7 Best Mattress for Side Sleepers- Top Brands Reviewed

Are you a side sleeper? Struggling with your sleeping position? We are here to help you with reviews of the best mattress for side sleepers.

Before reading any of the content written below. Just ask yourself this: “am I comfortable in my bed?” If you answer to this question is “no” then, without a doubt, it is time to get a new mattress. Finding a mattress for the back sleeping position is hard enough but for a side sleeper, it is even harder. Now, if you’re a side sleeper, then you have certainly come to the right place.

Side sleepers are the ones who suffer the most from shoulder and arm pain when they wake up. So in this write-up, we hope to target the side sleepers; all those who are uncomfortable in their bed and need some advice as to which mattress to buy.

Thankfully, there are quite some options and some of the best are discussed below.

What should I do to alleviate back pain problem while taking side sleeping pose?

Try and find the mattress which suits your sleeping position. Identify your pressure relieving points and match the mattress which supports your posture. If you are facing back and neck pain problems and find your body stiff when you wake up in the morning, you need to find a mattress with medium firmness, ample support, and a contouring effect.

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Does my weight affect the amount of support I get while sleeping on the side?

This is the most neglected prospect while buying a mattress. Your weight plays a crucial role in the support and comfort that you will find on a mattress. The sinkage increases with your weight which not only adversely affects the support but also affects the airflow in the mattress and causes a rise in the temperature. Depending on your weight and your body, you should invest in a certain type of mattress. For example, a person who weighs 200 pounds or more than that needs a mattress with at least 4 inches thick comfort layer. Otherwise, their body sinkage might cause health problems.

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Compare & Review – Top 8 Mattresses for Side Sleepers


Product Best for Layers Mattress type Firmness Level Link
Nectar Side and back sleeper 5 GEL Memory foam 6
Novosbed Side and Stomach sleeper 4 High-Density foams 7
Helix Sleep All sleeping position 3 Helix Dynamic Foam and Pocketed Micro-coils Customizable
Spindle Mattresses Side and back sleeper 3 Side and back sleeper 7
Amerisleep beds All sleeping position, Side sleeper (The sprinter) 3 American made memory foam 6.5
Nolah Bed Side sleeper (The log) 3 Nolah AirFoam™ 5
Loom and Leaf All sleeper, Side sleeper (The fetal) 5 Eco-friendly foam with cooling spinal gel 7

Top 7 Best Mattress for Side Sleepers Reviews

1. Nectar Mattress

Nectar Mattress


The Nectar mattress is an innovative product that has been producing some high-quality products on the market. Let’s find out why this mattress has a no.2 place in our rankings.


The Nectar Mattress sports an extremely breathable 5-layered design which features a dense base layer. On the top sits an adaptive hi-core memory foam that offers a shifting base for the layers on top. The third layer is a gel memory foam which proves to be a good source of stress and pain relief. The second layer is a quilted memory foam which provides breathability and comfort by adjusting itself to your movements and body weight.

The featured Tencel cooling foam is excellent for distributing heat within the entire product. Getting a pampering comfort from pillow top adds to the sweet sleeping experience. The use of premium materials in the manufacturing allows perfect contouring besides the restriction of dust mites.

The Nectar provides firm support to your body while also adjusting itself to your body’s weight and your turn patterns. The Nectar Mattress can be best described as “Medium Firm”. Due to its use of memory foam, it can aptly adapt itself to your twists and turns. It makes for a great bed for side sleepers.

Best Nectar Mattresses for Side Sleepers

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  • Thick enough to provide you assurance knowing that it is a fully durable mattress.
  • Due to the heat distribution techniques, it can keep you cool at night.
  • Use of gel memory foam provides great support to the back, neck, and shoulders.
  • Use of high-quality material will keep the dust mites away.
  • The company provides shipping which is free of cost.
  • Off-gassing may be an issue with this bed.
  • It might inside if you sit on the edge a lot; this can be inconvenient for most people.

Why should I buy this mattress?

The Nectar offers a stylish comfortable and innovative product at a very reasonable price. It is a very suitable bed for you if you sleep on your sides often and tend to get hot during the night.

You can learn more about materials and comfort levels of Nectar Mattress in our in-depth overview here.

2. Novosbed Memory Foam

Novosbed Memory Foam


The Novosbed is one of the most versatile mattresses out there. It has been carefully manufactured to relieve the body of any kind of physical pain or uneasiness. The Novosbed provides a very relaxing and comfortable experience. While several factors add to comfort, we cannot deny the fact that the construction of the mattress is one major factor.


