Eight Sleep Review 2023

How much do you think technology has helped us? Have you ever thought of technology helping you sleep better? Click here to know how Eight Sleep Pod mattress makes this possible.

The Eight Sleep Pod mattress is in a league of its own.

This means it is pretty hard to make a comparison with other mattresses. And for all it is worth, this is for many good reasons.

Especially when you consider how digital and general technology is used to give sleepers optimum satisfaction, there is hardly any other mattress that comes close.

Eight Sleep Pod design

However, as you should expect, this review is critical and constructive in every sense of the word. We will examine the Eight Sleep Pod mattress, shedding light on the positive and negative peculiarities of this bedding.

So, just in case you are giving serious thought to getting a mattress sooner or later, you should really stick on. First, how about we explain how this mattress comes?

What Is the Packaging Like?

The packaging of this bedding is not unusual, except that it comes with 2 boxes instead of one. The large one contains the 4-layer foam, while the smaller one has the other items packaged together.

Eight Sleep Pod Packaging

Specifically, the small box has items such as the remarkable active grid zip-lined cover, the water cooling or heating designed hub, the pump, and a few other items.

What Does Sleeping on the Eight Sleep Pod Mattress Feel Like?

The high point of using this mattress is what you get with the specially designed cover. Without the cover, you may have yourself no more than an average bed. This is because the grid system of the cover which is active is how the hub can help regulate temperature and perform other awesome features.

Eight Sleep Pod feelings

So, let us start with how the main mattress looks and feels like. As stated earlier, it comprises of 4 layers.

First, the base layer (in contact with the ground or bed frame) is made with HD polyester foam.

Eight Sleep Pod layers

The next layer is made with memory foam, giving the mattress a slight body cushioning feel. As noted by Sarah Anderson, the memory foam material can be terrible with heating up. However, this is not a problem with the Eight Sleep Pod mattress. This is because of the other foam materials used alongside, as well as the adjustable temperature feature that the cover affords users.

After the base and memory foam layer, this product has a transition layer made of polyester foam. The main function of this layer is to allow a little bounce effect, triggering a little amount of motion transfer.

Eight Sleep Pod features

Then lastly, the topmost layer has a variety of polyester foam for top-notch comfort.

As briefly stated above, there is a huge difference using the Eight Sleep Pod mattress without the cover. Although not ideal, should you choose to use the mattress without the cover, you will have yourself a lot of bounce effect.

However, with the cover properly attached, there will be a massive amount of firmness compared to what you have beforehand. Given this, what sleeping posture is at an advantage or disadvantage using the product?

The Eight Sleep Pod Mattress and Sleeping Postures

Eight Sleep Pod Mattress Sleeping Postures

We like to think you know all the sleeping postures. However, we should not make unnecessary conclusions by spelling out all the sleeping postures obtainable. On this note, we have the following:

  • Back Sleepers
  • Side Sleepers
  • Stomach Sleepers

Considering that some sleepers are neither here nor there, alternating between sleeping positions, there is also what is called Combo Sleepers. These guys do not have a definite sleeping style. They can be back sleepers today, stomach sleepers tomorrow, and side sleepers the next. They can even alternate between the 3 sleeping positions during one sleeping session.

Funny, isn’t it!

Now that you are fully aware of the sleeping positions, which position is ideal or disadvantaged with the Eight Sleep Pod mattress?

Back Sleepers

For the record, as observed in an article on the Healthline website, this sleeping posture stands as the ideal body position for avoiding several health-related issues while sleeping. For instance, concerns such as sleep wrinkles, morning puffiness, neck pains, and some other complications are avoided when you sleep in this manner.

eight sleep back sleeping

Just in case you are naturally given to sleeping this way or are becoming deliberate about this posture while sleeping, you benefit well enough from this product. This is not to say there are no issues. For instance, the new crinkly feel of the cover may be uncomfortable at first.

However, things will pan out well sooner than you think. Other than this, the mattress structure allows an even distribution of your weight as you sleep in this position. This is greatly beneficial as areas around your lumbar region will get the required pressure relief.

The medium firmness of the mattress also helps in this regard. Should you choose to stand up or move to other areas of the bed, you are adequately covered. For this reason, we consider the Eight Sleep Pod mattress as an ideal choice for back sleepers.

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Side Sleepers

For a lot of reasons, this posture should be considered sensitive. This is because it places certain areas of the body in a disadvantaged position. Areas such as the neck, hips, one side of the face, are usually affected adversely. As a result, there is a need for a mattress that takes adequate care of the posture’s inadequacies.

