The Best Bunk Beds – Top Picks and Buyers Guide

Are you looking for an easy bedding solution for your multiple children? Read this article and choose the best bunk beds for your children.

Bunk beds are the pinnacle of innovations for a long time to save space. If you are planning to set a separate bed for your kids, then you can opt for this multi-purpose bedding option. One of the best characteristics of these Bunk Beds is saving their ability to save space. Besides for you to use these beds for your children, teenagers can also use them who want to share their room with friends as well.

Top 5 Best Bunk Beds

Moreover, you can also use these beds if some guests are staying with you. There are different options available on the market and choosing for the right one can become difficult. We have prepared this post for your convenience so that you can pick the right options for your home and family. So let’s get digging.

The Best 5 Bunk Beds – Top Picks and Buyers Guide

Products Mattress Type Material Weight Capacity Sleeping Position Link
DHP Bunk Bed Twin/Full Metal 200lbs/450lbs All
Storkcraft Bunk Bed Twin/Twin Wood 200lbs/200lbs Back/Stomach
Dorel Living Bunk Bed Twin/Full Wood 200lbs/200lbs Side
WE Furniture Bunk Bed Twin/Twin Wood 250lbs/250lbs All
Zinus Bunk Bed Twin/Twin Metal 175lbs/175lbs Side

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What is a bunk bed?

Bunk beds are a series of beds which are fixed upon one another that is considered as a best multi-purpose bedding option. There are plenty of sizes available such as Double, Triple and even four beds in the market. You can opt for a bunk bed according to your requirement because every type of bunk bed has its characteristics.

Double, Triple and even four beds

Why choose a bunk bed?

Bunks Beds become popular in a new era with their multiple characteristics such as taking less space with various accessories. There are plenty of designs accessible with the storage options that you can choose for your children as well as for your guest. These beds are available in multiple colors, styles, material types or sizes.

Is bunk bed a temporary or permanent solution?

Bunk Beds considered the perfect place for an ideal sleepover with friends, sibling or guest. Due to their excellent properties and popularity makes Bunk Beds the permanent solution. You can make it according to your best requirement which means you can alter its material, calling height, room width, storage accessories, and fun add-ons.

How to choose bunk bed?

Before going to choose the Bunk Beds, firstly you need to know about your requirements such as it is under the budget or what works best in your place. Bunk Beds are a more durable and stable option for those who have to share their room as well as having less storage space. There are multiple factors you should keep in your mind while purchasing the Bunk Beds such as Material, Color, Ladder, Style, Storage, and Ceiling Height.

  • Material

For the best quality, pleasant appearance and safety construction of Bunk Beds multiple types of elements play a significant role. There are two common types of materials used to make bunk beds such as metal and wood. Both are having their unique traits as well as positives and negatives. As compared to metal and wood material, Wood is the excellent choice because it has less weight, much compact, unusually long-lasting and quite cheap, plus it presents the more stylish and well-designed look or eye-catcher for the room.

  • Space/Ceiling height

There are multiple sizes available in the market such as Twin over Twin, Twin over Full, Full over Full, Bunk Bed with Stairs, Bunk Beds with Desk, Bunk Beds with Trundle and Bunk Beds with Storage. The standard sizes are accessible according to height and width, but ceiling height has more importance in space factor. You should know about the room dimension so that you can choose multiple add-ons likes' desk, stair, and storage for elegant Bunk Bed design.

  • Kids or guests

The multi-purpose bedding option such as a bunk bed is suitable for both kids and guests. If you have any kids, you should buy Bunk Beds which are available in different sizes. It is best for those children who are sharing their rooms with their siblings because it also contains multiple storage spaces which you can also clean up and organize your apartment. Additionally, these beds are also designed for you guest who can enjoy the numerous advantages of Bunk Beds.

bunk bed contains multiple storage spaces

  • Ladders

Bunk Beds Ladders should be more stable, durable, well designed because through it you can get yourself to the top bunk safely. There are various designs of ladders available in both material such as wood or metal; you can choose the best one which suits you more. The composition of ladder contains dual purpose that is built-in into the wood or metal frame, traditionally set up at the foot of the beds, straight down, straight up and to some extent curved in different Bunk Beds sizes. Sometimes ladders have storage areas under the steps or on the one or both side of beds frames.

Bunk Bed manage extra storage space

  • Storage

The excellent feature of Bunk Bed is adding more storage which provides you space to keep your things organized. There are various familiar places where you can manage extra storage space in the Bunk Beds such as drawer on the one side of the ladder frame, drawer added to the foot, can have under bed drawers. It is best when you are sharing your one room which has Bunk Bed and can be running out multiple spaces for their things such as toys, books, clothes and other accessories.

