Eco Terra Mattress Reviews 2023 – Eco-friendly hybrid latex mattress

What is the specialty of Eco Terra Latex Mattress? It uses 100% pure natural latex, which is ten times more durable and healthy than memory foam.

This mattress, fortunately, uses both natural-made latex and fabric-encased coils, providing that extra bounciness and softness that the customer requires. The top cover is made of 100% pure cotton as well as wool, and the pinholes in the latex layer work great for people with back problems.

Did You Know: Around 82% of all Americans find just one more hour of sleep to work like magic? Sleeping better is critical to a healthier day.

Eco Terra Latex Mattresses provide the one thing we all miss out on a good night’s rest. It has the perfect firmness rating (5.5 out of 10), which many users find to be just enough to sing them off to sleep. With over six unique sizes and a ton of coolness, the Eco Terra Latex might be the solution you're looking.

Editor’s Summary: The Eco Terra Latex Mattress uses 3 inches of pure Talalay latex for its foam, a high density of 16 Gauge steel coils for the support layer, and a light, breathable top cotton cover to keep you cool and happy all throughout the night.
Features Criteria Rating Editor’s Comments
Durability Durable enough; can last for over a decade. 8.7 Natural Latex is more durable than memory foam.
Motion Isolation Coiled structures help isolate motion to one side of the bed. 8.6 Better than visco-elastic foams.
Health and Safety Zero flame retardants and heavy metals used. 8.8 It uses a natural fire barrier instead of harmful chemicals.
Off-Gassing No off-gassing or air pollution. 9.7 Latex does not off-gas, unlike memory foams.
Bases The mattress can work on all base supports, including foundation, box spring, adjustable, flat and slatted. 9.5 Can be used more diversely than other competitor foams.
Cooling Technology Uses breathable cotton, air pockets, and pinholes to cool down the body. 7.7 May not be as good as gel-infused memory foams.
Firmness Medium or Medium-Firm; usually measures 5.5 on the firmness scale. 8.6 Ideal firmness level for a majority of the users.
Warranty 15-year non-prorated warranty. 8.9 Warranty is shorter but completely free.

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  • Durability - 8.7/10
  • Motion Isolation - 8.6/10
  • Health and Safety - 8.8/10
  • Off-Gassing - 9.7/10
  • Bases - 9.5/10
  • Cooling Technology - 7.7/10
  • Firmness - 8.6/10
  • Warranty - 8.9/10

Key Features and Characteristics

  • The top cover is made of two layers of 100% cotton and wool.
  • A 3-inch layer of natural organic latex rubber which features pinholes for motion isolation and better air regulation.
  • Another 7 inches of fabric-enclosed spring coils. The coils are made from the most beautiful American steel, lending them both strength and buoyancy.
  • Features two firmnesses: Medium Firm and Medium. The Medium Firm is the most popular, with a firmness rating of 5.5, perfect for most users.
  • Available in six different sizes: Full, Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, and Cal King.
  • Twice as cool as memory foam The rich combination of cooling cotton and pinholes in the latex layer provides an alternative better than gel-based memory foam.
  • Its overall thickness is 11 inches.
  • Handcrafted in Los Angeles, California.
  • Oeko-Tex certified: the Eco TerraLatex Mattress is free from irritants, allergens, heavy metals, mercury, lead, flame retardants, phthalates, and other harsh chemicals.
  • Certified by GOTS, which means that the cotton used in the top cover is 100% natural.
  • A limited warranty of 15 years.
  • 90 night trial for trying out the mattress.
Why bother with a new mattress? Most manufacturers personally believe that even the best of mattresses only last for eight years.


Construction of the mattress


The Eco Terra Latex Mattress is made of 3 primary layers: the top cover, a latex layer, and the coil layer. This, in turn, provides a mattress which is both sturdy and competent.

Organic Cotton Cover

A sheet of organic cotton covers the deeper layers of the mattress. The cotton used in this layer is 100% natural, being obtained from environmentally controlled and carefully monitored forests and fields. It means that the extraction process is relatively harmless, and no animals or birds lose their homes.

3-Inch Latex Layer

The Eco Terra Latex Mattress is so named because it uses pure natural American Talalay latex to make its mattress “foams.” The latex is taken from rubber trees from forests under the jurisdiction of the Californian State. It means that no wildlife is harmed in the extraction process, and you can be sure that no poor animal is having its home stripped away from it.

The latex is natural, unlike many companies which use a blend of natural and human-made. There are multiple benefits of using a latex mattress, including:

  • Enhanced
  • Better cooling technology.
  • More natural than memory foam or fiberfill.
  • Free from harsh chemicals and reagents.
  • Zero off-gassings.

