What Is The Best Mattress for Kids To Get The Best Night’s Sleep?

Your Toddler not getting proper sleep? Worried about you growing children's sleep health? Searching for the best mattress for kids? Then you are at the right place. Continue reading –

The wrong mattress can cause bone problems and reduce the hours of comfortable and quality sleep. It is more important to choose the best kids mattress because they need to achieve their growth to their full potential and they have a healthy body structure. The National Sleep Foundation explains that by the age of two most children have spent more time sleeping than being awake. They further explain that at an average, most children spend about 40% of their life is asleep that is why the mattress you chose should be very precise.

The following is a detailed guide to help you pick out the right mattress for your child.

Compare Best Mattress For Kids

Product Name Best for Supporting feature Sleeping cool Certification Warranty
Avocado Green Mattress Optimal support and bacteria protections Individual coils No GreenGuard Gold. 25 years
Tuft and Needle Mattress Relieving pressure points Baselayer Yes CertiPUR-US, GreenGuard Gold, OEKO-TEX. 10 years
Bear Mattress Recovery from sports injuries Pressure relief foam Yes CertiPUR-US 10 years
Morphiis Mattress Adjustable level of firmness High-density pressure relief foam Yes CertiPUR-US 25 years
The Nectar mattress Back support High core memory foam Yes CertiPUR-US Lifetime

Support for Child growth and spinal Alignment of your child

One of the most important reasons to get the perfect kid mattress is the spinal alignment of your child so that the growth of their remains healthy and active. Regardless of the mattress you get, make sure that it has some feature that provides support to the body.

Dr. Harvard Bergby who is a pediatric chiropractor suggests that the mattress needs to be according to the age and height of the child. The doctor also agrees that innerspring mattresses are one of the finest choices to ensure that the spinal alignment is equal and the growth is not reduced.

Dr. Bergby further explains that the growing spine can acquire any shape and with the wrong kind of child mattress, the shape can be changed permanently causing long and short-term problems.

High-quality and safe material

One of the most important factors that you will need in a mattress for your child is of high quality and safe material. Low-quality beds tend to get ruined over time and they lose their effectiveness that is why they can turn out to be dangerous. Low-quality children's mattresses can also cause skin diseases like eczema.

The safe material, on the other hand, is important since children spend about 7 to 12 hours of sleeping in a day. A little less or half of their day is spending around the mattress that can be off-gassing and cause respiratory diseases. The best option to avoid this is to get a green guard approved mattresses.

Abigail R. Lara, an MD and associate professor in pulmonary sciences writes that off-gassing can cause irritated eyes, nose, cough, blood in the sputum, and shortness of breath. The symptoms and disease depend on the amount of gas and the type of gas that is inhaled.

Harms of making your child sleep hot

Research shows that children tend to be more affected by heat and they get overheated easily. Mattresses are usually made with foam and synthetic materials that do not have much space to be aerated that eventually makes them very hot. When purchasing a mattress for your child, make sure that it is a cool mattress.

Infants and children usually cannot identify when they are dehydrated that according to the research is when 2% of their body water is removed. Sleeping hot causes them to become dehydrated during the night that can cause many problems. Cramps, dizziness, lack of sleep, and other restless symptoms can hit the child if they are sleeping hot.

How to make the mattress hypoallergenic?

Childhood allergies are a growing problem around the world. About 20% of the children in the UK are considered allergy sufferers. Out of these about 70% are allergies of dust mites and respiratory allergies that are found in the mattresses.

Most children have allergies and parents may not be able to identify it until they are older. To be safe it is important to have hypoallergenic mattresses and they do not cause any internal or external allergic reactions.

Phillip J. Landrigan who is pediatric writes in his book ‘Raising healthy children in a Toxic World’ that mattress enclosures may not be as effective in making the mattress hypoallergenic through fitted sheets. Plastic cases can be good but the plastic needs to be of good and harmless quality.

The best way to ensure that the mattress remains hypoallergenic is to get the mattress that naturally has this property.

How firm a mattress should be for your child medically?

Research shows that children tend to grow about 1.5cm from their spine when they are sleeping. The interverbal discs are filled with water that is why they need to have a firm yet gentle support on their spine and neck. The firmness of your child’s mattress needs to be firm enough that the spine does not sink in and lose its shape while it should be gentle enough to ensure that the spine is not on a rock hard surface.