Top 5 Best Bunk Beds Reviews & Comparison

1. DHP Twin Bunk Bed – Best for tall and heavyweight kids

DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed with Metal Frame and Ladder


  • Sleek space-saving design
  • Slanted ladder for safety
  • Guardrails for the top bed
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ships in one box

The furniture from DHP is designed for all types of lifestyles. Whether you need a cool looking and functional furniture for your dorm room or you are a professional who needs a perfect small space in your condo or home, DHP will get the job done for you.

All DHP products are made with an idea to provide you with maximum space in your room. For this reason, you can use your DHP bunk bed even in small houses with less space. DHP creates its bed while keeping small offices in mind. But it doesn't mean that you have to compromise on comfort because their Twin-Over-Full bunk bed offers you maximum comfort and don't take much space in your room as well.

You can use your Twin-Over-Full bund bed from DHP either in your dorm room, in your office, in your kid's room or any other room for that matter. You can fit conveniently in your bed anywhere you want because it doesn't have a large footprint.

A slight issue with this bun bed is that its guardrails are not appropriately aligned with the holes, which means that you cannot screw them in no matter how hard you try. It is a definite quality concern of this product that can trouble your assembling process.

The Twin-Over-Full bunk bed is designed to meet the requirements of people who either have low space in their homes or they have a very hectic schedule and want to place this bed somewhere in their office. It doesn't take much space plus; you can put it wherever you want.

  • The bed goes well with all types of lifestyles.
  • It is straightforward and quick to assemble.
  • It doesn’t take up much space.
  • Twin-Over-Full provides plenty of sleeping space and has the small footprint.
  • There is a quality concern issue due to the guardrails that they cannot be crewed in the holes.
  • IT doesn’t come with any hardware instruction or owner’s manual

Check Price and Availability

Slanted Ladder for safety: Kids move around carelessly and to keep them safe DHP has made a slanted ladder for their additional protection. Perpendicular ladders are more dangerous as compared to the slanted adders because the kids while playing around can lose their grip and injure themselves by falling on the floor. The slanted ladder provides them with a better grip so that they cannot fall.

2. Storkcraft Caribou Bunk Bed – Overall Best rated

Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed


  • Configurable into two separate beds
  • Meets CPSC and ASTM quality standards
  • 4 step ladder included
  • Full-length guardrails
  • The top-notch fastening system
  • 1-year limited manufacturer warranty

The bunk bed from Storkcraft is available in four different colors options, and it allows you to choose one that goes well with your décor. Now you don’t have to cope with the beds that are sitting in your room looking awkward while not blending in with the décor.

The bunk bed is made of environmentally friendly materials including the top quality rubberwood that is solid which not only makes the product eye-catching but also makes it environment-friendly. None of the items used in the development of this bed are harmful to your kids' health.

The bunk bed is built around quality, and its assembling is very easy. There is a sturdy ladder as well as full-length guardrails. The fastening system of this bed is also of top-notch quality. The solid hardwood twin bunk bed meets all the quality standards set by CPSC and ASTM for safety. The finishes available of this bed are also durable and non-toxic.

The wood used in the construction of this bunk bed is not solid. In reality, it is pressed wood that has decorative laminate designed to look like wood. It makes the finishing come off after a while and make it look lo quality product.

The bunk bed is available in different colors, and it can blend in with any décor as well. The product meets the safety standards from CPSC and ASTM to keep your kids or guests safe from any incident.

  • Available in different colors
  • Made of environmentally friendly materials
  • Comes with the four-step ladder as well as full-length guardrails
  • Comes with a top quality fastening system
  • The solid wood is pressed wood in reality
  • It is a temporary solution rather than a permanent one.

Check Price and Availability

Different configurations available :This bed not only provides you with different colors to blend in with the décor but also provide you with an option to choose different configuration depending on the size of your room or space available. You can configure into two separate beds if you have enough space at your disposal.

3. Dorel Bunk Bed – Best for kids sleeping on upper bed

Dorel Living Brady Twin over Full Solid Wood Kid's Bunk Bed


  • Five different colors available
  • Easily convertible to stand alone
  • Best for a mattress without box spring
  • Supports slats are included

If you are looking for a product that not only looks stylish but also is a source of joy for your kids then look no further. The Brady Twin-Over-Full bund bed from Dorel Living has both these features. It has subtle lines and clean paneling that provides a look at a classic foundation. It doesn't consume much space, therefore; there is plenty of space in your room where your kids can do all other activities.

It's all about accommodation with the Brady Twin-Over-Full bunk bed. It doesn't have a large footprint, and you can pace it anywhere in your dorm or the kids' room. In addition to the guardrail is designed to provide your kids with extra safety.

The bund bed is made of solid wood, and therefore it is more durable and looks elegant as compared to the products that are made of pressed wood. Moreover, it also contributes to the overall outlook of your room and gives it a stylish look.

