The Most Expensive Mattresses You Can Buy

Did you know that as of 2021 revenue in the Mattress Industry amounts to $14,788 million in the United States? Or that as of 1994 there has been a recorded and increasing growth in the demand for mattresses?

It might because more and more people are beginning to realize the importance of getting a solid eight hours of sleep. Getting enough sleep has been linked to your mental well-being and productivity. Your work and your very life depend upon the sleep you have had the night before. How you go about your work and how well you perform all depend upon whether you woke up refreshed and energized. Not to mention the mood you will have while you carry on with your day.

If you’re wondering what sleep awareness has to do with an increase in mattress sales and production then you should know that according to a poll that was conducted in 2008 at least 9% of all Americans link mattress quality to sufficient sleep and good health.


And also that if a good mattress can ensure a sound nights' sleep then it is worth the price. People are apt to believe the sincerity and quality of a company if the mattress is expensive. Because they feel that the product must have been thoughtfully constructed.

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An Expensive Purchase or a Smart Investment?

Floating BedFloating Bed

You will undoubtedly meet many people that will say that one mattress is as good as another. Because at the end of the day it is just a place to sleep. However sleep consultant and educator Terry Cralle has this to say about the people that come to see him, “99.9% of the people who walk through my door ask me about mattresses,” further that, “It’s critically important to sleep quality. It’s a performance tool.”

You heard it. And most believe the fact that regardless of the cost a good mattress is a smart investment. Do you want to know about some of the most expensive mattresses in the world? Then keep reading and check out our list:

1. Royal-Pedic


This is the company that prides itself on being a healthy mattress. Royal-Pedic has over 60 sixty years’ worth of experience in producing comfortable and restful mattresses. They strive to collect only the finest and hypoallergenic materials in the world. And combining them with expert craftsmanship to produce a luxurious product. All so there customers can experience a night of restful sleep and wake up to have an energized and productive day. A Royal Pedic mattress can cost you anywhere between $3,000 and $9,000. If you felt your jaw drop at that figure then you should get a load of the materials they employ to construct their handcrafted luxury mattresses.

A mattress that has been put together at Royal-Pedic will have utilized only the best and most dependable materials available such as Belgian cotton fabrics and untreated wool from France. Not to mention latex cores that have been manufactured in the Netherlands. And of course, homegrown and impeccable cotton grown in the USA.

2. Duxiana

Duxiana Image

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The company Dux celebrates its bed as being the best in the world. Because of their special attention to the lumbar support and mattress firmness. Dux mattresses give strong support to your back and are rated as being great for backaches and restlessness. As a company, Dux believes that a mattress is more than just a place to sleep. Rather it is a place to recover and repair from the toils of the day before.

A Dux mattress typically consists of up to 4,180 interconnected springs that combine to relieve the tension in your back. Not only this but the Dux 8008 model comes with removable layers which you can adjust to get the extra support you need. Or you can remove it to suit your needs. You can get a Duxiana for about $13,000.

The price on a Duxiana will seem completely reasonable when you consider the high-tensile steel used to make the thousands of springs that make up each mattress. This company has also expended effort to create a strong frame for each of their mattresses. And their frames are constructed of sturdy Swedish pine. Dux is committed to using only the finest quality of material to give a product worth your money.

3. Hypnos

Hypnos Image

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Hypnos is the company that has been collecting celebrity fans since 1904. This company is known for constructing strong and stylish beds that come with the royal seal of approval. They are the premier company for producing luxurious beds in the UK. They’re a long-established family business with a long history of crafting soft and comfortable mattresses.

And they have made use of their experience to handcraft some of the most restful mattresses out there. Their mattresses are Handmade in their Buckinghamshire workshops, striving for reliable quality in each of their products. Hypnos mattresses are priced at around $15,000.

This company has made it a practice to use only the finest and most sustainable materials available. Hypnos offers you a range of collections to cater to your tastes and needs. Not to mention the different design options they have to offer.

4. Vi-Spring

Vi-Spring Image

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Vi-Spring has been setting the standard for high-end luxurious mattresses since 1901. You only have to log into their website to be awed by their attention to detail. This is a company you can trust to build you a custom bed according to your specifications.

Your sleep is their primary concern and they have been perfecting their product to achieve the best for you. Vi-Spring is dedicated to testing the strength and durability of their mattress springs. And what it would take to create a harmonious balance between spring tension and comfortable back support. When you log into their website the first thing you will see is the bold Vi which is a symbol for what they believe is the most conducive number of springs. That is to say, six as the Roman numeral indicates. You will notice that there is a trend among luxury mattress brands to craft their products meticulously by hand.

And it is no different for the Vi-Spring as they believe in scouring for the finest luxury fabrics to achieve the maximum level of comfort. And it will all feel worth it when you lie down across a Vi-Spring and feel the finely coiled springs support you perfectly. And you can experience the deep, uninterrupted sleep offered by Vi-Spring for about $20,000.

