The Novosbed Mattress Review – Pros & Cons

If you’re experiencing trouble sleeping and you’ve started to wonder if it may be your mattress…you may be right.

Do you know: Overwhelming 48% of the users are unhappy with their existing mattress and 70.8% found improvement in their sleep quality due to the use of the new mattress.

You don’t need to worry because we have the perfect solution. The Novosbed mattresses are durable, reliable and completely affordable.

And the best part: they come in varying firmness. You can choose the kind of firmness you want in your mattress. Novosbed has come up with creative alternative solutions to help you adjust the softness/firmness balance on your mattress. So if you want a great mattress for a great price then you should stick around for the rest of this review.

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  • Durability - 9.8/10
  • Motion Isolation - 8.8/10
  • Cool - 8.9/10
  • Warranty - 9/10
  • Edge support - 9.2/10

Overall Score

Editor’s Rating                                                               9.1                   
Quick Summary: Novosbed offers a firmness adjustment kit so that you can get the feel of the mattress according to your preference. The mattress has quality construction that will last a long time. The mattress is made in the USA of responsibly sourced materials approved by the CERTIPUR-US. Not only that but they offer a 120 night trial on their mattress.
Features Criteria   Rating Editor’s Comment:
Durability The materials are high-end and the construction is meticulous. 9.8 The construction of this mattress is top of the line and durability is assured.
Motion isolation The 6” and 7” premium support foam absorbs movement and maintains motion isolation. 8.8 The sturdy support foam is reliable and gives great support.
Cool The cooling mechanism on the Novosbed keeps you cool and dry. 8.9 The design of the mattress integrates maximum cooling.
Warranty The mattress is quite reliable and will last you. 9.0 15 years’ worth of a warranty.
Edge support The core foam and the premium support foam work together to give you great 9.2 You can sit up without worrying about waking up your partner


Key Features and Characteristics

  • The Novosbed offers three different types of firmness: soft, medium and firm
  • They come with a machine washable cover
  • Novosbed employ  only high-density memory foam to ensure maximum support
  • It also has a powerful premium support foam that eliminates motion transfer
  • A well-designed ventilation system that keeps you cool as you sleep
  • Not to mention a firmness adjustment kit
  • The 15-year warranty and a 120-night sleep trial
  • They are manufactured in the USA from eco-friendly materials and CERTI-PUR certified
  • The comfortable knit top has a luxurious high-end feel

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Construction of Mattresses

Construction of Novosbed Mattresses

Novosbed mattresses are a result of meticulous construction and detailed attention. Each layer on the Novosbed mattress is of premium quality put together to provide you with the maximum level of comfort. No harmful chemicals are used to ensure the high-end, enduring construction on these mattresses. The high-density foam used by Novosbed guarantees a long-lasting product. And all of this for a completely affordable price!

The Novosbed come in three different firmness ranges. And each has its special construction to suit your preference. Let’s start with soft:


In total, the soft option on the Novosbed has an 11” thickness. It is perfect for contouring to your body’s shape without giving you a suffocating feeling.

  • First layer: The topmost layer is, of course, the ultra-soft and moisture-absorbent machine washable cover. It is knit from eco-friendly Tencel® fabric and is designed to draw moisture away from your body. The plush Novosbed top cover ensures a dry and cool nights’ sleep. Not to mention. It is also removable and machine-washable.
  • Second layer: There is a second layer of protection on the Novosbed known as the InterLock Blue™. It is knitted with a special 2-way stretch and acts as an additional guard for the foam core. And it also adds another layer of moisture guard for extra coolness and comfort.
  • Third layer: This third layer is where the soft option differs from the other Novosbed mattresses. It is 2” high-density airflow gel foam. And gel foam as you know not only provides luxurious comfort but also provides excellent heat dissipation. The gel foam on the Novosbed is incredibly breathable and delivers luxurious, unlike any other memory foam.
  • Fourth layer: And the fourth layer is 3” worth of high-density and state-of-the-art memory foam! The memory foam on a Novosbed is thick and reliable and provides you with great support. It complements the plush gel foam with a firm base.
  • Fifth layer: The fifth layer is 6” worth of premium support foam. This support foam absorbs your movement and keeps it from affecting the shape of the whole mattress. Perfectly eliminating motion transfer.
  • Lastly: It is all bound together in durable upholstery that can be found on high-end furniture. It is flexible with a strong non-slip bottom for extra security.


The medium option has a total thickness of 11” that manages to balance a soft feel with the needed firm support.

  • First and Second layer: the top layer on a medium Novosbed also comes with the ultra-absorbent, machine washable, soft and comfortable cover. Next comes the InterLock Blue™ that acts an extra protective layer for the core foam. As well as providing an additional moisture guard to ensure a cool, dry night.
  • Third layer: this layer on the medium option is 2″ thick high-density airflow memory. It is highly breathable third generation memory foam added to provide you with plush comfort.
  • Fourth layer: This 2” thick high-density memory foam makes up the core of your medium Novosbed. It absorbs your weight and gives your back support to relieve pressure. Ensuring a sound nights’ sleep.
  • Fifth layer: the fifth layer is 7” of premium support foam. An extra layer of thickness as compared to the soft Novosbed to add that extra layer of firmness. The premium support foam successfully eliminates motion transfer.
  • Lastly: And at last the medium option is also encased in a high-end durable upholstery. Capable of withstanding the great strain and lasting you a while.


