What Is The Best Waterbed Mattress To Buy In 2023?

Love to drift off on moving water around you? Then take advantage of 3000 years old Waterbed Mattress. Now-a-days, such mattresses has undergone huge transformations.

Choosing the right waterbed mattress for you can make you sleep better. You don’t have to toss and turn all night because of the uneasiness of your mattress when you choose to sleep on a waterbed.

Since the invention of waterbeds, they have come a long way with many different options for you to choose from. You can choose the soft-side waterbed which looks similar to a traditional waterbed mattress but is far more comfortable to sleep on.

We have compiled a list of top 5 waterbed mattress along with a buying guide and FAQs so you can choose a suitable option for yourself.

Let’s start with a quick comparison of top-rated waterbed mattress!

Our Picks: Top 5 Best Waterbed Mattress To Buy In 2023 Reviews

Model Vinyl Thickness Depth With Conditioner Warranty Link
InnoMax 20 9 inches No 20 years
InnoMax Genesis 20 9 inches No 20 years
Classic California King 24 9 inches 4 oz. bottles 12 years
Boyd Waveless 20 9 inches 4 oz. bottles 5 years
Classic California King 22 9 inches 4 oz. bottles 12 years

What is a waterbed mattress and how many types it has?

A waterbed mattress is filled with water and fiber. It provides you ideal support for your entire body. There are two types of waterbed mattresses:

Hard-sided: A waterbed mattress is a vinyl mattress inset surrounded by a wooden frame with tons of therapeutic values is known as a hard-sided waterbed. To maintain the shape of the mattress, you have to fit it in a wooden frame.

Soft-sided: This type of waterbed mattress does not need a wooden frame to maintain its shape. It complements the furniture of your room and easily fits in any bed frame you have.

Top 5 Waterbed Mattress To Buy In 2023 Reviews & Comparison

1. InnoMaxInnoMax Sanctuary Free Flow Full Wave Waterbed Mattress


Starting with our top pick, Innomax. It is a popular brand that offers you the best-quality waterbeds to give you an uninterrupted sleep all night. The InnoMax Sanctuary line is the most affordable choice for budget-conscious buyers.


The mattress comes with a number of excellent features, starting with the 20 mil vinyl body design and no wave reduction system which gives the support and balance you need to sleep.

If you are someone who likes to feel the movement of water in their waterbed, you will fall in love with this mattress. You will feel the movement of the water when you lie on it.

There is no insertion of fiber and foam in the waterbed. Draining out the water is very easy and you’ll find zero interruption in the flow of water.

The waterbed also comes with a valve feature with an easy pull cap to fill it with water. To have the most comfortable sleep with a great floating experience, make sure that you fill the waterbed with water at an optimal level without any pressure of air in it.

The highest pressure points are usually the corners of the waterbed. The double reinforced corners prevent leakages. You can replace it any time within 20 years if it gets damaged.

Check Price and AvailabilityBest InnoMax Waterbed Mattress

  • Gives a relaxed floating experience while sleeping.
  • Prevents pressure on joints, shoulder, back, and neck.
  • Durable and long-lasting. It won’t leak easily.
  • The motion of waves is soothing and relaxing for your body.
  • Optimal support for your whole body especially your back to reduce the risk of having a backache.
  • Easy to fill with water and easy to clean.
  • It has a strong vinyl smell which goes away only with time.

Why is this mattress best for you?

InnoMax allows you to have a sleep that makes you feel like you’re floating. It’s a perfect mattress for you if you are looking for a relaxing and soothing experience.

2. InnoMax Genesis

InnoMax Genesis Reduced Motion Waterbed Mattress


2nd runner-up on our list is still InnoMax. Since it is a leading brand which has been producing superior-quality waterbed mattresses for over 40 years. They give you a luxurious sleep with exceptional support and comfort. InnoMax Genesis Mattress is one of a kind and gives you the pleasure of enjoying a restful night’s sleep.


It comes with distinctive features that set it apart from other waterbeds available. Like other waterbeds from InnoMax, it comes with a gravity neutral fluid suspension which supports your body from head to toe and allows you to sleep comfortably.

One of the important features it has is the 4-way tethered support system which keeps the fiber flat and preventing it from shifting around.

The 20m vinyl covering provides the support for every angle of your body to help you sleep without changing positions throughout the night.

Moreover, the T-corner seam system maintains the firmness of the mattress and gives it the strength needed to stay durable. They help prevent it from leaking and bursting out.

Another prominent feature of the waterbed is that the company provides a 20-year warranty. This gives you a good value for your money by allowing you to replace it if it wears out.

