Which Is The Best Sofa Bed? – Sleeper Sofa Reviews 2023

Do you need a most comfortable Sofa Bed for sleeping? Read our top 5 best sofa bed reviews to acquaint yourself with the types to make an informed decision.

Sofa beds are perfect for people that like to have an extra bed in the house without having to spend as much or without having to consume that much space. These are growing very popular since they come in features that make them comfortable and beneficial for the users.

If you are looking to buy one, then the ultimate guide to buying the best sofa bed is briefly discussed below. Our top 5 best sofa bed reviews will help you find the right one that suits your preferences along with being the best in quality.

Compare Sleeper Sofa

Our Picks Legs Allowed weight Best for sleeping position Link
DHP Futon Emily Tiltedt About 270 pounds Back overweight people
Novogratz Brittany Sleeper Sofa Regular Regular weight Back sleepers
DHP Premium Sofa Bed Extra bar in the middle 400 pounds Side sleepers
Modern Sofa Bed Chrome legs Regular weight Stomach sleepers
Best Choice Products Futon Sofa Bed Wooden legs Regular weight Relaxing position

What makes up a sofa bed?

A sofa bed consists of two basic parts which are discussed below:


The most common frames are made up of iron or wood. Both are durable and provide better support to the weight exerted on the sofa bed as compared to other materials. The frame requires smoothness and durability which will ensure that it remains to look impeccable and does not cause problems to you.


The mattress of these sofa beds is very important so that the sleeper can benefit with the comfort or otherwise. You can choose between the various kinds of mattresses like spring, latex, foam, and coil.

However, since most of the time they are bought in case of a guest arriving, it is smart to go for memory foam. Memory foam tends to shape the mattresses according to the body and bounces back to the original form. Some of these have separate mattresses in the sitting part while others have separate on the sleeping end.

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For whom sofa bed style is best

Primary usage

If you are thinking of buying a sofa bed for you, then it is important to think of why you want this item. You might want to keep it in the living room for standard furniture which will make the choice a little different. If you are always entertaining guests, then you will want a good quality one that can handle the weight and be highly comfortable and durable.

If you are considering one for your usage, then you can easily opt for the type that suits your lumbar problems according to your weight. Each need of yours will determine the preferences of the sofa bed accordingly.


If you are looking to get one for your dorm or your small room, then it is ideal to get the simplest design with a Clic clac lock or a lift and pull design. On the other hand, if you have a big house and want to fit it into your living room, you can even go for an ottoman style futon.

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Our Expert's Sofa Bed Reviews 

1. DHP Futon Emily – Best for back sleep

DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed


  • Sleeping space is queen size
  • Faux leather and linen
  • The conversion process is easy
  • Tilted legs to support the weight
  • Comfort for back sleepers
Emily futon is a modern style that helps to keep your living room stylish and well blended with your furniture. It comes in various colors to help with this purpose and makes this couch bed a great addition to your room.
One of the handy features in this couch bed is the easy conversion it takes. All you have to do is one change of angle and you can turn this sofa into a bed. This feature helps users enjoy the convenience of their couch bed. The design is also convenient with the easy-shifting when you convert the couch into the bed.
One thing we find missing from most of the futons is that the size. Once they are converted into beds they tend to be very small and uncomfortable. This couch bed is one of a kind that turns into a queen-size bed when unfolded. The user can benefit from it with its size and comfort.

A downside that you will find in this futon is the warm mattress. Unlike many types of foam that are ventilated and breathable, this futon is not in that category. You will have to use a matter topper or just have to sleep warm on this couch.

If you are a back sleeper, you will find this futon to be working best for you even if you are overweight. It fits well into your house in almost any room without ruining the theme of your furniture. This couch will surely provide you a great extra bed for when guests come over.

  • The couch comes in a verity of different colors
  • The tilted legs allow better support
  • Up to 272 Kg can be exerted on this couch
  • The couch is lightweight
  • It does not allow you to sleep cool
  • The cover is not washable or waterproof
  • The couch is not hypoallergenic

DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed

Check Price and Availability

One of the greatest features of this couch bed is the stilted legs. The design is stylish and it is lightweight but most couches beds lack support to carry heavy people or general weight when it is turned into a bed. With the DHP couch bed, you can exert more weight than other couches will bring to you and even a heavy person can sleep on it without worrying about it collapsing from under you.

