7 Things You Should Never Do Before Going Bed

Sleep is the most important factor for a person to spend the following day out comfortably. Getting a sound sleep let you feel ultra fresh, boost energy level and overall take care of entire health.


Owing to unawareness about bad habits what sleepers do before going to bed, numerous people suffer from insomnia and insufficient sleeping although they make this mistake unintentionally. Take a closer look at the following criteria to be a sound sleeper.

Here we are, to make you be cognizant about those bad habits what sneak the precious sleep.

Using Light Emitting Technology

Research shows that using light emitting technology like Smartphone, laptop or even if watching television before going bed hamper sleep. Then what you would do?

Do avoiding any light-emitting technology for at least one hour before bedtime. Robert Rosenberg, Author of Sleep Soundly Every Night

Nevertheless, if you don’t skip this trend then to eliminate the jeopardy from insomnia, turn down the screen’s brightness; keep the device at least 14 inches away from the face.

Drinking coffee or Tea Right Before Bed

drink coffee

In fact, a single cup of coffee contains almost 80 to 100 milligrams of caffeine so drinking coffee right before bed disrupts sleeping heavily. If don’t avoid such a habit then can take the coffee that contains valerian.

The efficiency of caffeine remains up to 12 hours. In terms of decaf coffee, it’s more critical as the action of such coffee remains longer just because of caffeine. So avoid drinking coffee just close to the bedtime.

Tea is also a great source of caffeine. You may take herbal tea or green, white or black tea where must remain less caffeine.

Skip Stimulating and Exciting Thoughts Before Sleeping

Take some time to relax yourself when on bed. If you can’t get cool and comfortable from the beforehand then it may take some more time to be relaxed.

Several researches show that, stimulating thoughts distract someone from sleeping. Give up the exciting thinking at least 30 minutes of going bed. Stimulating thoughts helps awaking the nerve and cells for longer period. So think of some beautiful imagination for having the sound sleep.

Eating Spicy Foods

You body always maintains the proper metabolism when you take the food adequately and timely. Eating food before going bed disrupts the digesting process and let the sleeper uncomfortable.

Generally spicy and fatty foods are associated with the acid reflux. So Doctors suggest going bed at least 2 hours after having dinner as this period of time requires whole metabolism process.

You may eat some snacks or glass of milk if feel for food. But remember, late night snacking is certainly responsible for overweight. So be extra careful of taking food and ensure sound sleep.


cigaretteAmong tons of negativities, this is also recognized that smoking causes insomnia since this one works as a stimulant. Nicotine causes the smokers awake earlier than the normal time of awaking.

Some people say that they take cigarette just because of keeping them away from anxiety but smoking can never be the remedy of relaxation or healing. So if you are distress on bed with insomnia then stop smoking at least closer time of bed.


Drinking Plenty of Water

Undoubtedly, drinking more water is always important for the human body but you need to resist this continuity in terms of going bed to head. Drink lots of water throughout the day but not at night. Using bathroom frequently during sleep time is a negative message for a restful sleep. Give up this habit now to ensure the sleeping.

Keep Your Pet Away

Movement of pet toward the bed causes severe nuisance during sleep. Perhaps you do have great passion over pet but, for the sake of restful and sound sleep, may need to keep them away. Research show that, wool of pet or breathe creates healing problem of human being. So if you are doing combat with insomnia then keep it away from the closer distance.

Final Judgment

Sleep is desirable and precious demand of a man as the performance of whole day relies on sound sleep. People make such mistake quite unintentionally for the lack of cognizance.

But it is expected that, to avoid the mentioned affairs, someone can heal the problem and ensure the costly beautiful sleep.

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