  • 10-year warranty
  • CertiPUR-US certification
  • Sturdy base

If Leesa also provides White Glove Delivery option, the Tuft & Needle comes certified by OEKO-TEX and GREENGUARD GOLD.

There are few differences between Leesa and T&N as well. These dissimilarities will help you in deciding which one is the right option for you. Below we are going to discuss these discriminating points:

You should opt for Leesa if:

You want to enjoy good bounce: the layer of Avena Foam provides an excellent bounce to the sleeper. It is especially helpful for those who sleep on their stomach.

You are a heavy sleeper: the memory foam layer in the middle offer proper contouring and pressure-relieving to those who are heavy and sink through Avena foam layer.

Check Price and Availability

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You should opt for Tuft and Needle if:

You want medium firmness: the Tuft & Needle offer the firmness that is the just medium. It gives the sleeper a general feeling that is the right combination of firmness and comfort.

You want to stay at the top of the mattress: the absence of pure memory foam layer in Tuft & Needle makes it able to keep the sleeper at its top rather than hugging it.

You are looking for some affordable option: this attribute is the most remarkable one about Tuft & Needle. They provide a great deal to their customers by keeping their prices surprisingly low. You can see the difference between a reasonable $400 in the Queen Size mattresses of both.

Check Price and Availability

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Wrap up

In the past few years, many latest mattress brands have emerged that has changed the industry’s standards. Leesa and T&N are one of them. They have brought revolution by delivering the product directly to their customers. Also, their multiple foam layers constructions provide user everything to ensure a peaceful sleeping experience.

In this write-up, we have compared both these top-notch mattresses brands. After going through all the comparison material, we can say, no product is less valuable than others by any means. They both deliver outstanding benefits.

Yes, there are specific differences in their properties and services as well. Therefore, the selection for any of them depends on the individual’s requirements and preferences. Leesa or Tuft and Needle, in any case, you are going to get a durable product with incredible customer services.

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