The Best Pillow For Neck Pain to Buy in 2024

Suffering from neck pain while sleeping? Couldn't find out the reason yet?

Getting enough sleep at night will wake you up feeling fresh and alert. The whole point of sleeping better at night is to feel good all day. If you choose the right pillow for yourself, your neck will get the right support. If you wake up in the morning with severe neck pain, you need to make sure you are sleeping on the right pillow. If your pillow does not give your neck and head the support to make you comfortable while sleeping, you’ll be in deep trouble.

A pillow is key to an uninterrupted sleep at night. Pillows are available in the market in different sizes and shapes. They are made from different quality materials. You might find it difficult to decide which pillow is the right choice for you if you suffer from frequent neck pain problems.

Relieves neck and back pain

Let’s find out the best pillows for the neck pain!


What is the best sleeping position if you’re suffering from neck pain?

Sometimes you might wonder that even after having 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, you get up cranky and groggy. There is a reason behind it. It is not enough to have the right amount of sleep, it is also important to sleep in the best position that gives proper alignment to your body.

Sleeping on your back is the best position for you to prevent neck, head, and back pain. Although most people prefer to sleep on their sides, this position is not ideal for you. You might wake up with bad neck pain or severe back pain. If you find it difficult to sleep on your back, try to change your style of sleeping by putting two pillows on both sides to stop tossing and turning at night. For a better quality of sleep, changing your sleeping position would do wonders and prevent you from severe neck pain.

Is it better for your neck to sleep without a pillow?

We have been sleeping on the pillow since we are born; sleeping without a pillow seems very uncomfortable and uneasy. We cannot imagine having a restful sleep at night without having a pillow under our head.

However, sleeping without a pillow makes a huge difference in the quality of your sleep. When you sleep on your back without a pillow, your body is in a natural position. By retaining the natural posture of your body, you can prevent neck pain. You don’t have an elevated head with an unnatural sleeping position. It will improve your blood circulation and help you get better sleep at night.

What type of pillow would be most suitable for side sleeping position if I have neck pain as well?

If you are a side sleeper, you should choose a pillow which has a medium level firmness. When you are sleeping on your side, you need to give your spine and neck the proper alignment to prevent aches and pains. It is suitable for you to choose a pillow with cervical traction which gives your neck a gentle stretch. You can maintain the natural posture of your body while sleeping on your side. You won’t wake up with a sore shoulder or a stiff neck if you choose a cervical traction pillow for yourself.

What do you do for a stiff neck?

It is an unpleasant feeling when you wake up in the morning with a stiff neck. You feel edgy, uncomfortable and tense. If you have a severe persistence in the stiffness of your neck, you need to consult a medical expert. However, before going to the doctor you might want to try some home remedies to deal with the stiffness in your neck.

  • Move your head up and down and try to stretch your neck muscles to relieve pain.
  • Have a gentle massage on your neck to reduce the stiffness.
  • Use an ice bag to relieve inflammation or wrap your neck with a heating pad.

Can I adjust the water-filled and memory foam pillows as per my preferences?

You might be surprised to know that the best thing about neck pain pillows is that they come with an adjustable water filling or memory foam filling. You can change the level of firmness according to your personal preference. However, it is a good choice for you to sleep on a pillow with a medium firmness level. The filling also allows you to adjust the height and support of your pillow. If you find this level of firmness uneasy and uncomfortable for yourself, you can either fill more memory form or water or take the excessive amount of filling out.

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Best Pillow For Neck Pain

Compare the Top Pillow For Neck Pain

Pillow Material filling Cover Suitable for Washable Stand out Feature Price
Cr sleeping Memory foam 65 % polyester and 35% Tencel Stomach sleepers/side sleepers Yes The ultra-soft cover is easy to clean
Mis Hoe Shredded Memory foam 100% cotton removable cover Back sleeper Yes Adjustable level of firmness
Arc4Life Cervical Traction Polyester fabric No cover Back sleepers/side sleepers Yes Improve the circulation of blood in your body.
Perform Polyester fabric 43% Bamboo 56% Polyester Side sleepers Yes Low profile design
TheSnuz Poly-puff silky microfiber fill 100% cotton Side sleepers Yes It does not lose it shape
Mejoycontoured Space memory foam Bamboo charcoal fiber Side sleepers No Highly breathable and effective ventilation system.
Sable Super soft plush fiberfill 100% cotton Side sleepers Yes Constructed with gel-infused technology which allows you to sleep cool
AMADA Gel-infused memory foam Ice cotton fiber and short pile velvet Back sleepers/ stomach sleepers Yes Multi-functional pillow.


