The Azza Mattress Review 2023 – Good or Not?


Azza mattress is one of the best memory foams for your sleep. Feel like sleeping on a cloud. Let’s take a look at what other features they have to offer.

Azza mattress has superior comfort and ultimate greatness. You would feel like sleeping on a cloud. Azza’s comforting features make it the mattress of your dreams. With a perfect body alignment feature coupled with 10 inches of the best plushness.


Azza mattress is one of the best memory foams for your sleep and dreams. It has hypo-allergenic materials used in the construction. They offer return and warranty policy for the satisfaction of their customers.

Azza has 3 layer construction whose combination makes it a mattress worth the money. It is durable, breathable and sophisticatedly designed.

Let’s take a look at what other features they have to offer.

  • Like a memory foam with just the perfect amount of firmness.
  • Want a level of firmness that is not too soft but rather on the side of hard.
  • Want a good value for your money.
  • Like sleeping cool. With the dual phase gel that this mattress is providing, it is a great choice.
  • Want a reasonably priced mattress.
  • Like a mattress which supports your back.
  • Don’t like much of the bounce in your mattress.
  • Want the perfect posture for your back.
  • Prefer motion isolation
  • Want a memory foam which is eco-friendly.
  • You want a soft firmness leveled mattress.
  • You like bouncy feeling in your mattress.
  • You prefer a firmness level to sleep on your stomach


  • Material - 9.3/10
  • Support - 9/10
  • Design - 8.9/10
  • Price - 8.5/10


  • Azza is a 10 inches mattress with a solid foundation.
  • This 10 inch is of 3 layers; gel, viscoelastic and polyurethane.
  • Its solid foundation gives the best level of firmness.
  • It is a recommended foam for all types of sleepers.
  • They have memory foams which make you feel like sleeping on clouds.
  • The 2 inches layers of the dual-phase gel make it more comfortable.
  • Another 2 inches layer of viscoelastic material makes you feel cozy in it.
  • Azza mattress comes with a warranty claim of 12 years.
  • Also, it offers 6 months free trial.
  • It looks awesome on all types of beds.
  • The option of free shipping and return is also available.
  • Azza is completely hypo-allergenic foam and suitable for all.
  • It does not use any hazardous chemicals in its manufacturing.

Azza Mattress Review

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Azza is a sign of ultimate comfort experience. It is a 10 inches mattress which gives you the best sleeping feeling you have always wanted. This 10 inches foam is a masterpiece of 3 basic layers. Together, they make it one of the best mattresses on the market. The 3 layers with their brief details are;

Azza Mattress Review

  • The 1st layer

It is the most top layer of the foam. The first layer is of dual phase change gel. This gel maintains the perfect temperature. No matter how many blankets you use, this layer is going to adjust the temperature accordingly. Thus, Azza makes sure an optimum level of temperature. So, even if there is sweltering heat out there, this Azza foam is going to save you from that.

  • The 2nd layer

Moving on to the next. The second layer is the 2 inches Visco elastic memory foam. This layer helps you to remain cozy while giving the perfect level of firmness. All memory foams are chemical free. Thus, they make sure you remain healthy and happy.

The visco-elasticity makes sure that the vibrations are less. As a result, this mattress offers motion isolation as well. Now, you won’t be getting disturbed by other sleeper’s movement in the night. This will help you to sleep more peacefully.

  • The 3rd layer

It is the last layer of this mattress. The base of the Azza mattress gives you a solid foundation. This 3rd layer of highly dense polyurethane foam. Designed for giving the best back support, it definitely is a blessing for your back comfort. It is a 6 inches layer. This length makes sure a solid foundation firmness.

Materials used in the construction

With the satisfying materials, this is a 100% hypoallergenic. It consists of gel memory foam, viscoelastic foam and polyurethane foam. They are all chemical free. Not only this, its cover is of hypo-allergenic cotton/polyesterblend with a zipper.

These hypoallergenic materials ensure that you are safe from any harmful chemicals. Like other memory foams, they don’t use any flame retardants.


The covering of the Azza mattress is of cotton and polyester blend. This cover is machine washable. So, you maintain your perfect cleanliness environment every night.

