All You Need To Know About Hybrid Mattresses

Have you ever wondered how much time you spent sleeping in your life, one third? Yes! 33% of our life is spent on the mattress and still many of us don’t care about it. There are a number of benefits that come from using spring mattresses, but we all love a nice latex or memory foam bed. But what do you do when you want both? Many of the smart ones look towards hybrid mattresses for the solution.

What’s a hybrid mattress? It’s a mattress which combines the buoyancy of a traditional spring mattress and the body contouring of memory foam. What’s so special about these mattresses? We can’t tell you, but we can show you. See for yourself and decide if the mattress suits your tastes

Features Experiences
Comfort They provide excellent comfort for users. You may find it discomforting according to the tastes and requirements, but many have fallen in love with the luxurious sleep these mattresses have to offer.
Firmness It differs from product to product. The mattresses can be found in varying firmness ratings from different brands.
Layers There are usually 7 to 8 layers in the newer models.
Ventilation Excellent ventilation due to presence of air gaps between coils.
Temperature Regulation Ventilation helps cool down the body.
Buoyancy Coils provide bounciness for recreation and comfort.
Price Range Most range between $70 and $1000 or above.
Durability Can last as long as 6 years, but this depends on the product
Strength Extra strong and durable.

What Exactly Are Hybrid Mattresses?

hybrud mattress

Hybrid mattresses, as the name suggests, are a hybrid between spring and foam mattresses. Most use box springs or continuous coil springs to provide added ventilation, buoyancy, and softness. The foam layer, which usually consists of memory foam and latex, usually provides extra body contouring, firmness and support, and temperature regulation. The base layer is also usually made of polyfoam.

According to a research study by the National Sleep Foundation, 93% of the people rated that a comfortable mattress helps in getting the right sleep. A lot of things make hybrid mattresses comfortable to sleep on, including their unique firmness ratings, soft plushy yet supportive feel, durability, and their level of extreme comfort.

How Is A Hybrid Mattress Made?

All You Need To Know About Hybrid Mattresses

These mattresses require a lot of precision and stealth before anyone can even begin to try and make them. Most mattresses are made of multiple layers, and some can even go as high as 7 or 8 layers.

The coils are usually present in one or two layers above the base. Keeping them further down ensures that the texture of the coils is not felt by the sleeper while their effect can easily be noticed. The coils used vary from product to product, but continuous and traditional ones are the most popular these days.

The foam is usually present right below the top layer/covering, usually in the support layers. The foam is kept near the top to allow the bed to be soft and plush, and so that the firmness rating of the foam will be felt and not that of the coils. Some beds have up to 3 layers of foam, and many even offer additional padding for support and optimal firmness.

The top layer and paddings are usually optional and vary from product to product. In some cases, the padding is filled with regular foam and is sometimes not even offered by the brand at all.

The base of the bed or mattress is usually firm and made of polyurethane or polyfoam. This ensures that the base is sturdy and won't sag or break. Don’t worry though: the firmness of the base cannot be felt at the top.

Are Hybrid Mattresses Firm Enough for Me?

It depends on the person's requirements. While hybrid mattresses can be found in various firmness ratings, they retain the same bounciness that a coil mattress has. So if you want something more supportive and less buoyant, then the hybrid mattress may not be for you. Rest assured, multiple firmnesses can be found in Hybrid mattresses, and we ourselves were able to find the perfect one for us!

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What are Hybrid Mattress Prices in The Market?

Looking to buy a new mattress? As per a study conducted by the Better Sleep Council, 49 % of the consumers who are satisfied with their mattress are because they recently bought a new one.

Hybrid mattresses require intricate design and structure and as such cost is a lot more than other mattresses. However, the price of every mattress is different, and it is not possible to assess the affordability of every brand out there.

Below, we have created a table comparing the prices of a coil, foam, and hybrid mattresses. See for yourself and make the final decision!

Mattress Type Highest Price Lowest Price Average
Coil $5,700 $54 $2,877
Foam $6,725 $54 $3,390
Hybrid $5,797 $64 $2,930


  • Want extra comfort and durability.
  • Wish to cure insomnia due to an unhealthy sleeping environment.
  • Have tried all types of mattresses but none of them seem to fit you.
  • Love varying and complex firmness ratings that cannot be measured on a straight line.
  • Want body ventilation and temperature regulation.
  • Have been advised by the doctor to use a softer, more buoyant mattress.
  • Want to enhance your private time with more bounciness and comfort for lovers.
  • Want a cheaper option than memory foam mattresses.


  • Do not love buoyancy and wish to have a firmer and more supportive mattress.
  • Do not want to spend more on added comfort.
  • Are looking for a cheap solution to sleeping and do not need extra lavish features.

Why we like it :

  • Provides great body contouring, especially those that are made of memory foam. The exact extent varies from product to product, but most memory foam hybrids provide the best continuing in the market.
  • Can last as much as 6 years. The durability is dependant on the brand and model, but most are known to last for as long as 6 or 7 years. The warranties, however, usually only last 2 years.
  • Excellent ventilation. Since the lower half of the mattress is made of coils, there is enough space for air to pass through and aerate the top layers. This means lesser sweaty nights and more cooling.
  • Is extra buoyant and perfect for sex and for kids or even adults who love to jump around.
  • The 7 to 8 layer construction ensures that the mattress will be strong, albeit a bit heavy. This means more durability and strength, and we all love that!

Why we hate it :

  • Slightly more expensive. Some of the good ones can cost as much as $2000, but most often live up to the price paid.
  • Hybrid mattresses are more complex and are harder to repair The specific manufacturers need to be contacted, as usual repairmen might mess things up.
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So for the final answer: are hybrid mattresses perfect for you?

Simply, yes! We love a good coil mattress, and an even better foam mattress, and what could be better than a combination of them both? Nothing, that’s for sure!

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