8 Best Solar Watches in 2024

If you are looking for the best solar-powered watch, this guide highlights the market's excellent choices. Read on to learn how the solar watches work, the specifications, pros, and cons to help you make an informed purchase decision.

We have multiple options in the world of watches. If you have had an experience with any watch model, you will understand the significance of every purpose they serve, ranging from indoor to outdoor activities. Therefore, watches are essential accessories delivering stylish and practical functions. Watches come in different designs to offer excellent functionality and efficiency to the user.

You are likely to be more organized in specific activities when you have the right watch on your wrist. You will get the necessary insights to manage your progress, especially when you are working out. Watches that are integrated with innovative features make life easier. More importantly, such watches tend to assist in ensuring the well-being of the user. However, these watches are not any good if they don't have the right power option.

solar-powered watch

Speaking of power options, we have watches that run on battery and those that are solar-powered. With that said, battery-powered watches can offer inaccurate data and lose track of your activities when they suddenly stop working due to a dead battery. The problem can be solved with solar-powered watches, which offer an endless power supply. This option is practical and functional, especially for consumers taking track of outdoor activities.

How do Solar-Powered Watches Work?

how does solar watch work

Solar-powered watches contain photovoltaic cells that convert light energy into power. The watch is capable of recharging even in partial light.

A solar panel is right beneath the watch's dial to absorb both artificial and natural light from the surrounding environment. The light is then turned into electrical energy used to power the watch. Besides, energy is stored in the watch's rechargeable cells to power the watch in the dark. Some solar-powered watches come with lithium-ion cells capable of powering them for a long time without exposing them to light.

Note that the solar watch can charge from any light source, not necessarily the sun, as most people might presume. To achieve sufficient recharging specific conditions must be met. Adequate strength of light and the right amount of time should be considered to recharge the watch entirely.

Since the light in a room is weaker than sunlight, the solar watch might take longer to charge. You will need to face the dial towards the sunlight to charge when you do not use the watch. However, the watch will still charge when you are moving. Most importantly, you should ensure the watch is not exposed to high temperatures.

The Best Solar-Powered Watches

We have highlighted a list of recommended solar powered watches that are likely to offer the best experience. The reviewed watches contain compelling specification that can be useful for the purpose they offer. Check out the details to help you find your next solar watch.

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G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400 is one of the solar watches with the roughest and rugged design on the market. It delivers high-quality functions to the consumer. The case and buttons on the watch are mud resistant and can absorb serious hitting without damage.

The Rangeman is built with stainless steel. The general design is an excellent option for those who like outdoor adventures. The atomic clock integrated with the Rangeman is reliable for timekeeping. Other adventure-oriented specifications such as thermometer, barometer, and altimeter win for this solar watch over competitors.

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Key features and specifications:

  • Scratch-resistant
  • Comes with the sturdiest design for outdoor activities
  • Integrated with tons of built-in sensors
  • Water-resistant to 660 feet
  • Case size: 52 x 17mm

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The Casio Solar Sport Combination Watch is a simple but effective watch that doesn't come with a high price. You will buy the watch for around $30, but it generally comes with fundamental features appealing to the consumer.

The solar watch comes with a straightforward and easy to read display. The LED light gives quick access to time in darkness. Besides, the watch offers days of the week in various languages. The battery information about the next charge can be accessed from the power indicator. Other essentials that come with the watch include countdown time, stopwatch, and multiple day alarms.

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Key features and specifications:

  • The battery life of up to 10 months on a single charge
  • Bright and easy to read display
  • Full auto-calendar
  • Water-resistant up to 330 feet
  • Case size: 46 x 12mm
  • 5 daily alarms / 2 countdown timers / 12/24 hour formats
  • Stylish and fashionable
  • Weather resistance

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The name Prospex means professional specifications. The Prospex Padi solar watch engineered to meet business people's demands and have a discerning taste. The watch comes with diving standards and valuable quality in its design. Both the band and case are built with stainless steel material, which makes it appear professional.

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Key features and specifications:

  • Designed for divers
  • Meets ISO standards
  • The case size is 43.5 x 12 mm
  • Water-resistant up to 200meters

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The solar watch offers quality features, including high shock resistance. The watch is constructed with a sleek and chrome design. It contains three sub-dials that are used for split timers, stopwatch, and tracking the day. The display is cleaned and offers a clear view despite the density of information. Similarly, the solar watch comes with a powerful LED offering a clear view of time in the darkness.

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Key features and specifications:

  • Shock-resistant design
  • Powerful LED lighting
  • Four chronographs built-in dials
  • Offers reliable atomic timekeeping
  • Made of Resin material
  • Water-resistant 660 feet

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The company applies Seiko technology to ensure calendar and date information is correct in their solar watches. Quality stainless steel material is used to design the Seiko Men's SNE331 Sport Solar. The band is made of nylon and can be adjusted to offer the best comfort for the wrist.

