Best Four Poster Bed Reviews – Our Top 7 Picks

Wanna something traditional but classy? Four Poster Bed is something like that. Keep reading below and explore it today.

Out of the plenty of different kinds of beds, each one of them has their different styles and specialties. Poster beds are one of a kind with long posts on their corners that can be used for making a canopy or just for styling. These beds were used by a royal in the ancient times for privacy and to this day, they are made to bring about a royal look in the rooms. We have compiled the 7 best four-poster beds reviews to help you understand everything you need to know.
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Compare Best Four Poster Beds

Product Name Best for Material Canopy Price
Home Styles Overall performance Hardwood solids None
247 Shop At Home luxury Solid wood and Veneer Metal
Furniture of America Small room Solid wood and Wood veneer None
American Drew Value for the money Wood None
ACME Roman Empire II Bed Royal look Cherry wood veneer Metal
LeAnn Graceful Scroll Center support Metal bronze None
D-Art Collection Heavy people Mahogany wood None

What is a four-poster bed?

A four poster bed allow the bed to be turned into a canopy or have curtains that can be drawn around it. These beds were used by early Chinese as a sign of privacy for royals and today they are considered highly elegant.

best four poster beds reviews

Why you need a four poster bed in your bedroom?

One of the reasons why you can have a four poster bed in your room is to increase privacy. If you are a couple that shared their room with their children, you will need your privacy and this bed can lag on curtains to increase that privacy.

Additionally, there are mosquito nets that can attach to this kind of bed helps keeps the mosquitoes out along with keeping many different diseases out.

Our Top Picks – Best Poster Bed

1. Home Styles– Best rated overall

Home Styles Hardwood solids and engineered wood Bedford Poster Bed

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  • Broaden legs
  • Raised panels
  • Hardwood solids and engineered wood
  • Designed like a platform bed
  • Posts can be removed

The Home Styles Bedford poster bed is made with ample support through the flared legs. The flared legs allow the bed to be standing with weight distribution.

The bed is made with hardwood solids and professionally engineered wood that makes the bed more durable. The construction of the bed is hence made stronger which allows heavyweight people to easily be on the bed without worrying about the bed breaking off.

The raised panels are made with highly durable wood that allows the bed to have a sturdy back and a stronger frame. The raised panels make the bed look elegant as well as ensuring that the bed provides support to the sleeper.

This bed is perfect for people who are looking for a stronger option in poster beds. The heavy-duty material allows the bed to be more durable and take the more exerted weight.

  • The bed  has a raised headboard for ample support to the frame
  • Materials are hardwood solids and wood
  • Posts are removable
  • Platform style bed
  • Legs are made to be broad as they go down
  • There is no storage option
  • The top of the posts are not connected to each other
The bed is designed to work as a platform bed with a number of slats that provide ample support to the mattress and allows the mattress to be well ventilated. Platform bed design allows this poster bed to remain more durable along with the mattress weight.

The bed has no storage options on the bed, under the bed or anywhere. This makes the bed likely to save space in smaller rooms.

2. 247 Shop At Home– Best for luxury

247SHOPATHOME IDF 7271Q brown Cherry Finish Four Poster Beds

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  • The bed is made of solid wood
  • The canopy is a delicate steel design
  • The head and footboard have a leather upholstery
  • Two-tone color
  • Plenty of space on the bottom

This four-poster bed is made of solid wood with a veneer finish. You will get two different colors in this wood as well.

The canopy of this bed is a delicate design made of steel. This feature brings about a great and elegant look with the wood that is the rest of the frame in this bed. The canopy is a very unique design that brings about your room.

The footboard and the headboard are made with button tufted leatherette upholstery that makes the bed unique and stylish.

If you are searching for a grand looking bed for your medium sized room, this bed is perfect. The design is made intricate and there is space on the bottom to keep your room open and spacious. The steel canopy is removable that also gives versatility.

  • Tufted and buttoned leather upholstery
  • Two-tone of color
  • Steel canopy for elegance
  • Space for additional storage in the bottom
  • The bed is very hard to assemble
  • The bed cannot be moved because of the weight
One of the best features that this poster bed has is the space in the bottom. Many beds lay low and do not have any space that makes them very stuffy in the room, there is plenty of space under this bed to make it a storage space.

3. Furniture of America – Best for Small rooms

Furniture of America Scarlette Classic Four Poster Bed Check Price and Availability


  • Can be used as a platform and spring box
  • Small posts for decorative
  • Pine glossy finish for elegance
  • Lifted off the floor
  • Wood and wood veneer materials
This classic four-poster bed is made of durable solid wood and wood veneer. It has a finish of pine wood that is dark and glossy for elegance.

