The Casper Mattress vs. Ghostbed Mattress

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Since 2010 online retailers cut the cost of mattresses by eliminating sales commissions, the middleman cost, and unnecessary mark-ups. You can select the style and size of the mattress, and it will be shipped to your house directly. Out of many brands, people talk a lot about two emerging and promising online mattress selling companies, Casper and GhostBed.

So we have picked the Casper and GhostBed Classic model to create a comparative review for your convenience.

Did you know? – The new mattress makes a significant difference in your sleeping habits.

The best thing is they both offer a free 100+ night’s trial and 10+ years of warranty. Here we have reviewed and compared both mattresses that will help you in picking the right one according to your needs.

Before deciding the best mattress, many factors contribute directly to this decision. These are:

  • Feel
  • Firmness
  • Support
  • Comfort
  • Motion Isolation
  • Quality of materials
  • Environment-friendly

Casper Essential vs. GhostBed Classic: A Quick Comparison

The CasperGhostBed Classic
Layers of foam

  • 1.5 inches Open cell polyfoam
  • 1.5 inches Pressure relief Memory foam
  • 1.5 inches Zone support polyfoam
  • 5 inches Base Foam

  • 1.5 inches Aerated Latex Foam
  • 2 inches Gel Memory Foam
  • 7.5 inches High-Density Polyfoam Base

Mattress Height10-inch11-inch
CoverSoft Polyester, thick, and removableViscose and Polyester, Stretchy, and thin
Firmness5 - 5.56.0 - 6.5
Motion TransferNegligibleNegligible
Cost$595 to $1,195$445 to $995
Warranty10 years20 years
ShippingFree delivery to Canada and the U.SFree delivery to the U.S
ReturnsYes, pick up by the companyYes, pick up by the company



While applying pressure on Casper Mattress, you will feel a gentle bounce. It will provide excellent contouring to your body. The top comfort layer made with open-cell polyfoam resolves the issue of over-heating of memory foam. This section responds quickly to pressure; it gives the sleeper pressure relief.


On the other hand, when you apply pressure on GhostBed, it would give you a soft feel and quick response. The top layer and cover are breathable and dissipate body heat. However, GhostBed provides minor contouring as compare to Casper mattress.

Quick Fact: Sleep deprivation contributes to depression, high blood pressure, and poor concentration.

Layers of Foam


Layers Foam of Casper

Casper is 10 inches thick mattress with four layers. These three layers have different thickness and foam types. The comfort layer is 1.5 inches of open-cell polyfoam which give an immediate bounce. It also has cooling properties that provide a cooling effect with comfort and also regulate the temperature. Contour layer made of memory foam; provides a relax feeling of body-contouring and also give pressure relief.

The transition layer is the third layer which offers zoned support. It's made up by using two types of poly foam. The firm variation is present in the center of the mattress that gives lumbar support and the softer one to relieve pressure from your shoulders. This layer is made up of heavy-duty polyfoam. It provides shape and structure to the mattress.

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GhostBed is a bit thicker than Casper mattress. It’s 11 inches thick mattress with three different layers. The comfort layer of GhostBed is 1.5 inches thick, made up of Latex foam that improves airflow and breathability. According to research, Latex foam relieves pressure effectively as compared to any other foam materials. It also has a quick response to pressure that adds some bounce to the mattress.

Under the comfort layer is 2 inches gel-infused memory foam compression layer that provides contouring to your body. This feature is beneficial for side sleepers. Memory foam is famous for trapping heat from the body but the gel infusion helps to dissipate the heat away.

The base layer consists of 7.5 inches thick high-density polyfoam. It gives support to the mattress and enhances durability.

Did you know? 1 out of 4 individuals in America suffers from acute Insomnia (difficulty falling asleep)

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The Casper cover is made up of soft polyester that gives the cozy and soft feel. Plus it’s easily removable so that you can clean it.


The GhostBed mattress cover consists of polyester and viscose which is stretchy and also pretty thin that’s why it regulates the temperature and cooling.

A vital Fact: Sleeping in a room where the temperature is between 65-70 degrees F helps in improving the sleep.
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Comfort, Firmness, Edge support and Motion Isolation


The first thing you notice while lying on the Casper mattress is the gentle bounce. The memory foam contours your body without feeling stuck in the bed while the two types of poly foams help in relieving pressure. The durable support foam in the bottom layer offers more support and shape to the mattress.

Different body shapes and forms will feel different firmness levels. Overall scores of 5.5 in firmness means you’ll experience a medium-firm feel that is beneficial to eradicate lower back pain.

Casper mattress is an excellent choice for all kind of sleepers. It provides edge support while lying on your back or also in rolling onto your sides. Moreover, it offers a smooth and sound sleep for the stomach, back and side sleepers.

Another critical factor is if you have a sleeping partner you must be careful while choosing a mattress. The Casper mattress is excellent in this regard as it has a negligible motion transfer.


On the other hand, GhostBed provides 6.5 firmness level that means you’ll experience firm support. However, the mattress is very comfortable for lying in multiple positions. While sharing your bed with your partner, this mattress provides firm support to both sleepers.

The combination of comfort layer made with aerated latex and compression layer made with gel-infused memory foam doesn’t trap heat while offering excellent contour.

The dense foam of GhostBed also defends against imprints. Overall, it is bouncy, responsive, and even supportive for heavier individuals.


Cal King$1,195$995
Twin XL$645$600

Should you buy a Casper or a GhostBed

We have highlighted all the features and characteristics of both mattresses. Now it's your turn to select the best option for you according to your body type. Either way, you go, you will get the following benefits in both cases.

  • Breathable cover
  • 100-night trial period
  • Free shipping
  • Minimum of 10 years warranty
  • CertiPUR-US certification
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Minimum Motion transfer
  • Firmly constructed Base
  • Cool Sleep
  • Memory foam Contour

In addition to these benefits, there is some dissimilarity in both mattresses. These differences help in choosing the right one for you. Following are the points which will help you in choosing the best option.

You should opt for Casper if you

Want above medium firmness

The Casper mattresses offer above medium firmness. The sleepers feel nice sinkage due to the two top layers.

Don’t want to feel stuck in the mattress

The high-density poly foam layer helps the sleeper to stay at the top of the mattress. Instead of feeling stuck in the mattress, it helps in lifting up the sleeper on the bed.

Are searching for a Zone Support

The Casper mattress offers ideal pressure relief to the hip and shoulders area eradicating back and neck pain.

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You should opt for GhostBed if you

Need a good bounce

The comfort layer of GhostBed gives you a perfect bounce due to Latex Foam. It also provides excellent support to stomach sleepers.

Are a heavyweight individual

The compression layer provides support to heavier individuals and relieves the pressure. Its memory foam layer helps in all kind of sleepers as well.

Want to Sleep Cool

The use of aerated latex foam offers pressure relief and provides breathability to the mattress that in turn dissipate heat while leaving your body cool and pain-free.

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Final Verdict

And if you still want to learn more, go to our full review here.

There are no such brands exists that pleases everyone. Each type of mattress has positive or negative reviews. Hence, choosing the right mattress which fulfills your sleeping requirements is a daunting task.

Both mattresses are outstanding in their features and shares equal but distinctive benefits. They have some minimal differences in price and construction. For us, declaring a single winner is tough. So now it only depends on your needs. GhostBed or Casper, make your choice.

Thankfully, nowadays folks don’t need to invest tons of money in purchasing a quality mattress. Plus, the customer services are remarkable. Hope you will find our review helpful and select the right mattress for you.