The 5 Best Pillow Top Mattress Brands Reviews and Buying Guide

Interested in buying the Best Pillow Top Mattress? Learn about best brands and their components, maintenance tips, cost analysis and more.

A pillow top mattress could be an incredible alternative when you are searching for that extra peaceful support and a cloud-like sleeping sensation. At first, getting a pillow top mattress delivers ideal comfort. Additionally, they are perfect for back pain and to ease discomfort.

If you've decided to purchase it, you should simply discover the bed that will suit your requirements while remaining inside your budget. Picking the best pillow mattress is an intimidating task. How you would be able to know which pillow top mattress is the best one for you.

Continue reading below to find out more about this type of mattresses.

Compare Best Pillow Top Mattress Brands

ProductTypeBest forCent-PUR certifiedWarrantyLink
Signature SleepEncased Memory foamSleeping with partnerNo10
Zinus UltimaMemory foam and iCoilSide and back sleeperYes10
Dreamfoam BeddingMemory foamBack sleeperYes10
Classic BrandsInnerspringBack and side sleeperYes10
Simmons BeautySleepInnerspring and AirFeel FoamSide SleeperYes5

What is a pillow top mattress?

A pillow top mattress has addition top layer of foam on the mattress which lets you feel as if you’re sleeping on a cloud. It further adds to a cushioning effect. Usually, these types of mattresses are found in luxury hotel rooms but many people use them at homes as well.

What are the main differences between a mattress with euro top and a pillow top?

Euro top and Pillow tops both have an additional layer of foam or cushioning on top of the mattress. They vary in the manner by which they're connected to the mattress.

On a euro top, the additional layer of cushioning is appended to the mattress and sits even on all sides while a pillow top seems as though somebody simply laid a large pillow cover over the mattress yet it's really sewed onto the mattress to shield it from tumbling off.

You’ll find the main variances between the two tops concisely in the table below.

FeaturesPillowtopEuro top
ConstructionA pillow-like structure with a slight gap.
No gap between the upper top and main surface
ThicknessThree inches with a slight gap
Three inches stitched without a gap
DurabilityTend to lose the pillow effect and become flat
Starts sagging at the edges but stays durable for a longer time than a pillow top.
FeelThe firm feeling across the mattress
Soft feel at the center firm at the corners
AppearancePillow at a small distance
Uniformly stacked

Do Pillowtop mattresses traps heat?

The pillow top is usually made with memory foam which tends to trap heat. If you’re using your pillow top mattress in colder months then you might need to worry about heat. But if you’re using it in summer or living in a hot place then you should look for a top made with materials that allow breathability and don’t trap heat.

  • Why is it necessary to check the fabric of covers on the pillow tops?

It is essential to check the cover mainly for the following reasons:

  1. A good cover with liquid absorbing properties will tend to save your foam from getting wet.
  2. Covers made with good material like bamboo charcoal helps to keep the top cool and fights against microorganisms and dust mites which may spread allergy.
  3. Cotton covers are static which means they are helpful in retaining the natural PH of the skin.
  • For which Sleeping position a pillow top mattress is suitable?

You’ll find the side and back sleepers happy with this mattress. They will get contouring and cuddle effect from the pillow top which is helpful in the alignment of the spine for these two sleeping positions.

What affects the life of a pillow top mattress?

The material influences the lifespan of the mattress. Latex foams are generally the ones that last longer but are costly at the same time. Memory foam is less expensive and comparatively has a good life.
Don’t go for cheap mattresses made with some kind of cheap polyfoams. Initially, you will definitely save some bucks but within no time you’ll have to change your mattress due to less durability of cheap polyfoams.

Our Top Picks – Best Pillow Top Mattress Brands

1. Signature Sleep – Our Top pick for couples

Signature Sleep Soft Queen MattressThis 13-inches mattress guarantees you an ultra-extravagant and cloud-like sleeping on account of their built pillow top and soft layers of foam.


  • Free of TCEP flame retardants
  • Independently Encased Coils -15 gauge
  • Low VOC
  • Diamond Quilted cover
  • Microban Cover for antimicrobial protection
  • Medium Firm

You’ll find 10” 768 coils (15 gauge) tied together to give contouring according to the body curves. Each spring is placed in such a manner that I receive equal weight distribution. This mechanism will reduce pressure points along your hips, neck, and shoulders.
By all means, it seems to be a simple and strong foam mattress which includes a quick responding foam which will keep you supported all through the night.

