The Zinus Mattress Reviews – Budget Friendly Memory Foam Mattress

Is Zinus mattress good for back pain? Read on to find out how seven different types of mattresses provide the comfort in its own way and what type can meet your specific sleeping needs.

Sleeping healthy is necessary to have a productive day. But, many of the mattresses in the market don’t meet the expectations of the customers. 92% of people say that if a mattress is comfortable, they get their proper sleep. So, this enhances the importance of a comfy mattress.

That is why we are going to introduce you to one of the best mattresses in town. The Zinus mattress offers both memory foam mattresses and spring mattresses. This versatile choice lets you pick according to your sleeping needs and style.

Let’s find out how each of them provides comfort in its own way.

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Overall Score

  • Durability - 8.5/10
  • Motion isolation - 9/10
  • Cooling - 8.5/10
  • Off-gassing - 7.5/10
  • Edge support - 8.5/10
Editors Overall rating 8.4
Category Criteria Rating Editor’s comments
Durability The mattress should last at least for 10 years. But, springs may get destroyed sooner 8.5 Users have experienced sagging of mattresses sooner.
Motion isolation A good mattress reduces transfers to a higher level 9.0 Zinus customers are pleased when it comes to considering motion isolation.
Cooling A mattress should sleep cool in hot weather 8.5 The cooling technologies of mattresses make them cool.
Off-gassing No odor should result from your mattress. 7.5 Users reported of smell in initial days. But, after a few days, it fades away.
Edge support A good mattress supports you on the edges. 8.5 The Zinus mattresses are good when considering edge support.
Quick Summary Seven different types of mattresses give you the freedom to choose the mattress as per your specific needs at an affordable price. Zinus is comfortable, supportive and sleeps cool. These features make it suitable for all sleepers.

Key specs:

  • All of the Zinus mattresses give the supportive edges.
  • They have soft and plush top layers with an extra amount of coziness.
  • All of the Zinus mattresses are Certi-PUR certified. It means they are safe and hypo-allergenic.
  • These mattresses sleep cool every night every summer.
  • The 100% high-density foams and good quality springs are used.
  • Each mattress type come in different sizes
  • They relieve pressure on your back and align your spine in an ideal position.
  • 100 nights free trial and 10 years warranty.

Construction of the models

The development of each mattress by Zinus is different. We will briefly discuss each of them here.

Cloud Mattress

Cloud Mattress

It combines the magic of microfiber and memory foam. They give a luxurious cloud-like feel. The five-layer construction gives the support that you want. The top layer is of 1’’ microfiber padding. The next 1’’ layer of quick response foam adapts to your body. The third is the layer of top quality 1’’ memory foam.

The 1.5’’ of Comfort Foam™ acts as a fourth layer. It makes the core components of the mattress. Finally, 3.5’’ high-density support base foam adds to its durability. There are option for 2’’ Comfort Foam™ and 4.5’’ of base foam as well. It is also available in the thickness of 8’’, 10’’ and 12’’.

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Interesting fact: Almost 20 million Americans are allergic to their mattresses. But, The Zinus mattress is hypo-allergenic.

Foam Mattress

Foam Mattress

The cooling gel memory foam mattress sleeps cool. Available in a variety of thickness levels from 8’’ to 14’’, this would be a nice choice for your sleep needs. It has a 2’’ layer of gel memory foam, 1.5’’ of comfort foam and 4.5’’ of high-density base foam. The knitted jacquard cool fabric makes you fall asleep soon.

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Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid Mattress

This one is the combo of all. It has 1.75’’ gel memory foam layer as a top one. The second one is the layer of 0.5’’ comfort foam. 7.5’’ of iCoil® pocketed coils is the third layer. They give the maximum response and comfort. Lastly, the 0.5’’ high-density foam acts as a base and cover for the top layer. This one is available in 10’’ and 12’’ of thickness.

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Green Tea Mattress

Green Tea Mattress

This one combines the foam and springs to give you the ultimate comfort. It has 3 layers which include 0.5’’ high-density foam, 0.5’’ Visco latex foam and 5’’ of innerspring. Together, these layers help you in sleeping comfortably. They are available in thickness levels of 6’’, 8’’ and 10’’. The fabric is knitted jacquard which adds to its softness.

It has green tea extracts and ActivCharcoal to wake you up with a fresh feeling. It has four layers of ultimate comfort. The first one is 3’’ memory foam following 2’’ of comfort foam. Then 3.5’’ of high-density foam and another 3.5’’ of it add to its support and durability. This one is also available from 6’’ to 12’’.

