What Is The Best Mattress For Scoliosis? I Reviews & Buying Guide

Scoliosis indeed asks for many challenges on top of all, it becomes daunting when it comes to sleeping. There are many solutions to this spinal problem but the most common way that people take is the switching of their mattresses. Choosing the right one can be a great change in scoliosis.

Do you know: 6-9 million are suffering from Scoliosis pain in the United States alone.

You’re reading this because either you or your loved one is suffering from Scoliosis. Our guide is made to help you recognize the top 5 best mattresses for scoliosis and their features. Each one of them is reviewed in detail for you to find the best.

What Is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a spine disorder that causes the spine to have an abnormal curve. Dr. Charles Patrick Davis, MD, and Ph.D. states that the disorder can be genetic although the exact reason is unknown. He further claims that there is no exact treatment but the pain and symptoms can be reduced.

How Does Scoliosis Affect Sleep?

The Clear scoliosis institute confirms that it is a myth that scoliosis does not cause pain and discomfort especially when sleeping. It is not necessary that the discomfort is observed in the spine but the area around the curve can cause a lot of pain and discomfort that is why there can be plenty of restless nights of scoliosis patients.

Furthermore, the institution claims that scoliosis can cause the back muscles to stiffen and become a cause of severe headaches that can cause a lack of sleep. There can also be pressure on the lungs that can cause restrictions in breathing that affects sleep.

Recommended Firmness According To the Weight of the Scoliosis Patients

Weight Recommended firmness Reason
Less than 150 pounds Soft Firm mattresses can hurt the bones a lot more
150 to 220 pounds Medium Softer mattresses can sink while a firm mattress can be hurting to the spine
220 pounds and over Firm The softer the mattress the less supportive it will be to the spine

Using a recommended Mattress for Scoliosis Helps or It is Just a Myth?

The scoliosis association UK claims that choosing the right bed is very important. The right height is about 18 to 22 inches and the firmness needs to be enough to not let the shoulders sink. The association’s emphasis on the right mattress makes it evident that even though scoliosis cannot be treated, the right mattress can provide restful sleep at least.

What Sleeping Position is Recommended for Scoliosis Patients?

According to the Scoli Smart Clinic recommendations, sleeping on the back and the side for scoliosis patients is helpful. The clinic mentions that sleeping on the stomach can cause the spine to be in a very uncomfortable position that puts unnecessary strain on the spine.

According to them about 60% or more Americans sleep on their sides and that can be a good thing as it keeps the spine straight. Scoliosis patients will find less impact on their spine in this position. Another of the most recommended sleeping position is on their back. Sleeping on your back with your spine straight can distribute the body weight evenly and reduce the roundedness of the spine.

What Foam Density is Ideal for Scoliosis Patients?

The foam density of people suffering from scoliosis depends on their weight. However, according to the Scoliosis Association UK, the mattress should not sink you or should not be so firm that it puts more pressure on the spine and the hips.

The density of the foam for people with scoliosis should be more than 5lbs. dense. The density also determines the alignment of the spine so it should be a little firm to ensure that the spine is not disturbed with the different sleeping position.

  • Freedom of movement

Freedom of movement in mattress means that it should remain supportive regardless of what position does not scoliosis patient sleeps. Usually, a mattress with an edge to edge support is a great option as they have more pressure relieving points than others.

  • Recommended level of firmness

The recommended level of firmness for people with scoliosis is medium-firm. The mattress should not be plush enough to sink when patients sit on it. The softness can affect the spinal position when sleeping. If the mattress becomes too firm, then there can be a tremendous strain on the hips and the back that is also very dangerous.

  • Motion isolation

It takes a great deal of time for the scoliosis patient to adjust a position for sleep. Hence, when they lie in the position they try not to move without a lot of agonies. Patients that have partnered with different sleeping habits can find it very difficult if the mattress does not control the partner’s motion transfer. Zero motion isolation can be of great help to the scoliosis patient when they are sharing a bed with a partner.

  • Noise

Squeaky mattresses are a nuisance to almost all kinds of sleepers. However, people with scoliosis generally are dealing with much more than backaches. They tend to have constant headaches that can be enhanced with noisy mattresses. Hence, for people that are suffering from scoliosis, silent mattresses are a much better option.

