The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed Reviews | Is It Worth To Buy?

The 360 Smart and the Sleep Number bed are here for you. Take your comfort to a new level with sleep number 360 smart bed reviews.

Sleep Number beds are designed to make adjustments the way you want. They have just the perfect level of firmness, softness, materials, and comfort. Take your comfort to a whole new level with these two beds. They feature amazing sleeping effects for a better quality of sleep.

Smart Bed And The Sleep Number Bed

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Let’s check out what other features these two beds hold. The 360 Smart bed, as well as the Sleep Number, have never disappointed its users.

Key characteristics:

The 360 Smart bed and Sleep Number bed hold many beneficial characteristics. They guarantee that a good night’s sleep is maintained throughout the night. They have the following key characteristics;

  • Sleep Number beds have Responsive to Air Technology. This feature makes adjustments according to the movement of your body. This is also included in 360 Smart Bed.
  • These duos have 5 zones of contouring support. This makes sure that a perfect body contouring is maintained.
  • The 360 Smart and Sleep Number have a FlexiFit adjustable base. It gives you a feeling of zero gravity. This feature is what makes them unique and not found in any other bed.
  • These two beds include adjustable support. This support is on both sides of the bed. This makes sure that you enjoy your sleep.
  • You will sleep cool on these beds. They continuously monitor the perfect level of temperature.
  • Featuring SleepIQ technology, these beds keep track of your daily sleep and let you evaluate how you are sleeping.
  • These two beds include electric air pumps. This controls the support of your back and body by air. Thus, it maintains a perfect level of comfort.
  • The beds' components are made in the USA. Other than their air chambers, everything is from the United States.
  • Both of these mattresses have several layers. This layering makes them the most comfortable beds on the market.
  • Relieving pressure on joints, these two beds are indeed great choices for your best night’s sleep.

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A quick review score
  • Material - 8.9/10
  • Support - 8.1/10
  • Design - 8.4/10
  • Value - 8.4/10

Construction of 360 Smart Bed

  • DualAir and Responsive Air Technology

360 Smart bed

This bed has DualAir technology which means it will adjust according to your needs. Not only this, it has a layer of Responsive Air Technology. This technology lets the bed make adjustments according to your movements. So, this increases the perfect level of firmness required for the best sleep ever.

  • Automatic sensors

While you are asleep, your mattress works. This 360 Smart Bed makes the adjustments by the automatic sensor. This automatically makes adjustments for your blissful sleep, so you wake up fresh every day.

  • Base with FlexiFit

This bed has not only the adjustable top but an adjustable base as well. It has a FlexiFit technology in its base. It gives you a feeling of zero gravity. You feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. This adjustable base makes this bed move up and down according to the needs of the sleeper.

Sleep Cool flexible bed

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  • Surface

This bed can monitor the temperature of the surface. You will sleep cool even in the sweltering heat outside. This top cool cover maintains a comfortable temperature.

Construction of Sleep Number Bed

Sleep Number Bed


The Sleep Number bed features layers which maintain the ultimate sleeping condition. This bed, like the 360 Smart Bed also has comforting and contouring features. This lets you keep your body in a perfectly aligned position. They have thinner layers as compared to the 360 Smart Bed.

  • Comfort layer

This bed has a 2-inch layer. Not all of the Sleep Number beds have this type of layer. It is a layer of FlexiFit technology. This FexiFit technology makes the base of the bed adjustable. It adjusts the height accordingly, giving a feeling of zero gravity, this maintains your ideal comfort for a good night’s sleep every night.

Comfort layer sleep number bed

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The range of the thickness may vary from 8 to 14 inches.

  • DualAir technology

This bed, like the 360 Smart Bed also features DualAir technology. This technology layer is responsible for making adjustments according to your body’s needs.

  • Soft upper fabric

The Sleep Number bed ensures a high-quality rest with this cover. It has an upper layer of soft knit fabric. This fabric not only maintains softness but also the perfect temperature. You will sleep comfortably after buying this bed.

