Sealy vs Serta: Compare Top Mattress Brands

Did you wake up feeling tired every day? Maybe, you need some change in your life which you had been ignoring for so long.

Getting up fresh and starting a new day in a good mood is extremely necessary to make your life successful. For that, your mattress plays a major role. Various studies have shown your mattress affects your overall mental and physical health. Sleeping with comfort is all that you need for complete rest. A balanced feel will not only give you a good night’s sleep but also will maintain an exceptional body posture.

Considering this, we are comparing the top two brands in the industry of mattresses, Sealy and Serta. After reading this comparison, you will know what type of mattress you need.

So, let’s take a look at them.

Sealy Vs Serta: A Comprehensive Comparison

Compare the Sealy & Serta

Feature Sealy mattress Serta mattress
1.Edge support Yes Yes
2. Pressure relieve system Yes Yes
3.Cooling foam Yes Yes
4.Firmness options Ultra-firm, firm, cushion firm, plush, ultra-plush Extra-firm, firm, medium, plush, ultra-plush
5.Sizes available Yes Yes
6.Price From 500$ to 2500$ From 300$ to 1600$ and up
7.Thickness 5.5 to 14.5 inches 9 to 14 inches
8.Warranty Yes Yes

Now, let’s discuss the features and technologies of each of the two mattresses.

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Innerspring Mattress Comparison



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The innerspring mattress series by Sealy includes the precisely engineered coils system. They give the maximum support and response thus minimizing strain on your body. They greatly reduce motion movements. Apart from this, it has 6 layers which makes it the best partner for your best sleep. The 6 support layers are;

  • Moisture protect layer keeps you dry and cool at night.
  • Allergen protect makes this mattress a hypo-allergenic choice.
  • Zoned support gives a response to the most needed parts of your body.
  • Cool gel memory foam layer adds to its cool temperature.
  • This layer adjusts to different bases perfectly.
  • DuraFlex Edge system gives the edge support as you sleep.


The Serta’s innerspring mattresses

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The Serta’s innerspring mattresses contain the durable steel coils. There are foams and covers to make it a plusher choice for you. The individually wrapped coils provide the best support that you want. The two categories which this type includes are Bellagio at home and the Perfect Sleeper. They greatly reduce motion transfer and gives the optimum level of support.

Also, there is a Sertapedic collection. This one also offers increased support for the innerspring structure.

Memory Foam Mattress Comparison


The memory foam by Serta is in the iComfort collection

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This memory foam mattress by Sealy delivers the body-hugging cushioning feel. The combination of memory foam with the gel memory foam makes it cool to touch the mattress. Also, it gives the zoned support with the reinforced center. Giving the edge support, this mattress has a durable edge system. So, this makes it a good choice for a variety of sleepers.


hybrid iComfort series of Serta memory foam

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It is a foam support mattress. The memory foam by Serta is in the iComfort collection. The iComfort foams give the best body contouring and pressure-relieving quality. Also, they include cool action gel memory foams. So, this makes sure that you sleep cool and dry. Their moisture-wicking covers absorb any body moisture during the night. Other than this, the Perfect Sleeper collection by Serta also contains memory foam.

Hybrid Mattress Comparison



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As the name suggests, the hybrid mattress by Sealy combines the magic of springs and memory foam. With the Posturepedic technology, this is an ideal mattress for all. Moreover, it includes a DuoChill cooling system which gives 2X cool-to-touch feel. The coiling edge system in combination with the zoned support gives the balanced posture that you want. What’s more, the hypo-allergenic quality makes it safe to use for years to come.


memory foam mattress by Sealy

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The new hybrid iComfort series of Serta combines the spring and memory foam magic. This is comfort heaven which gives you the ultimate sleeping experience. It incorporates the advanced Duet coil with the gel memory foam. So, this is something everyone needs to sleep peacefully.

A Quick Comparison Of Pros And Cons Of Both Models

Sealy Mattress

  • It gives a good amount of support in all its collection
  • Its essential collection is good if you have a limited budget
  • They are no off-gassing
  • They have options for firmness
  • The mattresses have motion isolation feature.
  • They may cause sagging over time.
  • Their premium collection may be a little expensive.

Serta Mattress

  • They keep cool
  • The memory foam gives a good amount of bounce.
  • All of them gives good edge support
  • They work well with frames.
  • They may lose their shape after 10 years

Price Comparison Between The Two:

Prices for both the Sealy and Serta mattresses are affordable and gives you good value for money. When comparing the prices of them, we find that they are somewhat similar. They both range from three hundred to twenty-five hundred dollars. It depends upon the collection and type. This range includes the mattresses of iComfort and iSeries of Serta.

Which One Is Best For Whom?

Both the Sealy and Serta mattresses are all-rounders. Sealy mattresses are good for maintaining the perfect body contouring. It is due to their Posturepedic technology. You can always choose the firmness level between the firm, ultra-firm, cushion firm, plush and ultra-plush. They make an ideal choice for side sleepers, back or stomach. Serta mattresses also give proper back support. There is a varying degree of firmness from which you can choose.

Technologies Offered


Technology Function
1.Opticool® It certainly gives a cooling feel
2.Optisense® Maintains position according to the weight
3.Opticore™ Gives the support
4.Solidedge™ Gives support on edges
5.Activeflex™ The responsibility of motion isolation

Serta Mattress

Technology Function
1.Pillo-fill Keeps the mattress cool
2.Fireblocker fiber® A safety feature to avoid fire accidents
3.Pillow soft foam™ Plush foams

How To Decide The Best Mattress For Yourself?

Before buying any mattress, it is better to judge the things you need in your mattress. This will help you to get the best one for you. Above all, it should be able to give you the following results;

  • It should be able to give you the support and body contouring that you want.
  • The features should balance out the price of the mattress.
  • It should be known for its good quality and durability.
  • Warranty claims will always save you in case if you don’t like your mattress.
  • It should have motion isolation feature if you share your bed with your partner.
  • Buy the one which suits your sleeping position.
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The comparison shows that both of the mattresses are good at their own place. The choice of the mattress depends on the needs of the buyers. Sealy is a budget-friendly choice while Serta is a more luxurious choice. However, you can always make a choice between their models and get the best one.

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