Top 10 Best Pillow Reviews & Comparison

1. Cr Sleeping – Overall Best rated

Cr Sleep Memory Foam Contour antimicrobial Pillow

Check Price and Availability


  • 65 % polyester and 35% Tencel
  • Machine Washable cover
  • Memory foam
  • Gel-infused
  • Reduce shoulder soreness

If you are in search of a perfect net support pillow, Comfort and Relax brings for you a pillow which provides you the comfort and contour you need. It helps you wake up feeling fresh and relaxed in the morning. It comes with the right combination of firmness and softness which is relaxing for your neck and shoulders.

Moreover, it comes with a removable outer cover which has its own unique features. It is made from 65 % polyester and 35% Tencel which makes it ultra-soft. You can easily remove it and wash it in the machine. However, make sure that you don’t put the pillow in the machine, you might damage its filling because it is not machine washable. The inner cover is made from jersey fabric which allows the effective circulation of air to keep you cool.

The gel-infused technology allows you to adjust the shape of the pillow according to your requirement. It gives the optimal support and contour to your neck to relieve pain. This headrest is perfect for you if you are a stomach sleeper or a side sleeper and want to reduce neck and shoulder soreness.

  • Made from high-quality materials.
  • The outer cover of the pillow is washable.
  • The inner cover comes with ventilation effect
  • The right balance between softness and firmness
  • The pillow has a minor odor when you unpack it.
  • You might find it a bit flat.
The pillow is specially engineered with a gel-infused technology which gives you a pain-free sleep at night. When you choose Cr sleeping memory foam contour pillow for yourself, you won’t have to worry about waking up with an uneasy neck strain in the morning.

2. Mis Home Shredded – Best for people who like a fluffy pillow

Mis Home Shredded Memory Foam Neck Pain Headache Relief Pillow Check Price and Availability


  • 100% Cotton
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Breathability
  • Adjustable filling

Mis Hoe gives you proper support alignment to sleep without pain in your neck. You’ll wake up in the morning without any pain in your neck, shoulders, and back. It is made from 100% pure cotton. The cotton gives you a soft and smooth feel while you are lying on the pillow.

Furthermore, the filling material of the pillow is made from high standard ingredients which are flame retardants. The material is free from heavy metals and harmful chemicals. They are safe for your health. The material is reliable and durable. It makes your pillow last with you for years to come.

If you are a back sleeper, this headrest is the right choice for you. It gives the elevation to your neck it needs to sleep without the risk of having neck pain at night. The easy adjustability of the filling makes it easier for you to change the firmness of the pillow according to your personal choice.

  • Allows you to sleep deep without any pains and aches in your neck
  • Gives your neck the proper alignment
  • You can adjust the firmness of the pillow.
  • Durable and long-lasting. You are able to keep its shape for a long time.
  • You might find it a bit flatter.
It is ideal for back sleepers who are looking for a fluffier and softer pillow. It comes with the qualities of getting molded according to your body. You are able to increase your sleeping pleasure by adjusting the shape and loft of the pillow without much hassle. You’ll find the feature of customized filling options. You can adjust the filling of the pillow according to your own preferences.

3. Arc4Life Cervical Traction – Best to prevent snoring

Arc4life Cervical Neck Support Traction Pillow Check Price and Availability


  • Optimal Cushioning
  • Cervical Shape
  • Helps you in breathing
  • Filled with polyester fiber

Your neck and head require the right level of comfort and support to prevent neck pains and aches. If you are looking for a pillow that allows you to keep your neck properly aligned and maintains its natural posture, Arc4Life Cervical Traction is the right choice for you.

Moreover, the pillow is designed to relieve your pressure points. You get amazing pain relief by getting maximum support and comfort from this pillow. They aid your comfort by relieving pressure from your neck, head, and shoulders. You wake up in the morning without feeling cranky and dizzy.

This headrest is filled with polyester fiber which is hand stuffed. The filling provides you the optimal level of firmness you need to sleep without an ache in your neck at night. It is supportive and breathable and prevents you from feeling restless at night.

This pillow has some amazing pain relieve stuff. If you suffer from severe neck pain or you have arthritis in your neck, this headrest is perfect for you. It gives your body the natural posture and your neck the natural c-curve to prevent aches and pains. The pillow is a good choice for side and back sleepers.

  • Allows you to maintain the natural posture of your body.
  • Reduces pressure from the neck, head, and shoulders.
  • Improves the circulation of your blood.
  • Natural neck and spinal alignment.
  • Right comfort and support.
  • You might not get the comfort you are looking for If you are a side sleeper.
  • The pillow is too flat for some users.
  • Does not provide a cool sleep
The headrest comes with amazing capabilities which allow you to sleep like a baby without any interruptions. It provides you optimal cushioning at night to prevent snoring. You are able to breathe better by having your head elevated to the right level

4. Perform Pillow – Best for small necks

Perform Pillow Thin Profile Memory Foam Double Contour Neck Pillow

Check Price and Availability


  • 56% polyester and 43% Bamboo
  • Removable cover
  • Machine washable
  • Memory foam
  • Hypoallergenic

Perform pillow is for people who prefer to sleep on a flatter pillow. It is made from high-quality memory foam which is suitable for multiple sleep problems.

