The Sapira Mattress Review (2020 Updated)

Looking for a perfect hybrid mattress? Spaira mattress is the one that will fulfill your luxurious sleep needs. Its hybrid system is responsive to your body’s ideal positioning needs. Having the blend of pressure relieving and cooling foams of Spaira foam mattress along with the supportive springs, this bed is all you need.

Sapira by Leesa provides you unparalleled support. So, you can enjoy your full night sleep. It is a kind of mattress suitable for everyone.

Let’s take a look at what features it has to offer.

Overall Rating
  • Motion Transfer - 9/10
  • Affordability - 9/10
  • Softness - 8/10
  • Off Gassing - 9.5/10
  • Trial Period - 9.2/10

Leesa mattress

About Sapira:

Basically, it is the Leesa Company which makes Sapira mattress with headquarters in the Virginia Beach. The co-founders of the company, David Wolfe and Jamie Diamonstein started with their first mattress in 2014; Leesa.

Recently, they designed their Sapira hybrid mattress with a 5 layer construction. Since then, it is providing superior comfort at an excellent level.

The overall rating of Sapira mattress is good.

Sapira at a Glance:

  • Sapira mattress is hybrid.
  • A high-performance mattress with pressure relief and cooling system.
  • It has pocketed coils system to enhance its responsiveness.
  • Each and every component is from the USA.
  • It carries signature white striped design towards the bottom of the mattress.
  • Layers of memory and Aveena foams.
  • Free shipping.


If we talk about the construction of Sapira mattress, it has 5 basic layers. These layers together make it a mattress worth buying. In-between them, it has the magic of cooling foam, pressure-relieving foam, and supportive springs.

  1. The top layer:

The top layer is the comforting layer. This layer gives you a smooth feel as you sleep. It contains 1.5’’ of Aveena foam. What’s more, it has holes to allow the flow of air. So, this makes sure that you sleep cool and peacefully. Also, this layer has a good response rate. So, you will never feel stuck in your bed.

  1. The second layer:

Sapira magic furthers increases from its second contour layer which is a 1.5’’ memory foam layer. This memory foam is your healer in case of back pains. It is a pressure-relieving foam which maintains your perfect body contouring. Because of the top cooling layer of Aveena foam, this layer also remains under ideal temperature.

  1. The third layer:

The third layer is the transition layer fitted with 1’’ high-density polyfoam. It acts as a transition between the layers of the Sapira mattress. 1’’ of high-resiliency foam is at the top of pocketed springs.

  1. The fourth layer:

Adding support to the mattress, the fourth layer is the support layer. This layer has 6’’ of pocketed coils. Each of them is wrapped and encased between layers of foam. After hours of prototyping, a perfect layer forms.

These coils move independently and help in body contouring. These coils give you with the best supportive bounce. So, you get out of your bed without any back pain. This layer adjusts according to the body and reduces pressure on your back, shoulders, and spine.

Sapira uses premium-grade steel coils in its construction. This maintains its integrity for a long time. This also gives zero motion transfer.

  1. The foundation layer:

This layer acts as a base for the top layers. It is a layer with 1’’ of high-density polyfoam. This gives support to the coiling layer and the layers above. So, it is also a support system.

This combination of 5 layer construction makes this mattress a truly comforting one.

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Comfort Level:

Sapira mattress maintains its high level of comfort. Its cover is made from poly-lycra blend fabric. It is a single piece of this fabric. Also, the top layer has holes to maintain a constant airflow as you sleep.

The fabric is tightly woven and remains in its place. This not only gives the best comfort level but also maintains a good appearance. The material of the fabric is thick enough to keep its durability for a long time. The signature patterns of the stripes make it a good looking mattress. The fabric is also made in the USA. So, this further ensures the quality of it.

Perfect Firmness:

Sapira lies from 6.5 to 7 on the firmness scale whereas 10 is the firmest level of the mattress. This makes Sapira be a medium-firm mattress. This firmness level responds quickly to any pressure and a good level of firmness for people who weigh more than 130 pounds. Although, it softens with the passage of time. This mattress can support the weight of up to 350 pounds. So, this means it offers pretty much comfort to everyone.

