Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Do you know: 16% of the sleepers enjoy sleeping on their stomach, Are you one of them?

Everybody has their special sleeping position and regardless of how it affects our body, we tend to carry on to it because it gives us the mental satisfaction of our comfort zone. Stomach sleepers are such an example of a position which may not always be recommended. But it is hard to alter the comforting position.

We dedicated this write up to stomach sleepers and everything they need to know about their sleeping position. You will also find the best mattresses for stomach sleepers and what they have to offer you. Our buying guide is also there to act as a walkthrough to buying the one that is most suitable to your preferences.

What you need to know about sleeping on your stomach

  • Shoulder, lower back, and hip pain: Our body is at a delicate balance of gravity. When we sleep on our stomach, the gravitational force is pulled at its usual and the strain can be caused on the midsection which is highly unusual for the body. This may grow to cause more pain than usual and even cause joint problems. Scott Duke, Chiropractic sports physician mentions how lower back pain can be because of stomach sleeping which he claimed can be the worst.
  • Neck strain: An Article that was medically given thumbs up by Suzanne Falck, MD suggests that sleeping on the stomach starts affecting the spine. The alignment of the head and the spine is disturbed which puts a lot of strain on the neck and hence chronic neck problems can be developed over time.
  • Pregnancy problems: Ob-Gynecologist Cornelia Graves mentions that it is alright to sleep as per comfort during pregnancy. Even though the position is not recommended, a donut-shaped pillow can prove to be a safe way to enjoy stomach sleeping during pregnancy.
  • Tossing and turning: If you are used to sleeping on your stomach then you may find yourself tossing and turning in the long run. The effects of it on your back and neck will make it difficult for your body to adjust to a better position.

What happens to stomach sleepers in different situations

Situation The result of stomach sleeping Recommendation
Pregnancy There may not be many problems during the early months of pregnancy but later on, you might be a little uncomfortable. Not Recommended
Anxiety Anxiety, your body needs to curl up itself to show its support. Most people will find sleeping on their stomach less sickening to their digestive system. The act of cuddling also distresses which can be useful in this case Recommended
Overweight people The weight of the body of heavy people will go with gravity and the weight will be on the internal organs. This can cause further problems Not Recommended

To whom stomach sleeping is recommended? Is it good to sleep on your stomach?

Stomach sleeping is one of the worst positions to sleep in. The only advantage is that it stops most people from snoring and can be helpful during sleep apnea. The Honor Society of Nursing recommends sleeping on the stomach to people that have sleep apnea.

Sleeping on the stomach can reduce snoring in this case and help the airway stay clear which helps in quality sleep. Some doctors go as far as to recommend sleep apnea patients do not lie on their backs since it can be dangerous.

What can health benefits of acidity you extract from stomach sleeping?

Chronic acidity has many different levels. It can go as far as to bring the fluids up your esophagus and go to your lungs or choke you while you are sleeping. Pat F. Bass III, MD, and MPH claim that people with sleep apnea can have a higher risk of chronic acidity. These people should not be sleeping on their back and their right side.

Most doctors recommend sleeping on the left side to ensure that the digestive system is smoother while in this case sleeping on the back can reduce the acid reflux to choke the sleeping person.

Take weight into consideration

One of the most important factors of sleeping in any position is the weight that your body holds. Your body weight affects the pressure points and hence makes a huge difference in the posture and quality of sleep. The following is the weight and the suitable sleeping surface.

Less than 130 pounds

People that are less than 130 pounds have a lot more pressure points affiliated with the bone. A soft surface for them will provide better pressure relief.

130 to 230 pound

The people with average weight can easily accommodate themselves with a neutral firm surface. The sinking in the surface, in this case, is less and the spine alignment is on point.

More than 230 pounds

Heavy people need a firm surface. Their pressure points are mostly in the flesh that is why they can sink in soft or medium surfaces. A firm surface will give them more room for spine alignment

What type of pillow should a stomach sleeper consider?

Sleeping on the stomach is not a good position but for people that have a hard time getting rid of it, it is better to go for a suitable mattress and pillow. The pillow should be able to keep your head and back into an alignment which is why the height and fluff should be accordingly. This should ideally be a flat pillow.

It is recommended that stomach sleepers keep a pillow under their belly as well. Experts recommend putting a pillow under your pelvis so that the pressure is reduced on the spine. This pillow should be soft and supportive.