The posts of this bed are short and made entirely for being decorative. This feature gives off an elegant and grand look without making the room seem stuffy. It is perfect for people with small rooms that want to make the most of space without going for huge beds.

The bed can be used as a platform style bed. There are four slats available with the bed and you can even buy more if you wish.

One of the reasons why you will find this bed to be most suited is because there is versatility. You can use it with box spring or even with slats. The bed is also very elegant and perfect for small rooms or rooms that are too stuffy.

  • Can be used as a box spring or platform
  • The bed is lifted off the floor
  • The decorative style of the bed
  • Comes with slats
  • The bed is very heavy
  • Cannot accommodate thick mattresses  
One of the best features is that this bed can have a box spring base or a platform base as per the preference of the user. You can use the box spring if you tend to be heavy and a platform base with slats if you opt for better circulation of the mattress.

4. American Drew – Best value for the money

American Drew 619927 King Pediment Poster Bed Check Price and Availability


  • The bed has tall posts
  • There are several sizes available
  • The design is made sturdy
  • Easy to clean and care
  • Box spring base

The tall posts and grand headboard to help provide better support to the bed frame; this, in turn, allows the bed to have a sturdier structure and a stronger frame. The strength allows the bed to accommodate more weight of the mattress and the people sleeping on the bed.

The American drew poster bed is a traditional design and is made in several sizes like the queen, king, and California king.

The bed is made easy to maintain and can be cleaned and cared for with convenience. You can simply use a light dusting cloth to keep the wood fresh for a long time.

The reason why you will love this bed is that it has the base of a spring box that most beds do not have. Even though you will have to buy the spring box separately, you will find it very suitable with a thick mattress.

  • Proper weight distribution with box spring foundation
  • Easy to maintain
  • Headboard and tall posts support the frame
  • There are two settings of the height of the bed
  • Box spring base gets very hot
  • The top posts are not connected
This bed uses box spring as its base that is perfect to accommodate heavy mattresses and allow them to be durable. The box spring base allows the mattress to sag less quickly than on platform or other kinds of beds. Box springs also provide support to the joints by weight distribution.

5. ACME Roman Empire II Bed– Best for Royal look

ACME 21340Q Decorative carving Roman Empire II Bed Check Price and Availability


  • Two-toned of color
  • Oversized posts
  • The metal canopy on the head
  • Detailed carvings
  • Broad legs

The Acme Roman Empire bed is a detailed designed poster bed that has many different lines and curves to make it look elegant and stylish in any room.  

The oversized posts in this bed reach out in the center to make a metal canopy. The canopy is made to ensure that with the heavy wood and cherry finish, the bed does not seem too dominant on the room. The canopy also compliments the various carvings on the bed.

The color of this bed is with two tones that are cherry wood finish and black. The colors seem to go with the extravagant art that this bed is designed with.

This bed is perfect for people who want to add royal look in their bedroom. The small and detailed carvings and patterns in the bed let the bed takes over any look or even a plain looking room.

  • Two-tone of color add style
  • Metal canopy for elegance
  • Intricate carvings throughout
  • Lifted off the ground
  • Has a steady foundation
  • It is very heavy
  • The bed cannot hold curtains
The square and very broad legs of this bed allow the bed to be on a solid foundation that does not lose its steadiness at any cost. It helps the bed in taking up a large amount of weight.

6. LeAnn Graceful – Best Center support

Tribecca Home LeAnn Graceful Scroll Bronze Iron Bed Frame Check Price and Availability


  • One piece bed
  • Metal and bronze color
  • Slats to put box spring on
  • Centre legs
  • Light in weight

The LeAnn iron bed is a bronze colored bed that is a simple yet elegant design that makes any room look stylish and elegant.

This bed has a foundation of box spring. The design allows the box spring to be lifted over the ground a little so that the bed does not become very stuffy. The box spring can help increase the life of the mattress on this bed. You will have it delivered in a single piece and you do not have to worry about assembling it.

This bed is perfect for people that are looking for a poster bed without actually taking up much space. The simple design makes the bed much more elegant than the grand designs have to offer. It has a sturdy foundation too.

  • Centre legs for support
  • Box spring can be set on slats
  • One piece requires no assembly
  • Light in weight
  • The bed does not have long posts
  • The bed does not have room on the bottom
One of the best parts about this bed is that it has center legs. Centre legs provide more support to the foundation of the bed so that it can perform better. They also help in increasing the life of the bed by making sure that the bed has a solid foundation to stand on.