Check Price and AvailabilityBest InnoMax Reduced Waterbed Mattress

  • The wave reduction system gives the perfect body alignment for every part of your body.
  • You won’t get annoyed with the flow of water.
  • Strong enough to stay with you for a long time. It is highly durable and long-lasting.
  • The T-corner seam system makes it strong enough and prevents leakage. It holds the water in place.
  • The optimal tethered support system that keeps it stable and gives it the right balance.
  • You can easily get in and out of the bed because it gives perfect body movement.
  • The mattress is not actually as motionless as it seems.

Why is this mattress best for you?

All in all, this is the best selection for you if you want to buy a mattress to have optimal back support. It is ideal for backache problems and arthritis patients.

3. Classic

California King Semi Waveless Waterbed Classic Mattress


To experience a restful and relaxing sleep, it is important for you to sleep on a comfortable mattress. The Classic California King Waterbed Mattress is a great creation of a well-recognized brand which is producing high-quality mattresses since 1971.


If you don’t mind a little motion of water while you are relaxing on your bed, this waterbed is an excellent choice for you. It is a semi-wave motion waterbed that gives your body uniform support with a movement that lasts from 8 to 10 seconds. You get the feeling of sleeping on the ocean. It gives a calm feeling and puts you to sleep in no time.

The combination of 24 m vinyl body design and extra reinforced corners gives your body proper alignment and support to prevent stiffness. You are able to relax your muscles after a long tiring day at work. You are able to reduce pressure from your back and neck because the waterbed helps with the distribution of body weight.

The perfectly crumpled corners allow the mattress to stay stable and prevent the occurrence of holes in the mattress.

Check Price and Availability

Best California King Classic Waterbed Mattress

  • It comes with a filling kit which makes it easier for you to fill the waterbed with water without much hassle.
  • Bottle of conditioner also comes with it to help to keep the mattress clean and preventing the growth of fungus and bacteria.
  • Highly comfortable for your whole body especially for your back and neck.
  • The corners of the mattress are not strongly covered.

Why is this mattress best for you?

It’s the best option for those who want a semi-wave motion waterbed to feel a bit of a water movement while sleeping.

4. Boyd

Boyd's Queen Size Waveless Waterbed Mattress


Boyd, a well-known company that has manufactured superior-quality waterbeds for years. Since 1977, Boyd is innovatively bringing comfort to the life of sleepers for all types of sleeping positions. No matter what position you prefer to sleep on, this is the best waterbed mattress to let you sleep comfortably.


If you are looking for a waterbed mattress that has less movement, this model is ideal for you. It comes with a 4-way tethered system that reduces the motion of the waterbed and allows you to sleep without any water floating interruptions.

You don’t feel the water floating on the mattress while having a good night sleep, because sometimes it really gets annoying to feel the water moving. The 4-layer wave reduction system reduces the motion of the water up to 99%.

Comes with a full kit which makes it easy for you to fill the mattress with water without having to purchase it separately.

The mattress gives you exceptional pressure relief on your back and shoulders. You will be able to prevent backaches you get from sleeping on a traditional mattress. It does not cure your backache, but it definitely reduces the risk of having one.

It comes with an additional feature of 3 bottles of conditioner which are each 4 ounces. You are then able to keep the waterbed clean and prevent the growth of bacteria and mildew.

Check Price and Availability

Best Boyd's Queen Waterbed Mattress

  • Comes with a 4-way tethered system to make the waterbed motionless while providing your body with the support it needs.
  • Gives your body equal distribution of weight and prevents you from having back pains.
  • Boyd provides you a full warranty of 5 years and 12 years of limited warranty.
  • A little uncomfortable because the top is not properly quilted.

Why is this mattress best for you?

Are you finding a waterbed mattress is good for your back, then search no more. It gives you a motion-free feeling while sleeping. The body alignment and the back support it gives is exceptional.

5. Classic Premium Line

California King Classic Free Flow Waterbed Mattress


Last but not least. Classic California is a company which produces innovative and high-quality waterbed mattresses.


To let you sleep peacefully on your bed, Classic California brings for you the ideal hard-sided waterbed with all the great features you are looking for.

The mattress is a free flow waterbed that gives you the support and balance you need to relax your body muscles.

The 22 vinyl makes the mattress durable and sturdy. The corners of the mattress also reinforce it and help prevent it from leaking and bursting.

You also get the advantage of getting a conditioner solution with the purchase of the king-size waterbed mattress. The movement of the water lasts from 15 to 20 seconds and you are able to sleep comfortably on the waterbed.

The mattress comes with a 12-year warranty which makes it a good purchase. It fits impeccably in the wooden frame of your bed.

Check Price and Availability

Best California King Classic Free Flow Waterbed Mattress

  • Comes with a 22 vinyl covering and reinforced corners which makes it stable and durable.
  • You don’t have to buy the conditioner separately to clean the mattress.
  • Has a 12-year warranty which gives it a good value for money.
  • Gives you a comfortable floating experience while sleeping at night.
  • Reduces pressure points and supports your back.
  • It is highly durable and comes with a long lifespan.
  • Cleaning the mattress is simple and easy.
  • The vinyl seams are not durable.

