How to Train Yourself to Sleep on Your Back: Just Need 4 Steps

Learning how to sleep on your back will benefit you a lot if you focus. Therefore, we will give tips on how you can learn to sleep on your back. Following the information, you will find it easy to master the sleeping position.


Sleeping is a natural thing phenomenon that helps to re-energize the body. It is one of those natural orders that can’t be cheated. Since sleeping helps to reset the body and refuel worn-out tanks, why not make the most of it? Therefore, one has to make sure the best sleeping positions are mastered for sufficient sleeping. Sleeping on the back is one of those positions that come with a lot of benefits.

Therefore, there is a need to learn how to sleep on your back. However, sleeping on the back may not work for some people, especially pregnant individuals. Also, individuals with sleep apnea conditions may find it hard to sleep on their backs. Before you give up and move to the next sleeping position, you should understand why sleeping on the back is beneficial.

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Sleeping on the back benifits

Why Should You Sleep On Your Back?

The back-sleeping position is alien to some people for a lot of unexplainable reasons. People that sleep on their backs are minimal compared to those that sleep on their side. According to Sleepadvisor, “Maybe it’s because we spend time in the womb in the fetal position, and most of us carry on sleeping in that position throughout our childhood and into our adult lives.”Sleeping on the back may not readily stand out as a superior sleeping position, but it sure comes with benefits.

Back Sleep overview

There are a lot of health benefits attributed to sleeping on the back. Some of these benefits are proper spine alignment, wrinkle prevention, and many more. One of the advantages of a well-aligned spine is the reduction of back pain. Also, it helps you to have flexibility when moving. Another significant benefit of sleeping on the back is the maintenance of perky breasts.

How To Sleep On Your Back

Importance of back sleeping

The first and most important first thing to do is to lay flat. By lying flat, you will have your neck and head in a neutral position. Sometimes you may feel the need to move your head sideways or make your knees tilt sideways. When you think this way, you should resist. All that matters is to make sure you are lying flat, and the head position is neutral.

Head Elevation

Head Elevation with pillow

After making sure of the above position, what should come next is the elevation of your head. Be sure to elevate your head by making use of a pillow. For full support of your body, you can choose to put pillows below your arms. The type of pillow that can make this work correctly is the buckwheat pillow. This is as recommended by sleep experts.

The buckwheat pillow is perfect because it is less bulky and comes flatter, allowing you to set as you please. In this process, you must make sure to maintain balance with the pillow. Make sure not to have your head overly propped high or positioned too low. This is because you will have yourself in an unnatural position.

Pillows Under the Knee

Trying this out for the first time may give rise to some lower back pains at first. Also, it can lead to pressure on your back. Therefore, you might want to keep yourself balanced by inserting a pillow under your knees. Immediately you do this; you will feel instant relief.

Pillows Under the Knee

Furthermore, you might nullify the pressure on your back if you put yourself through a simple exercise. Stretching lightly before jumping on your bed can play a significant role in getting a night of good sleep. If you are one of those who sit for so long, you might have a muscle problem. It is possible to have a stiff hamstring and hip flexors. However, when you challenge yourself to stretch a little before bedtime, you can get rid of the pain.

An example is the pigeon type of stretching. It would help if you carried out this stretching on each side of the body for a minute. Therefore, when you lay on your back, you will have no pain. Lastly, make sure to have about eight stretches before you focus on going to bed. Also, always try to keep your hips relaxed before you sleep to avoid stiffness.

Learning the Starfish Position

Starfish Position

People that sleep beside their partner may find it hard to sleep ina starfish position. You might be wondering how to actualize this position, but it is simple. You only get to sleep just as the name says, starfish. To learn this position, follow the steps below:

  • Lay on your back flat
  • Make sure to face up while sleeping
  • Make sure to spread your hands and legs wide.

The major problem with this position is that it does now allow for space for others on the same bed. However, sleeping in this position means you are embracing comfort while you sleep. With this sleeping position, you will get rid of excessive pressure and pain on your back.

Be Consistent as Well as Persistent

stressful back sleep

Sleeping in a way that has so far been listed in this article can get stressful. It takes a lot of getting used to before you can make this a reality. Therefore, do not feel the need to lose focus or believe in the process. However, if you are persistent and consistent with the approach, you will get used to it in no time.

For starters, the urge to shift or roll sideways may get tempting as your sleep progresses. But the best thing you can do for yourself is to make sure you shut down the urge. Also, instead of changing your position, roll back to the back-sleeping position. Keep on trying this position till it becomes a part of you.

Learning How to Sleep on Your Back

training to sleep on your back

1. Sleeping With the Appropriate Mattress

mattress for back sleepers

Sleeping can get complicated when you can’t get your hands on the best of mattresses. The best mattress will align your body and help get rid of pain and pressure. Some poor mattresses will make your body sink into the bed, which will result in pain.

You will find it easy to get out of the best next day because all parts of the body are aligned correctly. Therefore, to maintain a good sleep when on your back, use a fitting mattress.

2. Chose the Best Neck Support

With poor neck support, you will find yourself in pain and challenges. However, when you have yourself right or fitting support, your sleep is halfway better.

pillows for neck Support

Therefore, invest your money on the best of pillows for your neck. Choose a pillow that will elevate your head accurately without a problem. As mentioned above, the buckwheat pillow will make it easier for you to sleep. In a case where there are no available funds to get all of these, you can get yourself a makeshift pillow. Find a way to wrap your towel in a way that will align your head and neck appropriately.

3. Build a Pillow Demarcation

As much as this may sound funny, it is beneficial. When you are sleeping, it is possible to forget all that you have in mind before sleeping. You might get to the peak of your sleep, and you unconsciously change your position. Doing this will result in specific pains and pressure.

Therefore, to make sure you don’t forget, you are to create a demarcation. To do this, you will mount pillows surrounding you, so you don’t overly shift from your planned position. Whenever you roll, you will feel the pillow and reset back to your position.

Pillow Demarcation

What to do is put the pillows on each of your sides, so every time you move, you hit the pillow. Also, this can serve as an advantage when you have a partner beside you. In a case where a pillow is not readily available, you can use your clean towel. Make sure you also practice the process on your mind before sleeping.

4. Be Patient

It is always said to leave the best for the last. Therefore, you need to understand the need for patience in a situation like this. Mastering all of the above is not something you achieve in a day.

You have to believe that it will happen and can happen. Focus on achieving your aim for starting in the first place. You might need to have a series of sleeping practices that will help you understand how to focus.

Regular Back sleep position

Additionally, it is alright to call it a quit. Sometimes, you are not just in the mood to maintain your sleeping position. There are times you are too worried to try out any form of regular back seeping position. Having sleeplessness can also play a roll in how you maintain your sleep.


If you are amongst those maintaining back sleeping, you will have it easy to continue against all the odds. Therefore, you choose to buy a weighted eye pillow. The pillow comes with a type of unique smell that keeps your brain in the right gear. With this pillow, you can easily switch to sleep mode, thanks to the scent from the pillow.

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