  • Temperature neutrality

According to Inspired Spine, a difference in the muscles and form of the spine can cause the back to release a lot more heat than for regular people. People with scoliosis will find their muscles working a lot more than regular people that are why they may feel a lot hotter than regular people. Mattresses for these people need to have a temperature regulation system.

  • Edge support

Edge support in a mattress allows the mattress to have every end of it equally supportive until the edge. Different sleepers have different habits and scoliosis patients usually find the habit of turning from side to straight without adjusting their position. Edge support allows the patient to easily perform this act without worrying where the mattress loses its function.

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Compare & Review – Top 5 Best Mattresses For Scoliosis

Product Best for Ease of movement Targeted comfort Sleep cool Rating for Sleeper with
Eco Terra Mattress Spine support Good Yes Yes 4.5 out of 5
Brooklyn Bedding Value for money Very Good Hip and shoulder Yes 4.8 out of 5
Casper mattress Target support Good Yes Partially 4.5 out of 5
Helix Mattress Customization Excellent No Yes 5 out of 5
Zenhaven Mattress Overall Comfort Good Yes Yes 4.5 out of 5
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Top 5 Best Mattress For Scoliosis Reviews :

1. Eco Terra Mattress – Best for Spine support

Eco Terra stretch cotton cover Mattress Features

  • Stretch cotton cover
  • Latex foam
  • Pocketed Coils
  • Breathable
  • Increased edge support

This mattress is highly suitable for Scoliosis patients because the coils and latex allow people to change their position and stay in shape. Regardless of what position you take, your spine will have support from the mattress.

The latex in this mattress takes the shape of the body and helps the spine become more aligned and in its natural shape. Latex is also friendly to the environment, and a cooler option than other high-density foams.

The Eco Terra mattress uses a stretch organic cotton cover. This cover provides a very soft and the pure cotton makes it suitable for people with sensitive skin too. Cotton helps enhance the breathability too and it is highly suitable to maintain the inside feature with the outside feel of the mattress.

Why we like it :

  • Pocketed coils help keep the latex longer lasting by reducing sag
  • Latex takes the shape of the body and provides spinal alignment for a natural position
  • The Cover of the mattress is soft and breathable
  • Both foams combine to allow free sleeping positions while the spine stays in shape

Why we hate it :

  • The mattress is not made to fight off body heat
  • There are only two options of firmness to select

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Pocketed coils layer in this mattress provides an edge to edge support and allow the mattress to have an increased life. The coils work to ensure that the pressure points are targeted by acquiring the shape from the latex and working accordingly. Coils also prevent any motion transfer and allow Scoliosis partners to enjoy their individually supported sleep.

2. Brooklyn Bedding- Best value for money

Brooklyn Bedding Copper Gel Energex foam Mattress Features

  • Copper Gel Energex foam
  • TitanCool to regulate body temperature
  • TitanFlex Foam
  • Swirl Visco elastic memory foam
  • Quantum Edge coils base layer
  • High-density foam layer

This luxury mattress has multiple layers, all of that work to give the best in a mattress. It is perfect for people with all weights and heights since it works according to body shape and the three different firmness levels help achieve the purpose.

The 2 inches thick layer of the TitanFlex foam is very soft and provides an immediate response as the weight on the mattress increases and the direction changes. The responsive is supported by the Visco-Elastic memory foam to acquire the contoured body shape.

The base layer has many encased quantum edge coils that work like pocketed coils. They give the mattress a longer life and provide motion isolation. These coils work to support the pressure points of the body to increase circulation as well.

Why we like it :

  • TitanCool feature keeps the mattress cool enough to regulate the body temperature
  • Visco Elastic memory foam allows the contoured body shape for the other layers to work
  • TitanFlex provides a response according to the body shape
  • The base layer of pocketed coils gives longer life and better support

Why we hate it :

  • The mattress does not have air wicking technology
  • The mattress takes a long time in coming to its shape after opening the box

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The Brooklyn bedding Mattress has a special 1.5 inches of patented copper Gel Energex foam. This layer allows the contouring of the body to be more responsive and be better in terms of relieving pressure. The copper in this foam makes the mattress hypoallergenic.

3. Casper Mattress – Best for Target support

Casper Memory foam pressure relief Mattress Features

  • Zip-off cover
  • Layer for breathability
  • Memory foam pressure relief
  • Zoned support
  • A highly durable and sturdy base layer

The Casper mattress uses its special zoned support technology that makes it perfect for people with irregular body shape and for people that have arthritis or Scoliosis disease that need to be treated with the right support of the surface.

