Orient Watches Review

Here is the Ultimate Guide to choosing your Orient watch. You will find out the different types of Orient watches, their designs, and prices.

The Orient watches are a statement of class, mobility, and flexibility in the same place. Their mission is to create timepieces that are unique, reliable, and attainable.

Most of their watches are mechanical. The watch is produced by tiny segments that come together to create a quality product.

Orient Watches overview

Orient is a watch company in Japan. It started in the 1950s. It has a reputation for making mechanical watches. Orient produces watched in four categories. The categories include; classic, contemporary, sports, and revival. In this article, we are going to look into its features. We will also look at their benefits and drawback. The information will help you decide if you should add the timepiece to your collection.

Orient Classic Watches

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An Orient Classic watch has a simple design. It has a standard shape with minimal finishing.

Orient Classic Watches design

The Orient classic case is around 38.5 mm long, 44.5 mm wide, and 13.4 mm thick.  You can comfortably wear it with your dress or any vintage look.

The watch has a unique feature called drilled lugs. You can poke a special tool through the hole to release a spring bar when you want to remove the straps. The straps are about 20 mm long. The material used to make the case is silver. It has a 3-link bracelet design.


The whole watch surface is polished except for the lugs. The crown of the watch measures 6.5 X 3 mm. It also has an Orient signature on it.

Orient Classic display

The classic timepiece comes in an elegant case. The packaging of the watch stamps its value in the market.

One of the components of the watch is the domed acrylic mineral. The minerals make it scratch resistant. The dial has a white color with a metallic feel. It is also domed outwards to give it a beautiful look. The watch has dark blue hands. It offers contrast.

The dial has markers that represent every hour. The number 12 marker has double markers. The date is placed near the 3 markers. The Orient signature is written just above the number 6 marker.


Mechanical watches are different from Quartz watches. They measure the passage of time by using a clockwork mechanism.


The Orient classic watch needs proper care. If you regularly take it for service, it has the potential to outlast you; you can pass it down to the next generation.

Not Battery-Powered

The Orient Classic is a mechanical watch. It is never powered by a battery. Mechanical watches use energy from a wound spring. The energy is released through a set of gears. A full spring wind can last up to 30 to 40 hours.

Orient Contemporary

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The Orient contemporary has a round case. The case has a diameter of around 41mm and a thickness of 10 mm. It is thin enough for comfort when you wear it on your wrist.

Orient Contemporary Watch design

The case is a stainless steel material. The watch has a bezel around it to make it look classy. The watch has a screw crown on the side. The color of the dial varies from white to black and gold. It all depends on your preference. The hand color is selected to create a great contrast.

It has a stainless steel strap. The other unique feature about the orient Contemporary watch is its anti-magnetic property. The Orient watch can work in any environment without deviations caused by external magnetic fields. The Orient contemporary watch is water-resistant up to heights of 100 m.


The display has a blend of quality and modern design. It has a straight bar index that represents every hour of the day. The watch has a date section and the Orient signature inscribed on the dial. The watch glass is created using a mineral crystal that makes it scratch resistant.

The Orient contemporary watch has an analog display. The dial and the hands blend perfectly. It has a date, a 24-hour display, and the Orient signature. The date display is found between the 4 and 5 o'clock markers.


The Orient Contemporary watch is an automatic watch. The Orient watch requires regular service. They can last for a long time if you properly take care of them.

Has no Battery

The Orient contemporary watches are not battery-powered. They are run from a wound spring. A single spring winding can last up to 30-40 hours.

Orient Sports Watches

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The Orient sports watches are designed for water-resistance to depths of up to 200 m. It can also be used in other sports activities.

Orient Sports Watches design

The Orient sport case is 41.5 mm wide and 13mm thick. The case is made using stainless steel. It has a screw-down crown on its side.


The dial has large hour indicators. The old versions have Arabic hour indicators. The watch has a date display and the Orient signature.


The Orient sports watch is designed to keep out water when used during swimming and showers.

No Battery Needed

The watch has a power reserve of up to 40 hours. No battery is needed to run these watches.

Orient Revival Watches

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The stainless steel case is 43.8 mm long and 14 mm thick.  The display is surrounded by a bezel. The watch has a lug that is 20 mm wide. This type of Orient watch has two crowns. The watch strap is also stainless steel material.


The hour hand is arrow-shaped. It displays the day of the week, signature, and hour markers. The day of the week is displayed near the 6 o'clock marker. The two crowns for changing the settings are located at the 2 and 4 o'clock markers.


The Orient revival watch has an accuracy of up to +25 or -15 seconds a day.

Batterry Life

The Orient Revival watch has a power reserve of close to 40 hours. The Orient Revival does not need a battery to operate.

Pros of the Orient Watches

  • Quality watches

Orient watches are made in Japan. Japan is known for producing high-quality products. Orient is popular for creating high-quality watches.

  • Heritage

The Orient Company started in 1950. The company has grown with time. They are well known for creating quality mechanical watches. The products are associated with prestige.

  • Accuracy

The orient watches are accurately provided you take care of it. The different watch pieces gain or lose a few seconds each day.

  • Affordable

Orient watches are relatively affordable. Every penny you pay is worth it.

  • Creative design

The Orient watches have creative designs. The designs help in their performance while making it classy at the same time.


Orient Classic watch has a medium price.

Orient Contemporary watch has a medium price.

Orient Sport watch is a bit expensive.

Orient Revival watch has a medium price.


Orient watches are simple and elegant at the same time. The company is known for making mechanical watches. Mechanical watches do not need a battery to run them. The Orient watches by a wound spring that gives it a power reserve of close to 40 hours. Some of the famous categories of the orient watch are Orient sport, Orient Contemporary, Orient revival, and the Orient Classic.

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