7 Of The Best Sleigh Beds to Buy in 2023

If you don’t have a clear picture of that sleigh beds to buy for yourself, our guide would help you come up to the right decision.

Your bed occupies most of the space of your bedroom and adds to its décor.  If you want a perfect blend of comfort and style, a sleigh bed is the right choice for you. A sleigh bed comes with a curled up headboard and footboard. It gives a modern touch to your bedroom and instantly boosts the appeal of your bedroom.

Let’s find out the best sleigh beds available!

Compare Best Sleigh Beds

Sleigh Bed Best for Headboard Included Footboard Included Colors Construction Price
Coaster Home Furnishings Overall performance Yes Yes 93X79X47 inches Solid wood
Home Styles Value for money Yes Yes 94.8 x 78.8 x 53 Solid wood
Fashion Bed Group Legion Long life Yes Yes 54 x 63 x 92 Metal-Carbon Steel
Signature Design by Ashley Affordable Yes Yes 91X44.5X62.75 Wood and metal
Modus Furniture BR15S7 Small space Yes Yes 92 x 79 x 58 Wood and veneer
Roundhill Furniture Classic Decor Yes Yes 103 x 87 x 69 Wood
Furniture of America Luxury Yes Yes 99.63X86.25X67 Wood

What Is a Sleigh Bed?

A sleigh bed is made taking inspiration from a sleigh vehicle, a stylish and elegance bed that comes with a curved solid headboard and a footboard. The bed is usually made from wood and is quite heavy. The walls of the bed are scrolled that makes it look like a sleigh.

sleigh stylish elegance curved solid headboard and a footboard bed

The Pros of Sleigh Bed

Slay with Style: Sleigh beds come in a variety of different styles and designs. Modern sleigh beds are made from iron cast, aluminum, and wood. They become the centerpiece of your bedroom and make your room look beautiful.

Cozy Vibes: No matter what style you choose for yourself, sleigh beds are designed to keep you cozy and warm. The enclosed body and raised footboard of the bed keep you warm all night long in the winter season. You can have a blissful night of sleep on a chilly winter night. You can stay comfortable and add a touch of luxury to your bedroom.

The Cons of Sleigh Bed

Limited Leg Room: Sleigh beds are perfect for heavy people because of their solid construction. However, if you are a tall person, you might struggle to have optimal leg room. Sleigh beds are not a good choice for people with tall heights.

Difficult to Move: Sleigh beds add a classic look to your bedroom. They are usually made from premium-quality wood. They have a heavy and solid construction that makes it difficult for you to move.

More Expensive:  Because of their solid construction, sleigh beds are usually quite expensive.

What should be the height of the mattress on a sleigh bed?

The height of the mattress from the floor significantly affects your comfort in your bedroom. How easier it is to get in and out of your bed depends on the height of the mattress. You don’t want to put stress on the muscles of your legs by trying to get out from a low height bed.

Keeping a Low Profile

The height of your mattress has a great influence on the functionality of your bed. You need to match the depth of your mattress with your bed frame. 8-inch mattress height is perfect for a bed with a low footboard. Low-profile mattresses enhance the look of the headboard.

Rising High

The height of your bed transforms the overall look of your bedroom. A higher bed with a high-profile mattress gives your bedroom a luxurious look. You should coordinate it with the chairs, nightstands, and matching dressers to enhance the décor of your bedroom.

Sleigh Bed Styles

Sleigh beds come in a variety of different styles and they create a different image of your bedroom. Make sure that you choose the one that blends well with the décor of your bedroom.

Upscale Upholstered Styles

You can choose an upscale upholstered style sleigh bed for your bedroom if you want to add color and texture in your bedroom. Upholstery gives nice padding to your bed. It gives you a significant amount of comfort to sit on your back on your bed. You can read a book or watch TV without any worry of straining your back. You can make your bedroom stand out by selecting different upholstery materials. Leather and suede upholstery gives your bedroom a luxurious and classic appearance. Fabric-covered and quilted-style upholstery gives your bedroom a magnificent and delicate look. If your room is big and spacious, choose dark-colored upholstery, or else, your room would look vacant and unfilled.

Traditional Wood Designs

Wood design bed frames are never out of style. They are strong and durable. If you want to make your bed the center of attraction, choose a sleigh bed with a raised wooden headboard and lower footboard. Most wooden sleigh beds come with amazing carvings that give your bedroom a royal look. Opt for cherry, pine, oak, ebony, and rustic wood to give your bedroom a luxurious appeal.