Moreover, the memory foam of the pillow is breathable and comes with an optimal ventilation system. You don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night feeling hot. The foam easily adjusts to your natural posture.

Perform pillow is made from a material which is not harmful to your health. It is free from heavy metals like lead, mercury and other chemicals. It is perfect for people suffering from allergies.

If you are a back sleeper or a side sleeper, the pillow contours your body properly and lets you maintain a natural posture. It provides optimal support to people with smaller necks and prevents aches.

  • The pillow gives you the contour you need to support your neck.
  • The bamboo cover comes with unique features of keeping your cool at night.
  • It is eco-friendly and made from materials which are safe for our health.
  • You might find it a bit flatter if you prefer to sleep on your side.
The headrest comes with a cover which is made from 56% polyester and 43% Bamboo. The cover is removable and easily washable. The bamboo cover is unique with ultra-luxurious feel. It comes with cool air flow technology which lets you sleep cool at night. The measurements of the pillow are 19 inches by 14.5 inches. It provides you a lower contour compared to other neck pain pillows.

5. The Snuz Pillow – Best for therapeutic benefits

The SNÜZ pillow Comfortable and Washable hypoallergenic pillow Check Price and Availability


  • Open cell mesh material
  • 100% Cotton
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Thread count 300

The shape of the Snuz pillow is unique and best for people who prefer to sleep on their sides. The perfect hourglass shape provides proper alignment to your neck and back. You don’t have to scrunch your pillow to try to find a comfortable position to sleep at night when you choose the Snuz pillow for your bed. This headrest gives you an optimal support you need to prevent severe neck pain.

Moreover, the cover of the pillow is constructed from cotton which is 100 percent pure. The cotton material is hypoallergenic which prevents you from catching a cold and cough. The cover is washable and easy to clean. The thread count of the cotton cover is approximately 300. The filling of the pillow is high-quality polyester.

The pillow comes with amazing therapeutic benefits for side sleepers. It gives optimal comfort and maximum support to your back and neck.

  • Suitable for people who prefer to sleep on their sides.
  • Removable and washable cotton cover.
  • Reliable and breathable. The pillow adds comfort to your sleep by allowing you to stay cool.
  • The pillow is long-lasting and durable. It does not lose its shape easily
  • You might find the pillow too soft.
  • It is not as cool as it should be.
The open cell mesh material makes it possible for the air to flow effectively and keep you cool at night. The pillow can sustain its fluffiness while preventing you from feet hot. You won’t wake up with sweat all over your body in the middle of the night.

6. Mejoy Contoured – Best to prevent frequent headaches

Mejoy Contoured Cervical Neck Support Pain Relief Pillow Check Price and Availability


  • Bamboo Charcoal material
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Cervical shape

Are you trying hard to get a good sleep at night? If neck pain is causing trouble and you are spending countless nights without getting a wink of sleep, Mejoy contoured support pillow is the best choice for you. It helps you prevent neck pain and frequent headaches.

The headrest comes with a feeling of super soft memory foam that contours your neck and give support it needs to make you sleep better at night. It keeps your neck and spinal properly aligned. Your body remains in the natural posture and you can prevent any aches and pains in your neck while sleeping at night.

The cervical shape of the pillow eases up the tensed muscles of your neck and head and provides a good cushioning to your neck. You can maintain a good posture while sleeping comfortably at night.

Although it claims to be an ideal pillow for all types of sleeping position, however, it is more suitable for side sleepers. It gives a good balance and support to your back and neck and prevents you from developing bad aches.

  • Provides proper alignment to the neck and back
  • Bambo charcoal cover which allows optimal circulation of air to keep you cool
  • Perfect for people with sensitive skin
  • Some people might find it a bit smaller than the usual size of the pillow
The pillow is made from high-quality material. The case of the pillow is made from bamboo charcoal fiber. It is highly anti-bacterial and prevents you from developing different skin allergies. You won’t have to worry about having a rash after sleeping on this skin-friendly pillow.

7. Sable – Best adjustable pillow

Sable Super Soft Plush Fiber Fill Adjustable Loft Neck Pain Relief Hypoallergenic Pillow Check Price and Availability


  • 100% Cotton
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Gel-infused
  • CertiPUR-US

Sable Pillow for sleeping is engineered to give a good night of sleep after a stressful day at work. It comes with a feature of adjustable loft which allows you to change the height of the pillow according to your own requirements.