Cloth-Encased Coil Layer

The Eco Terra Latex is a pretty unique combination of both traditional coil mattresses and modern latex variants. The primary support layer of the Eco Terra uses high-grade steel coils encased within a soft, airy fabric to provide the highest level of comfort and durability.

The coil density ranges from 682 to 1280 depending on the size. The central coils are made of 16 Gauge USA Steel, while the outer corners are made of 15 Gauge USA Steel. The air pockets in the coil make it 28% cooler than regular foam mattresses. The quantum edge coils bend 17% more than foam edge.

Cooling Technologies

The Eco Terra 100% Natural Latex Mattress uses many methods to keep you fresh throughout the night. Firstly, the superficial cotton plus wool layer creates an airy environment, keeping the temperature low enough for your liking in the summer. The latex layer has pinholes that direct air upwards, holding your back and legs cool and ventilated. Thirdly, the coiled layer traps air within itself, allowing for more natural movement and cooling. In this way, all three layers of the Eco Terra save you from a hot sweaty night.

Measurements And Weights

Size Measurements Height Weight Coil Count
Twin 38″x 75″ 11” 59 lbs 682
Twin XL 38″x 80″ 11” 63 lbs 722
Full 54″x 75″ 11” 84 lbs 896
Queen 60″x 80″ 11” 100 lbs 1057
King 76″x 80″ 11” 127 lbs 1283
Cal. King 72″x 84″ 11” 126 lbs 1280

Motion Isolation

Quick Fact: Nearly 25% of American adults report insufficient sleep, which can lead to heart disease.

Motion Isolation is a significant factor to consider. If you know when your partner shifts side more than they do, then we've got a problem. The Eco Terra Latex Mattress fixes all of that with a straightforward magic trick: coils. The coils are not interconnected, so the pressure on one coil is not transferred to the other. The “shock-absorbing” property not only helps to reduce discomfort but also makes sure that you can never feel what’s happening on the other side of the bed.

Eco-Terra Is Recommended For Side And Back Sleepers

Benefits of Side Sleeping: Pregnant women who sleep on their side reduce the chance of stillbirth by 3.7%

While reviewing over 120 different customer reviews, and when trying out the product for ourselves, we found that the Eco Terra is tailor-made for all types of sleepers. But the most commonly satisfied are those who sleep on their back or side. It could be because the latex layer has been designed to provide more support on the shoulders and the back, so stomach sleepers feel a bit too hard on those areas.

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The Eco Terra originates in California, USA. Each mattress is designed and handcrafted right there in the sun-kissed terrains of LA, and the mattresses harness this energy to bring goodness to your doorstep.

Increased Edge Support

The rest of the Eco Terra uses 16 Gauge Steel coils to help you sink into the mattress and to provide lesser coil density. However, the external parameter uses 15 Guage coils, which means that these coils have a smaller diameter and are more compact and firm than the ones in the middle. It helps create a mattress that is firm from the edges and softer from the center, providing quality sleep and better awakenings.

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Why Is The Eco-Terra A Healthier Choice?

Eco Terra A Healthier Choice


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Eco Terra fares as the perfect choice for those who want to remain healthy and secure. This mattress has a standard Oeko-Tex certification, which means that it is free from all sorts of phthalates, formaldehyde, Azo colorants, pentachlorophenol, harmful elements like lead, zinc, cadmium, nickel, mercury, and lead, and is entirely safe for both the consumer and the environment. Natural latex foams are altogether free from VOC emissions and keep indoors fresh and clean.

Tailor-Made For Every Base

The Eco Terra Latex Mattress has been made to work with almost every type of base. This bed works excellent with both box springs as well as foundations. Prefer to use a flat platform base? No worries. The Eco Terra has you covered! The mattress can also be used on slatted and adjustable bases, which leaves you with a ton of options to choose.

Trial, Delivery, And Warranties

Trials and warranties offered by the Eco Terra Mattress include:

  • A 90-day trial, in which you can get a full refund, no questions asked. But this also consists of a 30-day break-in period, which many customers may find inconvenient.
  • Fast and easy delivery. The mattress comes with compression rolled, and all you need to do is just let it roll out. No off-gassing or assembling required.
  • A non-prorated 15-year warranty. The mattress must have a manufacturing defect and must be used with a proper base to make the warranty last.

Why we Like it :

  • Are a back/side sleeper and want extra support on your shoulders and back
  • Love sinking right into the bed
  • Want better body support at the edges
  • Prefer a healthy, safe

Why we hate it :

  • Are a stomach sleeper
  • Love standing or jumping on the bed
  • Do not prefer to clean the mattress regularly
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Many mattresses have made their way to our hearts, but Eco Terra has deep-seated itself. With over a hundred customers being served each day, Eco Terra remains one of our top choices for cheap holy mattresses.

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