The firm Novosbed has 11” of firm support and pressure relief. It has been designed to give you maximum comfort with minimal sink-in.

  • First and Second layer: the first layer on this mattress is the comfortable, soft and luxurious top cover. Made from eco-friendly materials that absorb moisture and keep you dry. And the second layer is the patented InterLock Blue™ designed to provide an added layer of protection to the core foam.
  • Third layer: this layer is 2” high-density airflow memory foam. To promote ventilation and keep you cool.
  • Fourth layer: and then there is the 2” thick high-end memory foam added to provide maximum support to your back. To relieve pressure from your sore spots.
  • Fifth layer: This is 7” of premium support designed to absorb and isolate motion. Giving you a long, undisturbed full nights’ sleep.
  • Lastly: the classy, strong and durable upholstery that keeps the different layers tightly knit together. It has a non-slip bottom for extra stability.

Cooling Technology

The Novosbed has been designed to promote maximum airflow. You will find that the top cover absorbs moisture and keeps you from waking up in a hot, sweaty puddle. And the InterLock Blue adds to the power of the top cover to promote cooling. Not to mention the special ventilation system on the Novosbed that consists of thousands of vertical air channels.

These air channels help you stay cool by keeping the body heat you emit from surging back up to you. Instead, they allow for the heat to pass out of the mattress and circulate fresh air.

Measurements and Weights


Mattress Size Dimensions Weight
Twin 38″ x 75″ 52 lbs.
Twin XL 38″ x 80″ 55 lbs.
Double 53″ x 75″ 72 lbs.
Queen 60″ x 80″ 87 lbs.
King 76″ x 80″ 110 lbs.
Cal-King 72″ x 84” 110 lbs.


Mattress Size Dimensions Weight
Twin 38″ x 75″ 57 lbs.
Twin XL 38″ x 80″ 61 lbs.
Double 53″ x 75″ 79 lbs.
Queen 60″ x 80″ 95 lbs.
King 76″ x 80″ 121 lbs.
Cal-King 72″ x 84″ 120 lbs.


Mattress Size Dimensions Weight
Twin 38”x75” 53 lbs.
Twin XL 38”x80” 57 lbs.
Double 53”x75” 74 lbs.
Queen 60”x80” 89 lbs.
King 76”x80” 113 lbs.
Cal-King 72”x84” 113 lbs.

Motion Isolation

The 6” and 7” premium support foam absorbs the slightest motion and locks it in place. You can lie down or even turn over without worrying that the motion is being carried across the mattress to your partner. This layer works great to eliminate motion transfer.

Novosbed is recommended for which sleeping position

Quick tip: Are you suffering from back pain? 75% of orthopedic surgeons recommend the use of a firm or hard mattress to get pain relief.
Mattress Type Is Good for people that sleep on Not Recommended for people sleep on
Soft Their Side, Their Stomach Their Back
Medium Their Stomach, Their Back Their Side
Firm Their Back, Their Stomach Their Side



All of the materials used to make a Novosbed are collected and constructed in the USA. This assures quality construction, reliable eco-friendly materials, and a durable, long-lasting product.

Better Edge Support

The 2” high-density memory foam combines with the 6” and 7” premium support foam to give you great edge support. The motion isolation from the premium support foam keeps the bed from dipping uncomfortably beneath you. And the high-density foam shapes beneath your weight without affecting the overall mattress construction.

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Novosbed is a Healthy Choice How?

Novosbed is a Healthy Choice

Check Price and Availability

Allergy alert: As per a study by the American college of allergy, asthma, and immunology, 50 million Americans suffer from allergy each year

Novosbed needs to maintain a healthy relationship with the environment. All the materials used by Novosbed are eco-friendly and CERTIPUR-US certified. With a Novosbed you don’t have to worry about allergy, dust mites, harmful emissions or dangerous chemicals used during construction.

Not to mention the benefits a medium and firm Novosbed can give someone suffering neck and back pain. These mattresses provide much-needed support and relieve pain. Ultimately protecting your physical health.

Suitable On All Bases

Novosbed very responsibly cautions that you select the appropriate base for your mattress. Because a base that does not give the right support could have the mattress feeling overly soft. In any case, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can try your Novosbed mattress on an adjustable or platform bed. Or you can place your Novosbed on a box foundation. You can put your Novosbed on a slatted base. Just make sure the slats are at least 2-3 inches apart with at least one center beam for larger options. This will promote breathability as well as support.

Trials, Delivery, and Warranty

Novosbed offers a 120-night trial. And shipping and returns are free for the Continental USA and Canada. Novosbed mattresses have a 15-year warranty.

Novosbed is good for you if you

  • Like a stable mattress that gives you support
  • Would love a luxury mattress within your budget
  • Need support for your back
  • Like sleeping cool and dry throughout the night
  • Want a full nights’ sleep without being disturbed by your partner moving
  • Like the idea of adjusting the firmness according to your need

Novosbed is not good for you if

  • We’re hoping for something softer
  • Wanted a mattress with more give

Final Verdict

Novosbed is made of responsibly sourced materials approved by the CERTIPUR-US. The company is based in the USA and they offer free shipping and returns. Not only that but they offer a 120 night trial on their mattress and a firmness adjustment kit so that you can get the feel of the mattress according to your preference. Novosbed mattresses have quality construction on it that will last you a long time. Get a luxury mattress at a great price.

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