Moreover, the pillow is constructed from gel-infused technology which eases your neck and back pain. You are able to sleep without suffering from bad body aches.

When it comes to functionality, safety, and performance, Sable takes the lead. It has the certification of CertiPUR-US which makes it highly safe and harmless for your health. The headrest has antimicrobial and dust mite resistance capabilities.

You are able to adjust the firmness of the pillow by adjusting the filling according to your requirements. The ability to reshape the size of the pillow makes it the best choice for all sleeping positions.

  • The pillow is made from a premium quality material which is safe for your health.
  • It gives you a pain-free sleep at night.
  • The outer cover of the pillow has an amazing ventilation effect.
  • You might get bothered by the odor it has when it is new.
One of the noticeable features of the pillow is the decorative wave pattern of the cover of the pillow with a blue hem. It is made from 100% pure cotton which is breathable and hypoallergenic. The cover provides you maximum comfort without a feeling of uneasiness. It does not even make any irritating noise while you have your head rested on the pillow.

8. Amada – Best for all seasons

Check Price and Availability


  • Extra plush
  • Pile velvet material
  • Adjust firmness level
  • Adjust filling
  • CertiPUR-US and SGS certification

AMADA is one of a kind pillow that is made of two types of unique materials. The ice cotton fiber makes the pillow suitable for you to use in spring and summer.

The short pile velvet material gives it a plush which is ideal for you to use in winters and autumn. If you have this multi-functional pillow in your house, you don’t have to keep different pillows to sleep for every season.

It is a great relief for you to know that the pillow has a qualified certification of CertiPUR-US and SGS certification. You don’t have to worry about harmful materials used in its construction.

If you prefer to sleep on your back or on your stomach, this headrest is the right choice for you. It gives your head and neck optimal airflow and gives you the required level of comfort to sleep cool throughout the night irrespective of the seasonal changes.

  • Comes with 50 individual pocketed spring coils which give your neck and back optimal comfort.
  • It is exceptional skin-friendly and gives you the comfort to sleep well without worry of getting rashes on your skin.
  • Comes with the certification of SGS and CertiPUR-US
  • The 3-dimensional spacer mesh allows the air to flow freely.
  • You might feel the pillow a bit flat if you prefer a pillow with a good height.
Amada comes with the facility of adjustable filling. You can easily take some filling out to make it extra soft and plush. You can adjust the support and balance according to your personal preference. There are days when you want a firmer pillow and there are days you prefer to sleep on a softer one. With AMADA soft bed pillow, you can change the filling and adjust the level of firmness. You’ll have a peaceful sleep at every night without feeling uncomfortable because of the unwanted firmness level of the pillow.

Buying Guide

Having a good night sleep depends on the type of pillow you choose for yourself to sleep on. While looking for a pillow to sleep better at night without neck pain, there are several features you should keep in mind for maximum comfort and optimal support.

Material Filled

The filling of the pillow plays an important role in the comfort and support it offers. You won’t suffer from countless sleepless nights if you choose the pillow with the right filling. There are different materials used to construct a pillow. They are made from polyester fiber balls, memory foam filling, and bucket wheat. Each material provides a different level of firmness and support.

However, memory foam filling is the most popular and ideal to soothe out neck pain. Most pillows are made from the filling of chunks of memory foam, some of them are made from shredded foam. It allows you to stay cool while sleeping at night.

Water filling is also a common filling option for pillows that are constructed for neck pain. The water-filled pillow gives you good firms feel which you are looking for relieving your pressure points.


Another important feature to consider while choosing the best pillow for your neck pain is the shape of your pillow. It is best to choose a pillow with a cervical shape that provides the support and contour your neck. You can maintain the natural curvy posture of your neck. Curved pillows give you good support to fill the gap between your neck and the mattress and allow you to sleep without pain in your neck.

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Level of Firmness

The level of firmness provides play an important role in the comfort it provides. You don’t want a pillow which is too firm. A pillow which is too firm triggers your pressure points. You might develop severe pain in your neck, head, and shoulders. If you are suffering from neck pain, a medium level firmness is the best choice. There are a variety of neck pain pillows in the market which allows you to adjust the firmness of your pillow according to your personal preference.


Your neck is a very sensitive area that is prone to bad aches and pains if you choose the wrong posture to sleep. Therefore, you need to cultivate the habit of sleeping in a position which balances your neck well. Make sure that you choose the pillow which keeps your neck properly aligned, or else you’ll end up waking up in the morning with uneasy neck pain.

Our guide would help you choose the right pillow for yourself. You’ll have a chance to save your day by choosing the pillow with the right amount of comfort and balance you need according to your sleeping preference.

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