Downsides of sleeping hot as a tummy sleeper

Sleeping hot is not recommended at all. However, it can be very dangerous to people sleeping on their stomach. The essential organs of the body are already pressed up against the surface which may be suffocating to the body. If added the mattress is hot and stuffy, the sleeper can acquire respiratory problems. Sleepers can also be suffocated and it can be highly hazardous to sleep hot for stomach sleepers.

Pressure point support and spinal alignment

Physiotherapist Vivian Eisenstaedt warns that sleeping on the stomach can be the quickest way to achieve back problems. Hence the right mattress is a necessity.

Our body holds a huge amount of pressure in the pelvic area. When we sleep on the stomach, this pressure increases which is why we require more support. In this case, a mattress that contours body shape and then targets the pressure points will give off good vibes to your pelvis.

The spinal alignment is required to make a good body posture. The best way to acquire this as a stomach sleeper is to make sure that you do not go for something very soft.

Best ILD for stomach sleepers

The Indentation load deflecting system is to check how much weight can cause the mattress to dent. Since each manufacturer has a different idea of the firmness level, you will have to check the ILD. For stomach sleepers, it is not recommended that the mattress sink too much since that will cause the spinal alignment to be unnatural. Mattresses with a higher ILD can help achieve much better results.

Ideal material for stomach sleepers

Memory foam

Memory foam is one of the most common and effective mattresses. It contours the body shape easily without denting the mattress. Memory foam is eventually suited for most of the sleeping positions including on your stomach. While memory foam can be great, it can be a little soft for stomach sleepers.


Latex is natural memory foam. They are more breathable, hypoallergenic, and comfortable. These mattresses greatly contribute to spinal alignment by also contouring the body shape. However, these can also be very soft for stomach sleepers.


Innerspring mattresses are made with several coils that work individually. They do not sag over time and their firmness is also commendable for stomach sleepers.


Hybrid mattresses combine the benefits of memory foam and innerspring to ensure that where one of them lack, the other takes over. These mattresses provide the right firmness, support, and relief of pressure points. They are a little expensive but ultimately the best for stomach sleepers.

Level of firmness for stomach sleepers

The level of firmness of the stomach sleeper depends mostly on their weight. Underweight people should prefer something soft but not too plushy, average weighted people can go for medium-firm, while heavy people can opt for firm mattresses. The idea remains the same in all three instances; the mattress should be towards the firm end.

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Compare & Review – Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers

Product Name Best for Softness levels Warranty (Years) Trial Period (Nights) Main foam (s)
The Winkbed Innerspring lovers Various Levels 10 yrs. limited 101 Pocketed spring
Loom and Leaf by Saatva Memory foam lovers Relaxed firm and Firm 15 yrs. 120 Designer foam
Zenhaven mattress Latex lovers Two levels 20 yrs. 120 Natural Latex
Sapira mattress Hybrid lovers One level 10 yrs. limited 100 Memory/Avena/Spring
Purple Mattress Pressure relief One level Cover 2 yrs.
Mattress 10 yrs.
100 Spring/Purple smart comfort grid
Helix Mattress Back pain relief Soft level 10 yrs. limited 100 Customizable
Tuft and Needle mattress Budget One level 10 yrs. limited 100 A mix of memory foam and latex

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleeppers Reviews

1. The Winkbed – Best for Innerspring lovers

winkbed Spring contouring mattress for Innerspring loversFeatures

  • ­Spring contouring mattress
  • Tencel cover
  • More durable
  • Various firmness levels
  • Designer foam layers

This mattress is suited for all the heavy sleepers. It is a durable design that does not sag and change its shape over time. The mattress is also perfect for partners of different weights and sleeping habits as it can control motion transfer.

Pocketed spring coils are the main support in the mattress. These allow the mattress to gain the shape of the user and provide a personalized level of support for stomach sleepers. The springs also allow the motion of the other sleeper to not transfer and disturb the partner’s sleep.

Tencel Cover on the mattress absorb and wick away moisture to prevent the mattress from growing mold and other allergens. It is made safe for the environment and has a soft and comfortable feel.

Why we like it :

  • Has a soft and comfortable Tencel cover
  • Pocketed coils provide contoured support
  • Motion isolation with coils
  • Well ventilated and the ability to wick away the moisture
  • Variable firmness levels

Why we hate it :

  • Does not have a sleep cool feature
  • It is not hypoallergenic

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The Winkbed is a great mattress for sleeping on the stomach because of the firmness of this mattress matches that of luxury mattresses which is ideal. Apart from this firmness, they have an option of going softer or firmer as well. You can choose the mattress as per your body weight.

