Voila Mattress Review & Rating 2023

Do you think the hybrid mattress construction of the Voila well worth the higher price? Read to find how the high-performance of Voila mattress is going to keep you perfectly aligned. It is an excellent choice for those having a limited budget.

You want to sleep calmly after your hectic routine. But for that, having a good mattress is a must. So, here is our Voila mattress to let you sleep soundly from now on. The magic of Voila is such that it makes you get a perfect night sleep.

Sleep fact: 22% of people sleep poorly due to an uncomfortable mattress.

Voila hybrid mattress not only helps to sleep cool but also it gives unmatched support. It helps in relieving pressure. Thus you wake up refreshed. The gel infusion coupled with coil technology is very soothing. It has triple edge support with the options of different firmness levels. The high-performance Voila bed is undoubtedly going to keep you perfectly aligned. It’s amazing layers’ construction surely gives you the relaxation you want.

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Our article will discuss Voila mattress in detail. So, let’s read on.

  • Customers satisfaction - 7.9/10
  • Durability - 8/10
  • Motion isolation - 8.5/10
  • Conforming - 9/10
  • Temperature neutrality - 8.5/10
  • Off-gassing - 8/10

Editors rating

Editors rating 8.4
Category Criteria Voila rating What users say
Customers satisfaction It is based on the reviews of customers 79% Voila, the mattress is a great hybrid mattress overall.
Durability Hybrid mattresses are more prone to degrade fast. So, they are not very durable 8.0 Not much can be said about its strength because the company has not been in business long enough.
Motion isolation Many mattresses don’t absorb motion, especially hybrid ones. 8.5 Voila, the mattress has a good quality of absorbing motion. It is due to its comfort layer and firmness.
Conforming The hybrid mattress may not be that good regarding pressure relieving. 9.0 Owners say that voila has been great for contouring their body. It reduces strain and pressure.
Temperature neutrality Hybrid mattresses help in heat retention. 8.5 Voila is excellent in neutralizing temperature. The breathable cover and memory latex foams are responsible for this.
Off-gassing Hybrid mattresses have less smelling as compared to that of foams only. 8.0 Users say that off-gassing occurs in the initial days.
Quick Summary Voila mattress helps in relieving pressure so you can wake up fresh. The gel infusion coupled with coil technology is very soothing that not only bring unmatched support but also sleeps cool. The triple edge support allows you to choose a suitable option from different firmness levels.

Key features and specs

  • Voila mattress is a hybrid.
  • It has pocketed coils to give the ultimate support.
  • It has superior tripe edge technology to give you support on the edges.
  • Gels infusion technology helps you to sleep cool.
  • Voila comes in three firmness levels plush, medium, and Firm.
  • This mattress gives good motion isolation feature.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Voila mattress offers suitable firmness for the side, back, and stomach sleepers.
  • The company is offering 100 nights free trial.

Construction of Voila mattress

Construction of Voila mattress

The incredible number of layers of Voila mattress makes it impressive. There are amazing layers which make this mattress worth buying.

The topmost is the layer of softcover. It is of stretched polyester material with breathable properties.

The next one is the layer of gel memory foam because sleeping cool is essential to have a sound sleep every night. So, this layer maintains an optimal level of temperature. It helps in the dissipation of heat and allows airflow. This memory foam is also responsible for managing the posture of your body. It gives support to your back and spine.


The third layer is of Talalay latex. It is approximate of ¾ inches thickness. It is added to get the bounce and response. It helps in more comfortable movement. What's more, it helps in motion isolation in combination with the layer below.

Latex fact: The use of latex mattress reduces the peak body pressure effectively as compared to the other materials used in the manufacturing of mattress such as memory foam.

The layer below the Talalay latex is of support foam. It is ¼ inches layer of foam which acts as a transition layer. It is a layer between Talalay and coils so maintains durability.

The next one is the pocketed coils’ layer. These are total 768-count individual pocket coils. They add to the mattress’ durability and stability. These coils adapt to body weight and keep you aligned. So, they make Voila a perfectly supportive mattress.

After coils, there is an edge support system. It has a fiber insulator pad and an inch of support base foam. It acts as a stable base for supporting the upper layer.

Firmness options

From plush to firm, you can have it all. Voila mattress has three firmness options. It makes it an excellent choice for many sleepers. It has the plush, medium and firm option.

The plush one: it has 3.5 ratings out of 10 for firmness. It has 12 inches thickness. It is an incredibly comfortable surface which contours your body. The cushioning gives the plush feel as well as support.

Firmness fact: A study finds out firm mattress is believed to be more effective as compare to a soft one if you want to reduce chronic back pain.