The short posts do not help in making a canopy or do not let any curtains drop. They are merely for show.

7. D-Art Collection – Best for Heavyweight people

D ART COLLECTION England 4 Poster Bed in Real Mahogany Wood Check Price and Availability


  • Mahogany wood with rich color
  • Handcrafted designs
  • Platform style bed
  • Two different pairs of legs
  • Easy assembly

The D Art collection four-poster beds is a handcrafted posted bed that is filled with wood carvings all throughout the bed.

The bed is made at a platform style that can hold multiple slats for ample support and performance of the bed. Slats can be put in vertical and horizontal positions to help the mattress get a better foundation and allow the mattress to have a better chance at breathability.

The bed is made of solid mahogany wood that is a rare form in the bed. The wood gives off an elegant look with richness in design and color.

This bed is suitable for heavy people and people who tend to toss and turn and bounce on their beds a lot. The unusual pair of legs allows the bed to remain sturdy in all conditions.

  • Different styles of legs
  • Easy bed to assemble
  • Handcrafted design for style
  • Slats can be put vertical and horizontal
  • There is no canopy on top
  • The bed is high maintenance
The legs are like a block from the back and the front legs are like a Chippendale claw style which ensures that the weight of the bed is equally distributed in all ends and give the bed a very strong foundation.

One downside of this bed is that there is no canopy on top. The posts do not meet in a square form to even add some sort of curtain or fabric.

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Buying guide


Wood Vs. metal

Wood is one of the oldest materials that has held the test of time and it looks highly elegant. Wood allows the bed to have more than just a wooden frame, they can also be upholstered. However, wood can be a bad option for humid places and they can be very heavy to handle.

Metal frames are a relatively new option and they are highly loved. They are not very versatile, but they are very durable. Metal frames make the bed light in weight and more compatible for smaller spaces.



Upholstered headboards are usually covered in fabric or leather. They make the headboards softer and even warmer. These headboards are perfect for places where there is winter all the time that allows the bed to remain warm. Upholstered headboards allow more color options.


Extended headboards can be in upholstery material or they can be of wood or metal. They are extended from the sides to be a background for the side tables as well. They make the bed look mightier and better.


Oversized headboards are like extended headboards except that they are taller than the extended one. They can be with upholstery material or only wood. They are suitable for big rooms and an elegant look.

Headboard shapes


Square is a classic design that looks neat and elegant. It is perfect for modern spaces and looks. The design can be suited to any kind of headboard.


The camelback design is a little more modern yet the simplicity keeps it classy. It is a soft curve which is suitable for small spaces as well.


The scalloped design is more feminine and looks mighty. The design is bracket like with sharp line enhancing the design.

Cut out

Cut out headboard are perfect for people that are looking for a little design in the square look. It gives off a simple and innocent look to the room.

Art Deco

The Art Deco design is perfect for a conventional style and spacious look. It is high in glamour yet not very complicated.


The French style is most decorative and complicated. It has a lot of things going on into one bed which makes this highly grand.

Base options

Platform Divan

The platform divan has a solid upholstered top and it is the simplest design. It is very firm because of the absence of padding; however, it is the best in the firm style and does not bounce back too much.

Sprung Edge Divan

The Sprung Edge Divan is one of the most comfortable and luxurious styles. The compositions combine springs and memory foam styles to make it more comfortable. The foam layer and pocket spring provide the best support.

True/Firm Edge Divan

The true/firm edge divan is a wooden framed base with the center coiled. The frame makes the base more durable and secure.

Slatted base

The slatted base is perfected for open base bedsteads. The slats are covered in softwood or you have the option to go for flexible slats as they allow more weight to be exerted on it. The best one in this design is the slats that are placed closest.

The design

Traditional Four poster bed

The traditional four poster bed consists of four posts connected to the top. These are the heaviest and the most decorative.

Half tester beds

These are slow on the foot and high on the head. Their canopy reaches out to the top half of the bed and then falls to the floor.

Pencil post bed

The pencil post bed is like a traditional post bed instead it has very thin posts. These are now mostly just for looks and less for a canopy to fall.

Canopy bed

The canopy bed is all about the fabric that is attached to the posts. Initially, they were filled with grand fabrics but now they are mostly only for decoration and hold cotton or even net materials.

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After reading this article, you may have now had a better idea of what are poster beds and how they are different from regular beds. We aim to give you all the relevant small details so that when you go to purchase a poster bed, you are well acquainted with it and you know what you want. The 7 best four-poster bed reviews are to help you understand the variety and insight for an informed decision.

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