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Hybrid Mattress with Euro-top

Hybrid Mattress with Euro-top

It is an excellent hybrid mattress for a luxurious sleep. This one consists of four layers. It has 1.25’’ of high-density foam as a top layer. Then 2’’ of comfort foam is the second layer. 0.5’’ high-density foam acts as a third layer. These foam layers give the softness to the mattress. The last one is 7.5’’ of iCoil® pocketed springs layer.

Hybrid Mattress without Euro-top

Hybrid Mattress without Euro-top

This one is available in 10” of thickness. It has three layers which form its core composition. It has 0.5” of high-density foam with 1.5’’ of density support base foam. The last layer is of 7.5’’ springs. It adds to its bounciness and better support. Furthermore, it is a great mattress to relieve pressure and strains.

Comfort and support

The Zinus mattresses will exceed your expectations regarding luxury and support. They offer a pretty considerable amount of support to your back and spine. It makes them an excellent choice for people with back pain. Even though they may be firm for some yet, they give the comfort that you want. Some of them also provide an in-between feel. So, the choice is yours.

Quick fact: You need almost 8 hours of good sleep every day to maintain a healthy body.

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What type of sleeper is the best suited for the Zinus mattress?

The suitability varies from person to person. Our table will guide you on how the mattresses are useful as a whole.

Mattress type Sleeping style Lightweight (<130 lbs) Medium weight (130-230 lbs) Heavyweight (>230 lbs)
Memory foams Side Fair Fair Good
Back Fair Good Fair
Stomach Poor Fair Good
Hybrid mattress Side Good Fair Good
Back Very good Very good Good
Stomach Good Good Fair

Better edge support

The Zinus mattress in spite of being memory foams gives better edge support. They are different in a way that you can sleep on the edges without rolling off. Their memory foams are a lot better than many others.

Motion isolation

Their motion isolation feature is also excellent. These mattresses have layers which absorb and minimize the disturbances and motion. The springs also perform smartly in this case. They tend to reduce motion, and you sleep all night peacefully.

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Pricing details

Mattress Thickness Twin ($) Full ($) Queen ($) King ($) Cal king ($)
Mint green 6’’ 104 136 155 NA NA
8’’ 125 160 186 NA NA
10’’ 150 194 237 284 NA
Pressure relief memory 8’’ 164 215 248 299 NA
10’’ 190 252 291 353 NA
12’’ 218 288 334 422 NA
Cooling gel 8’’ 168 215 246 300 NA
10’’ 191 250 288 369 NA
12’’ NA 288 345 417 419
14’’ NA 346 392 478 483
Cooling hybrid 10’’ 198 259 294 367 NA
12’’ NA 299 353 424 437
Green tea 6’’ 104 130 150 179 NA
8’’ 138 178 205 252 NA
10’’ 160 211 244 317 NA
12’’ 180 243 295 365 363
Pressure relief euro top 12’’ 217 299 337 412 NA
13’’ NA 308 363 443 NA
iCoil hybrid 10’’ 229 305 345 422 NA

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Trials, delivery, and warranty

The Zinus is offering 100 nights free trials option. You can always return it for full payment if you don’t like the item. What’s more, they have free shipping partnered with FedEx. Also, the company is giving 10 years limited warranty. What else can you ask for?

Safe for your health

The zinus mattresses are hypo-allergenic. They are tested and considered safe for your skin and health. They are CertiPUR-US® certified. It means there is no content of flame retardants, formaldehyde, and harmful chemicals.

The Zinus is good for you if you

  • Want to sleep cool. The cool gel memory foam technology makes the mattresses cooler.
  • Don’t like off-gassing. There is only a slight smell of the mattress upon opening. And, it goes away sooner.
  • Prefer a durable mattress.
  • Want to have a comfortable amount of firmness.
  • Have a specific sleeping style or a free fall sleeper.
  • Need a mattress which is adjustable on all bases.
  • You want something for pain relief.

The Zinus is not suitable for you if you

  • Need a softer side of firmness.
  • Want a high profile bed.
  • Prefer a lighter mattress.


If you’re looking to choose from a variety of mattresses at an affordable price the Zinus mattress is good options. They are comfortable, supportive and sleep cool. The hypo-allergenic quality makes them a good pick for all. Suitable for all sleepers, they are durable and perfect for every night sleep.

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