The base of the Novosbed is a thick 7-inch dense foam which acts as a foundation for all other layers that are stacked on top of it. The next layer is the 2-inch thick memory foam. This layer basically contours itself according to your body shape and size. It will mold itself according to your needs and wishes. The memory foam is what makes this bed perfect for side sleepers because it distributes the pressure evenly and makes for a more wholesome posture while sleeping.

The last layer is the 2-inch airflow memory foam which efficiently distributes the heat evenly across the mattress. The overall firmness of the bed can be termed as “medium-firm” as it is firm to some extent but it cannot be called soft.

Thousands of vertical channels in the Novosbed can efficiently prevent overheating of the bed and gives your body a cool effect.

Use of high-density foams will allow the user to feel the newness for more than 15 years. Washable top cover allows you to keep your mattress looks new.

An ultra-soft stretch cover will remove the need to use the bed sheets. Two-way stretch elasticity protects the cover from tearing apart.

Feature of Novosbed Memory Foam Shop Now

  • The Novosbed can efficiently prevent overheating of the body and bed.
  • It is machine friendly, so you don’t need to worry about going to a huge launder.
  • The edge support on this mattress is optimum and you will have no problems at all by sitting on the side.
  • It is shipped with an elastic core cover as well as a variety of other covers.
  • The Novosbed mattress is Certi-PUR certified.
  • Some pungent odor is rampant for the first week or so.
  • It might cause some spinal problems for some people as it is medium firm. Be sure to check the firmness and assess your comfort to that firmness

Why should I buy this mattress?

The Novosbed provides a 120-day free trial offer for all its aspiring customers; no strings attached! The mattress is relatively affordable and is easy on the pocket. It also provides the best kind of support for side sleepers.

Want to learn more about the Novosbed Mattress? Read our complete review here.

3. Helix Sleep mattress

Helix Sleep mattress


If you’re looking for a product you can customize and make it suit your needs. The Helix provides all the means to personalize your mattress and make it truly your own.


Sleep Quiz results are used to customize the mattress density and layers of foam in your bed. Every sleeper has different needs, the quiz reveals the insight of your sleeping needs and helps the helix to design the mattress give your perfect support, contouring, temperature regulation, and point elasticity.

The best part about Helix Sleep mattresses is the fact that there is no set length or height of these products as customers can easily choose the thickness of their mattress, whereby customizing it to their needs. But every bed consists of a thick base layer which is also made dense. To provide maximum support to all the layers that are placed after it, it is kept at the bottom of the bed.

The next layer is a memory gel foam which helps to contour your body and keep and your spine aligned at all times. This helps to improve sleeping conditions when you sleep on your stomach or your sides.

Pocketed micro coils used in the mattress helps to promote airflow and circulates the heat within the mattress so as to provide a cooling effect to the user. High-grade polyfoam offers varying densities to get you a perfect customized mattress.

Best Helix Sleep mattress for Side Sleepers

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  • Certi-PUR certifications.
  • Helix dynamic foam helps to align your spine so you always have a comfortable experience.
  • The use of high-grade polyfoam makes Helix completely customizable to your own needs.
  • It also provides a feature called dual comfort. This helps couples who have different mattress needs.
  • It provides a cooling effect, so it is beneficial for all those who get hot during the night.
  • The product tends to sink in very soon and there will be a dent wherever you sit or sleep.
  • The quilt which is provided with the mattress is not effective in resisting stains and spills.

Why should I buy this mattress?

Helix provides you a customizable option to design the mattress as per your own needs. When sleeping with your partner you’ll get the reduced isolation motion transfer through the use of micro pocketed coils.

Learn more about Helix vs. Casper Mattress and their overall pros and cons here.

4. Spindle Mattresses

Spindle Mattresses


Spindle Mattresses are one of the very few mattresses on the market that we can trust. It features an incredible 9 inches of pure organic latex, along with a layer of Dunlop latex. If you choose not to buy this mattress, then you’re on the lucky side of the spectrum.


The Spindle Mattress has by far one of the best construction plans that we have ever seen. It features 3 layers of high-quality foam made of only the finest latex in town. This construction is what lends Spindle mattresses their signature softness and durability. Each layer of foam is as thick as 3 inches, and each layer provides a different level of comfort and support.

The Spindle bed has always been a personal favorite for us, and there are reasons. These three unique and distinct layers, while having no specific firmness rating, provide a broad spectrum of firmness and comfort for you to choose from. And they can adapt over time to the shape of your body, to better accommodate your weight. It truly is a sleeping dream come true.

Use of organic sheep Eco-Wool wicks away moisture and helps you sleep cool in the summer.

Use of natural latex has the tendency to absorb the impacts results in reduced motion transfers.