The medium one: it has 6 points of firmness out of 10. The 11 inches thickness has an excellent blend for those wanting luxury and performance. The hybrid medium plush surface perfectly cradles your body. So, you sleep well every night.

The firm one: with a rating of 8.5 out of 10, this is the most firm one. The innovative design coupled with 10 inches thickness comfort makes you fall asleep sooner. It is helpful for those with back pain.

Firmness options Height Firmness level
Plush 12’’ 3.5
Medium 11’’ 6
Firm 10’’ 8.5


Voila mattress is impressive regarding support. Its layers work well in combo with each other. It helps in body contouring that everybody needs. The options of the firmness level make it fit for all. The plush level to the firm level ensures that you sleep well every night. Its cover is made of stretched polyester. It is a breathable fabric with the mesh side panels. This thing helps with heat retention. Also, the fabric quality is plush to keep a smooth surface for sleeping.

Suitability for sleepers

Voila mattress is great for the side, back or stomach sleeper. It is something which makes this mattress a demandable one. So, our table will guide you with how this mattress is suitable as a whole.

Style Lightweight (<130lbs) Medium weight (130-220 lbs) Heavyweight (>220 lbs)
Side Very good Very good Good
Back Very good Very good Good
Stomach Good Good Good

Edge support

Voila mattress is very well supportive along the edges. When testing for different firmness options, we found that it works well with all. This mattress is excellent when your weight is the majority on the side. So, you will not roll off your bed as you sleep. The combination of the memory foam and coils give an adequate amount of support for this. It also means it is going to last for years.

Motion isolation feature

Motion isolation is an excellent feature of Voila mattress. It dramatically reduces motions and disturbances. It makes it ideal for couples or those who share their bed.

Motion isolation fact: 25% of married couples sleep separately.

It is because of the use of latex and coils. These duo acts together to minimize any movement. Thus, the other partner does not get disturbed as one toss and turns in the middle of the night. It ensures you have a sound sleep.

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Pricing, weight and sizes details

Size Dimensions (inches) Firmness Weight (lbs) Price
Twin 38.5×74.5 All 76 $699
Twin XL 38.5×79.5 All 88 $799
Full 53.5×74.5 All 112 $999
Queen 59.5×79.5 All 130 $1,199
King 75.5×79.5 All 164 $1,499
Cal King 71.5×83.5 All 164 $1,499

Breathability and temperature regulation

voila temperature regulation

One of the great features of this mattress is its breathable properties. The air comes through the coil springs. This air goes directly underneath the sleeper. It dramatically reduces the temperature of the upper surface. Thus, you have a more cooling surface to sleep on. The porous, high-end mesh fabric allows air flow. And, the technology of gel infusion further cools it down.

Sleep temperature fact: A temperature close to 65 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal.


Since World War II more than 80,000 chemicals have been invented for household use. Not all but some of them such as petrochemicals in the manufacturing of mattress are harmful to some extent for humans.

There is only slight off-gassing in Voila mattress that too occurs in the initial days after buying. So, that is not bothersome. However, if you are sensitive, you may allow a day or two for airing it.

Trials, warranty, and shipping

Voila mattress is giving 100 nights free trial to all. Because, voila ensure complete customer satisfaction with the product. You can always request for full return if you are not happy with it.

Nap happily with Voila 10 year’s warranty. It certainly guarantees your satisfaction. They offer free shipping in the US.


Voila is a noiseless mattress due to the use of high-quality memory and supports foams. Even, its springs are silent too.

Thinking to Buy Voila Mattress?

Pick Your Mattress

Voila mattress is right for you if you

  • Are looking for a supportive mattress.
  • Have a tight Voila mattress is cheaper when compared to other memory foams.
  • Want to sleep cool.
  • Want a mattress to relieve pressure from your joints. Or, something which relaxes you after a tiring day.
  • Need a mattress which is light on the pocket.
  • Need a smooth and breathable cover.
  • Prefer different levels of firmness.
  • Want a noiseless mattress.
  • Like a responsive mattress.
  • Want motion isolation.

Voila mattress is not suitable for you if you

  • Require a lighter mattress. Voila is more substantial than some.
  • Like a completely off-gas free mattress.
  • Prefer to have a healthy mattress.

And if you still want to learn more, go to our full review here.


Voila mattress is an excellent choice for those having a limited budget. For this price, voila gives you fantastic support, motion isolation, and the cooling surface. Its gel infusion quality makes it a more cooling mattress to sleep on. Available with three firmness options, you can choose the suitable one.

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