Arya Nick Shamie, MD and associate professor of orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery tell that if the mattress is too firm, the spine will lose the natural alignment that it needs with the body. If it is too soft, the pressure points will be left out. Conclusively, the mattress needs to be of a balanced position.

How often should we change the child’s mattress?

Usually, it is recommended that mattresses be replaced at least every 5 years, but for children, you need to be careful and get a routine check-up to see that they are in perfect condition. Children are less likely to feel the bone and muscular pain that is why you do not know when the mattress has become sagged.

The Sleep Council in Britain strictly advises changing mattresses for children every 2 years for the best and most healthy results.

You maybe interested in Top Rated Mattress Brands.

1. Avocado Green Mattress – Best hypoallergenic

Avocado Green Mattress with baby Avocado green Mattresses are one of a kind mattresses made with the natural materials that make them vegan and safe for the environment without having to compromise on the quality of the mattress.


  • The mattress is made from all-natural materials
  • Separate support coils
  • Chemical-free compounds
  • Pressure points targeting features
  • Neutrally firm

This mattress has a system of separate working coils that ensure that the body gets proper alignment and balance while sleeping. These coils help each person in their own body type to have the weight distributed.

This mattress is perfect for children and people who are concerned about their safety. All elements used are natural that is why there are no chemical compounds in this mattress.

Why we like it :

  • All the materials used are naturally acquired materials that are safe for the environment
  • There is a side handle to carry the mattress with ease and to flip them with ease
  • Coils are designed to work separately for each person
  • There are no harmful chemicals emitting from this mattress

Why we hate it :

  • The mattress is not very cool while sleeping

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Why is it best for you?

People who want to help the environment by keeping it safe without actually having to worry about purchasing the wrong mattresses will find this to be a perfect choice. It also helps children by keeping their body aligned while they sleep. The hypoallergenic state of this mattress allows the mattress to be perfect for sensitive children.

Interested in this Avocado Green Mattress? Check out a full review of Avocado Green Mattress that we made for you.

2. Tuft and Needle Mattress – Best for relieving pressure points

Tuft and Needle comfortable pressure relief Mattress

The Tuft and Needle mattresses are designed to ensure that you get ample support for your child’s back. The mattress is not very soft that you may sink or firm that it can cause pain; it is made with neutral support to your body.


  • The firmness is highly commendable and neutral
  • There is a pressure relief layer
  • The base layer is designed for added support
  • The mattress is cool for sleeping
  • Green guard certification proves safe to the environment

The base layer of this mattress is made to not only be a foundation, but it helps in supporting the entire mattress and the weight of the sleeper. The base is 7 inches thick that allows the sleeper to be more comfortable on the mattress.

One of the most demanded features in a mattress is to ensure that the mattress allows cool sleeping. This mattress has the feature to ensure that no matter what the weather and the body heat is, the mattress neutralizes the temperature and ensures proper sleep.

Why we like it :

  • The base layer is not only for foundation but for providing support
  • The mattress allows cool sleeping regardless of the temperature
  • Neutral firmness so it does not sink in or does not hurt
  • Approved by the Green Guard that makes it safe

Why we hate it :

  • The mattress does not acquire the shape of an individual
  • It emits a strong odor during initial uses

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Why is it best for you?

You do not necessarily need many layers in the mattress to make it a perfect one. This simple design will allow your child to sleep comfortably with ample support throughout the nights. The green Guard certificate ensures that the mattress is friendly to the environment. The mattress is responsible is for making sure that you have the right pressure relief points.

3. Bear Mattress – Best for recovery from sports injuries

Bear Pressure relief cooling gel foam Mattress

One of the best features that you will find in the bear mattresses is the breathable top layer. This feature allows the mattress to avoid any stink and heat.


  • The cover of the mattress is made breathable
  • The mattress has a cooling gel
  • Pressure relief foam
  • Support foam is high density
  • Eco-friendly components make it safe for the environment and for the child

One of the foams in this mattress is made with transitional foam. This material allows pressure relief to the body that is sleeping on the mattress. The relief system is made to accommodate every different type of body that uses the mattress.