2. Novogratz Brittany Sleeper Sofa – Best for Guests

Novogratz Brittany Sleeper Sofa Bed


  • Memory foam
  • Encased coil cushion
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Big sleeping space
  • Big sleeping space
The Novogratz Brittany sleeper sofa has an encased coil cushion which allows users to have maximum support on their pressure points when they sit or even when they lay down which makes it a perfect purchase.

In association with the encased coil support, the mattress is made of memory foam which can easily contour the shape of the individual’s body and work following their weight and its distribution. This feature makes the sofa bed perfect for people with lumbar problems.
The mattress used in this sofa is approved by CertiPur which means that customers can be satisfied with the durability, content, and performance of the sofa bed.

Despite all the great qualities, the couch seems to have a hard time pulling out which is a downside of the sofa bed. It takes manual labor and a lot of inconvenience in space as well.

This Futon couch is perfect if you tend to have guests coming over all the time and you are looking for an extra bed. The best part of it is that helps in contouring the individual’s body shape to provide maximum support and comfort.

  • The memory foam helps in distributing the weight
  • CertiPur approved
  • Encased coil cushion helps in seating pressure
  • The unfolding of the couch is inconvenient
  • The armrests are uncomfortable when sleeping

Novogratz Brittany Sleeper Sofa

Check Price and Availability

The comfort of the mattress which is achieved through memory foam and the enchased coil cushion allows you to always have the right pressure points targeted and even distribution of your weight. This feature eventually allows it best to be for people who have back problems and like to change their sleeping positions

3. DHP Premium Sofa Bed – Best for heavyweight persons

DHP Premium Sofa Bed

  • Wooden frame
  • Includes a coil cushioned mattress
  • Sleeping space is for two people
  • Faux black leather
  • Bar in the center of the pullout
The DHP premium sofa bed is a pullout couch that unlike its competitors can hold up to 400 pounds of weight. This feature alone makes it stand out from all the other in the market.

Unlike what you will find in pull out couches, you will find an included mattress in this sofa bed. The mattress included is a high-quality twin mattress which supports the sleeper with the coil cushioning system. The perfect height and dimensions also benefit the users in terms of going to the market and buying the one that will suit your mattress. The mattress is also perfect for back sleepers as it targets the right points.
This sofa bed is made with a wooden frame. Wooden frames tend to remain cool and easy to maintain all the time. This frame also is the reason why two people or a heavy person can enjoy himself on this sofa bed.

One downside of this futon is that it is hard to assemble. Most people that do not know how to work with tools will need to have a professional and pay extra for the complicated assembly.

This futon is perfect for those of you who are overweight and would like to sleep on your back. The endless support from the couch helps keep it durable; whereas, the included mattress targets the right points to ensure no back problems.

  • The mattress is included with the frame.
  • The couch is with coil cushions for support
  • Sleeping space for two people
  • It can hold up to 400 pounds
  • Hard to assemble
  • It has a complicated assembly process
  • The back cushions are not attached and fall off

DHP Premium Twin Size Gray Linen Sofa Pull Out Bed

Check Price and Availability

The wooden frame helps in providing support but most sofa beds do not have a bar when they are pulled out for support. This pull out bed has that bar which helps in supporting the weight that is exerted on the bed. The iron bars additionally help with the durability of the couch when sleepers toss and turn at night.

4. Modern Sofa bed – Best for regular use

Size of Modern Couch Bed

  • Can be changed into a chaise lounger
  • The couch can be converted into a plain lounger
  • Comes with two pillows
  • Ample sleeping space
  • Chrome legs
  • Easy assembling and de-assembling
The Emily modern sofa bed is more than just a sofa and a bed. It can also act as a chaise which is best for people that do not want to lie down all the time but are prescribed maximum rest. Versatility gives it one of the best qualities.
The chrome legs are slightly tilted but their strength allows the futon to be longer lasting than many other couches. The legs open when the bed is unfolded so that it can have additional support. This feature allows more weight to be easily exerted in every form of the futon.
The couch comes with two pillows that provide support when you are sitting and you can also get support on your neck and head when you are sleeping; which makes it perfect for people that sleep on their stomach.