5. Kluft

Kluft Image

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Since 2004 the company Kluft has led the way in innovative designs and structures for mattresses. This company prides itself on having mastered the luxury mattress. The founder E.S. Kluft has created a legacy of remarkable and unique creations. Kluft is a company dedicated to challenging themselves and striving for each product to be better than the last. They have found the perfect blend of all-natural materials which they craft into a mattress with the latest and most sophisticated technology.

Kluft offers handcrafted and extravagantly luxurious mattresses to anyone who insists on excellence. They have utilized their decade of experience in the business to give you the kind of sleep you deserve. To craft the perfect place for you to rest and sink into a deep, sleep.

But the most impressive quality about the people at Kluft is their commitment to rethink and evolve their process. To achieve the kind of a mattress that is worth your trust and money. A Kluft is worth about $30,000. The price may seem steep but not if you think about each stitch which was put into creating a Kluft.

6. Hastens

Hastens Image

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Hastens is the name to beat when we talk about luxury mattresses, quality of materials and experience of craftsmanship. This company follows a six-generation old tradition of bed making.

The comfort of a Hastens is unlike anything you've ever experienced. It is handmade by dedicated craftsmen who are experts in their trade. One Hastens mattress can take about 150 to 170 hours to build. And they utilize only responsibly sourced sustainable and natural materials to create a Hastens bed.

They use genuine horsetail hair, cotton and wool to craft each piece meticulously. Arranging the different layers with a precision born of a hundred and fifty years’ worth of practice. The horsetail hair is carefully treated to achieve a structure that allows ventilation and excellent humidity absorption. This is just one of the many complicated procedures they employ to arrive at their final product.

In a Hastens bed, you can expect the purest flax, slow-grown Swedish pine known for its strength and of course the hypoallergenic horsehair.

Hastens have a special signature side stitch which they have developed to withstand the greater strain. At a glance, it looks particularly attractive across the checkered spread. Especially when you realize its functional value.

They have also developed their style of springs which they have placed strategically within the mattress to serve various purposes. For example, the ones closest to you will have been isolated in pure flax so that you would not hear it and be disturbed while you slept. You can all of this perfection wrapped in a soft casing for approximately $67,000.

7. Temahome Floating Bed

luxury expensive mattress and floating bed

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The most expensive mattress in the world is the floating bed which is estimated at around 1.6 million dollars. This mattress is a marvel of innovation and construction. It is built to give you the feeling of being buoyant and free. A truly extraordinary feeling to experience as you drift off to sleep. The floating effect is created using a magnet system which allows it to lift at least sixteen inches off the ground. It is a luxury of the highest sort but worth it for the kind of comfort and rest it offers.

Why would anyone choose to buy such expensive mattresses?

If you’ve gone all the way down the list then you’re probably wondering why anyone would want to spend so much money on a mattress. Which is logical.

But maybe making such expensive purchases would not seem so strange to you if you suffered from a lack of sleep.

Did you know that according to the National Institute of Health almost half of the population suffers from insomnia? Not to mention their estimates on people that only get minimal or incomplete sleep and suffer from daytime fatigue.

A condition where your body is trying to make the best of the minimal sleep by helping you power thought but at the cost of your long-time health.

Admittedly sleeping disorders can occur due to several things. But most of the time they can be resolved through the simplest solutions. You could take up exercise, or improve your dietary habits. Sometimes making lifestyle changes helps or getting a change of scene.

But a lot of the time it is a matter of finding the right kind of place to find rest. And this involves having the right kind of mattress. A good mattress can solve all sorts of problems. A firm mattress will take care of your back and a mattress with ventilation will help you stay cool.

Whereas a hypoallergenic mattress will keep you from suffering the worse kind of allergic reactions while you sleep.

And a bad mattress can cause all sorts of harms. Bad back aside thinks about all of the harmful chemicals you might be breathing in because of careless construction. A mattress that is difficult to clean is a hazard to your health.

Does it still surprise you to know that as a direct result of people wanting to take better care of themselves there was a boom in the mattress industry? To be precise according to the figures run by the ISPA the number of mattresses and bed foundations sold in 2015 rose by 4.5%

Because taking caring of yourself involves getting the proper amount of sleep. And as the people at Royal-Pedic have so aptly explained that a mattress is not merely a place to sleep. It is a vehicle for rest and recovery.

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In Conclusion: Worth Your Money

As we stated earlier sometimes the simplest solution is the answer to your problem. And now that you know about people that suffer from sleep disorders you might be inclined to understand why they would spend so much money on a mattress. Because each of the mattresses on this list has been brought to you by a company that specializes in luxury beds which would guarantee you a deep and comfortable sleep. And for some people that sleep is well worth any amount of money they might have to spend.

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