2. Loom and Leaf – Best for Memory foam lovers

Loom and Leaf cooling gel infused mattressFeatures

  • Quilted cover
  • Cooling gel infused
  • No off-gassing
  • Dual layer of support

This mattress is perfect for people who want to sleep on their stomach due to the spinal gel feature that allows the back to be supported and aligned regardless of the position of the sleeper.

One of the most important features is present in this mattress is the cooling gel. The company takes it a step ahead and makes the cooling spinal gel that provides support to the spine as well as cools it down in case of overheating. This provides a better quality of sleep.

It has a quilted cover that is ventilated, flame retardant, and made with pure cotton to keep it as hypoallergenic as possible.

Why we like it :

  • The mattresses are highly breathable with the cover and the dual layer of foam
  • The dual layer of foam can be selected in two layers of firmness
  • The spinal cooling gel allows support and cooling factor
  • The mattress is eco-friendly and does not off gas

Why we hate it :

  • The mattress does not have motion control
  • It does not have a foam that provides contoured support

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The main foam is the dual layer of foam which is made breathable. Adding more ventilation allows the mattress to have a chance to fight off the mold and the bed bugs that make their home inside mattresses. The foam also provides back support for better comfort to the stomach sleeper.

3. Zenhaven mattress – Best for Latex lovers

Zenhaven cotton cover hypoallergenic mattressFeatures

  • The top layer is an organic wool layer
  • Main foam is natural latex foam
  • 5 zone comfort design
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cotton cover

One reason why this mattress is highly recommended for tummy sleeper is that of its ability to target each part of the body separately. Once the latex gets the contoured body shape, it activates the 5 zone layers support and allows a better spine alignment and circulation.

Natural latex is nature’s memory foam but better. It provides you better support by contouring the shape of the body, it is more breathable, hypoallergenic, and it seems always weightless. This mattress has a special 5 zone comfort design for every single pressure point of the body and spine alignment.

Talalay support layers in this mattress provide support layers to target the body in different positions. This feature allows all kinds of sleepers to have a better posture while sleeping and their pressure points to be constantly targeted into comfort.

Why we like it :

  • Talalay layers provide separate comfort
  • Natural latex foam is used to ensure that the mattress is comfortable, hypoallergenic, and breathable
  • Organic wool layer allows the moisture to be wicked away
  • The cotton cover makes the layer more soft and comfortable

Why we hate it :

  • The mattress does not have a separate sleeping cool layer
  • The mattress does not isolate motion

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The top layer of the Zenhaven mattress deserves a shout out. It is an organic wool layer made with pure New Zealand wool. The natural properties of the wool allow it to be more breathable and allow the moisture to be wicked away keeping you cool during sleep.

4. Sapira Mattress – Best for Hybrid lovers

Leesa Sapira Avena Foam layer mattressFeatures

  • Avena Foam layer
  • Memory foam layer
  • Supportive spring layer
  • Breathable layers
  • Edge to edge support

This mattress is highly suited for people that want to sleep cool and enjoy the bouncy response of a hybrid mattress.

The memory foam layer is the pressure-relieving layer in this mattress. It is 1.5 inches thick and responsible to acquire the shape of the sleeper so that the rest of the layers can work accordingly. This layer pushed back on the sleeper so that the targeted points are relieved of pressure.

Supportive spring layers are a sandwich between 1 inch stabilizing foam. This layer allows the mattress to reduce sagging and increases durability. It has space for ventilation and allows for better breathability. The layer also allows motion isolation for partners.

Why we like it :

  • Memory foam layer provides personalized body support
  • The mattress provides pressure-relieving through the memory foam layer and the bounce back springs
  • Avena foam layer allows ventilation and free movement with its bounce
  • Spring layers allow motion isolation for a couple of different sleeping positions

Why we hate it :

  • The mattress is not hypoallergenic and is prone to bugs
  • The mattress does not have sleeping cool features

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The Sapira Mattress has plenty of different layers which work together to bring comfort. The topmost layers are the Avena foam layer is about 1.5 inches thick. This layer provides better ventilation and breathability. It also has a steady bounce for free movement during sleep.