13” independent Gold Siesta foam will make sure that you won’t get up when your partner tosses and twist during the night. The rayon will absorb any moisture quickly, dries instantly and allows the body to breathe for a cool sleep.
The polyester cover has Microban which protects your mattress against microorganism building on your mattress. The mattress is built using environment-friendly materials and complies with flammability standards.

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Feature of Signature Sleep

  • Unlike an ordinary memory foam mattress, this mattress features Raybon for breathability added for a cool sleep.
  • Antimicrobial cover
  • Excellent mattress to sleep with your partner due to less motion transfer
  • Certified foam, TCEP flame retardants, TDCPP, ozone depleters, free of PBDEs, mercury, formaldehyde, and lead.
  • Not suitable for heavy sleepers.
  • You can't flip it
  • Very heavyweight.

Why is this mattress best for you?

Zero Motion transfer will allow you to sleep comfortably without getting disturbance from tossing and twisting of your partner.

2. Zinus Ultima – Best rated

Zinus Ultima Comfort 10 Inch Pillow Top Spring Mattress, QueenThe 10 Inch Ultima Pillow Top offers excellent comfort. You can enjoy cottony and super soft comfort without using sheets.


  • Modified pressurized layers of pleasant memory foam
  • Pocketedicoilsprings technology
  • Cover with microfiber fill
  • Spring framework
  • CertiPUR-US
    Zinus spring mattresses highlight an iCoil framework that is comprised of hundreds of iCoils for disposing of motion transfer. You can sleep soundly with no disturbance from your partner each time they turn.
    You can sleep comfortably if you’re a very light sleeper and don’t like even the slight imbalance i.e. too firm, too hard, too lopsided, or too sinking.
    This foam fits in with your common body shape and contours it removing the pressure from back, hips,and neck. The pillow top cushioning has a few layers of memory foam that is simply ideal for a back sleeper.

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Feature of Zinus Ultima

  • Perfect for side and back sleeper.
  • CertiPUR-US ensured foam
  • With the patented technology you’ll receive the smartly pressed package.
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • If you’re a smell-sensitive then it will bother you.
  • Can be firmer than it is expected to be

Why is this mattress best for you?

If you’re one of those who is suffering from a bad back then the purchase of this mattress is an extraordinary decision. You’ll get firm support with a rich and cloud-like surface.

3. Dreamfoam Bedding – Budget Option

Dreamfoam Bedding Queen MattressThis is a super soft memory foam that is extremely best suited for side sleepers and individuals with back agony, cerebral pains or neck ache. The deep and delicate memory foam totally adjusts to the body keeping it upheld from all sides.


  • Quilted Pillowtop
  • Bamboo fiber cover
  • Tri-zone foam
  • Medium – Feel
  • Supportive memory foam
  • Motion Elimination
  • Even Weight Distribution

DreamFoam has two parts i.e. a base layer and a delicate pillow top and highlighting tempered individual stashed curls. It has up to 750 stashed loops that offer numerous advantages during the sleep.
Tri-Zone Foam Core will lessen or take out Motion transfer between sleeping partners. It doesn't give you the soft cozy feel nor does it makes you a hard surface feel. It gives the ideal balance between soft and firm.
The delicate pillow top is awesome for softening the weight from the shoulders and hips while the spring area offers the best possible contouring and support. The Ultimate Dreams mattress will fall within the scope of medium-to-delicate for comfort. When you wake up each morning you will have a nice and relaxed body feeling.

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Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Crazy Quilt Pillow Top Mattress

  • The majority of your back problems and joint throbs will be gone.
  • Delightful pillow top
  • No off-gassing
  • Free of destructive chemicals and allergens
  • The spring area is exceedingly strong
  • Materials of USA
  • Certified CertiPUR-US
  • Slightly less bounce due to the absence of coils
  • The cost appears somewhat high

Why is this mattress best for you?

This mattress is a phenomenal decision for anybody hoping to get the best luxury feel in memory foams with a less bounce surface at a very affordable price.

4. Classic Brands

Classic Brands Top Innerspring Queen Mattress

When you like the customary feel of an innerspring mattress however you additionally wish to appreciate the comfortable and delicate feel of a pillow top then this pillowtop mattress is for you.