The bunk bed from Dorel Living is not long-lasting as cracks and scratches began to appear after three to four months. Therefore, you should use it carefully and prevent it from developing any scratches or cracks which increases its maintenance cost.

It is an excellent space saver if you have a small house and kids. The bunk bed is extremely safe, and you don't have to bother about your kids falling off the bed. Moreover, you can also make two standalone beds out of it with easy to handle fastening system.

  • Designed to accommodate plenty of room
  • Comes with a design that can be altered to two standalone beds
  • Guardrails and bed support slats are available
  • Can provide a mattress without box spring
  • With the passage of time cracks and scratches began to appear
  • Tends to be a bit shaky at the top.

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Easily convert it to standalone: The best feature of this bunk bed is that you can comfortably turn it into two standalone beds: one twin and the other full bed. It means that you can efficiently manage your space with this bed even if you have small rooms

4. WE Furniture Bunk Bed – Best for small room

WE Furniture Solid Wood Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed


  • Pinewood construction
  • No box spring needed
  • Comes with slats
  • Meets the safety standards
  • Seven different colors available

This bed is all about keeping everything organized. If you have a small house and don't have much space, then this bed will do great for you. It has a simple design that doesn't focus on the fancies. It is a good quality functional product that gets the job done.

All DHP products are made with an idea to provide you with maximum space in your room. For this reason, you can use your DHP bunk bed even in small houses with less space. DHP creates its bed while keeping small offices in mind. But it doesn't mean that you have to compromise on comfort because their Twin-Over-Full bunk bed offers you maximum comfort and don't take much space in your room as well.

It is easily the best product when it comes to the color variety available in all our entries. In addition to a variety of options, all the colors are exquisite and go well with a vast range of décor styles. The bunk bed can blend in any interior styling and look fabulous.

The best part of a bunk bed is if you can configure it into independent beds. This feature not only enables you to manage space but you can also accommodate other decoration items or furniture as well. The solid wood Twin-Over-Full bunk bed from WE Furniture also comes with a configuration option.

The slats of this bunk bed are pretty, and the mattress can fall between them and get stuck in addition to getting the bunk bed is also wobbly on the top.

If you prefer a compactly sized bunk bed, then this is the right option for you. However, you need to place it close to your wall in the corner because it is slightly wobbly on the top.

  • Both the beds can conveniently support 250 lbs.
  • Available in seven different colors
  • Doesn’t need box spring
  • Solid pine wood construction
  • Slats for supporting are included
  • Exceeds the latest quality and safety standards
  • The slats are too wide
  • The top portion of the bed is very wobbly.

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Solid pine wood construction :We Furniture has used high-quality pine wood in the development of this bed which makes it more durable as compared to many other options available on the market. The pine wood provides longevity to this bunk bed

5. Zinus Bunk Bed – Best value for money

Zinus Easy Assembly Quick Lock Twin over Twin Metal Bunk Bed


  • High value for money
  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong support
  • Steel composition
  • 5-year warranty

The bunk bed from Zinus is the lowest priced products on our list. However, lowest price doesn't mean that it is low in quality as well. It is equipped with the Quick-Lock system that is patent pending, and it ensures that you can assemble the bed within an hour.

For increasing the durability and longevity of this bunk bed, Zinus has used steel in all the core compositions of this bed. It means that you will only find slats and frames made of steel in this bed. So you are not only getting competitively priced products but a tough one as well.

None of the entries offer as big as five-year warranty which puts this bunk bed in the lead and one of the best products that you can find in this price range.

Not many color options are available in this bunk bed, and it won't suit a décor that has light-toned colors. Apart from that the top story is a bit wobbly and is not suitable for kids under six years.

If you prefer some space in your room and don't want to invest much either then this bunk bed from Zinus is the right options for you. It is straightforward to assemble and has a minimal footprint that doesn't take up much space.

  • Steel construction makes it highly durable bed.
  • It has a compact design that comes with a four-step ladder
  • Both the beds can bear 175 lbs. independently.
  • It is straightforward to assemble with the Quick-Lock system that is patent pending
  • It cannot be configured as a standalone option.
  • There are not many color options available to choose.

Check Price and Availability

High value for money :It delivers high value for money because it doesn't cost much and provides long-lasting performance. It strong steel mattress support ensures that your bed can bear a weight of 175 lbs. each for the top and the bottom.

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The Twin-Over-Full bunk bed from DHP is the winners of this product roundup. It is suitable for all sleeping positions and also comes with a small footprint that doesn't consume much space in your room. You can also opt for various color options for your décor, and the bed is very conveniently priced as well.

Hope this post about the top 5 best bunk beds has provided you with a sufficient amount of information to choose one for your home and family. We have provided you with all the positives and negatives of our best picks and stated their suitability. In case of any suggestions or queries, you can drop your comments in the section below.

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