10 Incredible Reasons Why Sleep is So Important

Sleep is incredibly important and not getting enough has many consequences. Read this article to find out 10 reasons why sleep is so essential!

With the increase of technology, smartphones, and stress, sleep can often be missed and shrugged off like it isn’t needed. However, although this might be the case, sleep should not be missed and is one of the more important activities you need to perform. Sleep should be a regular part of your routine and can drastically help with a range of benefits.

Sleep and its importance have been studied for many years and, to this day, there is no pinpoint reason why we need it. All we know is that with less sleep, we begin to see my psychological and physical issues that affect daily life. This article is going to be perfect for individuals who work late nights or have stressful lives. Sleep is very important, and you will see why if you continue to read this article.

You’ll have a Better Memory

memory improvements

Some studies have indicated that sleep helps to improve your memory. There are some reasons behind this, with one of the main theories suggesting it has something to do with the consolidation of memories. This is why teachers often tell students to avoid studying into the later hours. You’ll end up forgetting most of the work you’ve read, and sleeping on it can help to subconsciously process the memories.

This theory was suggested by many scientists has a lot of support. However, the other theory is that your memory is better because you’ve rested the busy processes in the head. Your mind is a hungry organ and is always churning away throughout the day. Resting it and letting it settle could help revitalize it, kicking it back into action the following day.

Whatever the truth behind the memory games is, it is clear that through observation and our own experience that sleep can help when it comes to remembering something.

Improves Your Concentration

concentration and coordination skills

I think this is something we can all agree on. A good night’s rest can improve our concentration and coordination skills. If you’re feeling tired, you’ll feel less motivated to learn and concentrate on a book. When this happens, it may be time to rest.

It is not just the concentration that sleep can help. Productivity and motivate are both factors that are affected by sleep. Several scientific studies have found that sleep can drastically improve the problem-solving skills and mental abilities in both adults and children. Furthermore, it was found that good sleep (long sleep) has the largest effect, compared to short sleep which impaired mental functioning.

The next time you’re struggling to complete a piece of work or if you have a big test the following morning, you may benefit from a good night’s rest. It will help to prepare your brain’s mental abilities to give you the best result.

Lack of Sleep Increases the Risk of Stroke

Having more sleep can decrease your risk of both stroke and heart-related issues. This has been a common finding throughout history and has been supported by many studies. There has been so much research on this subject that scientists have stated that sleeping less than 7-8 hours a night can increase your risk of cardiovascular issues. Nobody knows the true reason behind this and the causality of the situation is confusing. However, this is beginning to have a clear correlation, so avoid sleepless nights.

Less Sleep = Greater Risk of Depression

Risk of Depression

Depression is one of the most common mental illness around the world, with millions of suffers (the majority being female). One of the lesser-known causes of depression has been linked to lack of sleep. To be clear, approximately 90% of individuals suffering from sleep complain about sleep quality, creating this glaring correlation.

The quality of your sleep has been linked to more than just depression, but suicide as well. People who sleep less are more likely to suffer from a range of psychological issues compared to people who sleep normally. An interesting statistic on the matter states that individuals with sleep disorders also suffer from depressive symptoms. Sleep is linked to depression in some way or form.

You Feel Less Hungry Throughout the Day

Hungry Throughout the Day

If you’re someone who likes to snack throughout the day or someone who is currently on a diet, you may be lacking quality sleep. There has been a significant amount of evidence that suggests sleep can affect the hormones that govern hunger. Individuals who got more, high-quality sleep ended up feeling less hungry than those who receive short, poor quality sleep.

Studies have found that tried individuals end up consuming more calories and end up putting on weight a lot faster. One study found that individuals who sleep less ended up losing more muscle than body fat when they were dieting! To be more scientific, the hormones Ghrelin and leptin fluctuate during periods of sleep deprivation. These hormones are in charge of your appetite and cause you to eat more when you’re suffering from tiredness.

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You Increase Your Life Expectancy

It should have hit you by now that with all the things already discussed, having a good night’s rest can drastically improve your life expectancy. Several studies have indicated that individuals who suffer from sleep deprivation are more likely to die earlier than those who have high-quality sleep.

The cause here is unclear and it is not known whether the sleep deprivation is a direct cause. As we have seen, the deprivation itself can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease and depression. Some speculate it is the result of the issues that come along with sleep deprivation, but that is only an argument. One thing is for certain, however: better sleep leads to a better life. That is something many professionals are certain of.

Sleep Helps to Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is something that a large majority of the population suffer from and there are many ways that it can come about. One of these ways is through old age, and unfortunately cannot always be prevented. However, did you know that the hours of sleep you get can affect the severity of your inflammation? Probably not.

There have been a series of studies that have indicated the quality of your sleep can influence your inflammation. Many studies have indicated that poor sleep can increase inflammation and cell damage. It is clear that if you are not getting enough sleep, you’re putting your body at risk of making your existing inflammation worse and sleep evaluation is something that is being offered to now suffering patients.

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Improves Your Athletic Performance

If you’re an athlete and are struggling to beat your time or goals, you should be getting better sleep. This can be associated further with the mental problems you suffer when you are suffering from sleep deprivation. Your concertation and productivity will be lower, so you’re bound to suffer from athletic issues.

Nonetheless, there have been several studies that indicate athletic performance falls when the players or performers are sleep deprived. This was found with a group of professional basketball players who played worse when they had a short sleep the night before. Exercise, in general, is inhibited when you’re sleep-deprived and you’re likely to struggle with independent activities. If you’re an athletic or active person, you’re going to want to get plenty of sleep throughout the week.

Results in fewer Accidents

Getting plenty of sleep is a great way to be more alert and aware in the morning. This has already been discussed. One of the implications of this is fewer accidents both on the road and around the home. There are a large number of crashes on the roads because of tired and sleep-deprived drives, so it pays to be awake when you’re driving. This is commonly seen with lorry drivers who have driven too many miles, but it can happen with regular civilians as well.

We have already discussed the issues related to psychology when you are sleep deprived. Reaction time and decision making abilities also get impaired when you are sleep deprived. When you’re cruising down the highway at high speed, one wrong turn or bad decision could end your life. If you have a long journey ahead of you the following morning, you should get plenty of sleep. This also goes for individuals who drive to work every morning.

Sleep Boosts Your Immunity to Illness

Are you someone who always gets ill with the flu or someone who is always taking sick days? The answer may rest in your sleeping pattern. A significant number of studies have indicated that low-quality sleep negatively impacts the immune system, leading to more sickness.

One particular experiment looked at the common cold and used a strand of the virus to try and cause the participants to develop some form of sickness. It was found that individuals who slept less than 7 hours a night were 3 times more likely to develop symptoms of the cold than individuals who weren’t. This goes to show that if you want to avoid getting sick, try and get some better sleep, especially in the winter.

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Sleep is very important as you can see with all these studies. One thing that shines in all of this is the effect sleep has on mental capabilities. It seems that slight sleep deprivation has a huge impact on our productivity and motivation during the day. If you want to be the best you can be, you need to be getting your hours.

Also, although the evidence is somewhat inconclusive, it appears that lack of sleep can increase the risk of serious issues, like depression and stroke. If you want to better your life and make sure you avoid any of this horrible issue, we suggest you put down your phone and start sleeping properly.

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