The cover of the mattress is a zip-off cover that can easily be cleaned and dried in the machine to be maintained. The durability of the mattress is greatly increased with this maintenance method.

The memory foam plays a very important part of this mattress. The zoned support works only when the memory foams accurately contours the body shape. The foam allows the body to imprint on the mattress and the pressure to be relieved in stressed areas.

Why we like it :

  • Memory foam contours shape and relieve pressure
  • The zoned support allows ergonomic support of firmness on different parts of the body
  • An open-cell layer is designed to increase the airflow and remove the heated air
  • The cover is easy to remove and can be washed

Why we hate it :

  • The mattress is not hypoallergenic
  • The mattress does not have properties to wick away moisture

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The Mattress is designed to work according to the body requirements of firmness. Hence, you will find the mattress to be soft on the shoulder and firm under hips. Similarly, it will target all body parts as they naturally need to be.

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4. Helix Mattress – Best for Customization

Helix dynamic foam option Mattress Features

  • Customizable
  • Dual side or blended
  • Helix dynamic foam option
  • Pocketed micro coils option
  • High-grade polyfoam option
  • Layers designed to fight two body heats

The Helix Mattress is most suitable for couples that have a partner with Scoliosis. This mattress can be customized on different levels so that the individual sleeping positions are respected and given the best support.

The company offers you an option of three excellent foams that can be chosen separately or you can combine them to make hybrid foam. The helix dynamic foam is the leading option that is a cool mattress with reactive properties of contouring and support.

The order in layers is made to ensure that the mattress stays well ventilated and the heat of two bodies can be fought. The mattress is fashioned to push the heat out and keep a steady flow.

Why we like it :

  • The mattress can be helix dynamic foam that is highly supportive and cool
  • Pocketed micro coils are another option that allows better airflow and reduces motion transfer
  • The mattress is designed to fight off two body’s heat
  • You can choose to have a blended mattress or dual-sided one

Why we hate it :

  • There is no option of selecting the firmness level
  • The mattress is not hypoallergenic

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The helix mattress offers a variety of options that Scoliosis patients can select to customize their mattress according to their own comfort. You can choose between blending a mattress with your partner’s preferences or make a mattress with two different sides as per each one's separate preference.

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5. Zenhaven Mattress – Best for Overall Comfort

Zenhaven Hypoallergenic Organic wool layer Mattress Features

  • Organic Cotton cover
  • Organic wool layer
  • Latex 5 zone comfort layer
  • Latex support core
  • Natural materials
  • Hypoallergenic

This mattress uses one of the best types of latex that is Talalay. This latex allows better spinal alignment than other mattresses. It is perfect for people of every position since latex will continue to fix the spine’s posture. Moreover, the base layer is additionally supportive so people with a chronic backache disorder will love the mattress.

Zenhaven Mattresses are made with natural materials like latex that is derived from plants. The mattress is hypoallergenic, resistant to allergens, free from off-gassing chemicals, and friendly to the environment.

The cover of this mattress is organic quilted cotton. Cotton is the perfect material for people with sensitive skin and it is breathable as well. The cover is soft in feel so that the level of comfort is not only limited to the inside of the mattress.

Why we like it :

  • The cover is organic cotton that is breathable
  • The mattress is natural latex that is hypoallergenic, ventilated, and provides spinal alignment
  • 5 zone comfort allows individual support to every body part
  • Organic wool layer allows the mattress to wick away any moisture

Why we hate it :

  • Organic wool layer makes the mattress hot
  • The mattress does not fight off the body heat

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The five zones have different levels of firmness, comfort, and pressure-relieving features. Each one of them is targeted to different body parts so that when you lay on this mattress, you have full the required natural sleeping support.

Learn more about Zen haven Mattress if you want to see the details before purchasing.

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Conclusively, you can see that scoliosis patients will find a lot more comfortable in the right mattress than those patients that tend to be careless about mattresses. Although it cannot be treated, it can help the patient reduce their discomfort and pain for at least when they are sleeping.

Scoliosis patients that lose sleep tend to become more than just exerted. With their side effects like suffocating lungs and headaches, they deserve at least a great night of sleep and that can be achieved to some extent with the best mattress.

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