5. Purple mattress – Best for Pressure Relief

Purple Hypoallergenic mattress for Pressure ReliefFeatures

  • Plexus side panels base layer
  • Specialized comfort foam approved by Certi-Pur
  • Pocketed spring as main foam
  • Highly comfortable comfort stretch cover
  • Special purple smart comfort grid
  • Sleep cool
  • Motion isolation
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Nontoxic/ no off-gassing

People that need extra support to their bones like arthritis patients will find this mattress to be most comforting. The mattress provides a special layer that helps in targeting pressure points for pressure relief.

The Purple smart-comfort grid is an ergonomically designed technology in mattresses that provide a unique sense of comfort in this mattress. It flexes under the pressure points so that you wake up without aches in your body. The grid also helps in increasing airflow and providing a cooler mattress to sleep.

Pocketed spring has the feature of ensuring that contoured body shape is acquired. However, for a more accurate shape, the purple comfort grid works with the pocketed spring. Together they provide support and even motion isolation.

Why we like it :

  • Motion isolation through a mixture of pocketed spring and the purple comfort grid
  • The purple smart-comfort grid provides a layer to target pressure points and keep the mattress cool
  • The top comfort stretch cover is softer and breathable for a better feel
  • Base layer increases durability and reduces stuffiness

Why we hate it :

  • No layer to fight body heat when accumulated
  • There are no options for firmness levels

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The base layer of the purple mattress is a Plexus side panels that allow the rest of the mattress to easily rely on the layer and it gives back by providing ample support. The mesh layer allows breathability and reduces the stuffiness in mattresses.

6. Helix Mattress – Best for Back pain relief

Helix dynamic foam layer Back pain relief MattressFeatures

  • Helix dynamic foam layer
  • Pocketed micro-coils layer
  • High-grade polyfoam layer
  • Cool sleeping foam
  • Additional cooling layers for two bodies

There are plenty of mattresses in the market designed for couples but none like this. How convenient is this mattress where you can personalize it entirely with a few of the best types of foams and layers? This mattress is suitable for people that prefer to find their layers of comfort.

The Helix dynamic foam layer is a layer that can be chosen in this customizable mattress. This layer provides the contouring of the weight exerted on the mattress and reacts accordingly. This special foam is made to be highly cooling to provide a heat-free sleeping zone.

Pocketed micro coils are a more advanced version of pocketed springs. These are micro springs that work better in terms of pressure relief and make sure to target even the tiniest muscle in your body. They also help in reducing airflow and increase motion isolation for better sleep.

Why we like it :

  • Three different layer options can all be blended together to form one mattress
  • The mattress can be super cool with the helix foam layer which is made for two bodies and their heats
  • Dual side mattress option allows couples to have their independent sleeping support while sleeping together
  • Various densities can be set with high quality according to different body types

Why we hate it :

  • The mattress does not have an ergonomically made cover
  • The mattress does not have an option of the firmness level

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One of the best features of the Helix mattress is that you have the option to make it as you like with features of your choice. You will have basic options and you can customize the mattress to suit your needs entirely.

7. Tuft and Needle Mattress – Best for Budget

Tuft and Needle Pressure relief layer MattressFeatures

  • ­highly supportive base layer
  • Pressure relief layer
  • Cool sleeping factors
  • Adaptive foam layer

This mattress is highly suitable for people that want a simple mattress. With only two layers it has no complications and available at an affordable price.

The tuft and Needle adaptive foam layer is a mixture of the high-density memory foam layer and its natural and much better alternative the latex foam. The foam contours the shape of the person sleeping on it so that the support layer and pressure relief can work according to the body shape.

There is a graphite infusion that wicks off the heat entirely and provides a cool and well-ventilated layer in the mattress to ensure a cool and ventilated mattress.

Why we like it :

  • Graphite infusion makes the mattress cool and breathable
  • Adaptive layer takes the body shape and provides relief in the pressure points according to that
  • The support layer is seven inches of the reliable base layer that the mattress relies on
  • The mattress has a mixture of the goodness of memory foam and latex foam

Why we hate it :

  • The firmness of the mattress cannot be selected
  • The mattress takes a long time to come to its shape because of the compressed packing

Check Price and Availability

One of the best features of the Tuft and Needle mattress is their extensive work on their base support. The support layer as they call it is about 7 inches thick that sanctions the mattress to confidently stand on the layer.
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The better sleep council suggests that sleeping on your stomach in a free-fall position can be extremely hazardous to your lower back. However, with the right mattress, you can still sleep on your stomach in a safer way. With the right mattress, you need the best sleeping pillow and the right way to ensure that you do not cause much harm to your body. You will now have few of the best choices in the market that are suitable for stomach sleepers and can choose from them.

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