The main form of this mattress is made to acquire the shape of the body sleeping on it. The natural shape of the body is contoured on the mattress and it is used to provide ample support to the body so that it can give the body ergonomic support.

Why we like it :

  • The Gel graphite kids memory foam mattress removes body heat
  • The cover of the mattress is breathable
  • High-density foam increases the life of the mattress
  • The mattress takes the shape according to the body type

Why we hate it :

  • The mattress has the tendency to sag if not flipped from time to time
  • The mattress is very heavy because of the various different layers

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Why is it best for you?

You will find this mattress to be perfect for your child because of its ability to take the shape of the sleeper and provide pressure relief according to that. This feature will also help in making the mattress more supportive of the growing body of the child.

Like the sound of Bear mattress? Click Bear Mattress to read our full review.

4. Morphiis Mattress – Best adjustable firmness levels

Morphiis Adjustable firmness levels Mattress

The Morphiis Mattress uses a new kind of foam that is the Ultra foam. The Ultra foam allows the body to be supported at an individual level without making permanent impressions on the mattress and sinking the sleeper.


  • The new kind of foam, Ultra foam is used for support of individuals
  • The mattress helps in sleeping cool and well ventilated
  • Ultra foam allows free movement
  • Various inserts for different parts of the body
  • Uses foam to ensure free movement

The mattress has soft inserts of the shoulders, hips, lumbar, and thigh regions so that the body can be dropped on the mattress in a carefree fashion. These inserts help in giving better pressure relief to the more fragile parts of the body and allow them to be in their natural shape.

The ultra-foam in the mattress allows the mattress to be well ventilated and removes the heat that is given off by the body during sleeping. This feature allows the body to remain cool while sleeping and the quality of sleep gets better.

Why we like it :

  • Ultra foam is the newest kind of foam that takes body impressions but does not sag
  • The mattress is cool in sleeping
  • The mattress allows better movement and no restrictions
  • Various inserts give off the best pressure relief to the different parts of the body

Why we hate it :

  • The mattress does not have an anti-rollover feature
  • The mattress is not made with green components

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Why is this best for you?

This mattress has various firmness level adjustments that will help your child to relieve pressure points. This helps in ensuring that your child grows with healthy postures.

5. The Nectar mattress – Best back support

Best Mattress for Kids Reviews - 2018

The Nectar mattress is certified with CertiPur that means that it is highly reliable in performance, content, and durability. This feature gives the mattress a reliable review and assurance to your purchase.


  • The mattress has a CertiPur approval
  • The base layer is made supportive and breathable
  • Gel memory foam keeps the mattress cool and supportive
  • Tencel cooling cover removes heat and is hypoallergenic
  • Main foam is the memory foam for bounce a support

The Tencel cooling layer in this mattress is a layer over the mattress that is highly breathable. It keeps away bacteria and bed bugs and other bugs and makes the bed safe and hypoallergenic. The ventilation also reduces chances of odors sticking into the mattress for a long time.

There is gel memory foam on the mattress that keeps the mattress cool and fights off the body warmth and raising the temperature. The memory foam feature in this layer allows the weight to be distributed evenly and the foam to acquire the shape of the body in order to support it.

Why we like it :

  • The cooling cover on the mattress helps the mattress remain ventilated and bug-free
  • High core memory foam supports the body and bounces back to increase the life
  • Gel memory foam layers keep the mattress cool and help in weight distribution
  • The Certi-Pur approval gives assurance to the buyer

Why we hate it :

  • The mattress is not too thick that makes it unsuitable for overweight people
  • There are no additional layers or features for pressure relief

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Why is it best for you?

If you want your child to sleep cool and have an evenly supporting mattress, then you will find this to be a perfect choice. This mattress has many features to support the body all throughout and keep it in the natural posture. Another reason why this may be the best for your child is if they are sensitive to allergens in the mattress.

Want to know more before purchasing? See our review of The Nectar Mattress where we mention everything that you need to know about this model.

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After reading this guide, you may have had a better idea of what kind of features are most important to keep in mind before purchasing the best mattress for kids. You may understand the number of risks associated with purchasing the wrong mattress too. Now for sure, you have figured out the factors that should be present in the children’s mattresses.

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