Comparisons Between The 360 Smart And The Sleep Number Bed

Till now, we can see that both beds have almost the same features and technology. But, there is a little different when we consider their support layers.

The difference is between the widths of the support layers. The support layers for the Sleep Number bed varies from 3 to 7 inches. But, there is no support layer in the 360 Smart bed. The 360 Smart bed maintains the contouring of the body with the automatic features. Hence, there is no support layer in this one.

Another feature that makes a difference between the two beds is the thickness of the bed itself. The Sleep Number beds are available with a more varying thickness as compared to the 360 Smart bed. The Sleep Number bed’s thickness varies from 8-14 inches. While that of 360 Smart Bed’s thickness is available only in 11 and 13 inches. This makes you choose among the variety.

Also, the 360 Smart Bed is not available in twin sizes. It does not have a dimension of 38 inches width and 75 inches in length.

Firmness Level of Beds

Both the 360 smart Bed and Sleep Number bed give you the perfect level of firmness. It keeps your body in a perfectly aligned position. Because of the adjustable air chambers, these beds greatly reduce the pressure on your joints and shoulders. So, you can relax easily for a long time and wake up fresh the next day.

Though it may take a little time to adjust yourself to initially, a lot of customers have liked the firmness levels offered. They are neither too soft nor too firm but maintain an optimum level.


The 360 Smart Bed and Sleep Number bed have impressed when it comes to their support features. The density of these beds provides support on both sides making it safe for you. The 360 Smart Bed has automatic features that maintain the support level. Its flexiFit technology has made this possible.

This feature also lets you keep your body in an ideal position, you don’t adjust to them but the bed adjusts to you. The Sleep Number bed has two models in regards to the support system. Its c4 bed has three zones of ultimate contouring support. Its p5 model contains 5 zones of contouring support while i8 boasts are the best one containing 7 zones of contouring support. So, you can pick from them according to your needs.

Not only this, but these beds maintain their shape for a long time. They don’t give any sinking feeling and they stay in the correct position. All this has been made possible by using top quality materials in their manufacturing.

The Comfort of 360 Smart and Sleep Number Bed

An ideal comfort level is maintained with the use of sensors and plush covers. You can make adjustments according to your desires. This allows making adjustments on both sides. The DualAir technology makes it possible for you to move up and down along the pillow side. So, this ensures quality sleep throughout the night.

Not only this, the sleep IQ feature of these beds lets you monitor your sleep every night. You can install its application on your iPhone or Android smartphones. This keeps you updated about your daily dose of sleep.

Sleep Cool

Not only do these beds give you the best comfort and support, but they also help you to sleep at cooler temperatures. Even if there is sweltering heat out there, the 360 Smart and Sleep Number beds have cooling layers in them. The comfort layers, as well as the soft knit fabric of these beds,  will keep you sweat-free. You will wake up fresh the next morning. This does not include any use of gel feature to make it cool.

The temperature maintaining feature of these beds maintains the desired temperature. This helps in your ideal sleep needs. This feature automatically controls the temperature of the upper surface of the bed. This feature is available in all sizes of both beds.

Adjustable FlexiFit Base Bed

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Durability and Life

The Sleep Number and 360 Smart beds are made of USA quality materials. With this quality, these beds ensure their high durability and long life. They will work like new in the coming years.

But, you also need to take special care of them. These beds include air chambers. They may degrade their quality if not taken care of properly. So, a little care of your bed is required to make them more durable.

Value for Price

The 360 Smart and Sleep Number beds are a great price too. They offer you features that many other beds don’t provide for this price. They have a perfect level of firmness. Their durability and material quality are high. They carry excellent temperature regulation features. With this, their price ranges are excellent.

The company always makes sure that you are happy with what you are paying. The prices are different for different sizes. You can pick according to your needs and which is the most suitable for you.