Metal Design

For a modern and contemporary touch choose a metal sleigh bed for your bedroom. Some metal beds come with a blend of wooden design. Metal beds are not very solid and durable but they come with attractive curves that add to the décor of your bedroom.

Construction Variations

Some sleigh beds have drawers under the bed that gives you good storage space. A platform sleigh-style bed creates a harmonizing ambiance in your bedroom. They allow you to sleep cool all night long. Some come in a style that serves as a sofa when you are not sleeping on them.

Type of Bedding you can use with Sleigh bed

There are countless ways of adding style to your bedroom. Choosing the right bedding for your sleigh bed is important to stay relaxed in your bed and sleep better.

Complementary Covers

While choosing the perfect bedding style for your sleigh bed, make sure that you don’t choose a frilly bed sheet. The rails of the sleigh bed are decorative and elaborative.

You don’t want to hide them under jumbo and frilly bed covers. Opt for bed sheets, comforters, and quilts that are not more than 2 inches below the rails. Make sure that you tuck in the bed sheet properly while making your bed.

Becoming Bed Skirts

If you want to give your bedroom a decorative look, choose an attractive bed skirt. It depends on your personal choice whether to choose a pleated or gathered bed skirt. You’ll be able to hide the box spring and create a classic style in your bedroom. If your bed has a box spring that is higher than the rails, choose a three-piece bed skirt. For a sleeker look, you can hide the spring box with a fitted bed sheet.

Pleasing Pillow Shams

To lift the look of your bedroom, dress your sleigh bed up with fabulous and stylish pillow shams. The rectangular size pillow shams are perfect for a thick mattress. You can lean them against the headboard or place them flat on your bed. They give a grand look to your bed.

Appropriate Accents

A pillow can add a touch of elegance and style to your bed. You can choose to put decorative pillows, rectangular or square pillows, or a long bolster pillow to transform the look of your bedroom.

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Our Top Picks – Best Sleigh Beds

1. Coaster Home Furnishings– Best rated Overall

Coaster Home Furnishings Louis Philippe Traditional Eastern King Sleigh Panel Bed

  • Solid Wood Material
  • Headboard and footboard included.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 600lbs.
  • Easy to assemble

Coaster Sleigh bed allows you to make a strong style statement. It enhances the overall look of your bedroom and allows sleeping comfortably all night long.

The bed comes with a solid construction, made from hardwood and veneers. It stays elegant and sturdy for years to come and will stand the test of time.

Moreover, the bed is easy to assemble. You might require the help of your partner. However, you can do it yourself without having the help of a professional.

The curved headboard and footboard give the bed a stylish and unique look. It is perfect for your bedroom. You get a royal feeling while sleeping on this comfortable bed.

This bed is designed for people who are looking for a relaxed and cozy environment in their bedroom. It is a comfortable and practical bed with good storage space under the bed.

  • The bed enhances the overall décor of your bedroom.
  • It is made from the finest quality wood and veneers.
  • The sleigh bed is backed by a 1-year warranty.
  • The construction of the bed is not very durable.

Check Price and Availability

The sleigh bed is constructed with a solid wood material that gives your bedroom a contemporary and modern touch. It is made from the finest quality cherry hardwood and comes with clean lines and an amazing finish. Without straying from practicality the bed adds a luxurious touch to your bedroom.

The headboard and footboard of the bed might chip off after some time because the wood quality is not built to last for years to come.

2. Home Styles – Best value for money

Home Styles Lafayette King Sleigh Bed

  • Rich cherry finish
  • Luxurious look
  • Comfortable bed to sleep on
  • Headboard and footboard included.
  • Assembly Required
  • Headboard and footboard included.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

Home Style pays special attention to details and produces the best quality sleigh beds. This stylish and unique bed is inspired by Ancestral traditional design. It has an old-fashioned look with a modern touch.

The headboard of the bed is slightly sleighed that allows you to effortlessly enhance the look of your bedroom. You can easily lean on the headboard and read a book or the newspaper before going to sleep.

The Footboard of the bed shows the authentic quality with the special attention given to details. It is solid and sturdily made from strong veneers.

This bed is well-made and attractive with a blend of comfort and style. The traditional look of the bed gives your bedroom a unique look. If you want to update your bedroom, this bed is the perfect addition.