Why is this mattress best for you?

To have a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep, this waterbed is ideal for different sleeping positions. It provides even support for your body and allows you to sleep well.

The basic features you should check while buying a waterbed

Waterbeds come in different sizes and shapes. There are a number of brands which produce waterbed mattresses although not every brand produces the best quality beds. While choosing to buy a superior quality product, it is important for you to do a little research on your own. We have compiled a buying guide highlighting the important features to consider before making your purchase.

  • Tethering and Floatation

Tethering system keeps the waterbed intact. It does not let the fiber float away. The tethers keep the fiber flat and allow you to sleep comfortably without having to face the imbalanced floatation of water. Most optimal waterbeds come with a 4-way tethering system which provides the support and balance you need to sleep.

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your waterbed if it does not have the proper tethering system? Because of the shifting of the fiber from one place to another, the mattress will lose its comfort and shape. You will be left with an uncomfortable mattress to sleep on.

  • The firmness of fiber layers

This is an important feature to keep in mind while purchasing a waterbed. The thicker the fiber layers, the firmer your waterbed would be. The fiber layers give the additional support you need to sleep better at night.

  • Temperature regulation system

Most waterbeds come with a temperature control system which allows you to adjust the temperature according to your preferences. If you feel cold in winter, you can warm up your bed with the adjustable temperature control and can do vice versa in summers. You can control the heating level of the bed and get the warmth you like.

  • Vinyl coils

Vinyl coils give support and firmness to make it comfortable for you. They protect the floatation system of water and give you a better night’s sleep. The vinyl coils keep the water damp and reduce motion in the waterbed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to frequently change the water of my bed?

You don’t need to change the water frequently. The only time to change it is when you plan to move your bed. Drain the existing water and then replace it with fresh water. To prevent the growth of bacteria and mildew, the water is filled with a conditioning fluid. Therefore, you don’t have to change it often.

  • How many motion types of Waterbed are available?

All waterbeds have a different level of water wave motion. The support and comfort varies and depends on the flow of the water. Here are the 3 most common water wave motion:

Free Flow: You will feel that you are floating on the water. These waterbeds give you a soothing and relaxing motion which drifts you off to sleep.

Semi-Waveless: These waterbeds give you a little motion while you are sleeping on it. It comes with a limited foam filling and a water floating feeling.

Waveless: Waveless waterbeds aims to reduce the motion transfer level. The flow of water is restricted with the insertion of fiber and foam. Choose the mattress which has the least amount of water motion to have a comfortable night’s sleep. You’ll find different brands with 80% or even some claims 90% reduction of the motion.

  • What are the advantages of sleeping on a waterbed?

Waterbeds have amazing therapeutic advantages. They offer excellent support so that you can have a comfortable night’s sleep. Here are some of the main benefits:

  1. Prevents bedsores and backaches: The natural floatation of water helps you in keeping your spine aligned. It provides optimal body support and protects the back from developing a bad backache.
  2. Reduces pressure points: Waterbeds give you the support you are looking for to reduce the pressure on your neck, shoulders, joints, and back. You will experience continuous sleep at night without waking up having a stiff neck.
  3. Great help for arthritis: The warmth the waterbed gives you makes you feel relaxed and increases your quality of sleep.
  • Is it easy to clean my waterbed mattress?

Yes, it is very easy and convenient to clean your waterbed mattress. You don’t want bacteria and mold to get stuck in it. To keep it as good as new it is better for you to use a vinyl conditioner to clean the surface of the waterbed mattress. Keeping it clean is the key to making it last longer.

  • Could my waterbed mattress burst or break out?

If you choose a reputable brand which gives you a high-quality product, chances are very rare for it to burst. It comes with a safety liner which absorbs the spillage if that ever occurs, meaning that water would not fall on the floor and create a mess.

Is the waterbed mattress noisy?

Not at all. The balance of water and air prevents it from making noise. However, if the air is in excess amount, and it gurgles, you might have to release some air to sleep on it comfortably.

Let’s move on to the product review sections:


A waterbed mattress is a great addition to the mattress industry. It comes in different sizes and shapes. Different brands produce different quality of mattresses. A cheap vinyl ruins the shape of the mattress after a few days of use. Therefore, to save yourself from the hassle of replacing your bed, again and again, buy the best quality product.

The best waterbed mattress gives you the optimal support and even weight distribution of your body. It also gives you therapeutic benefits.

Finding the best quality ends your relentless search for a comfortable waterbed. We have compiled for you the list of best available waterbeds to choose from for a peaceful and undisturbed sleep. If you’re struggling to make the final decision then don’t think anymore and go with our top pick.

Read a more detailed How to Choose a Mattress Fit for You and Top 10 Rated Mattress Brands in 2024.

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