  • 1-inch soft comfort foam
  • Quilted stretch knit Cover
  • Wrapped Coil innerspring
  • Medium-Feel
  • Neutral Sleep temperature
  • Two cushioning fiber layers

Separately wrapped curls on the innerspring to guarantee enduring toughness. Likewise, two fiber pad layers are set on both side of the innerspring for buffering purposes thus you won't get the sensation of the springs while you lay down on it.
This bed has a 13 size independently wrapped loops that keep the motion transfer at a minimum level as you sleep. A comfort layer of 4” with 6” coils (individually wrapped) will give you perfect support with a medium plush feel.
It is sufficiently thick and the foams are quite firm so it is strong and supportive. It accompanies a stitched pillow top that is lavishly comfortable and delightfully soft with 1-inch of a gentle foam.

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Classic Brands Pillow-Top Innerspring 10-Inch Mattress

  • Resistant to allergens and antimicrobial.
  • No bad odor from the mattress.
  • Temperature neutral mattress.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • 1” Quilt fiber layer on both sides, bottom, and top.
  • Lavish stitched pillow top cover.
  • No extra edge support

Why is this mattress best for you?

If you’re looking for a mattress that completely contours your body without sinking it then search no further. This is a decently priced as compared to different mattresses that are of a similar kind.

5. Simmons Beauty Sleep

Simmons BeautySleep Plush PillowBeautyrest mattresses are created by Simmons Bedding Company. They have a lot of experience with more than 140 years of manufacturing luxury mattresses.


  • Plush Feel
  • Surface Cool Fiber
  • AirCool Foam
  • Gel touch Foam
  • AirFeel Foam
  • 725 Density wrapped coil

The knit utilizes SurfaceCool Fiber, an AirFeel Foam, a layer of Gel Memory Foam and a wrapped coil system which gives adjusting back support.
This mattress gives a definitive solidness while keeping your comfortable on the soft foam. This model offers delicate comfort that is perfect for side sleepers who appreciate a contoured feel.
Density wrapped 750 separate coils limit the motion transfer to give you undisturbed sleep. A layer of AirCool Foam uses a directed outline that further expands air pressure and pressure relief.

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Features of Simmons BeautySleep

  • Made with patent foam,not just ordinary memory foams
  • Wake up with no more body aches
  • Has the rich pillow top
  • Gives great edge support
  • Simple to be cleaned
  • The hanging and sinking feeling is not good for people with back pain.
  • Cost is somewhat high

Why is this mattress best for you?

In case you’re not short on budget and searching for a mattress that is sufficiently big for couples and inclines toward a delicate yet steady feel then this might be the ideal decision for you.

Find out more about Top Rated Mattress Brands in the review we made for You.

Things you should consider before buying a pillow top mattress

  • Materials

The quality and nature of the material used in manufacturing can actually affect the feel of the pillow top. The support layer is normally made with springs or foam and some manufacturers may use a blend of both.
You’ll find the top layer stuffed with a lot of varying material, frequently using latex or memory foams. However, some less expensive choices might be made with polyfoam.
Memory foam is known for contouring the body shape and giving ease to it. Normal latex likewise gives a responsive surface that doesn't cause inordinate weight on one side. Additionally, latex is cooler than the memory of polyfoam.
The material applied to the support layers influences the structure of the foam. Spring foams normally give good support yet may transmit bulges more than the foam layers. Firm memory foam can frequently give the ideal blend of ease and support.

  • Cost

Of course, this factor can be a deal-breaker for most of us. You’ll find a lot of variance in pillow top mattress prices. The least expensive choices are regularly more slender and composed of low-quality materials yet you can find some amazing models.

  • Warranty

Pillow tops are regularly faster to build up bulges than other models. This can lessen the comfort of the item and may drive you to switch the mattress. Search for a warranty that covers up to 10 years. You’ll find many companies offering 24 years warranty but it is highly likely that you’ll keep your mattress for such a long time.

  • Certification

Who doesn’t love getting authentic and certified products? Always check the CertiPUR certification tag before buying a mattress.

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The pillow-top mattresses are an incredible decision for any sleeping position. When you incline towards a plush, delicate and rather comfy sleeping surface with the support of springs or memory foam then these mattresses are without a doubt the best alternative.
Out of hundreds of option available, it is very difficult to save time while researching on pillow-top mattresses. Find the best of them is even daunting. So we have spent hundreds of hours to save your search and come up with the reviews of best pillow top mattress.
Now it is your turn to come up with a final decision and choosing the one that suits your needs the most.