  • The bed comes with a solid and sturdy construction
  • It comes with a warranty for 1-year
  • The headboard and footboard enhance the look of the bed.
  • It is a comfortable bed to sleep on.
  • The bed is compatible with King size mattress
  • The bed lacks a storage space underneath.

Check Price and Availability

Rich cherry finish: The sleigh bed comes with a rich cherry finish that enables you to add a modern and elegant look to your bedroom. Take advantage of the space in your bedroom and add a dresser or two nightstands with the bed.

Although the bed is made from high-quality wood, yet it comes with a drawback of getting damaged quickly. The headboard and footboard might get easily scratched.

3. Fashion Bed– Best for long life

Fashion Bed Group Legion Complete Bed with Metal Sleigh Panels

  • 10-year warranty.
  • Constructed with multiple castings.
  • Made from durable carbon steel.
  • A versatile bed frame that allows you to use different bedding styles.
  • A dominant presence in your bedroom.
  • Comes with a gold finish.

The fashion bed group manufactures the best quality sleigh beds. Fashion Bed Group Legion Sleigh Bed is crafted from high-quality carbon steel that is highly durable and long-lasting. You can use the bed daily without worrying about getting it damaged.

The headboard and footboard of the bed are constructed with multiple castings. The headboard of the bed is 52 inches and the footboard is 20-inches that are designed with an interesting pattern that enhances the look of the bed.

One of the best features of the bed is that you can dress it up with different types of beddings. The bed frame is versatile and timeless. You can either choose a fitted bed sheet to enhance the footboard of the bed. For a more lavish look, you can use bedding with frills.

For those who want to prefer metal construction over the woodwork, this bed is the best selection. It adds a touch of comfort and luxury to your bedroom with durability.

  • This bed adds a touch of royalty to your bedroom
  • It is a comfortable bed to sleep tight.
  • The gold finish is rich and magnificent
  • The rope rails are elegant and classy.
  • The metal is strong and sturdy
  • The plastic cones are not very durable

Check Price and Availability

10-year warranty  : For your peace of mind, the sleigh bed comes with a 10-year warranty. The fashion bed group cares about its customers and stand behind its product. They trust the durability and functionality of the bed. If something happens to the bed in a 10-year span, you can easily get your bed repaired.

This bed is a perfect choice for you if you want a metal bed instead of a traditional wooden sleigh bed. However, the plastic cones that come with the iron rails are a bit fragile. They are not strong enough to give a good support to the bed.

4. Signature Design by Ashley – Best affordable bed

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Huey Vineyard Bed

  • Traditional Louis Philippe Style
  • Constructed from particle board.
  • Comes with a metal hardware frame
  • Assembly Required
  • The style of the bed is simple yet elegant.
  • Headboard included
  • Footboard included

Signature Design by Ashley adds a sense of richness and comfort to your bedroom. You can enhance the décor and enjoy a good sleep at night.

The bed comes with a metal hardware frame that gives good support to the bed frame. It is durable and long-lasting and stays with you for years to come.

Moreover, the bed comes in an elegant and sophisticated black finish. It looks graceful and become the centerpiece of your bedroom.

The sleigh bed stands out from its competitors when it comes to style and functionality. It has a traditional Louis Philippe Style that adds a touch of luxury to your bedroom

  • The bed comes in a unique Louis Philippe Style
  • It is very easy for you to assemble
  • The bed is unique and stylish.
  • The headboard and footboard come with a sturdy construction.
  • The bed is not very durable.

Check Price and Availability

Traditional Louis Philippe Style : The Louis Philippe is a traditional French style that has its origin in the 19th century. Louise Philippe ruled over the empire from 1830 to 1848. He had a strong influence on people around him with his unique style of furniture became his identity. The headboard of the bed is higher than the footboard, just like a traditional Louis Philippe style.

5. Modus Furniture BR15S7– Best for small room

Modus Furniture BR15S7 Brighton Low Profile Sleigh Bed, King, Cinnamon

  • Durability and longevity
  • Headboard Included
  • Footboard Included.
  • Assembly Required
  • 4 solid wood slates
  • Sophisticated transitional design
  • Constructed from solid wood and veneers

Modus Furniture BR15S7 low-profile sleigh bed is made from high-quality tropical mahogany wood and cherry wood veneer. The wood makes it durable and long-lasting. It stays with you for years. Moreover, the bed also comes with 4 wooden slats. You can use them with the box spring and mattress.