Best Spindle Mattresses mattress for Side Sleepers

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  • Tree layers of latex foam which can be adjusted accordingly.
  • It is eco-friendly due to its use of environment-friendly materials.
  • There is no fixed rating of firmness and you can adjust it according to your own need.
  • It aligns your neck and spine perfectly so that it gives you the relief and comfort which you require.
  • It may be difficult for you to set up as the instructions and construction is a bit vague.
  • The after-sales services of Spindle are not very satisfying.

Why should I buy this bed?

The Spindle comes packaged with a 25-year limited warranty which covers a lot of the features of the product. However, it is worth saving your planet through the use of organic products.

5. Amerisleep beds

Amerisleep beds


The Amerisleep is a renowned brand when it comes to the memory foam industry. After hours of searching for a suitable mattress, I finally found a mattress that countered all the problems of traditional memory foam while still being cheap.


The Amerisleep is a completely functional and comfortable mattress. Its construction is one that is unique and one that needs to be understood.

On the top is the Bio PUR memory foam which allows the user to completely sink into the mattress without making it too uncomfortable. The memory gel contours the body and shapes itself according to your sleeping patterns. The next layer which is the polyfoam layer which adds a lot of bounce to the mattress. It provides a transition from the plush layer to the firm layer below. It features a honeycomb design to allow air to pass easily.

The Bio Core Foam prevents the mattress from sagging or being compressed. It provides support to the upper layers as well as to the body of the user. It provides durability to the mattress.

Best Amerisleep beds for Side Sleepers

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  • This mattress is manufactured in the USA using all organic material.
  • The manufacturing process is extremely eco-friendly.
  • The mattress effectively eliminates any trapped body heat using its Bio PUR Memory
  • The company offers you with 100 trial nights. This means you can essentially try out the mattress and how comfortable you are with it.
  • No off-gassing or bad smell.
  • The mattress comes in wide variety of sizes including the Twin, Twin XL, Queen, Full, King and California King.
  • It might be too soft for some users as you will sink into the mattress.
  • The product might not be very firm as some people might like it to be.

Why should I buy this mattress?

The Amerisleep AS3 is one of the most luxurious yet affordable mattresses out on the market. The company offers individual mattress as per your sleeping position be it side sleeper, stomach sleeper or a back sleeper. It is for all those who love the perfect balance of support and comfort. Its 20-year warranty and the variety of features make it one of the best mattresses.

Want to know more before purchasing? See our review of Amerisleep Mattress where we mention everything that you need to know about this model.

6. Nolah mattresses

Nolah Cooling Comfort Mattresses


The Nolah beds are one of the most reliable and most comfortable for people who have a habit of sleeping on their sides. At first glance, they may not look much, but do not let first glances deceive you as they are extremely durable.


The Nolah beds offer a somewhat medium-firm firmness which makes it ideal for a majority of people. Of course, some people will have discomfort due to the firmness, but those who side sleepers will benefit greatly from it. At the top, the Nolah Beds feature an Air Foam layer which efficiently distributes heat and promotes airflow which adds a cooling factor to the mattresses.

A latex-like foam sits below this layer and acts as a means of motion transfer. It helps side sleepers to contour the foam into the structure and habits of the user.

A high-density polyfoam is at the very base of the bed and acts as a foundation for all the layers on top. This also provides a lot of support to the user as it does not let the user sink into the mattress.

Superior pressure features pour 4 times less pressure on your hips. While sleeping with your partner you won’t get up during a twist or turn of your partner. All this is possible due to the zero motion transfer.

Sleeping on this mattress won’t make your body become hot, it is made without using any dangerous heat-trapping chemicals.

Feature of Nolah mattresses

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  • 100% USA made.
  • No use of hazardous chemicals in manufacturing.
  • The product is shipped in smart packaging.
  • It has a simple yet productive design.
  • The polyfoam base helps to relax the body and give firm support.
  • Zero motion transfer with this bed..
  • The Nolah does not offer a lot of firmness. It may seem too soft for some people.
  • The bed starts to sag after a few months of use.

Why should I buy the Nolah?

The Nolah provides a 15-year fully covered warranty. It is also very unique in the sense that it provides all the comfort which side and hot sleeper’s desire.

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1. Loom and Leaf Mattress

Loom and Leaf Mattress


Let’s start with our top pick and there must be a reason to include The Loom and Leaf beds at the top. It is one of the most carefully crafted and engineered mattresses which the market has to offer. They are not only durable but also fit for a variety of sleepers with a variety of needs.


The product is based on 5 layers of comfort. There is a 5.5-inch base layer which is dense and provides support for all the layers on top. Next comes the transition loft pad which provides ease of transition and movement.

On top of that rests the 2.5-inch visco-elastic memory foam. This layer is efficient in providing all the necessary contouring and support which you will need. It shifts and adapts itself to your sleeping habits; like sleeping on the side. Next comes the 2-inch gel-on-gel layer. This is a unique and innovative layer that provides the cooling function.