Eight Sleep Pod mattress Side Sleepers

So, how well does this Mattress perform?

To be candid, although it performs above average, it is not the best for such sleepers. This is mostly because of the medium-firm feel of the product. Such sleepers need something with great bounce, cushioning, and body aligning features. Well, the Eight Sleep Pod mattress is not the best at this.

If you must use the Eight Sleep Pod mattress as a side sleeper, then you may need to get an ideal mattress topper. Some special pillows can also help sensitive areas of the body like the neck, head, and upper part of the spine.

Should you choose to go the mattress topper route, you may not have the maximum feel of the mattress. By this, we mean the impressive feature of regulating the temperature of the mattress. This is because you will not be situated directly above the mattress.

Still not sure if it's good for you?  Click here to read the full review for side sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers

The feel of the cover on the stomach is cool. The medium firmness is also good for ensuring neutral alignment of the spine.

Eight Sleep Pod mattress Stomach Sleepers

Be that as it may, there is a little issue with the hips. The position of this posture makes this body part sink unevenly with the shoulders. As a result, this product is more suited for back sleepers than stomach sleepers.

Having established all these, how about combo sleepers?

Combo Sleepers

The firm feel of the mattress cover helps a lot with motion isolation. As a result, movement on the bedding will not constitute a problem for other users or trigger unwanted noise.

Why Should You Buy the Eight Sleep Pod Mattress?

benefits of eight pod mattress

Let us start by stressing how the benefits of getting this mattress cannot be overemphasized. With the Eight Sleep Pod mattress, you have yourself a bed that utilizes technology in giving you the best sleep experience. Let us go over some of the impressive features of this product.

Ability to Regulate Temperature

Getting a suitable all-year long mattress has never been this easy. Before the Eight Sleep Pod mattress concept came up, people enjoyed their mattresses at a particular time of the year and had issues at other times. All this stress is mostly about temperature.

Eight Sleep Pod mattress Temperature regulation

For example, the typical Memory foam mattress without the gel feature traps body heat. During winter, this is a big advantage. However, the same cannot be said about summer, as the hot weather further complicates things.

With the Eight Sleep Pod mattress, this is not something you have to worry about. The product comes with a feature that allows users to regulate how warm or cool the mattress cover should be.

Top-Notch Convenience

Frankly, there are many sides to explaining how convenient this product is. For one, you do not have to regulate the mattress the analog way. By simply assessing the appropriate icon on the smart mobile app, you are good to go.

Eight Sleep Pod setting up

Also, the maintenance of the hub is not a big deal. It is in fact designed for convenience. After filling the appropriate area of the hub with water, you do not have to worry until after 2 – 3 months to refill.

Furthermore, setting up the product is quite easy. This also includes attaching the cover, which is fastened using the zip-line system.

Still, on the subject of convenience, you can have a pre-set temperature. This means at a certain period of the night, the temperature can switch to something different.

The app also allows you to do more than sleep-related activities, you can get your automated coffee maker up and running with this app.

So much for comfort, isn’t it!

Couple Compliant

Eight Sleep Pod temperature and motion isolation

This product is couple compliant both in the area of temperature and motion isolation. About temperature, you can have more than one temperature running at the same time on the mattress.

So, just in case your partner wants a temperature entirely different from yours, there is no need to argue or cause a scene because of it. Your part can be cool, while your partner’s side is warm.

Eight Sleep Pod mattress motion transfer

Also, the worrisome motion transfer on many other mattresses is not an issue here. So, even if your partner is a wild combo sleeper, you can still sleep without being bothered.

At least, you deserve that much!

Keeping Tabs on Your Health

Eight Sleep Pod mattress apps

Yes! It just keeps getting better with Eight Sleep Pod mattress. There is the option of getting updates on your sleep-related health status. For example, your heart-beat, how deep your sleep is, and health tips for a better life are shared on the mobile app. The fact that the app gets updated and improved from time to time makes it better for users.

Guaranty and Warranty

This is certainly one way to prove the quality of a product. In light of this, the manufacturers give a 100-day trial period for the product. Afterward, a 10-year warranty kicks off.

This proves the manufacturer's commitment to customer satisfaction as best as possible.

On a Final Note

Buy many standards, the Eight Sleep pod mattress is great bedding and worth every cent on the dollar. Despite the relatively high costs of the 10 and 11 inches variety (as it comes), it has an impressive cost to performance ratio.

Except you have a sleeping posture that does not benefit maximally from this product, it is the go-to item for you.

With an Eight Sleep Pod mattress, you can drink to a happy sleeping experience!

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