One of the downsides of the product is that it does not have a mattress that is responsible for targeting special pressure points. These may not reduce the comfort but they do not do any special benefits to the user as well.

This sofa bed is perfect for people that have people in their home that need most rest at home but who do not like lying all the time. This is also perfect for people that sleep on their stomachs since the pillows provide that kind of support.

  • The couch comes with two pillows
  • It has chrome legs for support
  • It is highly versatile and can be converted into a chaise as well
  • It can be put together and separated through a Velcro
  • There are so special features in the mattress
  • The foam is too hot and is not sleeping cool

Modern Sofa Bed Sleeper Faux Leather Convertible Sofa

Check Price and Availability

One of the best features of this futon is that it can be entirely separated to make two different couches or reduce the size of the couch and the bed. They can also be put back together with the Velcro. This feature is highly beneficial to people that like to redesign all the time.

5. Best Choice Sofa Bed – Best for small spaces

Best Choice Products Futon Sofa Bed


  • Simple and sleek
  • Very easy to change into a bed
  • Wooden structure and legs
  • Detailed stitching makes it stylish
  • Available in various colors
A simple and small design that can be accommodated in almost every household that seems to be small and cozy. It can be easily converted into a bed as well.
The futon is made with a wood frame along with wooden legs which provide which supports people that are overweight or heavy exerted. The wooden structure and wooden frame can easily be maintained and does not rust over time. Wood also seems to be suited to every type of theme at home.
This futon is very easy to change into a bed which makes it convenient. Unlike many other futons, you do not have to work very hard to turn it into a bed.

One downside of this Futon is that it has upholstery made of PU leather which makes it very dangerous to people that have a sensitive respiratory system or children that can be addicted to the smell.

If you are living in a small house and need a stylish couch for your living room, this is the perfect option for you. You will find this to be fitting anywhere and very convenient to those who like to lie down while enjoying their book or watching television.

  • The support is wooden along with the legs
  • It can conveniently be changed into a bed
  • There are two color options
  • It is small and easy to fit anywhere
  • The mattress does not target pressure points
  • It does not come with pillows
  • PU leather can be dangerous for children
Best Choice Products PU Leather Convertible Futon Sofa Bed

Check Price and Availability

One of the best things about this futon is the small size and design which can fit it into an apartment, dorm, or small or big houses. This feature makes it perfect for people that have limited space and cannot adjust huge futons into their house. This also makes it perfect for people that are on their elbow relaxing.

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Operating mechanism

The operating mechanism of sofa beds are different and an important factor to consider while deciding to buy. The following are a few styles :

Lift and pull

This is one of the most popular styles of unfolding the sofa bed. This system is simply what it sounds like. You lift the seats of the futon and hear a clicking sound which ensures that the lock has been released and you let it fall into a flat position.


The folding style is a simple couch style that can easily be folded like a sheet and then unraveled to make into a bed.

A frame

The backrest of these sofa beds is folded and can be unfolded with the pulling of the lower panel. The same technique is used backward to unfold the sofa bed

Clic clac

The Clic Clac system is known for the sound it makes during the mechanism. The lower panel is lifted and then bent backward until it makes a Clic sound. This sound ensures that the lock is unraveled and the bed can be straight.


This style is the most modern as it has a spate frame that pulls out. You can put a mattress on it of your choice and sleep on it like a regular bed.


Conclusively, we can see how there are many different styles of sofa beds that are available in the market. Companies have come up with so many different types that it does not matter the size of the house that you are living in, you can have one according to your needs.

The selection in mattresses gives users the option to easily pick their comfort level and help in targeting their body type for better sleep and healthier body postures at night.

So if you are going to shop a sofa bed, keep in mind a few above-mentioned factors and you can enjoy the best one for sleeping and relaxing.

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