Leesa Mattress Review And Rating (Updated 2020) – Pros & Cons

Rejoice your sleep with the best comforting mattress of Leesa. The redesigning of Leesa mattress gives you the best support and ultimate satisfaction. It is not lagging behind when it comes to pressure relief.

It gives you the core support and maximum contouring possible. It has a cooling phenomenon inside which lets you sleep peacefully even in scorching summer’s heat. With a better design, you can sleep better with it. Leesa mattress has three layers of construction. This makes it one of the best mattress with a good amount of bounce and firmness. This trio combo makes it a mattress worth buying. With their manufacturing done in the USA, they ensure their product’s durability and quality.

Leesa mattress is coming with night trials, free shipping, and warranty. What other comforting features it has to offer is what we will be discussing in this article. So, let’s read and decide the size you want for your bed.


  • FEEL - 7.4/10
  • FIRMNESS - 7.5/10
  • EDGE SUPPORT - 9/10
  • BOUNCE - 7.5/10


The Leesa mattress is an amazing product made in USA. It comes with an effective pressure relieving feature with high breathability and soft cover. Competing with many other companies, this will surely exceed your expectations. It is a good value for money with an offer of 100 night’s trials.


Overall, Leesa has managed to grab customer’s attention regarding its quality and other features. The Leesa mattress review is:

Leesa mattress reviess reagrding its quality


  • Leesa uses premium quality foams in their construction. This helps to maintain your body alignment.
  • Leesa mattress has three layers of construction. The cooling foam, the pressure-relieving foam, and dense core support.
  • Leesa mattress has no sinking feeling.
  • It avoids overheating and maintains an optimum level of temperature.
  • Available in all sizes.
  • Leesa mattress sleeps cool.
  • It is a great mattress with a design that is suitable for all sleepers.
  • They offer free sleep trials.
  • Also, they are offering free shipping and returns services.
  • They are giving white glove delivery. This means they will place and set your mattress wherever you want. You won’t have to worry about lifting it and keeping.
  • Good with any type of base.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Giving 10 years warranty.


Construction of Lesssa Mattress

Leesa mattress comes with three layers of awesomeness. It gives you the perfect body contouring with its good level of firmness. Also, it maintains a certain amount of bounciness. So, this makes it a good choice both for bounce and firmness lovers. The three levels of perfection are;

Cooling Avena foam

The cooling Avena foam is the most top layer. It is a 2’’ foam layer which helps to maintain the flow of air in the mattress. This makes the surface of the mattress to be cool. The airflow allows a cooler sleep throughout the night. Not only this, but it also gives you enough amount of bounce.

Pressure relieving foam

The second layer is of 2’’ of pressure-relieving foam. This helps in the ideal body contouring. What’s more, a perfect alignment of back and spine is also delivered. The premium quality memory foam is used for this purpose. So, this helps in marinating the perfect body posture without sagging.

Dense core support

The last layer is a 6’’ base. This is a dense core base which guarantees its strength. This dense base gives support to the other top two layers. It helps in giving a strong base to the whole mattress. The thickness of this layer is more so as to carry the weight above.

These layers make this Leesa mattress a masterpiece of 10’’. The magic of three layers adds up to give final support for your body.

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Leesa mattress guarantees the breathability.  It has a layer of cooling Avena foam that helps you sleeps cool by maintaining the perfect temperature. So, you won’t have to wake up in the middle of the nights. This layer of Avena foam allows the maximum flow of air through the mattress.

What’s more, the top layer is a breathable one as well as supportive. It gives a good amount of bounce and cradles your body.

Durability and breathability of leesa mattress


Leesa mattress has a firmness level with a good amount of bounce. When you press against it, the Avena foam gives a good amount of bounce. But, by pressing a little harder, it shows its firmness of the next two layers underneath. This means that Leesa mattress is a bit towards the firmer side. However, the firmness is also dependent on the weight of the sleeper. From the scale of 1 to 10, Leesa lies at the 7 number. This is a little hedge towards the firmer side.

The advantage of this level of firmness is that it makes it a good choice for people with back pain. Also, Leesa is an ideal option for all types of sleepers.

firmness level of leesa mattress


Leesa mattress is redesigned to cradle your body and give it the maximum support that it wants. It gives the edge support to your body while avoiding you falling off your bed. The dense support of the 6’’ base and pressure-relieving foam of 2’’ do a great job. They are responsible for maintaining the shape of the mattress for years and thus give you the maximum support all night.

pressure relief support of leesa mattress


The Leesa mattress is awesome and great for all type of sleeper. Lying on your back, you will feel a great deal of pressure relief. They maintain the proper edge support with their durable and premium quality foams. They are also good options for a side sleeper. They maintain your spinal alignment as well as you roll onto your stomach. You wake up fresh next day.


Leesa mattress is one of those in the market that are known for providing complete edge support. The foam mattress is popular for providing their edge support that is why Leesa uses high-quality density foam for giving you the best edge support possible. So, you will not roll and fall off your bed in the night.


Motion isolation is a feature mostly required by many couples. Obviously, because you won’t like getting disturbed by the constant movement of another sleeper. Leesa has a minimal amount of motion transfer and greatly reduces any movement.


The Leesa mattress is available in every size. You can get twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and Cal king sizes in it.

sizes availability of leesa mattress


The cover of the Leesa mattress is also very soft and cool.  The cover material is polyester and lycra that is highly breathable. So, this also helps in making the mattress even cooler and airy. Moreover, it has a zipper so it is removable. This helps in replacing the cover.



The country of origin is the USA that means they are manufactured with great care and monitoring. The high-quality premium foam is used in its manufacturing. Leesa is a USA based company and has been in the market for producing top quality products.


Maintaining environmental sustainability is the top priority of Leesa. That is why Leesa mattress is Certi-PUR certified, means it is safe for your skin. It does not use any harmful chemicals or retardants in its manufacturing. It means that Leesa mattress is:

  • Made without ozone depleters.
  • Has low VOC emissions.
  • Made without PBDEs or flame retardants.
  • Made without mercury, lead or formaldehyde.

certified for safety level of leesa mattress


Another great quality of Leesa mattress is that it is suitable for all foundations. It is suitable for a solid platform, solid box foundation, Bunkie board or slatted foundation. So, you don’t have to worry about its compatibility with the bases.

different foundations and leesa mattress


Leesa is offering 100 nights risk-free trial. This means you can try it and decide whether you want it or not. Also, you’ll get free shipping and return services. Their white glove delivery is also available. This will eliminate your worry about placing the product in your room.


What’s more, Leesa is giving 10 years of warranty. So, you can grab most of the customer services in this period.

Why we Like It :

  • Want a mattress with more level of firmness.
  • Like to sleep cool.
  • Have enough budget to buy a quality mattress.
  • Prefer hypo-allergenic and safety certified products.
  • Don’t want to spend money on buying the foundation.
  • Want a minimum amount of bounce.
  • Like motion isolation for a perfect sleep.
  • Are looking for a mattress which is certified for its safety standards and is of USA quality.
  • Prefer premium quality materials.
  • Like its three layers with a top softcover.
  • Want a remedy for your back pain and pressure relieving.
  • Want a good edge support.

Why we hate It :

  • Want a softer firmness level.
  • Are short on budget.

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Leesa mattress is one of the most selling mattresses due to its amazing pressure-relieving quality and level of firmness. The moderate amount of bounce coupled with motion isolation feature makes this a great mattress. Also, the packaging is nice and certifications are plus. With a cooling surface quality, this mattress is really worth the money.

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