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Key features and specifications:

  • Water-resistant up to 100 meters
  • Reserves power up to 10 months
  • Built from premium stainless steel

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The Garmin Fenix 6 saphire Solar comes with robust features that outdoor enthusiasts will find appealing. The solar watch comes with new features such as the Pace Pro, which offers pace guidance for professional runners. The watch also has an advanced training feature for outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. The high-end GPS integrated into this solar watch supports global navigation systems. The navigation features here are useful for traveling to remote or unfamiliar places.

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Key features and specifications:

  • Advanced training features
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Integrate sensors
  • Heart rate monitor and Pulse Ox
  • Garmin pay

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The Timex expedition watch is a perfect analog watch for those who prefer simpler design. The watch has a rugged design and is highly durable. Similarly it is water resistant up to 50 meters. The INDOGLO night light illuminates the Arabic numbers making it easier to view activities in lowlight environments. The watch is highly accurate when it comes to date and time. however, the watch does not offer wireless connectivity.

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Key features and specifications:

  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Water resistant
  • Excellent for low-light environment

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The prospex solar dive watch offers a solid value and style to users. It demonstrates high accuracy and durability thus offers excellent functionality to professional divers for underwater adventure. Its design is not limited exclusively to diving gear but can fit other lifestyles.

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Key features and specifications:

  • Dimensions: 47×12 mm
  • Glass: Hardlex
  • Case and band material: stainless steel
  • High accuracy
  • Water resistance of up to 200 meters

Solar Watches Pros and Cons

solar watch pro and con

When buying a solar watch, the chances are that you will give efficiency and sustainability much importance. You will want to make particular considerations on the watch to know if it is right for you. In the next section, we have highlighted the pros and cons of solar watches below.

Solar Watch Pros

  • Charged through any source of light

From the name, people will think solar watches are charged only when exposed to sunlight. The misconception tends to lead people into making a wrong judgment in their purchase decision. Aside from the sunlight, the solar watch can be powered by artificial light, such as light from fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. The solar cells under the dial can convert light energy into electrical energy.

  • Low maintenance

Little efforts are required to keep the solar watch running. The solar watch only needs exposure to light to keep track of time. Unlike automatic watches, solar watches do not require special maintenance.

  • Easy to charge

Solar watches are designed to charge easily. As long as they are exposed to a natural or artificial light source, the solar cells can convert light into electrical energy to run the watch. When the dial is faced to light, the solar watch will keep charging.

  • Reserves power for a long time

Some solar watches are designed to store power for up to 6 months. For instance, the Citizen Eco-Drive solar watch is one of the brands that can reserve power for six months without being exposed to light during that period.

  • Long-lasting battery

Batteries that come with solar watches can last up to 10 years. Unlike the quartz watches with batteries that last up to 2 years, solar watches considerably saves you from regular the occasional battery replacements.

  • Eco-friendly

Besides saving on costs, the long-lasting battery reduces the use of disposable batteries hence protecting the environment. Buying a solar watch means reducing the number of chemicals leached from frequently disposed of batteries that contribute to environmental pollution.

Solar Watch Cons

  • Expensive than Quartz Watches

The price of solar watches is slightly high compared to quartz watches. The technology integrated with solar watches makes the price slightly more elevated.

Choosing a Solar Watch- What to Look for

Buyers face misconceptions when shopping for solar-powered watches. The content above has already covered features for the best models exhaustively. However, the following general guidelines will save you time browsing through endless options existing in the market. Here is a breakdown of the features you should pay attention to when buying a solar-powered watch.

Purpose of the Watch

When considering the purpose of the watch, you should ask yourself questions. Are you looking for a product for practical use or stylish? Do you need casual? Is a specific gender fit or unisex? What is your budget?

Besides looking into the questions, you should consider the performance and additional features that can boost the watch's functionality based on the purpose it serves. You will not want to go for a luxurious watch when you intended to have a great outdoor adventure experience. Instead, you will need water-resistant options, have adventure based features, and health and wellness specifications.

Power Reserve

The power reserve is a significant consideration if you need a solar watch to sustain power for months without light exposure. This feature can be useful to people who don't wear their watches regularly, as well as luxurious watches that can be used occasionally.

Additional Features

Apart from the basics, you will want to purchase a solar-powered watch that includes innovative features and specifications that can boost the specific experience. For instance, the outdoor enthusiast will need a watch with weather-resistant features, navigation features, health and wellness monitoring features, and entertainment features.

Moreover, you might want robust features that bring comfort and boost the functionality of the watch. You can also check for watch maintenance requirements, battery information, automatic adjustments, and other settings based on personal needs.


This blog has provided the information you need if you are planning for your next solar watch. Whether it is your first time to buy a solar-powered watch, you will need to make reasonable considerations regarding the features and specifications to ensure you get the best from the product. Although lots of solar watch brands exist in the market today, your personal preferences come first. Compare different choices available and check for essential features to pick an excellent solar watch.

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