Perfect alignment of the body

Azza Mattress Review

Azza is giving you the comfort of the perfect alignment of your body. It has an optimum level of firmness that maintains the perfect body posture. With a layer of a solid foundation of 6 inches, there is no issue with the pressure relief. The high-density foam guarantees the best support. There is no pressure on your shoulders, thighs or hips and every time you wake up refreshingly.

Size variety

Azza mattress is suitable for all types of sleepers. It is suitable for a side sleeper, straight or back. This one ensures comfort for all your sleeping positions. Apart from this, Azza is an available twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king sizes. All these will be available to you at competitive rates. They balance out the features for the money. The sizes with their dimensions are in the image below.

Azza Mattress Review

Firmness level

Azza Company has been providing its customers the best level of firmness. The 3rd layer foundation of a solid base is the cause of it. It is a 6 inches highly dense polyurethane foam. This makes sure that a perfect level of firmness for your support. This thing makes sure that your night is peaceful and you wake up fresh the next morning.

This level of firmness is more towards the side of hard firm. This thing will maintain your perfect back support.

Temperature maintenance

Azza Mattress Review

This mattress features a dual phase gel as its top layer. This layer maintains the ideal level of temperature in all weather conditions. It makes the mattress more breathable and airy.


Azza is giving just the best level of comfort to you. It has the plushest covering coupled with the best firmness level. Also, an additional advantage of temperature regulation is there as well. All these qualities make your nights’ sleep perfect.


Azza has been making sure that all of their products are free from any hazardous chemicals. Like others, this one is an odor-free mattress. It used no chemicals in its construction. This thing guarantees the safe environment for your sleep. There is no smell from the mattress from the very first night. This quality speaks of its eco-friendliness and safety.

Motion isolation feature

With the use of viscoelastic material foam, this mattress offers motion isolation. This makes sure that your perfect good night sleep. It greatly reduces the motions and vibrations caused due to the movements.

Smell free

Azza Mattress Review

Unlike many other mattresses, Azza mattress is free from any smell. Their mattress is smell free from the very first night. You can breathe freely from the very first day of its usage. All this is possible because of chemical-free materials.

Durability and life

This mattress by Azza is made in the USA. It is carefully designed while keeping different body physiques in mind. With these qualities, it speaks of its durability and long life. It is a product with sturdy materials.


Azza mattress is delivered right in front of your door. All of their deliveries are free of cost. They offer fast and free shipping to all of their customers. Not only this, the return is also free. This is the case when there is some issue with the quality of the product.

Free trial

Azza Mattress Review

Azza strives to maintain your good quality sleep. That is the reason, they are providing a 100-night free trial option. This means if you are not happy with the product, you have the right to return it. Also, they offer free returning in this case.


Further ensuring your satisfaction, they have warranty claim as well. Azza is giving its customers with a limited 12-year manufacturer’s warranty. If there is an issue with the quality or craftsmanship, it will be under warranty.


Azza uses all hypo-allergenic materials in the construction of its mattresses. They have all foams which are CertiPUR-USA certified. It means that all of their products are manufactured without;

  • Ozone depleters
  • PBDE flame retardants.
  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • Formaldehyde
  • Phthalates

Additional advantages

Azza has offered amazing price as compared to other mattresses on the market. Available at competitive rates, it is surely going to give you more.

Not only this, Azza is giving its mattress with plush covers. This covering is machine washable and easily removable. With this, it offers you much more convenience. Its covers are of cotton/polyester blend. This combination maintains the softness and durability for a long time.

Things we like:
  • Azza mattress is free from any smell even from your first night of usage.
  • There is no problem regarding off-gassing.
  • This mattress maintains your perfect posture.
  • This is a great mattress to reduce your back pain.
  • It has a wonderful motion isolation
Things we didn’t like:
  • This may be a little harder for stomach sleepers.
  • It has no bouncy feeling.
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Final Verdict

Azza mattress has proved its name when it comes to considering the quality. Their mattresses use environment-friendly materials in their construction. Azza mattress arrives in just the perfect condition always.

If there is any fault, the company repairs it quickly under the warranty claim. Though its firmness level may seem a bit hard for some people, it maintains the perfect alignment of your back. This thing is needed to keep you active the next day. So, stop searching for any other foam and bring this today.

Meta Description: Azza mattress has proved its name when it comes to considering the quality. The mattresses use environment-friendly materials. Let’s take a look at the review to find out what other features they have to offer.

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