These layers have been specially engineered to circulate air throughout the mattress. Furthermore, they support a Spinal-Zone gel design which helps to greatly reduce the temperature inside the mattress by evenly distributing the heat.

The special visco-elastic layer shifts and adapts itself to your body’s sleeping positions. Loom and Leaf implement special sleep technologies that help relieve pressure points in your body, and specifically, align your spine. They also provide a 120-day free trial in case you end up not liking the mattress.

Feature of Loom and Leaf Mattress

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  • The Loom and Leaf provide ample support for side sleepers.
  • Keeps you cool during the night so you need not worry about getting hot.
  • It is neither too soft nor too firm, ideal for side sleeping posit
  • Some users may not like the firmness of the foam which may turn out to be a bit too firm for their liking.
  • Due to its specific design, it is quite lumpy in design.

Why should I buy this bed?

The Loom and Leaf Mattress is a rather premium bed that provides the best kind of amenities. It is rather expensive but delivers to your satisfaction. If we had to rate the firmness of this mattress out of a 10 (10 being firm and 1 being soft) we would give it a 7.

Interested in this Loom&Leaf Mattress? Check out the full review that we made here.

Check out what matters the most in the mattress for side sleepers

  • Support

If your body doesn’t get enough support while sleeping your spine can go out of alignment. When this happens, you face stiffness in your neck and back when you wake up.

As a side sleeper, you need to look for a mattress which has a firm support layer beneath the soft layer upper layer. The soft uppermost layer will contour your body and shifted the weight on to the firm bottom layer. This mechanism will keep your spine aligned while sleeping on your side.

Most of the mattresses provide a good level of support at a low firmness level but if you invest in a hybrid mattress, you will get the ideal combination of support and comfort.

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  • Pelvic rotation

This situation is caused when the lower spine and the back muscles are misaligned. This misalignment is caused due to the twisting and turning of the side sleeper. It is known to cause chronic back and neck pain. For instance, when a side sleeper curls down the leg or twist it up to the body a pelvic rotation occurs.

On the other hand when the mattress fails to reduce pressure points by not contouring your body to accommodate shoulders and hips movements.

If you’re lying on a too-firm mattress with side sleeping position your body may compromise and misalignment of the spine occurs.

You will not find the ideal solution to this problem but doctors recommend using the medium-firm mattress that cradles your head to the exact height and avoid misalignment of the spine.

  • Pressure relief

Pressure relief is technology is added to almost all the mattresses nowadays. After aligning your spine to the right level it helps in releasing pressure from different parts of your body. For side sleepers, the pressure-relieving points are the hips, neck, and shoulders. Specific pressure points are targeted to give you a good night sleep.

This not only prevents you from developing back problems but also prevents any chance of developing bedsores and ulcers. The pressure relief technology gives the mattress the ability to adapt to the user's body and distribute the pressure uniformly while tackling the respective pressure points.

  • Firmness guide for side sleeping position

There is no specific standard for a plush, medium or firm mattress in the world of mattress manufacturing. What one company calls a medium-firm mattress might be labeled as a plush mattress by the other company. To get the idea of what level of firmness your mattress is on, you should study the load and indentation ability of the mattress. You will be able to find the respective value of each layer separately and the combined value as well. This will give you a good idea.

The firmness of a mattress determines what kind of comfort and alignment your neck and spine will receive. For side sleepers, we recommend that you go for products that have a firmness level of 5 to 7. It is neither too firm nor too soft. This firmness level is best for side sleepers as a soft mattress caters the uncomfortable pressure points when you spread your legs and hips tend to stick out.

One thing you should keep in mind, as a side sleeper you need to look for a mattress which contours according to the curves of your body without losing the support.

  • Material used

We would highly recommend you to buy mattresses which use memory gel foams instead of those that use poly-foam or any other kind of material. This is with reason too. The memory gel is specially designed to contour itself according to your style of sleeping.

This is very beneficial for side sleepers as most other products made with other materials tend to either sink in or not provide enough comfort for the side sleepers.

The memory gel cleverly adjusts itself to your body shape and size. This makes for a more comfortable and reliable experience. The memory gel also helps with weight and pressure distribution that might arise due to uneven distribution.

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Side sleepers have been prone to back and neck pain which is constant for most of their lives. But, we believe, with the right choice of the right mattress, this pain can be a thing of the past.

One last thing to remember apart from the guide, all the above-mentioned points are subject to variation. They vary according to the body’s shape, weight, and heat-releasing effects.

By providing such comprehensive knowledge on the subject, we hope we were able to convince you that if you have a backache and you feel like it is your bed which is the problem, then be sure to switch is as soon as possible.

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