Motion Isolation Feature

There is no sense of motion transfer in these beds. The 360 Smart and Sleep Number beds give the best motion isolation feature that you and your partner want. They greatly reduce the movements in bed. So, these beds let you sleep peacefully throughout the night.

No Smell

Prolong smells from other beds is a complaint from many customers. But, these two beds give you the freedom to breathe freely. They only give a light smell in the early days which goes away in a few days. After some days, you are good to use it for as long as you want. The breathable materials used on the bed make it possible to eliminate the smell quickly.


The 360 Smart and Sleep Number bed are delivered right in front of your door. But, their deliveries are not free. This is because it requires special handling and assembling. Their delivery time is based on the location and may take about 4 to 6 weeks. But, they offer convenient home delivery and set up.

convienent delivery sleep number bed


Further ensuring your satisfaction, they have warranty claim as well. Sleep Number is giving its customers a limited 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. If there is an issue with the quality of craftsmanship, it will be under warranty. This is a long warranty period, unlike many other companies. This warranty is based on non-prorated coverage.

Free Trial Period

The Sleep Number has given its customers the ultimate level of satisfaction. They strive to maintain a good quality sleep as well as satisfaction with the product. That is the reason, they offer a 100 nights free trial option. This period lets you decide if you want the bed or not.

Safe to Use

The Sleep Number beds respect your safety needs. That is why the 360 Smart bed and Sleep Number bed are made out of non-chemical materials. They have no hazardous chemicals used in their manufacturing. All of its components are eco-friendly.

Additional Advantage

Both the 360 Smart and Sleep Number bed can fit on all bases and bed frames. You can use spring foundation, platform bed, slatted base or any other adjustable base. This decreases your worry about getting a particular bed frame.

The 360 Smart Bed Is Best For You

The 360 Smart bed carries its features and specs that make it suitable for every type of sleeper. If you want a bed with certain qualities, it is always better to search for the different available options. Otherwise, you may end up with having the wrong type of bed in your home. That is why we are discussing why the 360 Smart Bed is a good choice for you. This is because of the following reasons.

  • This mattress is a great choice for those looking who are tired of their partner’s snoring. This bed allows you to raise the side a little. This will help to alleviate the sound of snores. So, you will sleep more peacefully.
  • This is a perfect bed for people looking for durability. All of its components are made in the USA. This ensures that this bed has good quality materials and will last longer.
  • Those people that are a little more cautious about their health and sleep routine can have this bed to monitor their daily sleeping patterns. So, you will have an idea of your sleep requirements and how much you have slept. Its SleepIQ score does the job.
  • You want a perfect level of contouring by the firmness level that it offers.

The Sleep Number Bed Is Best For You

Bringing Sleep Number bed to your home will be a good choice for you. This is because of the following reasons.

  • This is a great mattress for couples. The sleep number mattress allows every sleeper to move. Its motion isolation feature does not let you get disturbed by the other’s movements.
  • This bed automatically adjusts itself according to the temperature. Also, its upper knitted fabric makes you feel the softness.
  • If you have enough budget and looking for a nice and durable made bed, then this is an ideal choice for you.
  • You want a perfect level of firmness. This bed adjusts according to the shape and movement of your body. Its DualAir technology does this job.
Things we like
  • These beds are made of sturdy USA materials.
  • They don’t give off any smell for long periods.
  • The materials in them are breathable.
  • These beds offer a long warranty.
  • They have adjustable sides and offer the best support.
  • It has an amazing motion isolation feature.
Things we didn’t like
  • It may be a little expensive for some.
  • It does not offer any free shipping.
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Final verdict

The 360 Smart and Sleep Number beds don’t lag when it comes to considering the quality of beds. Moreover, with the features they are offering, these beds are great to have for the price.

They offer the best adjustment features, firmness, support, and comfort. Another new feature is the sleep monitoring information. So, all these specifics make these beds worth buying.

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