Besides, the headboard of the bed is slightly sleighed. It gives the bed a sophisticated and traditional look. You can even lean on the bed to read a book or watch TV.

Furthermore, the bed comes with drawers that provide you with a sufficient storage place to put your valuables.

The Modus Furniture BR15S7 is a traditional design sleigh bed that adds to your comfort. It gives you a luxurious feel. The drawers are spacious, the headboard is durable. Overall the bed is the best choice for you if you want a durable bed.

  • The bed is made from high-quality wood and veneers
  • It comes with roomy drawers
  • The bed is easy to assemble.
  • It is highly functional and very practical
  • It might get difficult for you to assemble.

Check Price and Availability

Durability and Longevity : When you are buying a bed for your bedroom, you want it to enhance the look of your room and last for years. The bed comes with metal rail fittings that make it durable and long-lasting. It is easy to put the parts together and assemble the bed.

6. Roundhill Furniture – Best for Classic Décor

Roundhill Furniture Saillans Solid Wood Construction Bed

  • Traditional European inspired Style
  • Decorative headboard
  • Decorative footboard
  • Easy to Assemble.
  • Adjustable leg support
  • Solid wood construction

Roundhill Furniture is a traditional sleigh bed gives your bedroom an urban chic appeal. You’ll fall in love with its style and functionality.

The bed is constructed from solid wood with olive ash burl and cherry veneers that add a sense of richness to your bedroom. You’ll be amazed by the comfort it provides you and lasts for generations.

When it comes to the headboard and the footboard, Roundhill Furniture pays special attention to details. They come with a magnificent finish and carved uniquely to enhance the look of your bed.

Moreover, the leg support gives your bed the support and balance it needs to allow you to sleep with comfort.

The carvings of the headboard and footboard are fabulous. You can opt for this bed if you want to enhance the traditional look of your bedroom.

  • Inspired by traditional European style
  • The solid wood construction makes it durable and long-lasting
  • Gives your bedroom a royal look
  • The bed is too heavy.

Check Price and Availability

Traditional European inspired Style : This sleigh bed is constructed from fine wood that is solid and durable. The carved footboard and headboard are designed in a traditional style. The bed has an appealing and luxurious shape that complements the rest of your furniture.

It is made from solid wood that makes it very heavy to move. If you want to change the décor of your bedroom by changing the position of the bed, you might find it difficult.

7. Furniture of America – Best for luxury

Furniture of America Clairmonte Baroque Style Sleigh Bed

  • Carved headboard and footboard.
  • Decorative legs
  • Solid and durable wood construction.
  • Cherry finish
  • Elegant and classy
  • Assemble required
  • Box spring needed

Clairmonte Sleigh Bed is inspired by Baroque design. The baroque design takes you to the dramatic and high-style world of Italy in the 16th century. If you want a solid sleigh bed with a traditional and stylish look, this is the best choice for you.

Moreover, the bed is constructed from sturdy and durable wood. You’ll be amazed by the longevity the bed provides. Add a touch of elegance and style to your bedroom with this wooden sleigh bed.

The bed comes with a fine cherry finish that enhances the overall look of your bedroom. You can match a dresser and nightstands with your bed frame.

This bed is perfect for you if you are looking for a double occupancy sleigh bed. The carved headboard and footboard make it attractive and appealing.

  • Solid wood construction makes is long-lasting
  • Adds a touch of elegance and style to your bedroom
  • Decorative leg, headboard, and footboard.
  • Inspired by the baroque design
  • The carving is not done with wood.

Check Price and Availability

Carved headboard and footboard: The bed is perfect for you if you want to add a timeless sense of style to your bedroom. The wooden headboard and footboard come with an exceptional carved design that gives the bed an amazing appeal.

If you are looking for a fine quality wood carving, you might get disappointed. The carving is done with the resin. It does not make a lasting impression

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Wrap Up

All in all, sleigh beds add a sense of royalty and luxury to your bedroom. They enhance the elegant and unique look of your bedroom. You’ll love the comfort it provides while you are sleeping in your bed. Most sleigh beds come with additional drawers for a good storage place. If you don’t have a clear picture of that sleigh bed to buy for yourself, our guide would help you come up to the right decision.

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