Pressing against this mattress makes you realize its firmness level. This is a perfect level for straight or back sleepers.

Motion Isolation Characteristic:

Sapira mattress is a perfect choice for the bed-sharing and offers you the best motion isolation feature. This has been possible because of the usage of pocketed spring’s system. The combination of foams and spring reduces motion to a greater level. The foam layer absorbs any type of movement caused. Thus, when your partner is tossing on the bed, you will remain calm and disturbance-free.

This system of foam and spring with a medium level of firmness does not give you any sinking feeling. Sapira greatly reduces sinking and keeps you on the top of the mattress.

Pressure Relief System:

Sapira gives all you want to reduce your back pain. It has the best pocket coil system which is responsive. This system adjusts the mattress according to the body shape. Thus, it gives you a hugging feel. This mattress is an ideal choice for back and stomach sleepers. But, this can be an excellent choice for every type of sleepers.

Ultimate Edge Support:

While there are so many types of mattresses available in the market, not all of them offers everything. Aside from providing the best comfort level, this mattress gives you the ultimate edge support. The smart coils at the edges maintain support. This is especially suitable for bed-sharing partners. The Sapira will supply you the secure support even lying on the edge.

You will love its edge support feature on every posture. Whether you are a side sleeper, back or straight, it will make sure you are comfortable.


Each and every component of Sapira is from the USA. This ensures its high durability and long life. Its pocket coils are made of premium quality steel which will maintain its bounce and response. What’s more, all the foams of Sapira are high-density foams. They secure each coil with care. Also, the cover uses poly-lycra blend. That is why we consider Sapira mattress to be one of the most durable mattresses you can have for your home. The company maintains customer satisfaction by using top quality materials.

Variety of Sizes:

Sapira mattress is available in all sizes. From twin up to Cal King, you can choose the one which suits you. Also, the price which it is offering is great for its features and quality.

Sapira mattress gives you the best feeling on the firm base. It sets perfectly on flat, solid and slat bases. But, Sapira recommends not more than 3’’ of the distance between the slats.

Sapira mattress sizes and layers

Cooling Effect:

Sapira uses those fabrics which allow the flow of air. Without using any gel foams, it maintains and regulates an ideal temperature. It has holes in its comforting cover which allow the movement of air. This makes this mattress to be a breathable one for your body. So, you feel good upon waking up the next day.


Sapira offers you the 100-night risk-free trial option. If you are not satisfied with their product, you can always return it back for free. They offer free shipping and return option as well. What’s more, they are offering 10 years, non-prorated warranty too.

Delivery is also very quick. The company delivers it in a proper box which you can open easily. This good packaging keeps the mattress away from any scratches. They offer white glove delivery. So, you don’t need to worry about its placement and their workers will do that all.

Sapira Mattress Warranty Delivery


Sapira has certifications by CertiPUR for its safety. This means it does not use any hazardous chemicals or flame retardants in its manufacturing. So, you are safer as you sleep.

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Sapira Is Good For You If You…

  • Want a good hybrid mattress.
  • Prefer the medium level of firmness.
  • Like a pressure relief system.
  • Want a mattress which gets fit at any base.
  • Want motion isolation
  • Are a stomach or a back sleeper.
  • Want a good mattress for a good price.
  • Need the best edge support.
  • Are health cautious and prefer safety.
  • Want a breathable material covering.

Sapira Is Not Good For You If You…

  • Want more bounce.
  • Like sinking feel.
  • Like the softer firmness level.
  • The setup of Sapira is very easy.
  • It offers good support to stomach and back sleepers.
  • The company has excellent customer service.
  • Selling of Sapira helps in planting a tree.
  • Affordable price
  • It may be too firm for some.
  • It is not softer like many memory foams.
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Sapira by Leesa is delivering the ultimate durability and comfort to its customers. They make top quality mattresses with affordable price and benefits. With plush covers, Sapira is a great choice for people preferring pressure relief. Also, temperature regulation and medium firmness are its top features. So, Sapira by Leesa makes itself a product worth buying.